Cum sprayed european blow young old pornstars

Cum sprayed european blow young old pornstars
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Mutual Rescue Dave sat watching TV and sipping a cold beer. He needed to go to the grocery store but had no urgent need to get going. Sadly, at this point in his life, he had no need to be anywhere or do anything. His wife of forty years had left and divorced him soon after. He had no strong reason to to anything.


Dave wasn't rich, but he was financially comfortable. His house was free and clear. He had a nice pension coming in as well as Social Security. Apparently that was not enough to keep his wife around. His wife had been threatening to leave for years. Ever since Dave's body began to show signs of age, she had practically ignored him. Dave was now sixty-three years old and was feeling his age. He had put on a little extra weight around his waist, his hair was thin and graying, and most importantly, he needed more time and attention from his wife to respond to her needs in their bedroom.

He could still get it up, but it took some time, interest, and help from is wife which she had not want to provide. Ever since Dave had begun to grow older, his wife had lost interest in him, especially in their bed.

Sitting alone on his couch, Dave was feeling lonely. He just knew no woman would ever want him again. He could feel himself slipping into the depths of depression. Maybe it wasn't clinical depression, but he certainly was emotionally depressed. After finishing his beer, Dave said to himself, "Well hell! Feeling sorry for myself isn't getting any groceries in the house." He took a quick shower, dressed, hopped in his crew cab pick-up truck, and drove to the store.

It didn't take long to get what he needed from the store, and Dave was soon returning to his truck with his purchases. He was still ten to fifteen yards away from his truck when he noticed it.

A small beat-up foreign car that looked pretty rough was parked in the space next to the left side of his truck. A young lady was sitting behind the wheel of the car.

She looked upset. She was sitting as if hiding her face in her hands and leaning on the steering wheel. A boy who looked to be about three-years-old was standing in the passenger seat and hanging out the passenger side window of the car. He was apparently watching people as they walked by. The boy was just a few feet from the driver's side of Dave's truck. As Dave loaded his groceries into the rear seat of his pick-up, the boy stuck his head out the passenger window and spoke.

"Hi Sir." Dave smiled at the boy. "Hi yourself young man. How are you today?" "I'm fine, but Mommy's not." "Jimmy, be quiet! Don't bother that man." The young woman barked at the boy without raising her head.

Dave looked at the woman in the car's driver's seat. "What's wrong with Mommy?" Dave asked. "Our car broke." The boy replied. Smiling down at the boy, Dave asked.

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"Well, why don't we see what's wrong with it? With a smile, Dave then addressed the driver. "Miss, do you have someone coming to assist you?" She shook her head and softly said, "No." Maybe I can be of some assistance? If you'll allow me to look, maybe I can get lucky and see what's wrong with your car." She then lifted her head from her hands and looked up.

She brushed her light brown hair from her face and wiped the tears from her eyes with a tissue. She weakly tried to muster a smile. Dave could see she'd been crying and felt sorry for her and the boy.

"Well, pop the hood latch and let me take a look. I don't know much about these computerized cars, but I might get lucky and find your problem." "Okay, but I think it's useless. It's been on its last legs for some time now. When I pulled in here it back-fired a couple of times then died as I rolled into this spot. Now it won't even turn over. I think it's probably finished." She then reached under the dash and released the hood latch. Dave was certainly no mechanic when it came to the small, sideways mounted engines in foreign cars, but what he saw didn't take much of a mechanic.

After a few minutes he gave the young lady the bad news. "Miss, I'm afraid you may be right about this car. There's water in the oil and dripping oil is making a puddle on the ground from under the engine.


Try to start it." She turned the key and Dave could hear the starter try to engage with a clunk. The engine didn't even attempt to turn over. "This car isn't going anywhere soon. Do you have someone who can come to get you?" She shook her head no. "Okay, my name is Dave. I assume Jimmy here is your son." "Hello. I'm Heather, and Jimmy is my son. Before you ask, his father Ed disappeared before his was born. All he left us was this piece of shit car." "Well, I am not about to leave you two stranded in this parking lot.

