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Big young titts on imetzu
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It was a cool autumn day in the little village of Locksbury. The villagers were bustling around preparing for the harvest festival, about midday a pair of strangers rode into the village.They wore black cloaks, hiding their faces, all the villagers were able to tell about them was they had some kind of armor on underneath the cloaks. The riders rode to the inn, dismounted, and entered the establishment, moments later they emerged and led their steeds to the stables before returning to the inn.

Inside the pair sat in at a table in a dimly lit corner, ordering two mugs of meed. As they drank a group of soldiers from the local garrison, comprised of two human and three elven males entered and walked to the bar, talking loudly amongst thenselves. A ROUND OF BREWS FOR ME AND MY FRIENDS the leader of the group shouted.

After being served their drinks they moved to a table near the two strangers, being rather loud and rowdy. This continued for some time when The smaller of the mysterious pair spoke (identifying her to be female) Excuse me would you mind keeping it down, you are disturbing us, she said. The soldiers (obviously drunk) simply laughed at her. Why would we do that sweetheart? the larger of the humans said, we're celebrating Garot's (gesturing to one of the elves) promotion to corporal) and I don't like a female trying to tell me what to do!

he added with a snear. The female turned her head to the rude man saying I think you should apologize, my companion didn't like your last remark. Oh, he didn't the man spat, well he can just kiss my a--!

He never got to finish the insult as his head suddenly rolled from his shoulders. The larger of the two strangers was standing, but no blade was drawn. As the corpse fell a hush fell over the room, it took a minute for everyone to realize what had happened.

The remaining soldiers looked on in disbelief that their friend was dead, as it sank in anger replaced the looks of shock on their faces. In a burst of rage the four sprang up sending the table flying at the stranger. In a flash the stranger had drawn his sword and sliced the thick oak table in two, as though it were cloth.

The elves being faster than a human attacked first. Two of their blows were deflected, the third landed a glancing blow, removing the cloak and reveiling what lie beneath. The armor was black with dark red trim. The helm hid all but his eyes and mouth, in fact that was all you could see of his flesh.

His eyes dimly glowed yellow, and his mouth was in a snarl showing the large fangs as he stood to his full hight of 6'8". The human soldier froze for a millisecond in fear, a mistake that cost him his life, as he was split in half. The elves who were farther away had time to indentify their foe. Their eyes widened as they realized the creature before them was a lycan warrior, one of the most feared combatants in the seven realms.

The lycan growled, taking a step towards the elves, who began to back away. Quietly the female rose and walked to the male pulling back her hood to reveil her stunning feature, those sparkling blue eyes, and soft skin. She placed her hand on his chest, softly whispering to him, obviously calming him.

After calming him down she turned to the elves and told them to claim their fallen comrads and leave. The elves nodded and sheathed their swords. The lycan male sheathed his own after more persuading from the female, and sat in his chair keeping an eye on the elves while the gathered the remains the the two humans. As they headed for the door the eldest of them turned and apologised for his friends remark. The lycans payed for the damage and retired to their room for the night.

Aidan! the female said, addressing the male sternly, You have got to learn to control that temper of yours! It well be the death of you one day. Yes Ceren, my love, I know but he.

Aidan said. NO BUTS Ceren said, cutting him off. Sitting side by side on the bed stroked his dark brown fur. I don't want to loose you, she softly whispered in his ear, promise me you'll stick to the plan from know on? I will try my little blood-tear he said using his pet name for her. She giggled and went to order some food as they had not eaten do to the earlier incident, seductively swishing her tail at him before putting her cloak on. As Aidan began to remove his armor he thought back to how they had first met.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Years ago on the plains of Mobu a battle raged between the lycan clan Feuer and the clan Eis.

(Fire and Ice) The clan of fire wanted to expand their domain over the plains. The clan of ice refused to let that happen, claiming the land a neutral territory. After one of many battles a squad from the fire clan had gotten seperated from the main army.

After many hours they stumbled upon an ice squad who had also been seperated from their main force. They quickly joined in combat, for many minutes they fought until only two remained. A young fire warrior, a strong, agile fighter who's skill with his sword was unrivaled. And an young ice clan scout, her speed was that of the wind, her skill with her dual blades was only matched by her beauty.

With a howl of rage the warrior attacked with startling speed, the scout barely had time to dodge him. She quickly lashed out only to have blade meet blade. They fought on minutes turned to hours, and hours to days neither one giving ground.

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As the fourth days sun slipped from the sky they fell, their bodies completely drained, as they lay amongst the decaying remains of their fallen comrades they no longer fought each other but fought sleep, knowing if the other woke first they would surely die.

