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Who is she teen big tits two young sluts sydney cole and olivia lua our down south
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Fbailey story number 447 Help I'm In My Locker I was just about the last one out of school that night. As I passed down the hallway I saw a puddle of water near one of the lockers.

I placed my attach?ase on the floor to investigate the liquid. Apparently it made a noise and a soft nervous voice asked, "Is anyone out there?" I replied, "Yes, may I help you?" The small voice said, "I'm in my locker. Some of the girls bet me that I couldn't fit inside and then they closed the door." I asked, "What is your combination. I'll open it for you." The voice said, "I wet myself, my dress is wet, and I'm embarrassed." I asked, "Do you want to stay in there while I get you something to wrap around yourself?" She said, "No.

Don't go away. I don't want to stay in here one minute longer." As she told me her combination I opened the lock and then I opened her locker. I had not seen her before and assumed that she was a new freshman student. She was quite petite, very pretty, and very nervous too.


I looked down and saw that her pink skirt was indeed wet, as well as her socks and shoes. She must have held it as long as she could because there was a lot of it on the floor as well and it had been warm when I put my fingers in it.

I offered to take her home when she told me that she couldn't go home like that. I then asked her if I could take her someplace else. She asked me if I had a washer and a dryer. Yes I did. She the asked me to take her to my home, then she walked behind me to my car so that I could block her from being seen.

There were hardly any people around at that hour and no one seemed interested in looking at her anyway. At my house I showed her where the bathroom was, my bedroom, and the washroom off the kitchen. I then told her to make herself to home.

I went into the living room with my beer and started grading papers. Soon Christie called to me that she needed help with the washing machine. When I got to her all I noticed was that she had on one of my white dress shirts and that it covered her clear to her knees. For some reason I expected it to be much shorter on her but then again she was tiny. Then when she turned toward me I realized that my shirt was all that she had on and that she hadn't buttoned it up…at all. It hung open showing me her cute tiny titties and her peach fuzz covered pussy.

I smiled and helped her with the washing machine.

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To prolong her stay I suggested that her skirt be washed separately because it might run. She smiled at me and said, "Good idea. Maybe I should call my mother and tell her that I'm at a friend's house." She faced me, opened up my shirt, and asked, "Can I borrow this for a couple of hours?

It's sexier than being totally naked. Don't you agree?" I was totally dumbfounded, I had a huge erection, and I was completely speechless. Christie said, "I'll take that as a yes." After the washing machine was started we went back into the living room but I couldn't concentrate on grading papers with her sitting across from me. Her feet were up under her in the over stuffed chair Indian style with her knees spread wide and her pussy gapping open.

My shirt was also wide open exposing her tiny titties to me. As I stared at her little breasts I asked, "What size bra do you wear?" Christie replied, "A training bra.

I'm way too small for an A-cup." There was a slight pause then she asked, "Do like tiny titties?" I replied, "Yes, very much." Christie then asked, "Do you want to touch them or suck on them? I don't mind." Of course I wanted to suck on them. Who in their right mind wouldn't want too? However I said, "I could get in a lot of trouble if anyone found out." Christie smiled and said, "I won't tell anyone if you won't." Then Christie got up and dropped the shirt on the floor as she walked toward me.

Soon she was standing between my knees, pulling my head to her breasts. I opened my mouth as she feed the right one into it.

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Her nipple was as hard as my cock. She smelled nice too as I sucked on her breast and placed my hands on her small butt. When she had enough she put her other nipple in my mouth. By then I was caressing her butt and slipping my fingers in between her legs from behind. She opened her legs to give me better access and whispered, "Don't worry I washed down there when I undressed." I wasn't worried at all. In fact I wouldn't have minded if she hadn't washed. Sometimes dirty is fun.

When she pulled her nipple out of my mouth I lifted her up off the floor and carried her into my bedroom. I placed her on my bed and smiled as I undressed. Then I got between her legs and sucked on her child pussy. She reacted just like any grown woman had under my tongue. Not to brag but my tongue has pleased more women than my cock has.

