Bigtits milf Veronica and Alexis group massage sex

Bigtits milf Veronica and Alexis group massage sex
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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" with impunity and without protection. --- Mother's Little Helper part 2 (ff, mf, F-solo, MF, con, impreg, 1st, inc) by Krosis of the Collective --- Dave's heart skipped a beat as he figured out what had been going on.

He had been leaving his semen in his wife Linda's new "Mother's Little Helper" spurting dildo for the last week so that she could impregnate herself while his late work hours kept them apart and unable to do it the old-fashioned way.

He had finished the work week only to find his wife pissed off at him for not leaving any sperm for her -- but he had! His brain felt like it was spinning in his head as he went over it: when he saw his daughter Jessica she looked quite.relaxed, almost radiant.and she kept casting longing glances toward her parents' bedroom.where the dildo was kept. She was the only other person with access to it; Jesse must have used the dildo herself!

Oh God, she could be pregnant from her own father! Dave rushed into the bathroom and threw up into the toilet. Oh my God oh my God, he thought, panicking.

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He was finally able to collect himself. He would keep it to himself, he decided. His wife would freak out and probably kill him if she found out. He called Amber's parents, who had left an urgent message late the previous night. Did he know why Amber came home yesterday afternoon so upset, they asked. Their daughter was beside herself, but wouldn't tell them what was wrong. After questioning a closemouthed Jesse, he called them back. Sorry, no idea. Dave walked on eggshells the next few weeks.

He overheard Jesse telling her mom that she was "late", and no, she had never had sex with any boys."eww". This sent him into a fresh tizzy. He managed to procure some RU-486, the abortion pill, ground it up and slipped it into his daughter's morning milk. A few days later he ground the follow-up pill into another of her drinks. Within a day he overheard Jesse tell her mom that "Aunt Flo" had arrived, with painful cramping.

Phew. He would never put his sperm into that damnable vibrator again, he vowed. He couldn't get rid of the sex toy or too many questions would be asked. Well, they could still have fun with it, he thought, thinking of his daughter inserting the fake penis into her naked body.

He reflexively slapped himself across the face, seeing stars. --- Time passes. --- Three weeks after the most sexy (and frightening) experience of her life, Amber watched the plastic stick as the test strip slowly turned pink.

Pregnant. She was pregnant. She had figured out that the sperm must have come from Jesse's father, the only man in Jesse's life, as she didn't have a brother or boyfriend, but why had she done this to her? Amber had not gone to school since, so hadn't even seen her friend in weeks (if they even *were* friends anymore). Amber also had barely eaten since that day.

The curly auburn-haired senior hadn't been fat before, but now she was downright skinny, with her ribs and cheekbones showing. She felt horrible. She couldn't tell her parents she was pregnant; her father would beat her to within an inch of her life!

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She bundled the damning test in some toilet paper and tossed it into the trash, then rushed into her room to cry some more. She woke up to a rapping at her door. It was her mother with the phone.

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Jessica was on the line. Amber had been avoiding all calls, but now that her fate was sealed she sullenly took the phone. She had to know: WHY? "Amber?" Jesse sounded confused. "Are you okay? Why haven't you been at school? Why have you been ignoring my calls?" "Sick," Amber replied. It was close enough to the truth. Her weight loss had been from nervous barfing as much as not eating.

She paused, chewing her lower lip. "Why did you do it, Jess?" "Do what?" "The dildo. How could you do that to me?" Amber felt the tears start up again. "You asked me to, Amber. I didn't want to, but you said you didn't know how to use it." Amber frowned.

Something wasn't right here. "But.what it did to me." "You freaked out and left, Amber. I don't even know why. What happened?" asked Jesse.

Amber held the phone out at arm's length and stared at it. Jessica didn't know! She didn't know that the dildo spurted cum! Jesse had said she had been using it for days before she had used it on Amber.was she--? When asked, Jessica was confused but replied that she had just had her period. Goddamnit, thought Amber.the dumb bitch uses the fucking thing for days and gets away scot-free, and I'm stuck with a bun in the oven after only once!?

Amber told Jesse that she would be back at school next week, and not to worry: they were still friends. As she turned off the phone she was already formulating a plan to get even with the ignorant little twit.

--- Later that week Jesse heard her parents arguing. Dave was being assigned another week of long hours in the city, this time to complete construction of the new sportsplex. They took the argument behind closed doors so Jesse could not hear any more.

