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Family loan first time ryder skye in stepmother sex sessions
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As I mentioned earlier, the camp only had one shower for the help.


At the end of one warm day in the middle of the summer, I decided it was time for a shower, so I gathered up some clean clothes, a towel, and other shower necessities, and walked over to the shower. The door has a lock on it, so there is no need to knock. I tried the door, it opened, and I walked in. What a sight!

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Gail had apparently just finished showering and was standing there toweling herself off in all her glory! As I mentioned earlier, Gail is around twenty, with very long legs and large tits. By this time of the year, she was very tan and she had long dark hair. Her tan lines simply emphasized all her best features, as she normally wore a very skimpy bikini when sun bathing.

She was a vision, a goddess, and worthy of respectful worship from an army of acolytes.

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"Get out of here!" she screamed, as she tried to cover herself. I had not been with Janet for a couple of weeks and was missing the action.

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My mind raced. Normally I would have cut and run, but somewhere the thought came that maybe I could make something happen. I turned and locked the door, then started to hang my things up, not looking at her. "I need a shower," I said casually. As far as I knew, Gail didn't have a boyfriend at the moment, and considering our relative ages, I knew I didn't have to worry about rape charges.

I certainly wasn't going to force her into anything, anyway. "What do you think you are doing?" she asked with outrage in her voice.


I glanced at her and noticed she had succeeded in covering up all the good parts. "I told you, I need a shower," I said, turning my back on her and dropping my jeans. I never wear underwear. I slid my sandals and jeans off with one motion and turned back around to gaze at her calmly.

She wasn't looking at me, well, not at my eyes, in any case. Her eyes were locked on my already half-hard cock, and her lovely mouth was halfway open. I slowly unbuttoned my shirt, hung it up, and then walked slowly towards her. She tore her eyes away from my crotch and looked into my eyes.

"Have I told you how beautiful your body is?" I asked, stopping in front of her. "I love to watch you move, and when I watch you sunbathe, well, I always get like this," waving one hand at my now fully erect cock. Her eyes followed my hand and gasped, trembling, like a deer in the headlights. I slowly moved closer to her and gently took her into my arms.

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There was no resistance, but she continued to hold the towel in front of her so that it and her arms wound up between us. Gail is a tall girl. At the time, I was about 5" 8" and she was a couple of inches taller than I was. I looked into her eyes for a moment. She looked both frightened and confused. "I'm not going to hurt you," I said, in an effort to reassure her.

I tilted my head and kissed her softly on the lips. It took a moment, but she started to kiss me back, and I pulled her closer, my hard-on poking into her lower stomach.

I pulled back and reached for her hands that were still holding the towel up. "Let me see," I said. It took a moment, but she finally took my hands, letting the towel drop to the floor.

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I held her hands and took a half step back, sweeping her body slowly with my eyes from her neck to her toes. Her breasts were quite large and hung a bit, but still lovely, her nipples large and erect. Down her flat stomach and to her swelling hips, her shape a traditional and perfectly proportioned hour glass, to the dark curls at the junction of her thighs, and on to the wide space between her trim, well-muscled, long legs, my eyes took in all the sights, savoring the various elements as well as the aesthetic whole.

"You are beautiful. Wash my back?" I let go of her hands and stepped around her to enter the large shower stall, trailing my hand across her left nipple as I did so, giving it a tweak, and taking the time to give her breast a soft squeeze.

As I stepped behind her, I could not help but notice once again, and this time without the bikini, that her ass was as lovely as the rest of her. I took the time to cup and fondle both cheeks, then reached around and gently squeezed her mound, while placing the tip of my large erection between her ass cheeks for a quick rub.

She gasped and leaned back against me, and I took both hands and placed them on her breasts, pulling her gently back into the shower stall with me while squeezing firmly. I held her to me with one hand while I adjusted the water from both showerheads to a warm spray, and my cock still nestled in the cheeks of her ass. I turned her into the spray. She was like putty in my hands, conforming to my guiding movements with ease. As the warm water cascaded over her breasts, I again took them both in hand, fondling and squeezing, while moving my cock against her ass.

She pushed back against me, increasing the pressure against my erection. I moved both hands down the sides of her body and reached around, sliding my fingers into her cleft, gently searching. Finding her pussy lips, I gently pulled them apart and started playing with her clit. She moaned, bending forward slightly and spreading her legs a bit, she placed her hands against the stall wall to maintain her balance.

Janet had taught me well. I searched for her soft opening with the index finger of my right hand while bringing my left back up to play some more with her large breasts.

My finger found its goal and I slid it in as far as I could while continuing to rub her clit with the back of my thumb.

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She was now moving continuously, her hips gently thrusting back against me as my cock continued to ride the wave. I was now sliding two fingers in and out of her hot box while still managing to stroke her clit.


She was definitely wet, and her thrusting was becoming more insistent. She was ready for what I had been thinking about since stepping through the outer door. I abandoned my established positions, taking my steel-like cock in my right hand and holding onto her hip with my left, I bent my knees a bit and moved closer. Searching for and finding my target, I thrust hard into her tight sheath. "Unmph!" her lungs emptied in a gasp and she came up onto her toes as I drove into her more than halfway.

After a moment, she relaxed a bit, coming down flat-footed, and I sank in a little deeper. I pulled back slowly until I was in danger of falling out and then reversed course. To my delight, she pushed back to meet my thrust with one of her own, and I sank in to the hilt. She wasn't as tight as Janet, but she was tight enough, and I had those delightful ass cheeks quivering at me to urge me on. I couldn't make this last, I needed it too bad, and took firm hold of her hips, reaming in and out of her in long, fast strokes.

