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Brave amazing babe loves hardcore sex russian and blowjob
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I sat down in the one over stuffed chair allowing Marina to settle into my lap. She circled my neck with her arms and pulls herself close to me so our kiss can intensify. My hands now free roamed over her body. Gently caressing her tits through the fabric of her soft blouse. She reached down and pulls the blouse up over her head.

Her long hair followed the neckline around in front of her as it pulled out of the blouse' Her hair cascaded down across her tits. One erect nipple showing between long silky strands of hair the other completely exposed to my soft touch.

" God you're so beautiful Marina." I exclaimed. She smiles and moves her ass seductively massaging my big hard cock beneath her. My hand slowly massages her tits. Not concentrating on the erect nipples but softly massaging them along with all of her soft fleshy orbs. " Oh baby that feels so good." She whispers as my hands pleasure her chest completely. I lower my mouth to suckle one erect nipple after the other, kissing and licking her tits everywhere, my tongue sliding between to moisten and suckle her cleavage.

Marina loves the way I use my lips and tongue to caress her. She loves the way my hands move over them. She loves the way I allow her to guide my mouth to the most sensitive parts of her tits. She wants more of me, not satisfied with sitting on my lap and having me caress her tits and kiss her mouth passionately, she has to have more. She moves to kneel over me straddling my thighs with her knees to face me.


Her fingers slowly undid my necktie and slid it from around my neck. She leans down and kisses me softly on the lips as her fingers one by one unbuttoning my shirt exposing my chest to her kisses and touch.

She kisses my neck, and down onto my chest. My hands running through long tresses of brunette hair and down her naked back. " I want you baby." I said. My eyes searching hers as she slowly slides off the chair to kneel between my spread thighs. Her hands caressed my chest slowly working down to the waistband of my slacks. My belt came undone. She feels my hard cock straining at the fabric that covered it. The button that held my slacks to my waist popped open. Grasping my zipper pulling with two fingers, she slowly lowered it.

Spreading my slacks open to expose my briefs and the beautiful bulge of my swollen manhood. She lightly scratched my cock through the fabric. It twitched as her nails slides over the corona to its throbbing head. Marina wants my cock exposed to her touch, her gaze. She wants it throbbing in her hands and between her soft lips. Hooking two fingers in the combined waistbands of my slacks and briefs, she begins to slip them off my hips. I lifted and allowed her to slide the material down around my ankles.

My throbbing cock inches from her wet hot mouth as she did. She leans back on her haunches and lets her hands slowly ascend the length of my legs. Passing my knees, she slides her fingers between my thighs and gently spreads them. My glorious scrotum and balls came under her intense stare, soon to be under her gentle touch and soft lips.

" Oh jesus baby, that feels incredible." I said as her nails lightly scratch at the naked flesh of my inner thighs. As her delicate fingers reach their goal, she lets her nails slide up along the center line of my scrotum. Once all eight nails are in line, she slowly pulls them apart dragging the tips out across two beautiful balls until they move again onto the flesh of my thighs. She repeats the movement from center line of my scrotum outward across my balls and onto my thighs several times each time pressing a little harder against my balls and each time eliciting a deeper moan from me.

I stare down at her intently as she studies every part of my cock. " Touch it Marina, please wrap your soft fingers around it." I pleaded. She circled my shaft at the base with one hand and slowly drew me toward her face.

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Her soft fingers sliding up the throbbing length until they reach the swollen corona of my cock head. Slowly her hand moves down pulling my tight skin even tighter along the shaft. I moan deeply as her fingers work their magic on my rock hard cock.

As her hand strokes upwards once again, a tiny droplet of pre-cum oozes from me and she leans forward to lick it from me with the tip of her wet tongue. Marina is still new to being with me, it is still very painfull for Marina when I penetrate her. " Turn around," I whisper to her, she feels herself tighten with excitement. It is not a request, she sees that in my eyes. Marina got on her stomach and raised her ass like a bitch in heat. She presses her hot face into our sex scented sheets and waits.

Marina is still innocent about sex with me and our relationship…She trusts my every word and believes every promise I utter to her in the afterglow. I got behind her and put my hands around her waist, lifting her up and pulling her to my chest. I cup her breasts and bury my face in her hair. " You make me horny every time, did you know that?" I said, as the fat head of my cock begins to spread her narrow pussy lips.

