Little Latin Boy Strip Searched In Backroom

Little Latin Boy Strip Searched In Backroom
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Melanie has nice brown hair and is average height for an 18 year old. She has little waist but nice big full breast that are perky. She has a small but that can be worked with. Her eyes are a hazel colour and she completely differed from her sister who had shoulder length hair that was a blonde colour which she inherited from her mum and blue eye that's she got from her dad.


She was slim and had small but grab able breast with wide hips and a bigger arse than her sister. Their mum had the typical blond hair blue eyes with the additional big breasted and a big bum. Naomi slowly got dressed in her room and thought how her day in school would turn out. She had passed out when she was last with her little brother and hadn't been near him since which was a relief.

She quickly packed her cheerleading outfit into her bag and ran out the room. Meanwhile, all three boys where in Steven's room, the older brother's room and were discussing the subject of the females in the house "So your doin Melanie?" Steven asked his dad casually. Steven laughed at how much Melanie would suffer but then he thought about Naomi and Kevin's hate for her and said "Actually I feel sorrier for Naomi!" Kevin had a huge grin on his face and said "I got so much to do with her today!" he laughed and then quickly opened the door leaving his dad and Steven wondering what he was up to.

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"Naomi, I need to talk to you before you go to school!" They heard a low groan and foot steps towards the room. Kevin looked back at the males and smirked bringing out a black bandana and as soon as Naomi was in view, he grabbed her slammed the door shut and threw her face first towards the wall and roughly blindfolded her and dragged her neatly styled hair and said against her ear "You got some work to do before you go to school and I have a special present for you!" The men silently laughed as Kevin dominated his older sister and pulled out his dick and said smirking "I want a blow job!" she shook with sadness and went to her knees instantly and licked the tip of his penis, it seemed to spring alive.

She slowly opened her mouth and began bobbing her head forward and backwards, as she did this Kevin too at dildo out his pocket which was at least five inches and an inch in diameter and pulled up Naomi's skirt and pulled down her knickers and shoved it into her pussy without remorse.

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Naomi felt a blinding pain and stopped what she was doing fearing and shaking the pain that was inflicted on her, she realised stopping was a mistake because Kevin said "Did I say stop!" he the grabbed her head and began fucking her face with renewed energy and made sure she was in much pain as possible. Both the other men watched in delight at the occurrence and watched as Kevin came in his sisters' mouth; she was reluctantly swallowing his cum.

He laughed and laughed back up her underwear and told her to stand up. She slowly did so, minding the dildo in her "That dildo should not come out, if it does, what happened yesterday will happen again!" she nodded in fear so he opened the door and pushed her out the room. They all laughed and Steven said "We should cover each other just in case!" Kevin and his dad Rob agreed and Rob said smirking "You two have got a holiday from school and college right!" My brother and I looked at each other and nodded, my dad smirked and I wondered what he was up to now.

"The last day of school your mums going on holiday!" I groaned and said "How am I going to fuck her then?" my dad laughed and said "I was sup post to go with her, you'll go instead and I and Kevin will stay home with the sisters!" We all laughed until Kevin said "Dad what you planning for Mel!" I actually wondered that too and said "I keeping her in the shed all week and tying her up in there and fuck her senseless!" I laughed and so did Kevin and Kevin said "I'm going to Tie Naomi in my closet and humiliate, I also going to pierce her nipple so she knows she belongs to me!" I widened my eyes and said a little amused "I should do that to mum and you should do that to Mel!" we all laughed and Kevin said "I want to get that bitch Sandra too, she will be my slave as well, I'll get Naomi to invite her over and I'll blackmail her too, she was sup post to get expelled but she gave the X-principle head and he let her stay, I got picture as well, she'll do what I say!" The room elapsed in laughter until there was a knock on the door.