I have plenty of time on my hands. So Heather, can I give you guys a lift home, or anywhere else in town?" "Thank you, Dave. We would appreciate a ride home. Would you mind waiting just a few minutes while I pick up some milk and bread?" "I didn't get anything cold so, of course I can wait.

But instead of waiting which has always been boring to me, may I accompany you while you shop. I'm retired and live alone so I'm in no hurry. You can take as long as you need and get whatever you need." "That's very nice of you, Dave. You will be welcome to tag along. I'll try not to take too long." Heather and Jimmy led the way while Dave followed them back into the store.

He noticed Heather's butt right away. It had been a long time since he had been able to watch such a cute girl's butt sway in her jeans as she walk in front of him. Heather was a slender five foot three or four with long light brown hair that swayed in the breeze as she walked. And she had a round firm looking butt that easily kept his attention. Of course, it always takes a woman longer to shop than it does a man. Dave noticed that Heather was trying to hurry. In the mean time, Dave and Jimmy were getting to know each other and becoming friends.

Several times Dave added things to Heather's cart. An extra gallon of milk, another loaf of bread, a dozen eggs, and a box of the cereal Jimmy said he wanted were among the things he added to her cart. Heather objected saying, "Dave, I can't afford all that extra stuff." Dave smiled and told her, "Don't worry about it. That stuff's on me." In the middle of the dairy section Heather hung her head and tears began trickling down her cheeks. "I don't have much money.

How will I ever be able to repay you?" Dave worked up his nerve and, in the middle of the dairy isle, took the weeping girl into his arms.

Gently hugging her and stroking her hair, he softly said, "Don't worry about it. I'm not rich, but I'm alone and have more than enough for myself. It would really make me happy if you would allow me to help you and Jimmy a little." Heather continued to protest. "But I can't repay you." "You don't have to insulting. I don't want you to repay me." Heather started to protest, but Dave stopped her.

"I'll tell you what. Can you cook?" He asked. She nodded and replied. "Yes, I'm a decent cook." "Okay then, if you think you have to repay me, how does this sound? I'm tired to cooking just for myself. So, I'll buy the groceries and you make me a home cooked meal sometime?

Does that sound fair to you?" He asked. Heather smiled and replied, "Okay! I'll be happy to cook a meal for you, Dave. As a matter of fact, I don't have anything going on tonight.

Would you like to have dinner with Jimmy and me?" "Dinner with a delightful young man and his beautiful mother. That sounds delightful. Now, what do we need to pick up for dinner? Never mind. Do you like steak?" Heather silently nodded. "How about you, Jimmy? What would you like to eat tonight?" "HOT DOGS!" The boy shouted gleefully.

"What do you say, Jimmy? What's the magic word?" Heather corrected her son. "Hot dogs, please." Jimmy restated. After seeing Heather silently nod her consent, Dave told the boy, "Then hot dogs it is for you, Jimmy." A short time later, Dave and Heather were loading numerous bags of groceries into his pickup.

She then took Jimmy's booster seat out of her car and strapped it into the rear seat of Dave's truck. "Is there anything else you need from your car before we go?" Dave asked. "Not a thing. That thing is still in the assholes name. I'm just going to leave it here and let the store have it towed. Wait 'til he gets the bill for that." The thought of her ex-boyfriend getting a towing bill seemed to cheer her a bit.

A short time later, they were pulling into an apartment complex. Dave knew the apartments were subsidized by the state to help those in need. The exterior of the buildings needed painting and the grass needed cutting. However, the inside of Heather's unit was neat as a pin. It was clean and orderly. After helping Heather put her groceries away, Dave left the steaks and hot dogs out to be cooked. Heather then shooed him and Jimmy out of her kitchen so she could fix dinner.

Dave and Jimmy played with the boy's small cars on the living room floor until Heather called them for dinner. As Heather helped her son wash up for dinner, Dave stole out to his truck and brought in a bottle of inexpensive red wine that he had bought for himself.