Linda was angry because, once again, it conflicted with her fertile time of the month. She wanted a baby, goddamnit! Dave refused to put his sperm in the dildo, citing the impersonal nature of it. His wife would just have to wait 'til next month. She was unhappy, and gave him the cold shoulder for the rest of the week.

--- A week later, Amber approached her younger teenage brother Simon as he came out of his room. She had a condom in her hand.

She looked him in the eye. "I know you've been looking at me, and going into your room to masturbate." Simon turned wide-eyed, ready to argue the fact. "Give me your sperm," she said, pushing him back into his room. Simon, who had desired his sister since puberty, jumped at the chance.

She closed the door, pulled him onto his bed, took down his pants and jacked him off into the condom. He was a bit disappointed, but it was certainly better than nothing! She took her prize with her to school. Amber avoided Jesse until after school, then they both went to the younger girl's house. Jesse's dad was away and her mother was still at work. They went into Jesse's room and sat down on the bed. Jesse looked at her. "Are we.okay?" she asked. "Sure we are," replied Amber.

"Give me a kiss." Jesse leaned in for a peck and got more than she bargained for as Amber's mouth opened and her tongue shot out. "Mmmph!" Jesse had Amber's tongue in her mouth! Now Amber's hands were massaging her waist, and moving up to her breasts! She broke off the embrace.

"Amber, what--?!" "Shh." replied Amber, returning to kissing her. Jesse's body started to tingle, like when they had last been on this bed a month ago. She lay back as Amber started to pull up her t-shirt. "You got to see me with my shirt off last time," Amber said as Jesse's shirt came off and she tossed it to the floor.

"Mmm." She lowered her mouth to Jesse's bra-covered breast and nibbled her nipple. Jesse gasped. Amber pulled off Jesse's shorts, then stood up. "I'll be right back. You get those off." She pointed at Jesse's bra and underwear, then rushed out and into Jesse's parents' room.

She found the dildo on their chest of drawers, plugged in and warm. She quickly figured out how to open up the receptacle and untied her brother's used condom, dumping the contents into the vibrator.

Sealing it back up, she quickly returned to Jesse. The slim brown-haired girl was entirely naked and looking very nervous lying there. Beautiful, thought Amber. She had been attracted to her younger friend for years, but until that fateful day a month ago she just hadn't had the guts to try anything. When Jesse saw the dildo she gave a grin.

She had used it several times in the last month but it never seemed as good as that first week -- something seemed missing. Her nipples were at attention, cooled by the air stirred up by Amber's movements as she sat back down on the bed. Amber took off her own t-shirt, shorts and underwear. Jesse noted that her friend had sure gotten skinny in the last month. She really must have been sick, she thought.

Amber clambered up the bed and embraced Jesse, frenching her again. The dildo rested beside them as Amber's hands roamed all over Jesse's body, unhindered by clothes. She ran one hand through the younger girl's brown hair as her other hand cupped a breast, squeezing. Jesse moaned. Amber lined up her pubes with Jesse's and started to grind them together. Jesse closed her eyes and arched her pelvis upward, giving little moans. Jesse gasped as Amber's mouth returned to her breasts, but without the bra in the way the feeling was incredible.

Her pussy felt empty, wanting. She thrust it towards Amber's pelvis. Amber moved to one side, reached over and grabbed the vibrator, turning the base to activate it.

She pushed herself to one elbow and with the other hand started to rub the fake dick along Jesse's pussy folds. Jesse was breathing harder, looking down at the dildo, thrusting her pelvis toward it.

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Amber slipped the vibrator into Jesse a little bit, then back out. Jesse groaned in frustration. The dildo went in a bit, out, in a bit more, out. Jesse was huffing and puffing by this point, her eyes pleading. Amber shoved the dildo in hard, barely encountering any friction from the sheer amount of lubrication the girl beneath her was producing. "Oohhhh." moaned Jesse, closing her eyes again.

The vibrator's humming sound was dulled by its fleshy confines.


Amber pulled the dildo almost all the way out and then jammed it back in again, eliciting even louder moans from her inexperienced lover. She was soon moving the dildo in and out at a steady pace. Jesse was obviously well on her way to a nice orgasm, but Amber needed some relief too. She scooted herself around into a "sixty-nine" position so her face was pointing toward Jesse's cunt and her own vagina was right in Jesse's face.


