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Naughty and Dirty Baby Play
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Craig: I couldn't help but watch my sister's ass as she swayed out of the room, to go and wait in the garden. I was so horny—it had been two days since I'd last cum…Petra had surprised me in the shower, and jerked me off until I'd cum on her face.

God I loved cumming on her face. Is that sick? I know it's wrong, but…four million dollars. I'm sure you can understand.

I glanced over to see Mason DeGraves, the rich fuck who had gotten us into this mess in the first place, checking her out as well. One month ago, my sister and I had read an ad in the paper, offering four million dollars for two months "work".

Siblings only. We were suspicious, of course, and doubly so when we learned who had placed it. Lord Mason DeGraves, billionaire playboy. "Playboy" is the right word for it, too—he's older than Howard Hughes, and half as attractive.

He spends his time offering sick wagers to people, and people keep accepting them…because he always pays up. This one was simple—for two months, my sister and I couldn't get off except by each others' hand. We'd accepted—of course we'd accepted—and planned to just abstain until the time ran out. One week later, Petra was jerking me off for the first time.

Two weeks later, she was blowing me, and pretty soon after that it became a daily thing.

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It wasn't one-way, either…I'd gotten her off so many times I could recognize her impending orgasms blindfolded. And then the other night, we'd had a weird thing…her pussy had touched my dick. And it had felt good. Since then, we hadn't felt comfortable being near each other. I mean, sure, we were "helping each other out", but mouth and hand stuff…that wasn't incest. Not really. Fucking? There was no coming back from that. To make matters worse, after the genital contact, I'd awoken the next morning to find my hand on my dick and cum in my pants.

Did it count if I was asleep? We had no idea, and so we'd gone back to DeGraves Manor to get its owner to look at the contract for us. He'd sent Petra out into the garden while he called his lawyer…but when she left, he turned to me.

"Last chance," he said to me. "Have you done anything with her?" "No," I said flatly, and he just wheezed and cackled in response. "Fine, fine! I'll call Joe.

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Stay here." He left the room, and I sat there wondering what he'd meant by "last chance". The contract hadn't said anything about lying, I knew that, so what was he referring to with his vague threat? And then the door opened, and I began to understand. "Hey sexy," a strange voice said, and I turned to see Bethany, the maid that we'd met on our first visit. Once more, she was dressed in an erotic parody of a French maid's outfit—this time was even more outrageous than the last.

Her top was barely more than a bra, and on the bottom half no more than a white apron over a black skirt so short that every time she took a step, it bounced up and revealed everything. And yes, I mean everything. She wasn't wearing any underwear, and as she bent over to clean DeGraves desk, I saw everything…including what the old man was trying to pull.

He'd sent Bethany to tempt me. He knew that my nighttime emission didn't break the contract, and so he wanted to return to find me fucking his maid, just so he didn't have to pay out. Well, I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction. But when I'd first read the contract, I'd mentally made a note of something—my sister and I couldn't be touched by anyone else…but that didn't mean we couldn't do the touching.

I swallowed the last of the sweet, weak tea that DeGraves had insisted we take, and stood up. Bethany was moving her ridiculous feather duster so that it daintily came into contact with everything in the room. Nothing was even remotely dusty, but a strange scented powder floated off the cleaning implement with every swish. It was sweet, and I paused to inhale it deeply. It smelled nice, like sugar buns, or French toast. Shaking it off, I stood over Bethany.

She was breathing deeply, as if she knew what I was thinking, and in response to me standing behind her, she put both her hands on DeGraves desk. "Good," I said in a growl.

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"Stay like that." From the sound of it, Lord DeGraves wasn't going to be back any time soon, and so I took my time. I reached out and picked up the feather duster, lightly dusting down Bethany's back, enjoying the sight of her shiver each time the feathers made contact with her skin.


She was trembling with anticipation by the time I got to her butt, at which point I put the feather duster down, and began using my hand instead. With one finger, I lightly traced a pattern up and down her leg, touching her calves, her inner thigh…but never going any further.

Finally, when I could tell she couldn't stand it any longer, I suddenly spanked her ass-cheek, just once. It made a loud "crack" that I hoped couldn't be heard from outside the room. "Oh!" she cried, as her skin turned red, and I repeated the motion on her other cheek. "Oh! Oh, please, Master…fuck me! Please!" "No no no," I said, spanking her once more, enjoying the look of shock on her face as I did.

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I leaned in close to her ear and whispered "You're not going to get me that easily…" With two fingers, I abruptly plunged the French Maid's depths, and began fucking her with my hand, using every skill I'd learned from practicing on my sister for the past month.

As I did, I whispered all my filthy thoughts into her ear—all the things I wanted to do to her, all the things I wanted her to do to me. A few minutes later, she was cumming around my hand, quivering and shaking with need.

I paused, but it didn't sound like the call was wrapping up, and so I deftly removed her bra, ordered her to stand with her back against the deck, and sucked upon one of her huge tits as I resumed finger-fucking her.

