Amateur babe sucks a large corpulent dick passionately in pov

Amateur babe sucks a large corpulent dick passionately in pov
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It was midnight. Joel handed his friend Jake another beer. They had been playing on the computer consul for four hours straight and now it was time to relax. "What do you think of my new place then?" Joel enquired of his friend. "My Dad had it renovated from the old hay loft, now its my luxury penthouse!" He grinned. "Very nice, you've done very well! But do you not find it a bit isolated? Not many girls about!" Jake asked, hoping not to dampen his friend's enthusiasm for his brand new home.

"Well actually, the farmer across the field has rather a nice daughter! She comes down this way quite a lot to help her mother with the horses. I've got chatting to her and have told her she is welcome over anytime!

She was going to come over tonight as it's a Friday." "Where is she then?" Mocked Jake jokingly. "Well the night is still young!" Answered Joel chuckling. The farmhouse was finally quiet. Her heart beating and a tingle of excitement in the pit of her stomach, Hazel softly crept down the wooden stairs and wincing at the creak of the front door as she opened it, she quickly made her way through the front gate and over the field in the cool night air. RAT TATATATAT! A loud knock on the door startled the two young men for a split second.

"Told you!" Joel said, grinning broadly to his companion as he made his way to the front door. "Hiyaa!" Hazel trilled as he threw the door open. Jake could hear muffled words and laughter as Joel brought her through the hall to the sitting room. "This is my good friend Jake." Joel gestured toward his friend sitting upon the sofa. To Jake it almost looked as if a breif flash of disappointment flashed across her face, or maybe it was surprise.

But he could see why his friend had been so excited about this girl coming around! At about 16 she was a beauty! Quite short in height, not more than five feet, she was wearing skin tight denim look leggings and a frilly looking dark blue top that teasingly hung just over the backside and crotch of her leggings, giving Jake a view up to the very top of her shapely thighs.

She wasn't a skinny girl, but she wasn't overweight. She had an amazing figure for a young lady! Her breasts looked quite large beneath that slightly baggy top, although Jake got a quick cleavage view as she bent to shake his hand. Her most striking feature, however was surely her long dark auburn hair that fell down her back and shiny strands that hung each side of her pretty face, contrasting sharply with her green eyes.

In truth Hazel had been disappointed to see Joel had company. She was hoping his invite had meant they would be having some fun alone together! She saw the computer game paused on the T.V. Great! She thought. If she had known she'd have to sit and watch the two of them playing boring video gamesshe needn't have come all the way over here!

"Drink?" Joel asked her. "Please!" She replied eagerly. This had given her an idea! "Something strong!" Joel came back with a bottle of wine and glass.

That'll have to do! Hazel thought. As the night wore on the drink flowed freely and Hazel's inhibitions lowered. She moved onto the seat beside Joel and flirted with him, moving closer all the while.

Jake began to feel more and more distanced from the conversation. Why could she not have bought a sister or a friend? He thought bitterly. Now he had to sit here as a gooseberry and watch his friend get off with a stunning girl. He felt cheated! He was obviously invited over here in case Hazel didn't show up, so Joel was not sitting in by himself on a Friday night! And now she had shown up Jake was stuck here in the countryside with no way of getting to town and meeting up with friends.

He thought about making his excuses and going to bed. But as he was a little drunk he knew he wouldn't be able to sleep with the thought of his friend fucking this beauty in the next room. He was so jealous! Joel always got the nice girls! Hazel was now nicely cuddled up to Joel and she looked at him with big doe eyes. "So if you could shag any girl you know, who would you go for!?" She asked, absently running her hand over the back of his head.

Why could she not just ask him and get it over with?! Jake thought irritably. Why don't they just go to their room and fuck, instead of making constant innuendos to one another as if he were not there?!

Jake knew he should go to bed, but for some reason he liked this torture and he didn't want to give them the satisfaction and leave them to it. After all that's what they wanted! Joel and Hazel had ruined his Friday night, now he would ruin theirs! Joel was teasing Hazel and they were playfully wresting on the sofa opposite Jake.

He looked over at the T.V which was now off the video game and showing some late night game show. He turned back. Hazel and Joel were locked in a passionate kiss! This was too much! But still Jake stayed. Joel and Hazel were so engrossed in one another they never noticed Jake watching. Or maybe they were just rather too well oiled to care! Joel caressed Hazel's back and ribs, tickling her slightly. She giggled and continued to run her hand up his knee, thigh and onto his crotch!

He was only wearing grey jogging bottoms, so Hazel was able to caress his nether regions freely, massaging his hardening bone. Good God! Jake could not tear his eyes away from the scene unfolding in front of him! The kissing became more passionate, as did the fondling of hands! Joel's left hand slid up Hazel's top. Jake could see the side of her bum, still tightly clad in those skin tight leggings.

