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Sara monroe wird lange dicked
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The wind whipped around the girl's thin body. Shrieking and howling, a mixture of sleet, snow and rain struck against her face and neck like sand. Clenching her teeth and clutching her threadbare coat closer to her, she continued to stumble through the storm-strewn streets of Boston. Suddenly a light flicked on, and a voice shouted out from the darkness. "Ma'am! Are you all right?" The girl didn't answer, but half walked, half tripped closer to the light.

She felt someone actually pick her up, and carry her the rest of the way. The man smelled comferting, like cinnamon and coffee and yeast. The girl rested her head against the strong chest, and nearly dozed off. All of a sudden they were in a warm, well-lit house.

The man who had carried her was passing her over to a plump looking maid, who clucked her tounge sympathetically.

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The girl could hardly keep her eyes open, and all of her body ached with cold and pain. The maid helped her up a polished oak staircase, and into a gleaming tiled bathroom with a huge Jacuzzi like tub. The maid sat her down on a chair while the hot water ran, and shouted out to the hall way.



Get me some warm clothes from my room, double quick! Hurry child, this poor lass is freezing!" Bess, a tall, thin girl came dashing in with a thick, warm woolen nightgown.

In less then thirty seconds the two of them had the girl stripped of her ragged clothes and into the warm tub. The girl gasped as she hit the hot water. After a few seconds of inital shock, the blue slowly started to fade from her cheeks.

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Warm water was being poured down on her with a metal bucket, and Bess began to scrub the girl's filthy body. The girl seemed more awake now, and her big brown eyes had lost the hopeless tinge to them.

How long she sat there, slowly growing warm in that wonderful tub, she didn't know. She was helped out when she was clean as a whistle, and some warm underclothes were put on her. The nightgown was spotlessly clean and beautifully warm. "What's your name?" asked Bess, who seemed to be about the same age.

The girl looked at her with her big blue eyes and said the first thing since she had been in the house. "Summer. Where am I?" the girl asked, blinking at Bess and the other maid (who's name was Anna). "Copperton Manor, Summer. What on earth were you doing out there in the freezing cold? It's a lucky thing the master saw you and turned on the lights! You might've gone right by us." Bess replied. "Don't talk her ear off, Bess. You must forgive her, Miss. She's new here and dosn't know her place." said sensible Anna.

Summer shook her head slowly as her eyelids began to close. "Oh dear. Come on, Anna! Help me get her into bed." said Bess. The two maids carefully carried the young Summer into a rich, pillowy bed. Summer fell asleep almost instantly. Warm.

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She was warm. Summer sat bolt upright, and looked around the room. For a split second she didn't know where she was. Then it came back to her. Summer sank back down on the plush mattress and gazed around the richly designed room. The door opened, and Bess came in with a tray laden with breakfast. "Good morning, Miss! I see your awake. Here, have some breakfast. We have some oatmeal, toast, eggs, bacon, fruit and I sneaked something sweet for you." Bess produced a chewy chocolate chip cookie.

Summer smiled at her and wasted no time in tucking in to the delicious breakfast. Bess bustled around the room, stoking the fire and sweeping up. She plumped the pillows behind Summer's head and gave her another broad grin. "Well that was gone in a flash! If you feel better today, the Master says you might come downstairs. I'll have some clothes for you in a moment." Bess took the tray and left Summer with the cookie. Summer had hardly finished brushing the crumbs (which was all that remained of the chocolate chip cookie) from her nightgown when Bess whisked back in the room again.

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Summer swung her legs out of bed, and Bess helped her undress from the nightgown. Bess also helped her put on a thick, warm sweatshirt and some jeans. Then the two of them headed downstairs.

"Master" as the servants called him paced back and forth at the foot of the stairs. He was tall, and muscular, with an open honest face. His black curls were untidy and his green eyes were playful.

He wore a black t-shirt and black sweatpants. As Bess and Summer came down the stairs, he appraised Summer. Summer was about 5'4'', with soft blonde curls and wide blue eyes. Everything about her was petite, and she seemed much better then she was last night. She had medium sized breasts, and they fitted perfectly on her compact figure.

Her figure was seamless, flowing from one smooth curve to the next. She was undeniably thin from hunger, but she looked rather content now. No doubt the big breakfast had done her good. Bess curtsied to him, and left the room. He strode over to Summer and tilted her chin with his hand. Her blue eyes were fearful. He smiled, and bowed. "Where are my manners? My name is Josh. And your's?" he asked. Summer blushed.

"Summer." Jason smiled. "A lovely name for a lovely girl. Have you eaten?

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Good, so have I. Now, where do you come from?" The question honestly seemed to puzzle Summer. Josh led her over to a couch, and she sat down. "I'm sorry sir. I can't remember. I do remember my name is Summer though." she said.


Josh laughed. "Why are you sorry? I see no reason for you to ask for forgiveness. And don't call me Sir. Call me Josh. How did you get out in the cold in your state?" Summer's brow knotted in thought. Her blue eyes filled with tears. "I can't remember! Why can't I remember?" Josh hugged her sobbing form. "There, there. There's no need to cry, eh?" He tilted her chin and brushed away her tears with his thumb.