I groaned and said "Who is it?" "Mel!" Dad began to smirk and said quietly "We fuck who we want and use that against them!" We all nodded in agreement until Kevin said "No-one is allowed to touch Naomi until I take her virginity!" we all agreed on that so I SAID "Yea come in!" Mel walked in causally and stopped in her tracks when she saw dad, she looked at him for a second and then said "Have you seen my camera?" I shook my head as Kevin shut my door behind her and locked it and grabbed her arse, she jumped and was about to say something when dad said "Don't touch him slave, come here and get to work!" my dad's dick was already out and I watched and she tried to rush out the door, we laughed and I stood up and grabbed her breast through her top and gently massaged it, she began to cry and fell to her knees in desperation, we sniggered and Kevin dragged off her underwear and began terrorising her pussy, I laughed at her alarmed face and dragged her by her hair to my dad who ripped off her shirt and forced her mouth over her dick, she began gagging and slowly adjusted to the size And sucked his dick making slurping sounds and bobbing her head up and down, Kevin and I looked at the scene in desperation and I got an idea and called out "Mum!" We all laughed at what we were about to do, mum walked into the room without looking inside, she was probably talk to Naomi and she shut the door before she turned round and gasped in horror, before she could even talk, I took hold of her neck and whispered against her ear "Don't say a word!" she watched her daughter give her father heads and began to cry, I laughed and so did dad and Kevin who began to finger fuck Mel.

Mum watched in horror and forgot that I was still holding her.


I looked over her body and saw she was in her bathrobe which meant she was just about to have a bath, I laughed and said to Kevin "Come here untied my rob and take away the rope, he nodded and she began to struggle harder.

We found it difficult to restrain her but we did. Kevin tied her hands behind her back. She was already naked and shaking in fear and what all three of us might do to her. I heard my dad groan and heard him say "Swallow all of it!" Melanie hesitantly did so and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

My dad laughed and looked at his wife with animalistic lust and back at Melanie and said "Get lost Bitch, I'll deal with you later!" she ran out the room faster than ever.

They all began to take off their clothes and my own husband took off his belt and handed it to Steven and said "Discipline her like the bitch she is!" I looked at my husband with hate and screeched "What the hell are you doing to me?" My son laughed and raised the belt, high and whacked it across my arse, I cried out in pain and said "Please, stop it, what did I do to deserve this?" My son laughed and said "You were cheating on dad!" I began sobbing and kneeled there.

My face was buried into the carpet and my arse was hanging in the air.

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I cried as Steven delivered his last whip against my back and said "Time for some real fun!" Steven stuffed his cock in my mouth and said holding my hair "Get the Vaseline on the table!" I already knew what he wanted to do, I began violently trying to struggle, but he was too strong, I felt a finger probe my anus, and I began fighting harder, I hated anal sex and I told my husband I never wanted it. I cried in horror as my youngest son, my baby said "She is so tight!" I watched my husband cream his dick with a vast amount of Vaseline whilst Kevin smeared Vaseline into and around my anus, I cried and gurgled at the same time as Kevin fucked my mouth.

He finally pulled out my mouth and laid on the floor and said "Dad could you lift her and put her on my dick!" I screamed as my husband carried me up and opened my legs so I could straddle my own son.

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Steven then without warning found my pussy lips and bucked his hips upwards. I gasped and as soon as I did that my boy's dick was in my mouth, already hard and down my throat. I cried and my head began spinning. I was being raped my own family. I cried even more at the thought and I felt ashamed that I could feel my self begin to cum around my son's cock.

My husband forced me to arch my back so my arse could stick out and pushed the tip of his cock into my anus, I stilled in terror and I felt the cock pull my butt apart and spread me.

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The evil man went into me without remorse and fucked me simultaneously with his sons. I couldn't believe I was being gang raped. I could feel the two dicks violently push my walls.

My body was getting accustomed to this and I was beginning to feel the pleasure. I wondered how long they would be and I was surprised how much stamina my younger son had. I moaned in pleasure I was gang raped by my family; I heard Steven say 'she coming'.

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They laughed surrounded me and I could feel my self having an orgasm, suddenly Kevin grabbed my tits and started pinching and caressing my tits; he slowly got rougher and rougher bringing me over the edge.