Oh, to see those botty cheeks! Joel must have had the same idea. He reached down and started roughly massaging her upper thigh and rounded ass. Jake suddenly felt pathetic. Watching this before him! This was his friend, getting it on with a girl barely finished her schooling!

But he just couldn't help himself. Suddenly he realised how hard his own dear dick was. Looking slyly down he saw the large trouser tent his prick had pitched.

He wanted to touch it, to wank hard over this horny charade, but he couldn't what would Joel say if he caught him masturbating over he and Hazel?! At that moment Hazel pulled the elastic waist of Joel's jogging bottoms away and peeked down. "Ooooh hello bell end!" She giggled playfully. With that Joel pulled up her top as she knelt over him. He turned her round to face a shocked Jake. "Now you have to admit, those are a fine pair of titties, do you not!?" He enquired of his friend.

"U-Uhuh-Huh!" Jake attempted a laugh, but not realising how dry his mouth had become he let out an embarrassed croaking sound. He felt himself going red in the face.

He had been caught watching! But Hazel didn't seem to care, she thrust her head to one side with a playful pout on her face and threw her hands on her hips in a mock display of annoyance! She turned back to Joel. Was his weird friend just going to sit there gawping at her?! At least Joel knew what he was doing, he was much better looking too!


Not that she'd mind giving it up for Jake as well, but he just sits there! Joel slid his hand down her tight leggings and found her tiny lacy underwear in his fingers.

Hazel gasped in surprise and excitement combined. Joel's fingers explored the lace panties, pushing them aside to get to the real goal! Her snatch was warm and already quite moist. Joel could feel soft stubble but no pubic hair. She was completely bare! He began massaging her opening slit, feeling his finger slipping into the comforting warmth of her glorious tight hole.

Hazel was writhing around on top of him gasping quietly. Joel penetrated her deeper, deeper. Hazel let out soft yipping noises now, her eyes closed, her teeth biting her bottom lip and a slight frown on her face. She was in ecstasy! Behind her, opposite the horny pair Jake was transfixed! He now had the front row view of that amazing botty!

Even though it was still encased in the tight denim look leggings he could see every curve, every twitch as Hazel rolled her young hips around. Jake was now rubbing himself. He couldn't hold it any longer, he just had to!

Hazel slid off Joel's lap onto the floor. She grasped his jogging bottoms by the waist and Joel straightened his legs.

In one swift movement Hazel whipped them off. Like a coiled spring, Joel's erect penis pinged off the elastic and with a loud, wet slap, it hit his belly. Jake was shocked! His friend, whom he had known since the start of school was exposing himself and taking part in this sexual act while he, Jake was sitting there watching!

Hazel smiled in delight! Now this was what she had come for! His dick was bigger than she imagined, bigger than the two farm hands who worked for her father, bigger than her ex!

In fact it was the biggest she'd seen! He, like her was neatly shaved, only a small neat patch of pubic hair remained above the base of his big boner. Hazel liked it like this, so much easier to suck on! She lunged forth, taking the bald ball bag in her eager mouth. She sucked hard until the bollock popped out through her soft lips, then she took the right one and did the same.

"Mmmmm! Yeeeeeeeaaah!" Joel groaned quietly. Hazel wanked his hard prick as she suckled his balls. " Well come on man! What on earth are you waiting for?! A party invite!?" Joel exclaimed impatiently.

He had suddenly noticed Jake was still just sitting there watching! "yyeeeh, plenty to go round!" Hazel murmured, now slurping at the shining shaft.

Quick as a flash, Jake jumped out of his trance and started toward that fabulous bum! He knelt directly behind Hazel and pressed his aching crotch against the soft muscular cushion of those amazing, astounding butt cheeks. Jake held her hips and rubbed himself rhythmically into her botty. It felt so soothing the warm embrace, the material of his clothes soothing his hard, jealous, angry cock!

Hazel felt a stab of adrenaline as she felt the other man's grip upon her waist. She felt it again as his crotch pressed hard against her bum. She had never had two men at once before! But what was this weirdo doing behind her?! Why doesn't he just undress!? Hazel reached behind her and felt Jakes solid dick. Not quite as big as Joel's, but big enough! She tugged at it through Jake's trousers. She could hear him breathing heavily down her back, his warm breath smelt of beer.

It excited her, knowing that he was intoxicated and would have much fewer inhibitions, anything can happen! I hope they get rough! She thought. Joel leaned forward and expertly and quickly unclipped her bra strap.

The black lace fell away, freeing her big firm breasts. They were pale white, with small pink nipples. "Woah mumma!" Groaned Joel seizing them in his big strong hands and caressing them roughly, he began licking the pert pink nipples. "How big are these baby!?" He exclaimed. "I bet you still have growing to do as well!!" She could feel Joel's cock poking her thigh through her leggings, so she took it in her free hand and began waking him gently.