Summer just lay there, while Josh cuddled her. After a while, the flow of tears stopped. She shook herself out of a daze and noticed Josh had turned on the big screen TV. The two of them watched some simple cartoons for a while. It was a beautiful union. Josh had his arms around her waist, while Summer had her head on his shoulder. The two of them felt just right. Anna guided Bess from the doorway. "Shh, child, come away from there! It ain't right, let then two be." chided Anna.

Days passed. Summer grew stronger and fatter. Soon she was back up to her normal condition. Josh went out every morning for his exercise, rain or shine. On the warmest days (if there were any) Summer would join him. One bitterly cold evening sometime in January, Josh asked Summer if she would mind having dinner with him.

Summer had blushed, and accepted. Bess was bustling around the room, selecting dresses for Summer to wear. The two of them had become close friends since Summer arrived. "Summer! I seriously think you should wear the white sleeveless dress!


You look lovely in it." chided Bess. "I look like I'm about to said 'I do'. I really like this one," said Summer, pointing to a black skirt with a cream colored blouse. "You look too foreward. It's as though your saying 'Hello sir, please screw me.' Ow!" Summer had elbowed Bess, and Bess went away chuckling. That evening, Josh was dressed in a formal tuxedo that made Summer feel hideously plain. However, Josh complimented her so much on her outfit (she went with the skirt/blouse combination) that she felt like a princess; or, at least until Summer felt better.

The first course was a rich garlic and potato soup. Then, some blackened red snapped, with white wine. Some freshly picked salad with grated carrots, and then some chicken a la king with red wine. Everything was served with fluffy rolls and plenty of champagne. The dessert course was turtle brownies, drizzled over with melted white chocolate. Josh was very polite, and engaging in conversation. Summer told him all she remembered, everything. Josh told Summer about his childhood, how he longed for someone to understand how he felt.

Summer told him that she understood, and Josh laughed. They chatted, laughed and joked until the atmosphere was completely relaxing. After dinner, Josh asked her if she would like to go for a stroll around Fanual Hall. Summer accepted, and in the evening twilight, the couple oohed and aahed over exquisite wares. That evening, on the front stoop, Josh turned to Summer.

"I've had the best time since I was a child," He said, his mellow brown eyes boring into Summer's blue ones. "I want you to know that.I love you." He put his arm around her waist and kissed her softly on the lips. Summer's eyes widened, then she relaxed, and the kiss became more passsionate. Josh's hand cupped her ass cheeks, and Summer's arms were around his neck.

Their tounges danced in each others mouths, exploring gums, lips, teeth. Josh led Summer upstairs to his bedroom. With a huge, king size, canopy style bed with red velvet blankets, it looked like it belonged in the Medieval century. Josh lay her down on the bed and unzipped her skirt. He unbuttoned her blouse, and slipped off her blouse and skirt at the same time.

Gently unfastning her bra, he massaged her breasts with a gentle touch, fingertips gently brushing her nipples. Josh stopped, and pulled down her panties with his teeth.

This simple action sent shivvers down Summer's back. Josh was out of his tuxedo in a moment, and he was nibbling Summer's nipples with his teeth.

Suddenly, Summer got off the bed and knelt before him. Rubbing his cock shaft in one hand, and caressing his balls in the other, it felt like the touch of a god to Josh. Then, her small, warm wet mouth enveloped his throbbing cock.

Bathing his cock in with her tounge, she slightly tugged on his balls, while slurping more and more of his cock in her mouth. Josh felt his cock hit the back of her throat. "Ohhhh Jesus!" Josh cried, pumping into her mouth. Summer gave a delighted purr as his semen cascaded down her throat. She licked every bit of cum off his cock, and opened her mouth so Josh could see his own semen in her mouth. Then she swallowed, and wiped her chin with the back of her hand. Josh lay her down on the bed again and spread her legs.

Slowly, he started licking the inside of her thighs, working lightly upwards, until he reached the puffy outer lips of her sex. Increasing his tempo, he licked a little harder, and then Summers pussy lips opened, revealing a juicy, moist clit with her vagina dripping juices. Nibbling and slurping, Josh began to eat her out, every so often hitting her clit with his tounge, hearing Summer's gasp, and feeling her back arch in pleasure.

Summer's fingers found their way into Josh's hair, and shoved his face into her pussy with sqeals of pleasure. Josh kept relentlessly licking, until he felt Summer's earth-shaking orgasm wrack her body. Summer's screams of estacy melted down to moans of pleasure. Josh had her kneel on the bed, and Summer felt his cock head poking her pussy.

Josh didn't know if she was a virgen or not, so he gently fed his cock into her grasping pussy, inch by inch.

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Josh did not feel his cock hit her hymen, to he started a gentle, rocking pace. Summer began to hump back against him, and soon the two of them were wildly fucking, cries of pleasure echoing around the room.

Summer's young body shook with a tremendous orgasm for the second time that night, and that set Josh off too.

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Gasping, they collapsed against the bed, turning around face to face. Josh kissed Summer, and the two of them fell asleep. Morning came far too early. Summer woke up, and found that Josh was gone. She lay against the bed and sighed. Sometimes he was here, and sometimes he wasn't. But she decided to act upon the times he was here. Settling back against the pillows, her fingers found their way to her pussy, still dripping from last nights wild fucking.

Want any more? I was thinking about adding a few more chapters, maybe including Bess? PM me if you have any specific ideas. Ciao.