Cute young brunette babe fucks older guy in FFM threesome

Cute young brunette babe fucks older guy in FFM threesome
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One Lucky Day This story is based on the thoughts inside me. Read it if you like. I am not looking to write a best seller or care what you think. If you do not like my stories then in the future when you see my name just pass it by. You will be doing us both a favor. For the last couple of months I have been watching her. Going anywhere she went. Always watching and taking pictures whenever I could. She worked in a Lawyer's office as a legal clerk. She was married for 3 years to a salesman who sold computer graphics.

He would be gone for weeks at a time selling the company graphics. He was paid good money and it show in their house. Her name was Judy. She stood 5'9" and weigh about 125 lbs.

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What caught my eye was her hugh tits. They had to be 38 dd, and stood firm. Her tiny waist and long legs would make any man cum while following her down the street. She had long blond hair and baby blue eyes.

She did not wear much makeup. She left the house at 7:30 am every day and return home around 6:30 pm. On the weekends, She went for a jog with her friends. She was not much into bars or night clubs, But enjoy sitting at home with her friends chatting. All the information about her was easy to get. I was online looking at spy equipment one day and decided to buy some of the items.

One of the items was a disk when downloaded on a computer, would give the passwords and anything else that person was doing on their pc. This disk also could be use to access cell phones to gain use over it. You could listen to people chatting if the cell phone was close enough. But first I had to gain entry into Judy's home. Judy and her husband lived in a new subdivision. There were forest on 3 sides of their home.

The closest house was a half mile away. So not much traffic around to stop me. The forest was thick and dense. So where I was standing, I could see the front of the house and was still hid well. Watching Judy leave her home and get into the car and drive away gave me the chance to enter her home. I knew that Judy would be gone for a couple of hours jogging with her friends. Walking up the back deck to the patio doors, I figure it would be locked, but to my amazement it open freely.

This was going to be a great Saturday. Finding her computer, I downloaded the disk and enter my email address to have full access. She would not know anything about the spy disk or the information it was sending back to me. Then I decide to look around. The house was hugh with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

The kitchen was big with an island in the middle. From the kitchen, you could see the dining room. The table had 10 chairs around it with flower center piece.

Next was a living room with a fireplace and then a den for a reading room. Walking along the hallway, I notice a white smoke detector. Reaching into my bag of spy gear, I brought out a white smoke detective with 2 small motion cameras. Replacing the one on the ceiling would give me full view of the hallway. Upon entering the master bedroom I found a king size bed and 3 dressers. There was a walk in closet and a master onsuite. Just outside the walk in closet, there was another white detector. Taking out another spy smoke detector and replacing it with the one there was perfect.


I adjust it so the camera was pointed at the bed. When standing back and looking at the camera, you could not tell the deference between the two. Walking back out to the living room I notice a small bar in one corner. Walking behind I saw a small bar fidge and open it to fins a half bottle of white wine. Then I could feel a smile on my face. The perfect way of picking up my prize when the time came along. Then I notice a cell phone on the end table. Walking over I picked it up and realize that Judy did not take it with her.

I notice a message in waiting and check it out. It was from her husband saying he would not be back for a couple more weeks due to an oversea trip. Then I access her personal information and gain her access numbers. This giving me all I needed to tap her phone. I walked around one last time to make sure I did not leave a mess and left the same way as I had enter.

When I arrive back at my farm I went to work on making thinks ready for Judy. In my basement I created 4 rooms. Each room wall was made with cement. I install noise prove insulation and cover the windows to block out the light. Inside each room you could not hear anything from the other rooms. In the fourth room there was a metal table 7 feet in lenght and 4 feet high.

This room was for prepping the ladies after I was finished with them. In the other 3 rooms there was a " x " mounted on the wall. As well as a pulley attach to the ceiling on a rail. I find this very helpful when I needed to move my ladies around. I then went into my shed and began to get my kit together. A roll of duct tape, a small roll of rope. As well as a strong net cut to 6 feet in lenght.

The hardest thing to pack was my steel pole. But like other times, I would just carry it in later once the lady was tied and waiting.

I walk over to a small cabnet and open it. I had a bottle of sleeping pills in which I use it in drinks. It put the ladies to sleep and not giving me any grief when preparing them for the drive back here.

I took 12 pills and grind them up and put the contains in a small bag. This would put her to sleep for 12 to 16 hours allowing me plenty of time.