"Please, sir…please, fuck me! Please, I need it." "Hmmm…no," I replied with a smile. "I'm sorry, but you're just going to have to try harder than that…" Five minutes later, when Lord DeGraves re-entered, Bethany had gone back to dusting, and I was sitting on the chair with a smile on my face and a raging erection, as if nothing had ever happened, confident that my actions hadn't interfered with the contract.

* * * "Well," the old man reluctantly said to the young pair sitting in front of him. "Bob tells me that a wet dream isn't a breach of contract." "Bob?" Craig said.

"I thought his name was Joe." "Bob, Joe…one of the suits.


What does it matter? Anyway, you've still got plenty of time to slip up. And you will. Oh, believe me…you will." After the second cup of tea that Lord DeGraves insisted that they drink, and a song that he'd recently funded he insist that they admire, the siblings got up and silently left the room. They had barely left the DeGraves mansion before Craig turned up a quiet country road, found a discreet place to stop, and turned to Petra with a hungry look in his eye.

"What?" she said, and then her eyes opened wide and a saucy smile crossed her face. "Oh…" Craig took her head in his hands, and passionately kissed her. Again, her face was filled with shock before she melted into the kiss, reaching down and unbuckling the belt that her brother had been wearing since he'd gone to bed the previous night.

"What happened in there?" she gasped, as he rained kisses down upon her neck, reaching under her top and removing her bra as quickly as he could. "Bethany," he grunted, before reaching up her skirt and ripping her panties from her. "Craig!" she said, impressed, pulling her top off and allowing her brother complete access to her body. "Back seat," he grunted in response. "Now." As Craig got out of the driver's seat and reached for the back door, he tore his shirt from his body and dropped his pants.

Then, as Petra joined him, he grab bed her and pulled her toward him. Soon, their naked bodies were pressed against each other, their lips were locked once more, and Petra realized what was about to happen.

"Craig…" she panted. "Should we?" "Fuck it," he replied, and she was forced to agree. Looking back, both siblings would admit that the first time Craig entered his sister was the most erotic moment either of them had experienced up until then. The electricity that they'd felt during their genitals' earlier, brief encounter was just the beginning—as Craig slid into Petra's soaking wet pussy, it continued to build and build, growing in intensity and causing them both to be more turned on than they'd ever been.

As the last inch of her brother's cock slid into Petra, she felt the first of what would be many orgasms crashing over her—she just felt so full, so complete, in a way that she never had before. And when he began to withdraw, the feeling didn't dissipate—it continued to cause sparks deep within her belly, made her toes curl and her mouth involuntarily fall open with pleasure, and guttural, animal noises to emit from deep within her… Craig couldn't believe he was losing his virginity…it felt so good, he didn't understand why they hadn't been doing this years ago.

He began to thrust into Petra's shaved cunt, his bareback cock throbbing and pulsating with pleasure at every sensation. Before long, he could feel his orgasm fast approaching. He gasped a warning into Petra's ear, and she responded by wrapping her legs around her brother's body and pulling him deeper into her. "Cum inside me," she whispered. "I want to feel you fill me up…" And Craig obeyed, pumping string after string of his cum inside his sister's bare cunt. She joined him in orgasm, her eyes rolling back into her head, before the pair collapsed onto the seat.

For that brief moment, they were completely satisfied… And then, after a brief rest, they did it again. * * * After that, it was rare for more than ten hours to go past without Craig and Petra finding an excuse to sneak off and fuck.

They grew adept at copulating in every possible position—all they needed was five minutes and enough room for two people to stand, and Craig would pump Petra full of his seed as she climaxed around his hard cock. They spent two weeks in sexual bliss, to the point where even their parents wondered what was happening, why the pair were suddenly so much closer than ever before.

Neither of them brought up the incestuous nature of what they were doing. Any time it felt like the conversation was drifting that way, they'd strip off and make love instead. And after a while, it was definitely making love—Craig would whisper sweet words into Petra's ear as she came, and she'd set an alarm so she could sleep with him at night, and sneak out before there was any risk of getting caught. At first, Petra feared that if she stopped wearing panties, she'd be at risk of touching herself and losing the money…but it didn't take long for her to decide that the risk was worth it, just so she could be as accessible to her brother as possible.

If he wanted to use her body, she wanted to make sure that nothing stood in his way. She'd never admit it to him—she could hardly admit it to herself—but she found two things equally hot about what they were doing. Firstly, that he was her brother, and secondly, that he was using her. Using her for her body, for her cunt, for the orgasms she could provide. Sure, he loved her—she knew that—but if it wasn't for the money, he wouldn't be coming to her every time he was horny…and cumming in her every time he felt the need.

The thought became an obsession at times, especially when he was fucking her, and she wouldn't be able to get it out of her mind. I'm being used by my brother, she'd mentally chant as he pounded into her as she clenched her pussy in time with his rhythm. He's using me to get off…I'm nothing but a cum-bucket for my little bro.

As far as he's concerned, his sister is just a set of wet holes—oh!—and a pair of tits that he can use whenever he likes. But after two weeks had passed (just 17 days before they could return to DeGraves' manor and collect their cheque) the honeymoon period began to fade, and the awkwardness began to grow.

Craig had no intention of stopping himself from knocking on his older sister's door whenever he got an erection, but the guilt was slowly returning.