Dave poured Jimmy a glass of milk. He then poured a glass of wine for Heather and himself. She served dinner and cut up Jimmy's hot dogs. She had added a salad and some peas to the menu.

"Heather, my steak is done to perfection. Thank you very much for inviting me to have dinner with you and Jimmy tonight." Heather smiled broadly. "Yeah Mommy. The hot dogs are good too. You cook good." Heather and Dave laughed at Jimmy's praise of his hot dogs. The dinner conversation was sometimes light hearted and sometimes sad as the adults shared their stories with each other. After dinner, Heather took Jimmy to get his bath. While she was gone, Dave washed the dishes.

After all, he'd have to wash them if he was at home alone. Heather was delightfully surprised to find the dishes done when she and Jimmy returned to the living room. "Okay Jimmy, it's your bed time. Tell Dave good night." Heather told her son. "Oh Mommy, do I have to?" the boy complained but did as he was told. He went to Dave and held up his arms up to be picked up. Dave bent over and picked Jimmy up.

The young man threw his arms around Dave's neck and hugged him tightly before saying, "Good night, Sir. Thank you for the hot dogs." "You're very welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed them. Good night, Jimmy. Sleep tight." Dave replied with a broad smile. "Please have a seat, Dave. I'll put Jimmy to bed and be right back." She then led Jimmy off to his bedroom. When she returned Heather brought a couple of glasses of wine.

She handed Dave a glass and said, "No since letting this go to waste." For the next two hours they sat next to each other, sipped wine, and talked. Heather told Dave all about her ex-boyfriend who was Jimmy's father.

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She had been twenty-years-old when Ed had promised to be with her forever. Forever lasted until she told him she was pregnant. It was less than two weeks later when he left for good. Sometime during the evening, as they talked, Heather had moved closer to Dave and had lain her head on his shoulder.

Dave told her of his broken marriage and his wife's lack of interest in him. He then said, "Heather honey, I think it is getting late and I probably should be going home." She moaned her disappointment and replied, "Do you really have to go, Dave?" "I think so, Heather.

I'd love to stay, but you are so young, and I would hate to disappoint you." He then stood and offered his hand to help Heather up as well. She took his hand and stood. She put her arms around Dave's neck, and hugged him tightly. She then kissed his cheek and asked, "Do you really have to go so soon? I've enjoyed talking with you so much. It's been so long since a man has been so nice to me and Jimmy." She then began grinding her pelvis into Dave's crotch.

"Please stay." The message was quite clear to Dave. He put his arms around Heather's waste and returned her hug. He then told her why his wife had left him. "Heather, my wife left me when I grew older and starting needing her help before I could do anything to satisfy her in bed. I really don't think an old man like me can do much for a pretty young girl like you.

Shouldn't you try to find a young man to be with?" "No! The guys my age are more than willing to take me to bed, but they seem to be scared to death of a woman with a child. I represent too much commitment for them. You and Jimmy, on the other hand, seemed to get along so very well with each other. Please stay with me just for tonight. I'll bet I can get and keep your interest. If not, you can leave tomorrow morning with no strings attached.

I know we are many years apart in age, but I think we could have a good time together. Maybe we can scratch the itch we are both feeling. Maybe we can mutually help each other. Please stay." "I guess the old saying is true. There's no fool like and old fool." Dave then let his hands drift down Heather's back, squeezed both of her firm butt cheeks, and kissed her. "How can I turn down an invitation like that from such a lovely young woman?" Heather moaned and pressed her pelvis tightly to Dave's crotch.

They kissed again. At first, it was a tender kiss. It soon built into a kiss full of passion. Their tongues dueled with each other until they broke the kiss. Heather took a deep breath while looking into Dave's eyes. She then took Dave's hand and led him to her bedroom. It had been far to long since Dave had been with a woman sexually. So, he let her lead the way. Heather willingly accepted the lead. She released each of his shirt's buttons until she could push the shirt off his shoulders and toss it to a nearby chair.

