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Indian amateur webcam couple sex
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His name was Gary, 25 years old. A normal person. A legal citizen.


A janitor at a local city high rise business. Why he was there and why he was cleaning were because of personal business. Up in the 53rd floor, Gary's job was to clean and clear all the garbage and the filth that was within his area, all three floors of it, inclusive of storage rooms, lounges and toilets.

His work hours varied so he manages to catch glimpses of the hardworking crew that was responsible for the whole enterprise. One would think that his job would be easy and boring but it certainly was not. Everyday, the staff would do something to make his life a little harder. Breaking simple inexpensive things like garbage bins, chucking garbage right in front of him, turning off the lights when they knew he was there.

A pure innocent in all of these incidents, just to show how much of a 'better person' everyone else was because they were loaded with money, qualifications and contacts that Gary would never dream to concieve. Displays of power for the sake of pride and separation of the classes. It pissed the normally placid man off. There was one employee whom he hated the most.

Kelly April. One of the managers of a big part of the company. She oversaw things on the third floor of the office, with a corner room all to herself, complete with a shiny metal name plaque that Gary has to shine every day.

She had the tendancy to make insulting comments and was the loudest to talk behind his back, calling him names and comparing him with various strange creatures. When at work, she was a calm, collected person.

When at play, she lets loose and talked and talked and talked and talked. She even talked about him in an elevator, with him right next to her, as if knowing he was right there listening.

Incredibly annoying and incredibly infuriating, but with his place as one of the lesser paid employees, he cannot say or do anything, as he was not a 'professional'. He could not quit either, because this job had the highest pay in his limited options. What was there to do but to endure like all the other janitors would?

Work life was miserable until a friend of his found a small European charm by chance and gave it to him as a birthday gift.

One night after sleeping, he suddenly felt a little cold but then fuzzy afterward, as if waking up to a lovely Christmas day. Strange encounter with a pedestrian gave him ideas, of which he accidentally made her drop her magazine and bend over to pick it up slowly with a passing thought, giving him a very good view of a pair of silk red panties, at least twice in the middle of the street.

He suddenly realized that he was able to plant mental suggestions into people's minds, effectively mind controlling them. Some thinking and revelation later, he decided on how to best use this power to his advantage. At the office where he worked. where he will get his revenge on everyone who had picked on him! Picking his first target would be easy. Kelly April worked long nights sometimes and he knew her schedule for the month.

Abandoning his post after 'finishing his clearning early', he went to look for her as stealthily as he could. He found her at her office where she should be. She looked busy as always, her game face on with a pencil in her hand, working on what seemed like a note. From the angle he could see her through the half open door, she was wearing her usual donnings, a black red outfit consisting of a blazer, a blouse, a pair of black pumps and pencil skirt.

27 year old blondie was at the top of her game, blue eyes and features scrunched at the workload. Now would be a good time for a test, so he relayed a command, just like he had practiced before. Just as he anticipated, she shifted in her chair and put down the pencil.

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He relayed another command and she got out of her chair, her face now blank and staring straight at him. Opening the door, he entered and faced her. Besides the sight of her being especially annoying, he had always found her extremely attractive.

She had the curves, the boobs and the face for a wet dream come true, if only she was not a bitch. "You wont be once Im done with you." He said out loud, knowing that it would not register with her. He thought of something to test out, "What is the color of your panties?" "Black." She replied clearly.

"Hmm, nice." He folded his arms, "When was your last time having sex?" "2 years, 5 months ago." "Damn. How many times you masturbate every day?" "2 to 3 times, in the shower and sometimes in the women's bathroom." Gary knew it was true.

Explained why the seat was so sticky sometimes. Very hot. He tried something new. "You dream of becoming a cum slave and you love to swallow cum." "I dream of becoming a cum slave and love to swallow cum." Shivers. A bulge instantly grew in his pants just hearing her say that, fantasies running wild in his head.

"You want my cock in your mouth." "I want your cock in my mouth." He felt like he could just pull it out, lunge and just do her now. However, he thought that here was too much foriegn territory and not a place to carry out justice.

He commanded her to follow him, all the way down to the janitor's room, at the far end of the hall and to the left. This was where he usually was when he did not have a job to do. He had done a whole lot of things here to stave off the boredom, mock plotting his revenge, watching tv, drinking coffee. After she stepped inside with him and he was sure no one was around to see them, he closed the door and locked it. What was going to happen in this room would be for his eyes and touch only.

Stepping over to the table where he usually did his stuff, he stopped her by the light and looked her up and down. Looking exquisite as always and he was highly tempted to cope a feel, but his resolve for revenge took over. His mind was then full of hate, remembering everything that she had done to him to make his work a misery. "Do you understand why you are here?" "Yes." "Im going to make you do and say things that you will never dream of doing, bitch." Gary forced Ms.