I found that women really responded to a guy that can touch the tip of his tongue to the end of his nose and tells them that he was working on licking his eyebrows. Women respond well to oral sex done right. I had a lesbian once compare me to her lover favorable. Anyway I drove Christie absolutely crazy. She had so many powerful orgasms that she wet herself again.

I cupped her pussy with my hand, as she did so. She cried from joy and said that she was sorry. I knew that it was all my fault, because I had accomplished it before. I love it when a woman looses all control. When she recovered Christie said, "Put it in me." I asked, "How old are you?" Christie replied, "Eighteen." I said, "No way." Christie asked, "Are you going to argue with me or fuck me?" Right then my little head said, "Fuck her, fuck her hard, and fuck her deep." I positioned the head of my cock at her opening and pushed it in.

I felt resistance a little over an inch deep and pushed harder. Obviously she was a virgin and just as obviously she was not eighteen but at that moment my cock wanted to be in her just as much as she wanted it in her. I fucked that tiny little petite girl for almost ten full minutes before I cum in her. I pulled and pushed that girl around as if she were a rag doll. When I finished plowing into her I rolled us both over so that she was on top but still impaled on my softening cock.

She dozed off for a few minutes, and then I heard the dryer kick off and knew that her first load was done. I nudged her and told her that I had to put the rest of her clothes in the dryer. She smiled and said, "Come right back." I took out her pink skirt, put the rest of her clothes in the dryer, and got myself another beer. I stood there wondering if I was going to hell, going to jail, or just dreaming. When I went back into my bedroom I knew that I wasn't dreaming.

She assured me that she wouldn't say anything so apparently I was going to hell for fucking her. Being a Catholic I knew that I could ask for forgiveness on my deathbed and still go to heaven…so I really had nothing to worry about. I washed her virgin blood off with a washcloth and asked her if she was ready to do it again. She smiled up at me and spread her legs as she reached her arms out for me. She cringed as I slipped it in but she insisted that I enter her and enjoy myself.

I certainly did. I made sure to rub her clit with my thumb until she cum too. By the time I had finished, rolled over, and let her nap for a while the dryer had stopped for the last load. Christie washed herself up, not wanting to get her hair wet before going home. She dressed and I took her home, stopping a block away. The next day in school I inquired about Christie. It seems that I was right, she was a freshman, and she was fourteen years old.

Her birthday had been the week before. She made it a point to walk past my classroom and smile at me. I crooked my finger summoning her in.

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She walked up to and smiled. I whispered, "Happy fourteenth birthday last week." She smiled and said, "Thank you. Can I come over tonight? I already told my mother that I wouldn't be home until after dinner so you may have to feed me too." I looked around the room to make sure I could get away with it and then I patted her little butt as she walked out of my classroom. When I turned back though I had been caught.

There had been one girl in the front row looking for her homework but now she was smiling at me. As I sat down to prepare for my next class she opened her knees up for me and smiled broadly. She had not done that before because I had often wanted her too and checked her out frequently. Then in a soft voice Sharon asked, "Do you like young girls? I'm only a year older than she is.

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Maybe she will let me join in tonight. I'll ask her." Oh my God, she had heard Christie whisper to me. Now what could I do? Well one thing I could do was to enjoy her yellow panties during her test. I was pretty sure she would keep her knees spread for me too. Sharon didn't disappoint me either. Once near the end of her test she had a finger up under her skirt tickling her clit.

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I watched as she masturbated in front of me. She didn't need to do that because I had already decided to give her a good score. Sharon waited until she was the last student out. She stood next to my desk facing the door and slipped her panties down her legs. Then she handed them to me and put her finger under my nose saying, "Don't forget me.

I'll see you later, I hope." After my last class both Christie and Sharon popped into my room asking for a ride home. Christie smiled and said, "Sharon says that you have her yellow panties. Show them to me." I opened my desk drawer and let her peek in.

She smiled and said, "Okay Sharon, you were telling me the truth, you can join us." She handed me the panties and said, "Put these in your briefcase." She then stood at the end of my desk and lowered her panties to the floor and handed them to me saying, "Put mine in there too." At my house Christie showed Sharon around and then they went into my bedroom, undressed, and called me in.