The feel of Joel's tongue rolling her nipples between his teeth was nice and it turned her on even more. Occasionally he would give a quick bite, which excited Hazel. Jake, meanwhile was still receiving his hand job, but Hazel's hand was tiring and she was putting more into Joel's dick.

Jake knew he had to step up his game if he were to compete! He thrust his hand roughly into Hazel's leggings and felt the wonderful bare flesh of her tight ass on his hand. Forcing his way down, he got between her legs and following in the path of his friend, Jake stroked the now soaking wet vaginal opening of Hazel.

His long skinny finger dipped inside her with ease. He felt her muscular walls clench tightly about his finger. He slipped up a second. He was breathing heavily in her ear, her beautiful shining auburn hair tickled his face.

He kissed and licked Hazel's ear and cheek. Looking down he could see Joel's fluffy brown head attached to her big white boob. Joel's thick veiny dick was rubbing against her shapely thigh, leaking pre cum all over her nice clean leggings!

Hazel loved male attention, so this was her idea of heaven! Suddenly, through poor balance due to the alcohol consumed and the fact they were all attached and kneeling on the floor, the threesome toppled over! Hazel squealed and giggled like a school girl, while the two men took a leg each of those tight denim-look leggings and roughly tore them off, bringing her soggy little lace G-string with them.

And there she was, naked in all her gorgeous glory. Her pussy was bare, clean shaven, her bum looked even better in the flesh, so firm and round!

It jutted out from the smooth incline of her back and jutted sharply inward again meeting the top of her thigh where each cheek rested.

Smiling her rude smile, Hazel used her foot to pull down Jake's trousers, letting his hard on pop free. "Its only fair that I see you too!" she pouted. Jake was not as well kept as his friend, his pubic region was very hairy and balls were sprouting with long wire-like hairs. Hazel did not much want to suck him.


But there were plenty of other things she could think of doing to him! Joel was first upon Hazel. He pulled her legs wide apart, exposing her tight young cunt. Hazel grabbed his stiff rod and guided it toward her glory hole. His helmet was glistening in the low lighting. A crystal clear drop of sticky pre cum oozed from the gaping eye of his tort head.

You could have heard a pin drop, so intense was the silence. His bulging head met her hole, he felt her moisture, she felt his rock solid tip.

And then he plunged forth, forcing his large length deep into her sweet honey walls. Although she was dripping wet it was still a tight squeeze for big Joel. She had not experienced such a big boy before, but she was feeling fulfilled! Joel began to pump her, slowly at first, working a nice tight passage and building up a rhythm. "Hm hmm hmmm hmmmmmm!" Hazel moaned. "UUhhhh uuuuuhhhh! Uuuuuuuhhh!" Big Joel replied! Jake could barely wait his turn!

He pounded his own hard meat as he watched his best friend pound this beautiful girl. Her breasts were wobbling up and down as Joel thrust inside her. Jake could hear the slapping of Joel's cum-filled balls against the base of Hazel's ass. It sounded wet in that hole! "Got UH! Any UH! Lube?" Hazel enquired of her host. "Uuuuh Huuuuh!" Joel grunted in reply. "Don't think we need it though babe. You are a nice tight fit!" He laughed. "UH No UH! For UH! Our UUH!

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My AH! Ass WUH! Will need it!" Jake didn't require prompting this time! Immediately he was rummaging in the bathroom cupboard and found, just what he needed- baby oil! Dirty dog! He thought to himself, what can he be doing with this in the house?!

Soon he was on his knees as Hazel straddled Joel and slowly and elegantly she rode him like one of her Mother's stallions in the stable below them. Jake began squeezing oil onto his hands and fondling Hazel's round mounds of ass. "Ooooooh Its cooold!" Hazel shuddered. Soon Jake's middle finger was placed on her pale pink anus. He was barely an inch from her pussy, filled to the brim with Joel's hard boner. Now and again Jake felt his friend's balls briefly rub against his hand.

They felt squashy and fat. This made him all the more aroused!

Back at it again ️

He started working at Hazel's uninviting sphincter. Jake traced his finger in a circular motion, all the while pressing deeper and harder against her, until finally her reluctant muscle caved in and his finger plunged through into her hot dry chasm. More lube! Jake thought. Quickly he poured more down the base of her back so that it ran down the crack of her ass and onto his submerged finger.