She then stepped back and slowly opened the buttons of her blouse. Once her blouse was hanging loosely over her shoulders, she slipped it off and it joined Dave's shirt on the chair.

Heather smiled broadly when she saw Dave lick his lips while staring at her chest with its thin flesh colored bra covering her tits. With little hesitation, she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. Her bra quickly joined the growing pile of clothes on the chair.

Heather had always thought her tits were too small. Though she did have rather small breasts, they looked perfect on her slender body. About the size of ripe oranges, they stood proudly on her chest with no sag at all. Her pink nipples were erect and surrounded by puffy areola. Dave smiled and licked his lips again. "Heather, you look fantastic." She giggled and returned his smile then stepped forward to hug Dave.

He raised his hands and cupped a tit in each. He gently squeezed and massaged them. When he gently pinched her nipples, Heather pushed her chest out and cooed. "Oh Dave, that feels so nice." After several minutes of letting Dave fondle her tits, Heather stepped back a bit and reached down to his belt. A short time later, his pants lay at his feet.

When he stepped out of them, Heather bent over and picked them up. They too landed on the chair. Dave was left in nothing but his boxers. His cock beginning to make a lump in his shorts. Looking at his bulge, Heather said with a giggle, "I don't think you're as dead and your ex-wife thought you were." Heather then stood and released the button and zipper of her slacks. They were quickly dispatched to the chair. Her panties matched the flesh colored bra. With little delay, she turned away from Dave and slipped her panties down her legs, bending over and showing her backside to Dave.

As a result, Dave got a delightful view of Heather's firm round ass. "Oh my!" Heather stood and slowly turned to face Dave. She had a thin covering of pubic fur the same light brown color as the hair on her head.

"Oh wow! Heather, you really are beautiful. I hope I can please you." "Well, why don't we see what we have to work with?" With that Heather dropped down to her knees facing Dave's crotch. She reached up and swiftly pulled his boxers down and off his legs. She was looking at five and a half inches of chubby cock. "Oh my goodness!

Dave, I sure hope we can bring that thing fully to life.


Once I get it hard you will be able to more than please me with it. Jimmy's father only had about five inches when hard. He was the only other man I've ever been with. So, this thing can plow new ground in me. Come join me in bed." Heather laid in the middle of her queen sized bed and held her arms out in invitation for Dave to join her. He crawled in next to her and snuggled up close. She raised her shoulders up so he could put his right arm under her neck.

With his free hand he resumed massaging Heather's tits. In the mean time, Heather reached down with her left hand and began stroking Dave's soft cock. She soon had it beginning to get fully hard. It took some time, but she noticed a definite improvement in Dave's cock. She then turned in the bed so her head was next to his hips. She took his cock into her mouth and kissed, licked, and sucked on Dave's steadily growing manhood.

He had grown to something over seven inches and was quite hard and fat. As she attempted to take him into her throat, Dave lifted her hips and had her straddle his face. He then eagerly began eating her delicious pussy. Her pussy's lubricating juices were soon flowing in abundance. She was shivering as an orgasm rushed through her body. Heather raised her head and begged. "Oh my God Dave, you have got to put this thing in me now." They both had huge grins on their faces as she again turned in the bed.

She laid on her back and spread her legs wide. "Dave, please go slow. I've never taken a cock that big, but I want you to give it all to me." "It will be my pleasure if I can please you dear Heather." Dave then settled between her legs and brought his cock up to her soaking wet pussy. She reached down and moved the head of Dave's cock up and down her slit to spread their mutual juices. She then placed his cock's head at the entrance to her depths.

"Okay Dave, give me that big fat thing." He moved forward and pushed a couple inches of cock into Heather's pussy.