Christie said, "Sharon is a virgin too but she broke her hymen with a carrot a couple of months ago. Anyway she gets to go first." I was under the impression that I didn't have anything to say about it.

Sharon was also fourteen but she looked older and she filled out a B-cup rather nicely. Fucking Sharon was almost a formality, I hadn't desired her, and somehow the excitement of fucking a fourteen-year-old virgin had already been satisfied.

My heart really wasn't into it when I played with her tits and sucked on her clit, giving her an orgasm. I gave it my best shot and truthfully I don't think that Sharon or Christie really noticed, they were too wrapped up in Sharon's pleasure at loosing her virginity and having one of her teachers be her first fuck. Sharon then said, "My mother was right, experience does count, She always told me that the boys my age were not really into pleasing a girl and that I should set my sights on someone much older." Christie added, "You are a wonderful lover.

I talked with my mother as too what I should expect someday, when I do finally loose my virginity. She painted a picture of what it was like when she lost hers, how the boy fumbled around in the back seat of his father's car, and then cum in just seconds making a mess in her panties that her mother found and punished her for.

She wasn't even sure that he actually entered very far. She certainly didn't enjoy it. Then she painted me a picture of what it should be like with the right person. She described you making love to me the very first time and how you just were with Sharon.

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You are my mother's perfect man." Sharon said, "You know what? We should introduce him to your mother, she's single." Christie said, "What about your mother, she's single too." Sharon said, "My mother is still legally married to my father, she's fucking that creep that she works for, and besides she doesn't deserve anyone this nice." I was really flattered and the thought of meeting and maybe fucking Christie's mother was thrilling.

My cock got hard and I slipped it into Christie pretending that she was older and perhaps her mother. All of a sudden I was in a dream world making love to my dream girl. She had long brown hair to her waist, she was slightly younger than I was, and she was built like a love goddess. Her tits were large, firm, and they had big dark nipples on the ends that hardened easily.

Her ass was firm, rounded nicely, and made to push up against when doing it from behind. Then there was her pussy, she would have short trimmed hair, and shaved just enough for her bikini. Her outer lips would be big and puffy, her inner lips would protrude slightly, and her clit would be large enough to rub against her blue jeans as she walked keeping her in a constant state of arousal.

As my mind fully grasped my perfect woman I was cumming and cumming and cumming like never before. I drained ever sperm from both of my balls, I drained them from my shaft too, and then I planted it deep within Christie's teenage body. If she didn't become pregnant it would be a miracle. When I finally came back to reality Christie said, "Where were you? It was as if you were in another world. You fucked me as if I was the only woman left on Earth.

It was sensational. You took me to emotional and physical levels that I never knew existed." I smiled at her and asked, "Would you please invite me to dinner so that I can meet your mother?" Christie smiled and said, "Let me call her.

Maybe you can come over tonight. She promised to make lasagna and she always makes enough for an Army. She says that you can't buy the ingredients small enough to make it for just two people." I knew exactly what she meant. She placed the call and asked me to drive her home. She had told her mother that Sharon and her had kept me after school helping them with their homework and that she owed me a good home-cooked meal.

Her mother agreed and told her to bring me home. It only took about twenty minutes to drop Sharon off and pull into Christie's driveway. I was sure that her mother had enough time to change if she had wanted too. Christie introduced me to her mother, Annette. I knew at first glance that she was my dream girl.

She stood there in a white skin-tight dress that fit her like a second skin leaving very little to my imagination. She had long brown hair that hung down to her waist, she was slightly younger than I was, and she was built like a love goddess. Her tits were large, firm, and her hard nipples were ringed by her dark crinkled areolas. Her ass was obviously firm and rounded nicely as she led the way to the kitchen.

During dinner we talked and I realized that we had a lot in common. When she finished eating, Christie put her plate in the sink, and then as she passed behind her mother she tipped her chair back really far scaring the shit out of her. As she went back her arms flew out to try and balance herself and her legs shot out from under the table to also keep her from going over.

As Annette's legs spread it was quite obvious that she was not wearing panties and that her dress was shorter than I had realized. I had a completely unobstructed view of her pussy. Annette had short trimmed hair that was shaved for her bikini. Her outer lips were big and puffy, her inner lips protruded slightly, and her clit was large enough to rub against a pair of blue jeans. It was only a few seconds but it was more than enough for me. Finally, Christie lowered her mother back to the floor as she laughed.

