Diablo iii auriel blowjob sucking dick animation sfm

Diablo iii auriel blowjob sucking dick animation sfm
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The Redhead It was my first day back at work since I had lost my job. I was excited but my stomach was churning with nerves. I paced up and down at the bus stop waiting for my ride to my new job. I didn't have a car, I had to sell that to be able to afford to pay the rent. My girlfriend had left me, turns out when I wasn't making money I wasn't much good to her anyway, so this job was more than just a new job, it was a new start entirely.

I flagged the bus down, paid my fare and took one of the few remaining seats at the back. The butterflies in my stomach felt like they were trying to escape, I couldn't remember the last time I was this nervous.

The bus grumbled along the road almost throwing me out of my seat as we bounced over pot-holes and cracks. The sun beamed through the window. It was a beautiful summer day and I was sat on an overcrowded bus, wearing a black suit, melting into the seat.

All of a sudden things weren't looking quite as good as I had initially thought, but that soon changed. The bus pulled into a bus stop. I groaned as the faint breeze whistling through the window ceased. If I didn't die from the heat it would be from suffocation.

There were so many people on the damn bus, and there was just about to be more. This was not a good day so far. My mood lifted immediately as I looked to the front. There was only one person getting on, and the fact that there was so little room meant she had to sit near me. I silently thanked God and all the powers that be as the most beautiful redhead casually strolled to the back of the bus and took a seat at the back of the bus. The back row of the bus consisted of five seats, I was in one corner, and she was in the other.

Okay, in an ideal world she would have sat closer but still, bingo baby! I looked across at her, waiting to catch her eye, then smiled at her, she smiled back.

A part of me started doing jumping jacks. I couldn't help but stare at her. Her beautiful red hair, adorable face, beautiful blue eyes, slender figure with nice perky breasts and curvy hips.

She was wearing a tanktop and hotpants so her long tanned legs were on display for the world. Not to mention the sexiest little feet I had ever seen with her toe nails painted a mesmerizing silver that caught the sun and sparkled like diamonds.

She was truly perfect. She caught me staring a couple of times and I quickly turned my head to face the front, but I couldn't help turning back when she turned away. I was captivated. She must have thought I was a right creep, but then again she was probably used to people staring at her everywhere she went.

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"Hi there." I looked up, she was looking at me inquisitively. "Can I help you?" She asked. "Um, er-" I was stuck for words. "I. I'm sorry." I managed to mumble. Oh yeah real smooth.

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Moron. She moved front the corner to the seat in the middle.

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Ah crap I was in for it, she was going to scream at me for being a pervert on this bus of crowded people. My heart began to beat at an insane pace and I could feel the sweat forming on my forehead. "I'm Kaisa." She smiled sweetly putting her hand forward to shake mine. I was stunned. He finger nails were painted with the same nail varnish as her feet. I shook her hand.


"I'm Richard". The words weakly crept from my mouth.


Her hands were just as soft and smooth as I'd imagined. I thought about the feeling of them touching my body and almost came where I sat. "It's nice to meet you Richard." "Likewise." I said back smiling at her, but internally cursing myself for being such an idiot. Likewise? Who the hell says likewise. "You're dressed up all smart, where are you off to?" She was moving closer to me now. I didn't know whether to be excited or terrified. "Going to work." I mumbled, "First day at a new job." I was getting hotter, I could feel the sweat on my forehead building up.

It wasn't going to be long before I was dripping. "First day? You must be nervous." She placed her hand on my leg and started massaging my knee.

She slowly slid her hand up my thigh "Perhaps you need something to calm you down." He hand continued to climb up my inner thigh.

I took a deep breath and held. She moved her beautiful red lips right up the my ear and whispered, "perhaps I could help you get rid of those nerves." Her hand had reached it's destination. She was rubbing my crotch. My cock was throbbing in my pants and she rubbed me through my trousers. I held my breath longer, but not out of choice. I couldn't breathe.

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I turned to face her and she planted a kiss straight on my lips. Holy shit, maybe it was a good day after all. Her lips were silky smooth and her tongue was soft as it pushed it's way through my lips and massaged my tongue. I kissed back with an immense passion I didn't know I had. Then she stopped. "What wrong?" I asked, looking at her. She pressed the buzzer on the pole in front of us. "Sorry this is my stop, I have to go." I looked out the window.

"Oh shit. I've missed mine." She hadn't heard, she was already walking to the front of the bus. I got up and walked behind her. "Your stop too?" She asked. "No, I missed mine." "Oh god, I'm so sorry." She took my hand. "I hope I haven't made you late for your new job." I shook my head, "It's fine, I left a lot earlier than I needed, I've got about an hour and half and it's only twenty minutes away." She sighed.

"Thank god for that." The bus driver pulled into the stop and opened the doors. As we got off the bus she grabbed my hands. "So you have like an hour and a half until you have to be there?" She asked. I nodded. "come with me." She started dragging me across the road. She dragged me down a deserted alleyway and threw me against the wall.

She launched herself at me and I found myself buried back into that passionate kiss we had started on the bus. One of her hand cradled the back of my neck drawing me in as her other hand went to work undoing my belt and trousers.

I gasped as her velvet smooth hands sank into my boxers and grabbed my cock. She continued passionately kissing me as she slid her hands up and down me, working a thick load of pre-cum out the end of my member. The hand job began to flow smoother as the pre-cum dripped between her hand and my penis, he hand sliding perfectly up and down me.