"Oh yeah. That feels so nice, honey. It's been such a long time." Dave pushed a couple more inches into Heather's pussy. "Oh yes, Dave. That feels wonderful. Keep going, please. I want all of you." "Can I cum in you, Heather? "Please, please, please yes. I had an implant after Jimmy was born, and it should still be working. Please fill me with your cock and your cum." "Okay honey! Here it comes." Dave then slowly but steadily began stroking into her depths.

With each stroke he pushed more and more of his cock into Heather's surprisingly tight pussy. He soon had all seven plus inches of his cock in her pussy.

He paused when he bumped into her cervix. "Humph! Oh God, that makes me feel so full." Heather gasped. "Are you alright, honey?" He asked. "Yes! You're in virgin territory, but I am oh so good. Go ahead. Fuck me! Fill me with your wonderful cock and cum in me." "Your wish is my command sweetheart." With that Dave began giving Heather full deep strokes in her eager pussy. He bumped into her cervix each time he drove his cock into her.

"Humph, humph, humph." Heather grunted each time Dave's cock bumped into her cervix. She began rocking her pelvis in response to each of his thrust. She soon clamped her legs around his ass. She matched him thrust for thrust. Faster and faster they thrust their hips at each other. As Heather built toward an orgasm her breath became raspy and she tightly wrapped her arms around Dave's neck.

She thrust her hips off the bed and cried out as a huge orgasm burst inside her body like a damn. "Oh God, give it to me, Dave." At about the same time, Dave drove his cock deep into Heather's pussy and held it there.

He released a flood of cum and told her, "Here it cums baby." He slammed deep into her cunt once more and came hard. He shoved deep into her depths and bathed her cervix with a load of hot cum.

Heather and Dave lay connected together for some time until he softened and slipped out of her flooded pussy. Cum and pussy juices flowed out of her sodden hole. She giggled and said, "I guess I'll have to change the sheets in the morning.

What would you like for breakfast?" "I am so glad I stayed with you tonight. Thank you for all you've done for an old man. As for breakfast, how about a little more of you?" He smiled broadly and pulled Heather tightly to his chest.

She giggled and replied, "I'm a little sore right now. After all, you've just 'gone where no man has gone before.' We'll see how I feel tomorrow morning. They then cuddled together and drifted off to sleep. Dave was awoken the next morning by Heather firmly sucking his hard cock. He moaned in pleasure and she took even more cock into her mouth. He felt his cock's head bumping into the entrance to her throat. "Oh God Heather, I'm about to cum." Dave warned her. Heather sucked harder until he erupted deep in her mouth.

She swallowed every drop of cum he gave her then pulled off and licked his cock clean. She then kissed the head of Dave's cock and turned to lay next to him. She giggled and asked, "How's that for a little more of me before breakfast? I'm still a bit sore from last night. I never knew my little pussy could take a cock that big. I loved it and want to do it some more.

A lot more if you're willing." "I'm willing alright. I just hope my old ass can keep up with a beautiful young thing like you." "You let me worry about helping you keep up with me, and keeping it up for me. Now why don't we go take a shower before Jimmy gets up?

Then I'll make us all something for breakfast. I think we'll both need to keep our energy up." For the next several months, Dave was a frequent visitor to Heather's apartment. He found himself falling in love with a beautiful young lady forty years his junior. Heather had expressed similar feeling for him. Dave and Jimmy had also bonded well.

Dave considered the boy to be like a grandson. Then one Saturday afternoon, after eating the pizza he had brought with him, Dave said he had an announcement to make. He sat Jimmy next to his mother and spoke to both of them. He meant his statement for Heather but directed it to Jimmy. "You both know I have a big ole house that is more than I need. Jimmy, I have fallen in love with your lovely mommy, and you too.

With your permission Sir, I would like to ask your Mommy to marry me and have both of you move in to my house with me. There's a large fenced-in yard that would be just right for a boy and his dog. What do you think, Jimmy? Would you and your mommy like to move in with me at my place?" Heather was excitedly but silently nodding her approval with tears on her cheeks.