Slowly sleep overtook their motionless forms, each preparing for death. As fate would have it the young fire warrior awoke first. He rose, retreaved his sword, and walked to the sleeping scout with every intention of ending her life. But as he looked on her still form he could not find the will to kill her. Instead he securely bound her to a nearby tree, placed a alconian elk hide over her shoulders and set to the task of burying the dead and making camp.

The young female awoke to find herself restrained, and the warrior sitting by a fire roasting a small creature. As she atempted to loosen her bonds she drew the attention of the male. So you've finally awakened he addressed her with a grin.

She did not respond but looked at the area around her, noticing the eight graves each with the occupant's weapons marking who lay there. Why have you not killed me, she asked with great confusion, after all that is what you fire wolves do. The warrior laughed, Is that what your elders tell you? So you are denying that the fire clan started this war?!

The ice scout spat, clearly outraged. We are partially to blame, he responded, but no more than the ice clan. HOW DARE YOU! She yelled, My clan had nothing to do with starting this war, It was you fire warriors who tried to take more than what you needed! Well I can see you believe the stories our clan elders have told, he responded, I was part of ambassador Akilah Shadowfang's guard.

Therefore I was present at the event that began this bloody war. Would you like to hear what actually transpired, he asked her. Her curiosity peaked she agreed.

We didn't just try to take the plains, he began, the Council sent the ambassador to negotiate a deal with your elders, and explained that our current lands were becoming overpopulated, desease was becoming more common.

The ambassador even went to knee, begging for the land we so desperately needed, but your elders didn't see it that way. They accused Akilah of being a spy, the next thing we knew the council chamber was swarming with ice guards. We formed a defensive perimeter around the ambassador, We hadn't even drawn our blades when a spear was thrown.

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It struck the amassador in the chest, he died in my arms. In a rage we slaughtered every guard we could before fleeing with the ambassador's body.

The council of fire declared it an act of war, and we marched on the plains the next week, as he finished he brought her some of the meat he had prepared to her. When he handed her the food she looked into his eyes, and she knew he spoke the truth.

They sat in silence, till she spoke. He was your father, wasn't he, she asked? Yes, he was, came the reply. As she studied him, she could sense his sarrow. They talked about the war, things they wish were different, and many other things.

He learned much about her, her name was Ceren Snowpaw, she was raised in the northern woods and taught to hunt at an early age. she was called to service two years ago, the skills she learned as a pup had helped her become a scout. She learned he was Aidan Shadowfang, son of the fire clan ambassador, as noblity he was raised to be a warrior, and had been at the top of his class.

His father had been so proud and swore his son would do great things. they spoke freely, they both felt a connection that neither could explain. As the sun rose the next morning he released her and they continued to talk as they broke camp. They walked for some time when a group of fire warriors surrounded them. Well, well, well what do we have here?

The sargeant said eyeing Ceren. A female from the ice clan, he said and by her armor a scout no less. What do you want Gral? Aidan said, his annoyance clear in his voice. Ceren's eyes widened as she heard the name. (Gral Fleetclaw was known by the females of the ice clan as Gral the Vile. He was known for his interogation methods, it was said he loved to get hold of ice clan females, spending hours doing unspeakable things.) I was on patrol when I smelled an ice female an thought I would investagate, Gral said, it was so nice of you to bring me a knew toy.

She's with me, you bastard Aidan growled. So you've gone soft for an ice female Gral said, you know that makes you a traitor in my book, and you know what we do to traitors. Suddenly two of the warriors leapt at Aidan, as he blocked their attack he threw Ceren her dual blades. Together they fought their attackers, as Aidan finished of the last two warriors he heard Ceren scream.

He turned to see Gral standing over her with his sword raised to strike. Without thinking Aidan launched himself at Gral. But the older lycan was prepared and easily deflected the attack, sending Aidan into a tree, momentarily stunning the young lycan.

He came too with Gral's blade at his throat. It's time to die traitor, Gral sneered, as he raised his weapon to strike Aidan saw a shadow move from the corner of his vision. Gral's sneer turned into a look of shock as the point of a blade protruded from his chest, as his lifeless body fell Aidan saw Ceren standing there out of breath, her saphire eyes seemed to glow, her hair blew in the wind, a small cut under her left eye made it look as if she were crying blood.

She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, and in that moment Aidan knew he had found his lifemate. Well, are you just going to sit there Ceren said. Looking over the carnage they knew what their only option was.

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They left their clans and the war behind, deserters on the run. A few days later they took refuge in an old barn, having just outrun a large group of warriors their adrinaline was elevated. They crouched in the darkness, slivers of moonlight shown down through holes in the roof eluminating their faces.