I looked across the table and asked, "Annette, will you marry me?" Annette laughed and asked, "Shouldn't we get to know one another first?" I said, "I've seen everything that I need to.

I know that you are my dream girl, the woman that I have been searching for." Annette said, "But you don't even know me." I replied, "You're wrong, I know plenty about you. From our dinner conversation it is clear that we have a lot in common, that you are a great cook, and that you are an excellent parent.

You have a terrific daughter, your house is well kept, and you have a great job. To top it off I love your hard nipples, your firm ass, and right now I can't wait to kiss your pussy." I thought that I went too far but Annette replied, "I can't wait for you to kiss my pussy either. Christie said that you were very good at it." I could not believe my ears.

Then Christie came out from hiding behind a door and said, "You should have seen him tonight Mom. He was fantastic." Annette said, "I can believe that. When he saw my pussy he actually drooled, even more than he did when I first met him.

I know that it only took one look from him to make my pussy start drooling." Christie said, "I'm sorry that I scared you like that but I thought that it was better than waiting for you to sit unladylike on the couch." I interrupted them by saying, "You two planed this whole thing?" Annette replied, "Well after Christie told Sharon and I what a wonderful job you did taking her virginity, both of us wanted to give you a try ourselves.

So I let Sharon go first. She called me right after you dropped her off. She was totally thrilled that she picked you to give her virginity too. I only wish that I had a virgin hole to give you." I replied, "Well in a way you did give me two virgin holes and for that I thank you." Annette said, "Why don't we go up to my bedroom and then you can thank me properly." I helped peel that white dress up her thighs, her hips, and up over her breasts as she raised her arms up for me.

She was without a doubt my dream girl. I undressed and made love to her all night long not even realizing that the next day was Saturday and that I didn't have to go to work. I kissed her entire body, I practically licked every inch of her body, and I know that my fingers were all over her, rubbing her, and searching inside her.

I could not imagine a better subject to practice giving cavity searches on. It was an eternity before I slipped my cock into her but the wait was well worth it. She was just as tight as the two girls had been and her muscles were trained to grip and squeeze a man's cock perfectly.

Her breasts pressed into my chest and my hands rested on her firm ass before she sat up to ride me, then my fingers held her hard nipples as she worked her way through one of her many orgasms. I remember being on top when the sun came up. She was beneath me breathing hard and vibrating through yet another in a long line of orgasms, as I cum in her yet one more time. It was just as good as when I had cum in her daughter before dinner. As I drifted off to sleep I heard Annette say, "I think we made a baby tonight." I dreamed of marring her and raising our children.

It was sometime after three o'clock in the afternoon that Christie and Sharon brought us a late lunch in bed. It was two Burger King Kid Meals, cheeseburgers, and Coke. Christie merely asked, "Well?" Annette replied, "It was even better than you two said that it was. I believe that I have found my soul mate. Would you like a baby brother if I'm pregnant?" I looked at her and said, "Then I didn't dream that part about making a baby." Annette replied, "Well I only felt that good once before and Christie was the results." I said, "I assumed that you were on the pill." She said, "A schoolteacher of all people should know that to assume makes an ass out of you and me." I asked, "So where do we go from here?" Annette said, "Well yesterday down in the kitchen you asked me to marry you.

If the offer is still on the table my answer is yes." I dropped my French fries and kissed her, twisting her down to the mattress and then slipping my leg in between hers and rubbing my hard cock along her leg. Sharon said, "Christie I think we are going to be in a wedding." Christie said, "You be the bride's maid and I'll be the best man." The girls then started making love on the bed with us.

Annette said, "Get a room" and they replied "We've got one" and they never left our side.


Several hours later they woke us up to feed us some pizza. The whole weekend went like that. We ate, we made love, and we slept. Then on Monday morning we all had someplace to be but none of us wanted to be anyplace other than in Annette's bed making love. Annette encouraged me to make love to Christie and Sharon saying that she owed them that since they had put us together. The End Help I'm In My Locker 447