Her nipples hardened in the cool air. Marina feels the now familiar burn as I slowly slide inside her, almost halfway, but then I stop. My hands trembling on her hips but I didn't go any further, and she whimpers. I press my lips on to her shoulder and one of my hands moves down to her clit and starts to rub it while I move my cock inside her, but barely.

It is still strange for Marina to feel pleasure from my big cock. Marina reaches back and tries to press me into her. She longs for the magic moment when the pleasure breaks through the ache, she can't take enough of me. I groan into her neck, pushing her forward until her forehead touches the bed, and she feels me sliding further into her.

She tries to touch me, but I move her hands away.

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I grab her hips and grunt as I begin to fuck her so hard she hears it. Marina grabs twin handfuls of sheet in her white-knuckled fists and presses her face into the bed. Her mouth opens in a silent scream as I went deeper and deeper, whispering incoherent words underneath my breath. Marina is still innocent to rough sex…never experenicing it before now, she sees pink light pulsing behind her closed eyes while I wrap my arms around her and slide deep into her belly, but this time is different.

She sees flashes of red, and black dots dancing across her vision as she stares slack-jawed at our headboard. Her swollen nipples rubbing painfully into the sheets and the edges of my mouth is wet with saliva. She feels me so deep, deeper than I'd ever been, and she looks behind her.

My face is contorted. My teeth is bared, and my eyes are half closed with pleasure. " So good," I said, shaking my head as she starts to answer my thrusts and her ass bounces pertly.

I press down on the small of her back and spread her cheeks open to take a better look. Marina blushes down to her tits, but she still grinds into my hips. I look down to see my cock spreading her swollen pussy lips and lick my lips. The animal pink of my tongue made her clit vibrate, and she lost her focus on my face. Marina is still inexperienced…her parted lips are aching to be kissed and she has grown use to feeling me sliding on her belly with our mingled sweat.

Now, she can only feel my cock stretching her pussy open and my balls slapping into her mound. She has unspeakable words at the tip of her tongue but she didn't dare speak them. I had caressed her body so many times whispering " perfection" into the hollow of her hip, and she didn't want me to think badly of her. She still cared about such things. " Fffuc…mmmm," She moans. She feels my body tighten and I slowed down.

She tried to back up into me but I held her hips firm. " Tell me," I whisper, her heart begins to pound. I squeezed her small waist and she feels the tip of my cock throbbing on her thigh. " I feel it, but I want to hear it." She trembles but remains silent.

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I begin to tease her with a maddening in and out that made her toes curl, but she knew I wouldn't take her like she wanted me to until she admitted that she wanted me this way. Marina is still a novice…her ex-husband fucked her in one position. " John, take me." She said. 'I want you to cum for me' I said 'and then I am going to slide my cock deep inside you and make you cum again' 'Oh yes' she cried 'that's what I want, do it to me' In one, swift motion I grab her by the shoulders and force her chest down onto the bed.

Marina shrieks, as my hand gropes her ass cheeks. I plied and kneaded the soft globes until my middle finger found its way in between the mounds. The finger rubbing and worming its way around, at last finding the entrance to her sweet pussy. She cries softly, causing me to smile. She didn't resist as I move her legs apart dragging her hips slightly back, positioning her for entry.

Licking my lips, I took my cock in hand and guided it towards her pussy lips. " Oh God, Yes," she screams as she feels the head of my cock pressing against her pussy lips again. In one, quick jab I thrust half my cock into her pussy. She whimpers and cried as I held her firm.

I put one hand on her hips, and with the other I push her head down and slightly to the side. Sucking in a hot breath of need, she tenses, then forcibly relaxes, trying to accommodate my size in her tight cunt.

She slowly reaches down and begins to finger her clit.

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I grunted in her ear, as I begin to move my cock around inside of her as best I can. From the combination of the stimulation to her clit and the cock in her pussy, Marina feels her juices flowing around my cock.

I feel it too With A handful of her hair, I squeeze her tits and start to thrust up into her. She closes her eyes as I begin to batter her with quick, hard thrusts.

My body is locked on one, solitary purpose: filling this cunt with my sperm. As my thrusting became more and more ferocious, I begin to push on her head, forcing her closer to the bed. She begins to thrust back against me. I moan as she starts to milk my cock with each thrust.

I can't believe how good it feels. Now that she is fucking me back, I knew I couldn't last. Grabbing her shoulders, I slam into her several more times before at last erupting in her cunt. Blob after blob spurted deep inside her. My cock jerking and slowly starts to soften. I lick the side of her face and pull out abruptly.