Their hearts were racing as they waited silently as the group passed. As they waited their eyes met, and a wave of passion washed over them. Their lips met, first pressing gently against each other. Gradually becoming more firm, their instincts taking over. Their tongues sliped into the others mouth, swirling and wrestling. They quickly and quietly removed their armor, never breaking the embrace.

Aidan's hands slid down to massage Ceren's firm breast, his thumbs rubbing over her brown nipples, causing her moan into his mouth. He moved his right hand lightly down over her fur, the claws barely touching her skin, sending shivers down her spine.

It finally reached it's destination, her soft virgin mound, he rubbed her puffy lips sending wave after wave of pleasure up her body. Breaking their kiss he traced a line down her neck to her left nipple, flicking it with he tongue before clamping his mouth over it, sucking and licking then switching to the other breast. Ceren was in pure ecstasy as she reached down to rap her slender fingers around his dick, pumping back and forth, making him moan on her nipple.

Finally she pushed Aidan onto his back leaning down to lick the tip of his head, rolling her tongue over it before taking it into her mouth. Slowly she began to bob her head up and down, taking a little more of his length into her mouth till her nose reached his pelvis.

Ooohhh, faster Aidan moaned, his mind afroth with pleasure. He placed his hands on the back of her head forcing her to speed up. I-I-I'm g-g-going to CCCCUUUUMMMM!!!! he howled as his balls tightened sending his hot seed up his shaft, into her waiting mouth. Her shock quickly turned to hunger as she swallowed his cum, sucking and licking him clean. Ceren crawled up his body, firmly kissing him, shoving her tongue into his mouth giving him a taste of himself.

Her breast rubbed over his chest, causing him to again harden. His meat rose between her legs and began rubbing along her wet slit causing her to moan into his mouth. She reached down, guiding him in. She raised up to sit on his long shaft, with one thrust down she impailed herself, ripping through her hyman. She gritted against the pain, sitting still to adjust to having him inside her. Wanting to ease her discomfort he reach up and began to grope her mounds flicking the nipples.

She bean to grind their pelvises together as pleasure clouded her mind. She rose and slammed down over and over. I'm close, she gasped as she neared her threashold. As am I, Aidan responded nearly out of breath. Please, Ceren begged him, cum with me. Her words threw him over the edge, she felt him shooting up into her the feeling sending her into a powerful orgasm.

They shook and shivered as wave after wave of pleasure crashed over the couple. When they finally came down from their bliss, her exhausted body collapsed down onto him, before she slide off to lay next to him.

I love you Aidan, she said weakly. And I love you Ceren, he said, I will always love you. That night the two young lycans joined forever as lifemates. For three years they fought, ran, and hid from their persuers. During that time they met others of their kind who had grown tired of the bloody conflict which ravaged their clans.

They decided to join into a new clan, but as a large group would be too hard to hide it was decided to disperse until there were sufficient numbers to be able to protect themselves. A few weeks ago a runner had brought word that such numbers had been reached. He was quickly sent out with the gathering point, a small village that was well hidden from the eyes of the warring clans. Which brings us to the present situation. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A few weeks had passed sense the incident in the pub.

Aidan awoke and stretched, turning on his side he stared in awe at the beautiful figure sleeping next to him. A few moments later those glimmering blue eyes drowsily opened, What? Ceren asked with a giggle. By the ancestors, you are the most beautiful being in all the seven realms, he said, staring into her eyes. He reached up and brushed a strand of hair from her face, leaning closer he softly kissed her their tongues gently massaging each other.

She rolled on top of his hard chest, they began rubbing each others bare backs. She slowly ground her moist slit up and down his member, bringing it to life.

He grabbed her rolling on top, before sliding down, stopping to lick and suck each nipple before he continued farther down. He gently licked her soft, puffy lips, up and down her slit. She moaned with pleasure as he took her swollen clit in his mouth, softly sucking and flicking it with his tongue, driving her insane with pleasure.

As he played with her sensitive nub he drove a finger deep into her dripping wet cunt, sending Ceren over the edge, she ground into his face using her hands to force him deeper into her pussy. He greedily drank her juices sending her into another mind blowing orgasm. When she finally came down from her pleasure high, Aidan was holding her tight.

Mmmmm, that was amazing she moaned as a mischievious look crossed her face. Now it's your turn she playfully snarled, as she rolled onto his stomach.

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She swished her tail back and forth over his hardening rod. He reached up to grope her perfect breast, but she pushed them back over his head, holding them there as she leaned down kissing him over and over. Ooohhh stop teasing me he moaned as his cock throbbed painfully. Oh, here let me take care of that, she said mockingly, as she raised up and guided the throbbing rod to her love hole.