"Petra," he panted after a particularly lengthy session, two weeks to the day after they'd returned to DeGraves Manor. "What are we doing?" "What do you mean?" she asked dreamily. She'd cum so hard that she'd begun to see stars, and while she'd never complain, she didn't much appreciate her brothers' words bringing her back to reality. "This…I mean. This is…isn't it?" "Incest?" she asked frankly, the wickedness of the word sending a naughty thrill up her spine.

"Yeah…" "Well, sure. I mean, technically. But I did some reading, and there's nothing scientifically wrong with it. Not unless…" "Unless what?" "Unless you were to, y'know, put a baby inside me." Just saying the words made her pussy throb with need. She hadn't even realized it was something she wanted until then, but the idea had filled her head with lust like nothing else.

She wanted Craig to knock her up…she wanted her brother to put fill her with his seed, and breed her like the stud he was. "Okay," he replied simply, and she turned to him in excitement.

"Really??" That was easy, she thought. I didn't even have to ask! As he stared at her with one eyebrow raised, she quickly realized that she hadn't asked, and that her brother was speaking about something else. "Yeah," he said casually. "I mean, if you're fine with it, I'm fine with it…and besides, this ass is too good for me to want to stop, y'know?" "You like my ass?" she said with a smile, and that night, he took it for the first time.

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* * * One week later, Craig and Petra were in the middle of their third round for the day when they heard a knock at the door. "Shit!" Craig said, almost on the brink of orgasm. "Mom and Dad?" Petra asked, unwilling to stop bouncing up and down on top of her brother. "Why would they knock?" "Fair point." Craig ignored Petra's cries of protests and lifted her off him, and the pair redressed as quickly as they could as the knock sounded again, louder, and more impatient.

Petra ran to the kitchen at the opposite end of the house, and Craig opened the door, trying to look as nonchalant as possible. "You!" he exclaimed. "Aren't you going to invite me in?" Lord DeGraves said, a scowl upon his face. "God knows I've been waiting long enough." "What are you doing here? We've still got one week to go." "Why do you care?" the old man asked. "Something I should know?" Craig hesitated, and the old man's eyes lit up.

"What were you doing when I got here?" "Housework," Craig said, and DeGraves rolled his eyes in response. "Still lying," he muttered, and before Craig could respond, asked where his sister was. "The kitchen," the teenager answered. "I think she was…cooking." "Show me where it is, and hurry.

I've got something I want to tell you both." Craig sat next to his sister at the kitchen table as Lord DeGraves closed one eye and stared at both of them. Petra had moved her hand onto her brother's leg, which made him nervous…even though he knew the eccentric gentleman couldn't see through the table, he felt as though they were flirting with danger enough just by telling him untruths, let alone flaunting it in front of him.

"So!" Lord DeGraves said, making the siblings jump. "I'm going to ask you this one. Last. Time. It's been 7 and a half weeks now…tell me. In all that time, have the two of you done anything together?" "No," Craig replied immediately. "No," Petra echoed, even as her hand moved up to cup her brother's crotch. There was a long pause, and a leer slowly formed on Lord DeGraves' face. "So," he eventually said, nodding. "You want to play it like that?" "Play it like what?" Petra asked earnestly.

"There's nothing to tell, really." "I'm going to leave a package here," the old man said. "Don't open it until I'm gone. "I'll see the two of you next week." * * * Petra and Craig stared at the brown paper package for almost five minutes after DeGraves had hobbled out of their kitchen.

"Should we open it?" Petra said thoughtfully. She'd unzipped Craig's pants and wrapped her hand around his cock as she always did when she was nervous—just touching it comforted her. "I guess…" Craig said. "What's the worst that could happen?" They went back to staring for a few seconds, before Craig shook his head, and decided to just do it.

"Right," he said, reaching out and pulling the string. That was all it needed—the small gift slowly began to unfold, to reveal a small pile of chocolate. The pair stared at for a few seconds, and then—just as abruptly as the chocolates had appeared, they were gone. Petra blinked twice and looked at her brother in confusion. She could taste the delectable flavor in her mouth, but had no memory of picking a treat up and eating it. But she must have, and so must her brother -the flecks of brown around his mouth showed that she hadn't been the only one to sample the treats.

Then the other memories came back. "Oh my god…" she said, as forgotten thoughts rushed into her head. "Oh fuck…" Craig echoed, as he remembering the bakery…Trish…the cupcakes. There was another long silence as the brother and sister let all the memories that Lord DeGraves had blocked out slowly sink back into their consciousness…and the desires that he'd added slowly drift away.

"Oh my god," Petra finally said, standing up and moving to the kitchen sink. "I think I'm going to be sick." "You're going to be sick??" Craig asked, staring at her in shock. "I've spent the last three weeks fucking my older sister…" "How do you think I feel?" Petra asked. "I…oh god, I wanted to have your child." Before Craig could reply, the queasiness overcame the young woman, and she leaned over and threw up into the sink.

"Oh fuck…Petra. I'm so sorry." Petra didn't reply, just continued to heave and heave until there was nothing left to throw up.


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