Jimmy looked at his mother for direction. He had concern on his young face. "Dave, Mommy and me can move in with you, but I don't have a dog." "Would you like one?" Again Heather nodded, and Jimmy answered. "Yes Dave, I want a dog, but we can't have one here." With a broad grin on his face, Dave said. "Then it's settled. We start moving your stuff today. Right now!" Jimmy ran to his room and started gathering his toys.

Heather stood with tears still streaming down her face. She took Dave into her arms and covered his face with kisses. "Thank you for handling it that way. You know Jimmy loves you as much as I do. I promise I will try my best to make you a very good wife. I will always be willing to do whatever it takes to keep you interested and in love with me." About that time, Jimmy came running back into their living room.

The young boy threw himself around Dave's leg and hugged him as tight as he could. He looked up and, grinning from ear to ear, said, "Thank you, Dave. Thank you a whole lot." Jimmy then released Dave's leg and ran back into his room to gather his things.

Dave then tightly hugged Heather, gently swatted her butt, and told her to start packing. She giggled and practically ran to her room. Dave called after her. When she stopped, he told her, 'You know you have the cutest butt I've ever loved watching when you walk away." Heather giggled and wiggled her butt for him. Dave's truck was soon loaded with Jimmy's clothes and toys, and Heather's clothes, personal grooming supplies, and a few nick-knacks.

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The rest of their things could be retrieved in the next few days. They were soon on their way to Dave's house. When they arrived Jimmy made a beeline for the large back yard. His squeal of delight could be heard by the neighbors three doors down. Without telling him, Dave had built a huge fort looking play structure in his backyard for Jimmy. Jimmy had never seen such a grand thing and it was all for him. Living in subsidized housing had not allowed him, or his mother, to feel safe for him to play outdoors.

Now he had the run of his new home and its large fully fenced-in yard. This new 'fort' was going to give him hours of fun every day. "Jimmy?" Dave called the boy over from his play area.

Jimmy came on the run. He looked so happy he seemed about to burst. "What Dave?" "Jimmy, we need to introduce you and your Mommy to one of our neighbors." Heather lagged behind as Dave took Jimmy's hand and led him to the house next door.

She had come to realize Dave liked to surprise Jimmy now and then as well as teach him how to interact with people other than himself and his Mommy.

As they got to the front door of the neighbor's house, Dave had Jimmy reach up and ring the bell. When an older lady answered the door, she bent over to greet her visitor. "Hi! You must be Jimmy. Dave has told me a lot about you.

Are you going to be living next door now?" "Yes Mam. Mommy and me just moved in with Dave. You should see the fort in the back yard. It is great." "Well Jimmy, it's a pleasure to meet such a nice young man. My name is Helen, and I have a grandson about your age that comes to see me quite often. Maybe you two can play together when he's here." "Okay. I think I'd like that. We can play in my fort. I didn't really have any friends where we used to live." Jimmy replied.

"Oh yes! I almost forgot. Someone left something here for you earlier today. Wait just a minute and I'll go get it." Jimmy looked puzzled when the lady went inside. She returned a short time later and handed Jimmy bundle of wiggling fur. It was a six week old black and tan German Shepherd puppy.

Jimmy's eyes lit up like it was Christmas. He looked at Dave and then his mother. "Mommy? Dave? Can I have it?" He asked. Dave and Heather both nodded and Jimmy reached out to take the puppy from his new neighbor. She smiled at the boy and said. "Be careful with him. He's just a baby, but I think he'll grow big pretty soon. If you take good care of him, he can be a friend that will always be there for you." "Oh, thank you so much.

I promise I'll take real good care of him." About that time, the puppy twisted in Jimmy's arms and began licking all over the boys face. Jimmy squealed and laughed as he cuddled with his new furry friend. "Heather, if you wouldn't mind, please take Jimmy and his new friend home while I speak with Helen a moment." Heather, with tears streaming from her eyes, kissed Dave and led Jimmy home. "Thank you, Helen. Was the pup any trouble?" "Not at all. I took him out back a couple of times and he did his business before coming back in.