I could have cum right that second, but I forced myself not to, excited about where this was leading. She stopped kissing me and I felt my trousers fall to my knees.

No way! Was this going where I thought it was. The feeling of her tongue stroking my helmet confirmed what I had hoped. "Oh my god." The words came out of me before I could stop them.


"Is that nice?" I nodded and she carried on licking my tip. I began thrusting myself forward, and she picked up on the hint, wrapping her lips around my dick and sliding them right to the base taking my whole length in her throat. I almost my blew my load on her tonsils.

This was amazing. She slid her mouth back to the tip and carried on working just the first few inches of me while her right hand worked the rest. Her left hand gently massaged my balls and I was in a state of euphoria.

This was without a doubt the best blow job I had ever had, and I never wanted it to end. My heart sank as she stopped and stood up.

She didn't have to go again did she.

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But as she leant forward and kissed me, I knew that was definitely not the case. I felt her pubic hair rubbing against the base of my shaft. I looked down and her hotpants and thong were were at her ankles.

My turn to take control. I turned us around so she against the wall got to knees, cocking her leg over my shoulder.

Her pubic hair was the same gorgeous red and her hair and was kept neat. I could see her beautiful rosebud through the foliage and immediately went to work licking her clit. "Oh my god, don't stop. That's amazing" Her voice was shallow as she gasped for breath. I carried on licking at her delicate pussy running my tongue up the lips, I could feel her leg starting to shake over my shoulder.

She grabbed my head and buried my face into her mound. The sweet aroma of her pussy drawing me in. I lapped at it, tickling and sucking her clit. "Holy shit." Her voice was breathless.

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She looked down at me "Kiss me." I obeyed. I took her leg off my shoulder and stood to kiss her. She wrapped her leg around my hip and pulled me close. I could feel her wet pubes rubbing against my shaft again as she violently kissed me. I felt her hand slide between us and grab my rock hard cock. She manoeuvred it so that it rubbed against her pussy, my helmet tickling her clit and running right back to her asshole as I thrust.

She stared into my eyes. "Fuck me right now." She demanded. I wasted no time lining myself up with her opening and sliding myself deep inside her. She gasped a huge moan of pleasure. I pounded at her pussy with all my might, trying desperately to hold back the torrents of cum I wanted to shoot inside her. "Oh my god, fuck me hard." I did. She slid up on down my cock gasping and moaning until she came. She took a huge breath and wrapped her arms around me.

"Oh fuck! I'm cumming." I felt her pussy begin to spasm around me nearly driving me over the edge. Her whole body began to shake. I carried on pounding at the pussy as she came. I felt her whole weight hand on my where the leg she stood on gave way, but I wasn't going to stop. I carried on pumping myself in and out of her until she stopped shaking. I pulled myself out of her and kissed her. "That was fucking incredible." She whispered in my ear.

I smiled at her and turned her to face the wall. She knew what I had in mind, I didn't even have to tell her to bend over. As I took position behind her I felt her hand reach through her legs and grab my cock. She lined it up with her pussy and I slid my entire length inside of her again.

As I slammed her pussy I could feel my nutsack slapping against her clit and she gave a little moan everytime it did. I was so close to cumming, thinking of almost anything that would delay it.

This was amazing, her pussy was so wet and tight. I never wanted it to end. Her hand slid over her back and she began tickling her puckered little asshole as I pounded her pussy. "I'm so close." I muttered, bending slightly so she heard me.

"You wanna cum in my pussy?" She asked me turning her head round to me and winking. "I'm not wearing a condom." A terrible excuse for such a beautiful girl, but I used it anyway. "I don't care. There is no way in hell you're cumming anywhere except my pussy." Then she threw her head back. "Oh my god." I could feel her pussy tightening again. She was cumming again and this was going to drag me over the edge with her.

"Oh fuck." I gasped. Her face turned back to me. "Fuck me. Oh my god cum in me." She began to slap her pussy back against my thrusts. "Cum in my pussy. Fill me up." She stopped fingering her asshole and ran her hand back between her legs.

She had hold of me. She was jerking me off as I fucked her. She glared at me. "Fill this cunt with your cum." It was a demand. I had to comply. I felt her pussy start to spasm around me again as her hand milked me. "Fill this cunt. Oh yeah, fucking fill me up." She threw her head back again as her orgasm peaked. I could feel her whole body shake as I rammed myself deep inside of her, each time driving myself a little closer to the edge.

"Oh fuck! Cum in my cunt right this fucking second!" She slammed her pussy back against me and that was it. "I'm cumming!" I gasped. Her hand carried on working every single drop out of me as my dick twitched inside her squirting string after string of spunk.

"Oh my god I can feel it. I can feel you filling me." "I slammed myself as deep inside of her as I could as my orgasm came to an end.

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She had stopped shaking by now aswell and we both stood stationary. I held myself inside her feeling the warmth of her pussy hold me as I softened up inside of her. I gently slid myself out of her and thick string of cum dripped into her pubic hair.

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She turned to face me, and wipped the cum front her pussy with her fingers and licked them clean. She pulled her thong and hotpants up over her hip, leant close to my ear and whispered "Have a good day at work." and then she left down the alleyway back onto the busy highstreet.

I never saw her again.