They all pulled out of me leaving me panting and having an orgasm on the floor and began to cum themselves all over my body, in my hair, my face, my back, dripping from my arse, my back and Vagina and down my back and on my breast. I cried in embarrassment and shame and looked in horror as Steven began to take pictures of me. Kevin the grabbed me by my hair and said "I got a surprise for you!" I watched my youngest son in surprise as he unlocked the door and dragged his mother through the house and into the Kitchen.

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Me and my eldest son followed him with the camera and a camcorder and watched as he took her into the kitchen with her kicking and screaming and threw her forcefully onto the kitchen table. My daughter looked at their cum covered mother in horror and looked at us and tears filled their eyes "Lick her body, clean our cum off her body!" Their eyes widened and I watched as Steven went to Naomi and whispered something in her ear making her quickly get to work.

Melanie slowly did as she was told and Steven snapped pictures and I filmed the whole thing. It was getting us hard again watched three females licking each other. I looked at my wife to see she was enjoying it, I smirked and said "She got some in her pussy and arse and some in her mouth!" They froze and looked at us, Steven then said "Mel, kiss your dear mouth!" she slowly did so and hesitantly flicked her tongue into her mother's mouth and started making out right there, I taped the whole thing and watched in fascination at how Naomi licked out her mothers twat, licking and probing her insides like she was eating ice cream.

I kissed my own mother and I was enjoying it was turning me on and she was kissing me back licking my tongue and biting my lips in an sexy manner, I kissed her back roughly sticking my tongue down her throat and began to feel her breast, I slowly went down her body and began kissing and sucking her already erect nipples, she moaned in delight and I continued not forgetting to do her other breast.

I slowly untied her hands and felt her hug me closer. I began kissing her again and she groaned and pushed me to the table and got on top of me and kissed me hungrily unbuttoning my shirt and playing with my breast, she slowly kissed me breast and sucked them painfully, I groaned and said breathless "Mum you're hurting me!" she still continued occasionally biting me and sucking hard enough to give me a love bite.

I cried, she noticed and kissed me tears and moaned as Naomi continued lapping at her pussy, she suddenly stopped kissing me and began straddling my face.

I cried and reluctantly did as she wanted and continued where Naomi left off. I was shocked when she switched to Mal and grabbed me by the back of my head and began kissing me, I moaned as she hugged me close to her and started rubbing my bum.

She smirked against my lips and lifted one of my legs so it would stand on the table and moved aside my underwear and slipped her fingers into my already wet pussy, I moaned and grabbed her breast and softly caressed them she then put her second finger into me and fucked me faster, I moaned and removed myself form her lips and sucked her breast, hard and long, she moaned loudly and leaned back onto my sisters face and played with her tits.

I moaned as well as I felt my self begin to loose control. I don't know what came over me, but I leaned forward and whispered in my mums' ear "Spread your bum cheeks for Mel so I can play with your pussy!" she nodded and quickly did as asked.

I took the banana of the counter and forced it into my mums pussy, she cried out as I fucker her long and hard, it seemed to be going ion and out easily so I stretched to one of the draws and took out the rolling pin and put it at her entrance, she didn't know what was going on because her eyes were shut and as soon as I forced it into her she gasped in pain and looked straight at me with shock.

I forced the rolling pin into her and felt in give resistance, I pushed it into her with all my strength and saw more than half of the rolling pin go into her, I laughed and pulled her forward and kissed her as I fucked her with the rolling pin. I looked down to see my mum play with Mel's pussy so I left my mums lips and began sucking on Mel's Clips, I laughed as she shook and tensed when I felt my mum rip my shirt open and began sucking my breast, I forgot she still had her fingers in so and stilled when she put the third and at the same time sucked my nipples harder then ever, I cried out in ecstasy and jammed the rolling pin all the way into her and bit on clit.

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We all screamed out in ecstasy and orgasm at one and slumped against one another. It was then we realised the mistake we made, we forgot they were standing there watching and filming us. I cried in horror and watched my little brother laughed and say "When I come to you tonight you better behave!" I laughed at them and dragged my little Naomi to me and kissed her fiercely and stroked her expose breast and said "You little slut, didn't know you had it in you!"