As expected, Jesse didn't know what to do. "Like this," called out Amber, pulling the vibrator from Jesse's cunt (causing a disappointed groan) and dropping her face to lick and suck at her friend's pussy lips and clit.

Jesse got the idea quickly and Amber was soon gasping in pleasure as well. She inserted the dildo back into Jesse's cunt, pushing and pulling urgently as she herself got closer to orgasm.

Jesse was now distracted from her own pleasure as she did her best to perform cunnilingus. She eventually got an idea to force her tongue into a pointy shape and pushing that into Amber's pussy like a little dick. That did it.

Amber felt her orgasm blossom within her as she jammed the dildo hard into Jesse's cunt, her hand squeezing the shaft, activating the pressure-sensitive switch. The dildo's vibrations increased dramatically and the small pump within the phallus activated, forcing the stored semen to be shot out the tip and deep into the unsuspecting young girl.

Despite having felt the dildo "cum" inside her before (but not knowing what it meant), Jesse was caught off guard by the increased vibrations and the long-missed warm liquid feeling within her.

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Her head fell back to her pillow as her pelvis thrust forward, instinctively trying to get the spurting penis deeper inside her. "Wh-uhhhh!! OHHHHH!! Oh my God!" Amber was still cumming, even harder now that she knew her brother's dangerous sperm was being forcefully shot into her unsuspecting former best friend.

"Unhhh! UNNHHHHH!" She reached down and back, playing with her clitoris, continuing her own orgasm as the poor girl beneath her was (possibly) impregnated.

Finally it was over, and Amber lowered her weight onto the girl beneath her. She noted with satisfaction the thick white liquid pushing itself out around the sides of the embedded dildo.


We'll deliver our babies a month apart, she thought to herself. -- Amber repeated this trick for several days, getting sperm from her brother in the mornings to forcefully insert into Jesse's hot cunt in the afternoons.

On Thursday morning Simon stopped his sister. "I know that you've been taking my stuff to your friend's house," the red-haired boy exclaimed triumphantly. "I don't know what you've been doing with it, but unless you do what I want I'll tell her parents." Amber looked at him, apprehensive.

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"You.what do you want, Simon?" "More than a handjob.I want to fuck!" His eyes roamed her body as he awaited her response. "Fine." She quickly took off her clothes and got on his bed, holding the condom out to him. He looked at it disdainfully as the last of his clothes hit the floor.

"Do I have to?" Oh, what the fuck, she thought to herself. It's not like he can get me *more* pregnant than I already am. "Fine," she repeated, laying back. Simon leapt upon her, his penis poking practically everywhere in his furious attempts to stick it into her. Finally she pushed him onto his back and climbed astride him. She grabbed his 6-incher and rubbed the tip along her pussy lips, trying to produce some lubrication.

She wasn't all that interested in sex with him, but it would be uncomfortable if she didn't get her juices flowing. The amount of lubrication her body was able to quickly produce surprised her, and she sank down on Simon's cock. He gasped, staring at his sister's breasts as they hung above his face. She rose up, then sank back down again. She smacked his hands away as he tried to grope her boobs. Simon may have started with the control in this encounter, but it was hers now.

She sank all the way down and ground her crotch against his, groaning. She was getting into it now. She bounced up and down. What Amber did not know -- the reason for her unexpected horniness and easy vaginal lubrication -- was that because she had lost so much weight the previous month her body could not support the fetus she had been carrying.

The small amount of growing flesh had been reabsorbed into her body. Unlike a typical miscarriage, there had been no flushing out of the remains.

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Now, a month later, she was ovulating again. She was fertile! All too soon, Simon huffed, pushing his pelvis up at her, and cried out as he came.

His hot cum splashed up inside her and it was over. Sighing, she rolled off of him, grabbed the condom and headed for the bathroom. She wasn't able to get as much of his semen out of her and into the condom as when she jacked him off, but it would have to do, she thought.

-- After school, Jesse and Amber were again kissing on Jesse's bed. Amber's kisses were more insistent than before, and Jesse felt like there was something wrong but she couldn't put her finger on what it was. The phone rang. Jesse jumped up and answered it, ignoring Amber's pleas to ignore it. "It's your mom," said Jesse, holding the phone out. Amber took it. "Uh huh.yeah, but--! I--!" A pause, and her head slumped.