I wipe my cock on the sheet and left her gasping on the bed as I return to the chair, totally satisfied. That had been far better than I had imagined. Anna slumped against the bed, panting. Her pussy is on fire. She feels her juices and my sperm dripping down her inner thighs.

She feels so far away. I watch her from my chair, letting her recover silently, for several minutes. She turns and glares at me with pure lust in her eyes. I smile back at her. She knew, now, that her torment has only begun. She said nothing, as she got and made her way to the bathroom. She seems to have become my willing lover. Marina stood in the room dressing, as I stare at her with new found lust. I took Marina to a nice small restaurant, I lead her to a small table in the quiet restaurant.

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A late hour for dinner, most of the tables are empty. I pull out her chair. She sits. I sit across from her. The only light is from a few well placed candles. A waiter approaches and, without saying a word, pours them wine and leaves the bottle. No menus. I had ordered for them in advance. There will be no interruptions from wait staff aside from the bringing and clearing of the courses. I watch as she sips the wine. She notices.

Blushes. A shy smile slips out. I love watching a beautiful woman. Looking into a secret world.


I smile warmly back as if to comfort her. It does. She begins to enjoy my gaze. Soaking it in. Feeling my eyes move over her. From her eyes to her nose, cheeks, lips.

The curve of her neck. Slope of her shoulders. Her chest. The tiny bit of cleavage just peeking out from her dress. Again, she blushes. Back to sipping wine. We lock eyes across the table. Everything around them fades away. They are in a universe all our own. Lost in the depths of each other's eyes. She can feel my desire, I hers.


But it is not lustful. Calm, gentle, controlled. With a sense of longing to escape, we leave going back home. Marina is in the bedroom, she is deep in concentration, and never hears me approaching. I put my hands against the wall, one on each side of her, startling her. I press into her back, I whisper into her ear, " I want you." She smiles and said, " Oh, did you see something you liked?" I press my hard cock against her ass.

After knowing Marina for a month, I knew exactly what she liked. " Mmmmmm, yeah.your beautiful ass flashing me." I feel her pushing back at me, her thoughts long forgotten. " ass is huge," she said. " I wish I could firm it up, but as much as I work out, it's still huge." I slip my hands down to her cheeks.

Firmly caressing them, I moan into her ear. " Mmmmm I think your ass is perfect." She pushes back into my hands as I squeeze her butt. My cock is straining against my jeans, trying to fuck her through the rough material. As she rubs her ass against my cock, I push my hands up under her blouse, rubbing her firm breasts in my palms.

Marina was not wearing a bra, and her small soft breasts feel incredible. Rubbing them more forcefully, Marina moans louder. We dry-fucked leaning against the wall, thrusting our hips together as I work her nipples between my fingers. " Ohhhh God, John," she moans. " Fuck me, John.Ohhh John.Fuck me now." She reaches behind her, unzipping my pants, and shoving her hand into my underwear. Quickly stroking her hand up and down my cock, I pull her hand off of me, pushing the front of my pants down low enough to release my member and start rubbing my cock up and down the length of her wet pussy.

Marina reaches underneath and grabs my cock again, more forcefully this time as she guides me into her. " Ohhh God," Marina moans as my thick hardness stretches her open and fills her up. I give a hard thrust and grind into her, the force lifting her onto her toes. Then I grab her waist and held her over my thrusting cock, stretching her tight narrow passage to fit my demanding cock. I grunted as flesh slaps against wet flesh as I slam my wide shaft deep inside her, the base straining her petite opening to its limit.


Her internal muscles tightening and preparing for orgasm as my thrusts grew more frantic; getting faster and harder as I hammered her against the wall.

" Ohhh God!" Marina moans as her pussy grips my cock, drawing me deeper towards her core. I emitted a guttural groan and Marina clutched the wall for support and felt my release. I gave a final thrust, pumping her full of cum in several spurts. Spunk oozed out and ran down between her thighs. I draped myself against her back, trapping beads of sweat between us. " I'm so nuts about you Marina," I panted.

My cheek resting against her spine until my shrinking cock begins to slide from her soaked pussy. Marina listens as her breaths slowed. " I got something for you today," I said. Marina turns her head when she feels my weight lift.

Slowly she stood so her skirt slides down and covers her naked ass. I pull my jeans up. I fished around a front pocket, pulling out a shiny silver key and then gave Marina a sheepish grin.