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Feeling that I had my kit together, I went back into the house and grab my laptop and drove over to Judy's street. The spy equipment had a short range to work. So I parked just down from her house in the dark. Turning on the laptop I enter my password and was giving perfect views of Judy's bedroom and hallway.

And it did not take long to see how big her tits really were. She came into the bedroom from her shower with a towel wrapped around her. When she remove it, her tits was in full view. They stood firm with big nipples. I could also see she was clean shaven around her pussy. My cock came to life at the sight of her. I knew she was going to be fun to play with.

Just then my phone started to ring. Looking down i did not know the number. But then realize it was Judy's phone ringing as well. Then I heard her voice talking to her friend. They were talking about where they were going to jog on Sunday and what time to meet. They agree to meet at 9 am at the park. Then they ended their talk and Judy put her bed clothes on and turn out the light. As I drove home, I realize my lady would be joining me on Sunday evening.

This made my cock rock hard. It was 7 am Sunday morning. I had the van packed and was just park down from Judy's house. I knew I was early, But not able to sleep with all the things that needed to be done today was keeping me awake. At 8:30 am Judy came out of her house and got into her car and drove off to meet her friend. When she was out of sight, I began to get ready for my upcoming job.

Taking my kit bag, I exit my van and locked it. I walked over and up the deck to the patio doors. I open them and was surprize to find them unlocked. This time I locked them and place my kit on the island in the kitchen.

Taking out the small bag of grind up pills, I walk over to the bar fridge and took out a 3/4 bottle of wine out. I pour in the sleeping pills and replace the cork. I knew when she returns from jogging, Judy always had a glass of wine to relax. I then went and took my cameras back. Checking again to see that I did not make a mess, I pick up my kit bag and went downstairs to wait. I found a nice place to hide and sat down to wait for my prize to return.

I must have been tried because I did not hear Judy come in. But I could hear her foot steps walking from the Kitchen back to the living room.

It was around 4 pm by now and there was no sound coming from up stairs. I dial her number and could hear her phone ringing but no one pick it up. Realizing the sleep pills had work, I went back up stairs. I could hear soft music playing in the living room.

I peek around the corner and saw Judy sitting there with her head down resting.

The empty bottle of wine was on the coffee table. All was going great.


I walked around the corner and stopped cold and was stun at the sight. There was Judy reating in her chair and across from her was Carrol and April. Two of Judy's best friends. They always did things together. And today my dreams were coming true. Now I had all 3 ladies. I had plan to get the other 2 at a later point of time.

But time was wasting away. So I place my kit on the floor and began with Judy. I picked her up and place her face down on the floor.

Taking her arms I place them behind her back and tied them tight. I also tied her legs together at the knees and lower legs. I slip a piece of rope around her waist and one around her shoulders. These would be tied to the steel pole later. It would be easy to carry her out to the van. I did the same with Carrol and April. I then went out and drove my van into the back yard.

I backed up to the deck and open the doors. It was dark and no one was around. I walked into one of the 3 bedrooms and pull off the sheets. Taking the top mattress out to the van and placing it on the floor so not to hurt my cargo. I took the pole and net back in and began to get the ladies ready. I pull Judy to her side and place the net on the floor. I gently place her back down and pull the net around her. Sliding the pole throught the net and tied the rope to the pole.

I was able to lift Judy easy and carried her out to the van. I did the same to the other ladies and when I finished, I stood back and looked over my job. I went back in and found all three purses and grab a sheet off the bed. I place the sheet over the ladies to hide them completely.

Closing the van doors, I drove my special cargo back to my farm. When I arrive home, I backed up to the door and got out. Openning the back van doors and put off the sheet, I was happy to see the ladies were still asleep. I started with Judy since she was the one I wanted in the first place. I carried her down to one of the rooms in the basement and lay her face down.

I untied her arms and place a long piece of rope around her shoulders and her armpits. I ran the other end of the rope through the pulley and was able to lift Judy easy into the air. I spun her around facing me and pushed on her chest. This caused the pulley to move along its rail. I position Judy against the wall where the x was. I tied Judy' arms and legs to the x. I stood back to watch my handed work. She was tied and not going anywhere soon.