He may be hungry, but he drank plenty of water." With a broad smile, she added, "Dave, I think you have scored a great family though she is a bit young for you. I hope you can keep up with her." Dave laughed. "So do I, Helen. So do I." When Dave walked in his door, he was jumped by both Heather and Jimmy. Heather smothered him with kisses while in the midst of a full blown cry. Jimmy was clinging to his leg repeatedly saying "Thank you, Dave. Thank you." Dave knelt and kissed Jimmy on his cheek.

"You're welcome, Jimmy. Just remember, you have to take care of him.

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Make sure he always has food and water and pick up his messes. Now go play with your friend and think of a name for him." Jimmy was out the back door like a shot. Dave then stood and took Heather into his arms. He kissed her tears away and said. "I think we need to start you a garden.

You and your eyes always seem to be sprinkling." "My tears have been tears of happiness since you came into my life. Did you really mean it when you told Jimmy you wanted to marry me?" "Yes, if you'll have an old man for a husband." "Old man?

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Are you kidding me." She looked around to be certain Jimmy was not in the room. In a hushed tone of voice, she said, "You've kept my pussy sore ever since that first night we spent together, and I love it.

Old man my ass. Yes, I'll marry you." Jimmy came bursting into the room. "Can I call him bear? He has so much fur he sorta looks like a little bear." "That will be fine, Jimmy. So our family now has a dog named Bear." Heather and Dave married two months later. Their marriage was a very simple affair held in their back yard. Their neighbors attended and witnessed the the event which was officiated over by the local Justice of the Peace. Jimmy was, of course, the ring bearer.

After the ceremony and the guests left, the new family sat on the couch cuddling and talking. Suddenly, Jimmy sat upright. "Mommy, now that you and Dave are married, it's not right that I keep calling your husband Dave. Can I call him Daddy?" Dave scooped Jimmy up into his arms, hugged him, and kissed his cheek. Dave answered for Heather. "Jimmy, I would be honored if you want to call me Daddy. Thank you. You and your mommy have both made me a very happy man.

As a celebration of our new family, how would you like to go somewhere. Why don't we go to Disney World for two weeks starting next week? Helen has said she'd look after Bear for us." Jimmy and Heather both squealed for joy. They both threw themselves onto Dave and covered him with kisses. It was difficult getting an excited three-year-old to go to bed that night. He was just too wound up.

But finally he settled down and went to sleep after Bear was allowed into his room. "And now my husband, it's time for us to go to bed as well. I will pick up down here while you go take a shower.

I'll be up soon." Dave had taken his shower and was just crawling into bed when her heard the shower running. Heather seemed to take a little longer than usual in the bathroom. When she finally came to bed, she was wearing a long, silky, nightgown with nothing under it. "Oh wow, Heather!

You look fantastic in that gown." As she slid into bed and cuddled up to Dave, she apologized. "Sorry I took so long. I wanted to be especially ready for you tonight." "Honey, you are always worth a little wait." He then began kissing all over her body.

He kissed and licked her face, ears, and neck. He then pulled her gown up and over her head. He tossed it to the side of the bed. He continued kissing down her body until he came to her freshly shaved pussy.

"Hummm, my wife is bald tonight. I love a bald pussy." Dave then proceeded to enthusiastically kiss, lick, suck, and tongue fuck Heather's pussy until she was gasping for breath and writhing in ecstasy. As Dave crawled up her body preparing to enter her, Heather stopped him. "Dave, my husband, I love you with all my heart. My body is all yours.

We have made love in many ways and I have loved every bit of it. There is one thing I have never done, and I want you to be my first. Dave my love, I want to give you my last virginity. I want you to put it up my ass tonight." Dave hesitated. "Are you sure, honey? You know I'm a little bigger than normal. It will hurt if we do that. Are you sure?" "Yes Dave, I am very sure.