April down to her knees with a mental command. She obeyed without resistance and stared up at him. Smiling with an grin, Gary relayed another command for her to speak. "My name is Kelly April. I am your fuck slave." She droned shamelessly to him, "I am ready for my first punishment." Just hearing those words for the first time gave him the chills.

He was in complete control! The stuff really works! With that, Gary quickly undid his pants and dropped them to the floor, exposing his throbbing cock in front of her pretty face. She looked upon it in a dazed manner, her empty eyes staring straight at the hard meat in front of her. Grabbing onto her head with both hands, he guided his penis and placed the tip onto her luscious lips, relishing in the excitement of finally being able to have her big mouth right where he wanted it to be.

Another command before he pushed his hips. Her lips did not part as he entered with each inch of his needy cock, only opening slightly to allow him deeper and deeper into her orifice. Her muscles stiffened, her gaze rising upwards to look at him, as he had commanded her so.

The suction grew gradually and Gary moaned out loud as he felt his cock be sucked into a black hole. All the way to the base of his balls, he felt her wet saliva and the texture of her tongue rub against the underside of his penis.

The head was down her throat, and as he thought, no gag relfex. He spent a moment to take a mental picture of his dick inside her mouth, before slowly began to pull out up to the tip, her mouth closing momentarily until he thrusted again hard, a sudden and pleasurable wave of sensation running up his spine. A rhythm of push and pull sent him into a frenzy of desire, relishing the sight of his cock being plunged into the former bitch's mouth, from base to tip over and over again.

Ms. April. Your mouth is finally where it belongs! Not so tough now, huh? "Hrm, use your tongue and hold still." He thought out loud. "Get ready for a whole new experiance!" He picked up speed, holding her head in place, smacking his balls against her chin without mercy.

She remained perfectly still as he used her, looking up at him with those pretty little blue eyes, her tongue rolling round and round his shaft like a snake on a tree. Gary held for a short while, moaning uncontrallably until he let out a long howl. The quivering cock in Ms.

April's mouth began to expand and spewed out his spunk in short bursts. A quick command and she started to swallow, throat dancing up and down, his cock spurting his juice over and over and over. What seemed like an eternity came to a halt, stopping his rapid thrusting and conceding to allow himself to stand straight.

His orgasm was huge and he was pretty sure that he had unloaded quite a bit from his fantasizing about her. "Good girl. Now suck it up and keep going." Ms April moved her head to the command silently, her tongue and lips suckling his still hardened member in her mouth.

He could feel the straps of cum left over be milked out as she bobbed in and out of his length, the aftermath of his orgasm sweet and intense. Nothing was wasted. She devoured everthing that he had given her! The mere sight and feel of it envigorated him, the sense of power and desire coursing through his veins and dirty vengeful mind.

He watched her blow him for a minute more, wishing he had a video camera to take all this down for prosperity. He figured he would have plenty of time for that in the future, a lot of fun to be had in the future.

With a command, he made her undo her blazer, unbutton her blouse and unhitch the front catch bra he knew she had on. Letting her lovely breasts bounce free, he commanded her to place her hands behind her back, pop his meat out of her and speak shamelessly once more. "Im addicted to Gary's cock and his delicious sperm. Give me more of your meat and sweet jizz." She immediately, and enthusiastically, slipped her lips back on and the intense suction returned.

Gary literally had to hold onto the table to keep his legs from buckling.

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This time around, he could hear and feel the humming of her voice with the lapping of her tongue all around him. Her gaze had dropped to a close, viciously rocking her upper torso for more strength and power. "Oh yeah. Keep going." He then found himself pounding in her mouth again, having leaned back and meeting with the bobbing of her head down on his member.

After hearing her begging and feeling her extra effort, he was in a hysterical mood. This was payback. Payback for the elevator.

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The washrooms and her office. Ironic as it was, he always wanted to prove how dirty her mouth really was.

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Now, he had the opportunity to use her anytime he wanted like he was doing now. Killing two birds with one stone, never having to masturbate ever again!


"Suck it, April! Drink all of my cum!" He triumphantly shouted, feeling his balls once again tighten. With a final thrust, he unloaded again, Letting out a roar of pleasure, his cock convulsed and exploded his sperm into the dirty manager's mouth, making sure that he relished in his revenge with pleasured glee.

He jammed his cock into her over and over again, string after string of his juice being sucked down his new cum chute.


After commanding her to suckle out his new load, he popped his now spent cock out of her mouth, finally satisfied of using her mouth twice for his pleasure. "I am now your personal cum slave, sir. Use me any where and any time you want. I love the taste and heat of your sperm." She paused to gulp and lick up a dribble of his spunk from her lips, her face as if in a dazed trance.

"Yeah, honey bun.

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Maybe one of these days, I'll cum into your pussy next." Gary smirked, pulling up his pants. "Now clean up and go home. Tomorrow night, we're going again. Third floor women's bathroom." It was the beginning of a very long and highly adventurous new work life for Gary.

Being the janitor did not matter any more, thanks to a little wonder charm that made things a lot more interesting around here.