"OK, I'm on my way." She turned off the phone and gave it back to Jesse. "I have to go. I was supposed to wash the windows this afternoon and Mom's pissed." She grabbed the primed dildo that had been left on the bed and held it out to the brown-haired girl.

"Promise you'll think of me when you use this, okay?" Jesse took it, looking at her friend, still with a nagging feeling that something was wrong. Amber suddenly felt uncomfortable. "Um.OK, bye." Then she quickly left the house. Jesse really wasn't in the mood any more.

She returned the dildo to its cradle and went to wash the dishes. -- Jesse's mom Linda came home from work, tired and horny. She regretted her fight with Dave, and missed him. As she took off her skirt and blouse in their bedroom she smelled something familiar. It took a moment for her brain to identify it: semen! She went over to the dildo. Sure enough, there was her husband's essence in the vibrator's reservoir.

What a sweet man, she thought. He came back just to fill up the "Mother's Little Helper" vibrator, even after he said he wouldn't. She took off the rest of her clothes and clambered onto the bed, turning the base of the vibrator to activate it. "Mmm." she murmured as she ran the tip of it around her nipples, making them stand erect. She licked the tip of the rubbery fake cock, tasting an errant drop of its precious cargo.

Her cunt was already wet in anticipation. She always produced a lot of lubrication when she was ovulating. With luck this will do it, she thought to herself as she slowly inserted the tip of the vibrating phallus into her.

With her other hand she manipulated her clitoris. "Mmm." She urged the shaft to greater depths within her, its vibrations sending shivers up her spine. Sex while ovulating was the best, but this little gadget was certainly the next best thing. C'mon little babymaker, she thought. You can do it. She thought about her handsome husband, stroking his cock as he masturbated to produce the thick cum the dildo would soon shoot deep inside her. "Oh, Dave. Oh, yes." The dildo was going in and out smoothly.

The pleasure was building up within her as the vibrations stimulated her G-spot and her fingers stimulated her clit. "Uhh.uhhh." Her breathing increased. close. "Huhh! Hunhh!" She came hard, her hand gripping the shaft of the vibrator, activating the UltraSpurt(tm) feature.

The vibrator went into overdrive: VRRM! VRRM! The small pump inside the shaft did its job, launching Simon's rich sperm-filled semen up the shaft and splattering it into the orgasming woman's vagina. Upon feeling the increased vibrations and liquid love, Linda's orgasm doubled in intensity and she cried out, her cervix repeatedly spasming as the young boy's sperm was deposited deeper within her fertile body. --- On Saturday Dave came home and made love to his wife.

It was near the end of her fertile cycle but he hoped it would do the trick.

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Unlike the last time he came home after one of these long weeks away, she was serene and loving. They cuddled in bed for the rest of the morning. --- Dave and Linda's happiness at getting pregnant was short-lived, as within three months Jesse's expanding belly made it obvious: she was pregnant too! They yelled, screamed and carried on, but the teenage girl maintained that she had not had sex with any boys! Dave's guilt from impregnating his daughter the previous month came back full force.maybe the RU-486 hadn't worked?

But she told her mother that she had had her period after all! He was confused and angry, but his guilt eventually overwhelmed him and he convinced his wife that they should leave their daughter alone. What was done was done. Yelling wouldn't help anything. Amber was pleased with herself and started eating again, but once her father found out about her own pregnancy he beat the crap out of her, as she knew he would.

However, he didn't hit her in the stomach; he was pro-life, and wouldn't take the chance of terminating the pregnancy.

She dropped out of school. Nine months after she had sex with her brother, a month late according to her calculations but not the doctor's, she had a red-headed little girl. She stayed home to raise little baby Jessica, named after her friend Jesse, and never completed high school.

Linda and Jesse came to term days apart, and they even saw Amber and her new daughter in the maternity ward of the hospital. The red hair on both baby boys' heads caused Dave, whose mental health had steadily deteriorated since his daughter's pregnancy had been confirmed, to have a nervous breakdown. He didn't have red hair and neither did either woman. Neither child was his! Simon loved his little sister/daughter, and was smart enough to figure out what his sister had done with his sperm once he saw Jesse's and Linda's boys.

He kept Amber's secret from both families. After all, waste not, want not.