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Slowly taking in his full length till she bottomed out. He moaned in pleasure as he felt her harm velvet soft tunnel massage his dick. She began to roll her hips till he couldn't wait any more. In a flash he had her on her hands and knees holding her hips roughly ploughing her cunt doggystyle. Uh, uh, uh, he grunted with each thrust. Yeah! take it, he growled between thrusts, yeah, you like it rough don't you! Ooohhh, Y-YES, YES, GIVE IT TO ME, AAAHHH YES!

she moaned loudly. He grabbed her tail so he could go further into her wet folds, giving her an even stronger sensation of fullness, and encreasing their pleasure. Their lovemaking was now pure pleasure, pure passion, like only true lovers can. Soon Aidan felt the familiar tightening of his balls, Ceren's moans grew louder, signaling her orgasm. The intense feeling of her pulsating sent him into his own release, sending load after load of his seed into her.

As she felt his cum it only added to her pleasure, and soon they collapsed onto the bed.

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The sun was well into the sky as they again woke. They simply held each other, neither needing to speak. A few moments later they dressed and went down to order some food. They sat quietly talking amongst them selves while they ate.

Upon finishing they paid and left. Walking to the stable they drew the eyes of the village folk, their helmets gleaming, and their capes fluttered in the breeze. As they mounted their steeds and rode into the forest the villagers breathed a sigh of relief as they thought they were finally rid of the frightening strangers. As they left Ceren glanced back, feeling some remorse for the villagers as she knew their fate.


They rode deep into the forest passing a large stump they turned and rode into the trees. A little while later they emerged into a large clearing filled with an army of their bretheren. Riding between the tents, they stopped and dismounted, handing the reigns to a slave they walked into a large tent in the middle of camp.

The soldiers inside, upon seeing them, stood and saluted. Stopping at the large table in the center of the room Aiden returned the salute. General Trel are the troops ready he asked? A soldier walked to the table, his green armor was covered with the signs of many battles fought. He spoke, his voice rough and sounded as though his throat was full of gravel, a large scar on his throat gave an explaination why. Yes Lord Aidan, he said, they simply await your command. Tonight the village will be celebrating a harvest festival, Aidan said, The soldiers will be distracted and most likely drinking.

The garrison with be greatly weakened as around half of their complement will be in town with their families.

Hmm, the general pondered, this is an interesting opportunity. So what is your plan? Well, Aidan responded, I will lead Eagle Company on an attack of the garrison. While Raven and Draco companies secure the village. The rest of the forces will first surround both the garrison and the village to capture anyone trying to escape. Also inform the troops they are only to kill the soldiers, capture the civilians, the only reason to kill a civilian is if that individual attacks you, understand?

YES SIR! General Trel answered, saluting before sending the plans and message to the troops. As night fell and the festival began, the villagers and soldiers danced, drank, and made merry, unaware of their impanding doom.

Upon the stroke of midnight the Lycan army began the attack. First the main body quietly surrounded their targets, then Raven and Draco companies silently lay in wait on either side of the village. Finally Aidan and Ceren lead Eagle company to the treeline at the garrison. Ceren and a scout squad infiltrated, estimating the number of soldiers inside, then quietly dispatching the archers on the wall and opened the gate, before signalling Aidan and his men. Upon reaching the gate Aidan along with Eagle company let loose an ear shattering battle cry and charged into the garrison.

Hearing the cry Raven and Draco attacked the village. The soldiers there never stood a chance and were quickly destroyed, the villagers were then rounded up and herded into the square.

Meanwhile Eagle had their hands full as the soldiers inside had been surprised, they were still able to mount a weak defence. During the fighting Aidan noticed that Ceren held back from the fighting, only seeming to watch his back, he would have to talk to her about that later. He pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind focusing on the battle. While the soldiers had been able to mount a defence they were no match for the lycan warriors and were eventually killed, and so the village was taken most of them agreed to work for the lycans, those who did not were killed.

After the lycans settled in and began to build the clan home (basically a town within a fortress) Aidan took Ceren to their room to talk about what he noticed during the fight. Ceren, whats wrong?


He asked. You seem distracted. I was waiting for the perfect time to tell you, but I guess this is as good as any. She said, Aidan i'm with child. Aidan stood there in shock, as her words sank in he grew overjoyed. Nine months later Ceren gave birth to two fine sons, they were named Garin and Atio. The whole clan celebrated with a feast, and the proud father showed off his sons for the whole clan to see. As time went on the boys as well as the clan grew. Garin became a fine soldier, a master tactician.

Atio grew to be a great scholar, a man of wisdom. Together they built their clan into a mighty civilization, Their clan is now known and feared throughout the seven realms, for this is the story of the begining of the clan Wahrheit, The Clan of Truth.