I did the same with Carrol and April. Once all 3 were tied, I went out and locked up the van and as well as the house. It was now after 10 pm and I wanted to sleep. I knew I had a busy week ahead of me. I awoke the next day early.

I went down and put the coffee on and had something to eat. I had heard nothing from the basement. I wonder if the ladies were awake. I had never 3 ladies down in the basement at the same time before. I finish my lunch and clean up. I walk down to the first room and open the door.

There was Judy awake. She looked at me and scream to let her go. I now knew the rooms were sound proofed. Closing the door behind me, I walked up to Judy and slapped her hard across her face. Her head snapped hard to the left and her tears began to flow from the hit. I calmly said that there will be no more screaming or yelling.

I explain to her about the room being sound proofed. She then calm down and ask me what I wanted from her. I smile back at her and said I have what I wanted. And that is you. I then said, it was nice of you to have Carrol and April in to have some of that wine. I was planning on getting them both in a couple of weeks. I also told her about the chat with Carrol the night before when you were just out of the shower and naked. I also said that her husband would not be home for weeks. Her eyes got big and she began to sob.

She still had her tight jogging pants on. It show her legs and ass nicely. I ran my hand along her leg up to her pussy. She began to shake and telling me to stop. I looked right into her eyes and told her, I am going to fuck her all week long and you better get use to it. I took a step back and pull out a pair of scissors and bent down. I began to cut her jogging pants along her right leg all the way to her waist.

Then I did the same to her left pant leg. I had finish cutting and grab her pants and with one jerk the pants came off. There she was with nothing else on. So you do not wear panties when you jog. I could see she had no bra as well. Her tight top show her nipples pressing through. Walking back up to her, I slip a finger into her pussy. I heard her gasp as I finger fuck her. I added another finger and began to pick up the pace.

I could hear her asking me to stop as I added a third finger. I could see her chest raising and falling from her breathing hard from my fingers fucking her. I then stopped my attack on her pussy and step back. I remove my clothes and watch her as my 9 inch cock came into view. I placed a step in front of her and got up on it.

I started to rub my cock against her pussy. I could see her nipples pressing against her tight top wanting to escape.

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I slowly push my cock into her pussy, then without any warning, thrust hard into her. Judy's pussy wrap itself around my cock and I could hear her moaning with each thrust. I began to pick up my pace fucking her. I sense that Judy was close to coming as well I was getting to that point.

I could feel her coming around my cock and knew she was coming. When she was shaking from her orgasm I push all the way into her pussy and unload my cum. We were both shaking from cuming at the same time. When she calm down from her fucking, I kiss her neck and whisper into her ear, I would be back later to fuck her tight ass.

With that being said, I walk out of the room and close the door. I walk into the second room and saw Carrol there. She to was awake and yelling. I wasted no time and walk up and slap each side of her face. She stopped her yelling and began to cry. I cut off her clothes and threw them into a pile on the floor. I stood back and looked at her. She was 5'6" tall. She had short blonde hair and brown roots. Her eyes were a hazel in color and her tits were smaller then Judys. Her legs were bigger and her ass was also big.

I walked up to her and told her she was my fuck toy.

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I knew Carrol was a slut. She fucked anyone and anytime she likes. As she looked me over, I told her she was my toy and I was going to fuck her day and night. I said to her, your ass is big, but I will fuck it anyway. My cock was now hard and wanted more action. Taking a spreader bar, I tied it to Carrol's angels. Then using the pulley I tied her legs to it and untie her from the wall. Without giving her any warning, I pull on the rope and it cause her legs to be pull straight up in the air.

Half of her body was tied to the wall and her legs and ass hanging from the pulley. I got in between her legs and began to thrust my cock into her pussy. My cock went in without any trouble. I reach up and grab a hand full of hair and jerk her face down at me. Then I begun to slap her face.

I was hitting her hard enough to cause her nose to bleed. She was crying and tears running down her now red cheeks. I let go of her hair and grab my cock and thrust it hard against her ass. Her eyes were wide open and she was yelling and screaming from the pain. But then I felt my cock going into her ass. Feeling the warm fluid on my cock, I looked at her and said, you were never ass fucked before.She shook her head no to answer my question as I continue my assalt on her ass.