Sending in his oil soaked index was easier and he began creating a passage to make way for his aching prick. Hazel seemed to know what was required of her. She hunched herself over Joel so that she was presenting her pert fat ass as far out as she was able. This was making her anus gape wide. Jake could see nothing but blackness beyond the opened sphincter, but oh my!

how inviting it looked! " Hurry up!" Demanded Hazel impatiently "Joel's getting cold!" She added smiling at the big man beneath her. Joel's cock was almost popping out from her pussy because she was leaning so far forward, trying to allow the dawdling Jake access to her inviting anal passage. Quickly Jake mounted Hazel' he pointed his pulsating penis directly at the gape and pushed his helmet forth.

It was barely covered. She was too tight! He tried again. It was painful! He did not want to tear his foreskin! "Lube! For Christ's sake! Put some fucking lube on your cock!" Hazel was getting annoyed at this amateur's sloppy behaviour. Joel sniggered. This made Jake embarrassed, but also annoyed. How dare they mock him!

He'd show them! Quickly he rubbed plenty of oil onto his boner and went in again. This time with force! His dick was thickly covered and pushed the muscle apart with ease. He forced himself as far as he could until his pubic hair was tickling the soft skin of Hazel's rear end.


He would pump her hard. That'll hurt her! Teach her a lesson in manners!

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Respect your elders! Hazel winced slightly as she felt the familiar aching and slight stabbing sensation of a man's hard prick in her ass. But she knew she enjoyed it really! Joel drove his hard penis deep inside Hazel's slippery cunt and resumed his rhythmic pumping. Jake, crouched over the top of Hazel, dick now balls deep in her ass, did the same.

Both dicks drove inward in unison, the cluster of balls and scrotums rubbing together each time.


Jake's hairy sac tickled Joel's bald sac, it was a good feeling, although neither male would admit it! Hazel propped herself up with her arms, her big round titties swinging in lucky Joel's face. Her small body was now tightly sandwiched between these two big muscular guys, this was how she liked it! The centre of attention, male attention! How jealous her friends would be when they heard about this at school on Monday!

Jake was kissing her neck and grunting in her ear, she could feel his sausage lodged tight in her bum. Joel was not flagging at all giving her aching vag the good seeing to that it needed. Jake could feel his best friend's cock through the velvet like muscular wall, separating vagina and anus. His movement felt oddly erotic! Jake's cock popped out of the wonderfully tight asshole and Hazel took the opportunity to change positions. She lay back upon the sofa spreading her shapely legs wide, giving both guys plenty of opportunity to stare at her wonderful bald gash.

She wanted to hide her aching, yet fulfilled anus from view. She did not want big Joel getting any ideas! After all he was far too big to be forcing himself up there, thank you very much! Joel also climbed upon the sofa and straddled Hazel's torso. He pushed her juicey young flesh globes together and encompassed his large willy between them!

"Hmmmmm! I do like a good tit fuck to round things off!" He groaned happily. Hazel put her head down and licked his shiny bell end each time it popped out from between her breasts. Jake, meanwhile had the perfect access of that warm wet pussy! He too straddled Hazel and she could feel him and she spread her legs wider to accommodate his slightly squashed bone! "mmmmmmm! Soooooo Goooooood!" groaned Jake loudly as he submerged his full length into Hazel's wet, comforting cunt.

Once again, the two men rocked back and forth in unison. This time both on top of Hazel, Joel up at the front, grinding away at her generous chest, while Jake pumped hard and fast in between her open thighs. "Oooooh I'm getting thirsty again boys!" Hazel cooed. "I'll be needing some cum to was down soon!" Jake was glad to hear this. He did not think he'd be able to hold his jizz in much longer! But he must outlast Joel, he must! But the sight of his friend, who was now having his cock sucked and wanked alternately by the rusty haired beauty before him was getting too much!

And not only that, but this girl's pussy just felt like heaven! So warm, so wet, so comforting! It felt like It was made for him, made for his penis! And those tits, bouncing away with each thrust he gave her… her soft pink lips wrapped tightly round that other big cock&hellip."UH UUUH UUUUUUUHHHH NO NO NOOOOOOO!!!" Jake roared half in ecstasy, half in anguish as he pulled his dick out of Hazel's dripping wet gash and squirted one, two, three, four, five jets of hot pearly white cum across her flat belly, the two final jets reaching the underside of her right breast.

"Ohh you messy boy!" Hazel teased. "Such a waste, I could have drunk that!" The sight of his friend squirting hot jizz all over his hot new girl became too much for Joel and with several loud angry grunts he was there too.

Hazel knew it too and plunged her mouth round his bulbous bell end and felt Joel grab her head tightly and force his hard dick against her throat, causing her to gag. She felt the sudden hot rush of Joel's creamy chlorine-like spunk fill her mouth she was gagging on his bone and the strong taste, so cum started leaking out of her mouth and down her chin, dripping onto those big, pale breasts and coming to rest upon her soft pink nipples.

What an evening!