She met every thrust and started to moan low in her throat. I continued, my loins slapping hard into her cheeks, my balls swinging in the breeze, and my cock feeling like it was on its merry way to China.

She came, shuddering in my hands while her cunt rippled around me. For some reason, this took the edge off a bit and I was able to slow down, changing to long, slow strokes instead of long, fast ones. At the end of each stroke, I would grind my hips into her, holding my cock as deep as possible for several seconds, then pulling back out almost all the way and repeating the process.

It felt wonderful, but it couldn't last, and after a half a dozen or so, I couldn't fight the urge anymore. I had to drive my seed into her, to place it as deep as possible, and I had to do it now!

She had caught her breath a little and was slowly coming down from her orgasm when I started to drive in and out of her again, hard and fast. She felt my urgency and shared it, for she pushed me back further away from the wall and bent over, placing her hands on the floor of the stall and pulling her legs closer together while bending her knees.

This both increased the pressure on my cock and made it possible to drive into her a little deeper. The warm water cascaded over our urgently moving bodies, flooding over her tight ass and flowing around my driving cock sensuously. My balls were now slapping against the tops of her thighs. A half dozen hard strokes, then a full dozen; so close, so close.

Another vicious thrust and my cock exploded, sending its first offering deep into the temple of my love goddess. She squealed as she felt my stream, and her pussy contracted again into orgasm as her hips slapped back into my loins, water splashing everywhere. I pulled back and drove in again, spurt after spurt of my sacrificial offering jetting mightily against her womb.

A third hard thrust, and a fourth, and still my seed spilled into her, the excess beginning to run down her firm thighs only to be washed quickly away.

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My thrusts slowed as my stream began to fall off to a few last dribbles, until I came to a halt deep inside of her, soaking in her wet depths. I could only stay there for a moment before my knees went and I collapsed into a sitting position on the floor of the stall, letting the water run down over me.

She stood up and turned around, then placing her feet on either side of my hips, gracefully lowered herself into my lap, facing me. Junior was peaked out, dangling his head in the water on the floor, but I was proud to see him struggle to sit up upon the approach of her holy temple. Gail pulled her hips close to me, her hands on my shoulders, her legs wrapped around my back, and her pussy gapping wide with my cum dripping out of it in plain sight.

I reached down and stroked my cock back to life a little, then placed it at the entrance to her cunt. Reaching behind her and grasping her ass cheeks, I pulled her firmly to me as my cock easily slid back inside, and her tits pressed into my upper chest for the first time.

I was not all that hard, just enough to keep from falling out of her. She held me tight with her head on my shoulder and gently moved her hips up and down, forward and back, squeezing and stroking my cock with her talented pussy. "That was wonderful," she said, "I haven't had anything like that all summer, but don't get any ideas. I'm not going to start dating a fourteen-year-old." "I know that, but I wanted you, and you apparently wanted me, and it felt right, so don't go making any rules we might not want to keep, okay?" I reasoned.

"We don't have to do this again, but we might." I smiled at her. "You are still beautiful, and always will be to me." She was thoughtful for a while, her hips still moving slightly, and they were having the desired effect. My cock was starting to harden, and we could both feel it lengthening in her sheath, sliding deeper and harder as time went on. After a few minutes of this, she started to breathe hard, raising her hips high and slamming them down onto my fully erect cock, impaling herself as far as possible, only to rise up and do it again, her tits pressing and sliding wetly on my chest, for we were still in the bottom of the shower, warm water spraying over us continuously.

She was working pretty hard and I was ready for something else. I folded my legs under me, and keeping one arm tightly wrapped around her waist, I succeeded in lowering her back to the floor while never leaving the warm, tight confines of her pussy. I held her upper body to me tightly while lifting and lowering my hips, pumping my rigid tool deep into her in long slow strokes, occasionally grinding our pubic bones together for a moment, before continuing to plumb her depths.

I reached up with my head and locked my lips onto hers, pushing and pulling and thrusting and sucking in turn while we continued our slow fuck.

Joined at lips, breast, stomach, and groin, her long legs wrapped around my back and my arms wrapped around her shoulders, supporting her head, we were one. Thirty strokes later, I had come up for air and she was just plain cumming. I ground against her as she writhed and moaned and panted, her pussy pulling me ever deeper with each contraction.

As her spasms eased, I continued as before, pulling back until only an inch or two remained in her clenching quim, then driving down until our pelvic bones came together solidly. Another fifteen thrusts or so and she came again, and ten strokes later once again.

My goddess was almost senseless, her head lolling around, her mouth open drinking the warm water falling on us, her tongue hanging out, but her hips still moving in the ageless rhythm of sex. I could not continue this routine any longer. Again, all my feelings were being concentrated in a primeval urge to impregnate this female, to drive my seed deep into her womb again and again, to possess her completely, to make her mine for ever and ever.

My cock felt harder and larger than ever before. I raised myself above her, supporting my weight with my hands pressed into her breasts, kneading and fondling those lovely orbs repeatedly, as my prick thrust harder and ever faster into her. Six or seven more fast strokes and I was there, and incredibly, so was she. My first spurt sent her over the edge one more time, and she shuddered under me as I drove home my last few thrusts, pounding my sperm deep inside.

I really needed a shower now, and then some serious sleep, and yes, she did wash my back. In fact, we both washed various parts of each other for several minutes before departing on good terms to separate beds.