The warm fluid I felt was her blood. I must have torn her inner as I began my thrusting deeper into her ass. Her screams were replace with moans as I began to feel my cum boil. Soon I was thrusting hard and coming in her ass. She too came from me cum and shook through it. I went out of the room and return with a tube of silcone and a roll of duct tape. I shove the tube up into her ass and squeeze the tigger on the silcone gun. I use the whole tube in her ass and withdrew it and put a piece of tape on her anus.

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I did not want to much blood on the floor. I look at her and hear her moans from the ass fucking she just recieved. I told her i would be back later on and walk out of the room and close the door.

I had realize that I needed to eat. It was time and since I fuck 2 ladies I would need my strenght for the third. After my rest and drink, I enter the last room. April was there wide awake. She was not yelling or screaming. She was hanging there being a good little girl. I had no intention of fucking this one. I always believe that you should only fucked the same color lady. April was black as the ace of spades. Without even saying a word, I walk up and slapped her hard.

But I just not only slap her, but I hit her with a close fist. This rocked her head back against the wall. I remove her clothes and stood back to see what I had to work with. Her hair was short. Her tits were small, but her nipples stood out. She had no fat on her waist or legs.

She was only 5' 2" and weigh just over a 100 lbs. She was engage to be marry in a couple of months to a white man. I put on a pair of latex gloves and move in on her. She had this scare look on her face.

I told her that she would not be fucked at all. Just began to relax a little when then I hit her with a close fist. I hit her right tit right on the nipple.

She let out a scream of pain as I continue my assault on her. I was enjoying myself as I hit her small tits and face.

When I finish hitting her, her face hung low. But she was bleeding from her nose and mouth. I did not even want this black thing in my house. So I reach up and grab her hair jerking her head up.

I told her that blacks were not allow any pleasure. Seeing she was in a daze from the beating she got, I slap her a few times across the face and said she was the first to leave. I walk over to her purse and emptied it on the floor. Picking up her wallet, I discover her bank card. I walk back to her and ask for her pin number. She said no and I reached out and grab her pussy. Sliding 3 fingers into her I sqeezed my hand around her clit.

She jerk her up head and was yelling. Her tears were flowing down her face from the pain. Then she said the numbers. I let go of her pussy and slapped her face again. It was time for this one to leave. Her face was just hanging down a little. Just about the right angle when I hit it with a fist. It rocked her head back and drop forward not moving. I untie both of her legs and they hung there. Next I untie her arms and drape her over my shoulder. I carry her into the fourth room where the metal table waited for her.

I threw her on the table on her back, not caring about her anymore. I retie her arms to the table as well as her legs. I had spread her legs apart to give me access to her pussy. She began to come around and then open her eyes. She realize she was in a different room and looked at me as a pull up a tray beside her. Then she said what was in the tray.

A couple of knives, a pair of pliers, and a roll of copper wire. Looking down at her, I told her it was time for her to check out. I then told her, she was the first from the 3 to die, but not the first ever to die in this room.

As I was telling her this, I had cut off a 5 foot piece of wire and was wrapping it around her throat. After you are gone, I will remove your teeth and fingers as well as any birth marks. If the police find you, there will be no teeth or fingers to trace you.

She was crying now as I got up on the table and sat on her chest. Grabbing both ends for the wire I began to tighten it around the neck. Her crying stopped and I could hear her gagging and trying to get air into her lungs. Her eyes wide open and her body began to shake uncontrollable from the lack of air.

A few minutes later, there was no sound from her lifest body. All movement stopped. Getting down from the table, I began my work. I remove her teeth and fingers. I took off her ring and save it. I also remove her watch as it looked good to sell. But I was not done with this slut. I place a steel rod into her pussy.

It was 20 inches in lengh and 4 inches round. Once it was in her pussy, I took a mallet and hit the other end of the rod causing it ti go into and through her pussy.

The rod was fully buried in her lifest body. I then place April's body into a bag and carry it out to the edge of my land. There was 3 graves dug 10 feet deep. I threw April into one of them and return to the basement. I clean up the table and equipment so it would be ready for Carrol. I went into where April was hanging and clean the floor.

I place all of her things into a bag and went back out to her resting spot. I threw the bag on top of the bitch and fuill in the hole. I return to Judy and Carrol and told them to get lots of sleep. It was going to be a fun full day for both of them. I left and turn out the lights. I needed sleep and regain my strenght because Carrol was next. But Judy would be here for a week or two. There was lots of fucking to be done.

And with that, I reach over and turn out the light. To be continue.