I want to give you my cherry ass on our wedding night." She then rolled over and reached out to the night stand. She retrieved a tube of lubricating gel and handed it to Dave. "Here honey, please use this." She then raised up onto her knees so her butt was pointed at her husband. "You have told me how nice my butt looks, now take it as my wedding gift to my wonderful new husband." Dave began rubbing both cheeks of Heather's tight little butt.

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She responded by wiggling her butt for him. Dave took the lube and applied a good amount to his wife's tightly crinkled rosebud. When she began pushing back toward his finger, he pushed his greased up digit half way into her ass.

He pulled almost out and pushed the finger all the way into her. She moaned in acceptance. He pulled his finger out and applied more lube. He put two fingers to her ass and pushed them all the way in her rectum. She then stopped him. "Ummmm, that's' not bad, but don't use any more fingers to stretch me. I want you to stretch me with that wonderful cock of yours. I want you to know you're getting a virgin ass." "Okay baby, if that's what you want.

I'll try to go slow for you." He then greased up his cock and added a bit more lube to Heather's asshole. He placed the head of his cock against her ass, took a hold of her hips and thrust forward.

Heather yelped in pain as the head of Dave's cock pushed past her sphincter. Dave stopped and asked, "Honey, are you alright?

I don't like hurting you." "I'll be fine. Now husband, take your wife's ass. Give me all of that big fat cock of yours. Fuck your wife like you mean it." Not wanting to hurt Heather too much, Dave slowly pressed his cock into her tight ass.

He soon had all but a couple of inches of his cock tightly wrapped in her ass. "Almost there baby. Are you okay?" "Give your wife all the cock you've got, please." Dave held her hips tightly and pulled back. Sharply shoving forward, he buried his cock in Heather's no longer virgin ass.

She had it all. "Umph! Oh God, Dave. I feel so full. Now please, fuck my ass." Dave slowly began sawing in and out of Heather's extremely tight asshole. After a while, Heather began thrusting back to accept his forward lunges. "Umph, umph, umph!" She grunted with each plunge into her depths. Oh shit! I didn't know it was possible. I think I going to cum with you in my ass. Come on, Dave. Fuck my ass. Fuck my ass hard." Dave tightened his grip on Heather's hips and slammed in and out of her tight hot ass.

In a short time, he slammed fully into her depths and shot a load of cum deep into her bowels. "Oh fuck! I'm going to cum too. Keep fucking me!" After his balls had depleted their supply of cum, Dave resumed pounding Heather's ass. "Oh shit! Oh damn. I'm Cumming!" With a final lunge, Dave buried his cock deep in his wife's ass once more. They collapsed together with Dave's cock still buried in Heather's asshole.

When their breathing returned to near normal, he asked her. "Honey, are you alright?" "Oh my God, Dave. Don't move. Stay where you are. Let me feel your cock filling my ass like you fill my pussy. My ass is sore as hell, but that was awesome. We will do this again. Not right away, but again." "If that's what you want, baby." After a while, Dave's cock softened and he gently pulled out of Heather's ass.

They faced each other and cuddle until falling to sleep. They slept soundly until awoken by a light knocking on their bedroom door. Pulling the sheet over their naked bodies, Dave answered. "Jimmy is that you?" "Yes Daddy." With a wide grin on his face, Dave called out. "Come on in son. The boy ran in and jumped onto the bed. Not surprisingly, he was followed by a clumsy three and a half month old German Shepherd.

Jimmy crawled in between his Mommy and Daddy where they both kissed his cheeks. Bear tried to join Jimmy in the middle of the bed, but he was made to stay down by their feet. Dave laughed. It looks like we may need to get a bigger bed. With a mischievous grin on her face, Heather nodded. "Dave, thank you for getting us out of the bad situation Jimmy and I were in. I had lost hope and love you for coming along to rescue us." "Yeah, Daddy." Jimmy added. Heather, Jimmy, you guys have done more than you know for me.

Before I met you, I was feeling very depressed. Life had little meaning for me. So, I think our rescue was mutual. Dave and his new family then shared a group hug and cuddle.

Even Bear could not resist and piled on top of his humans.