Convite para assistir jogo de futebol

Convite para assistir jogo de futebol
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I made my way through "Artisan". Call me weak, but I found it easier than the clubs. Lounges are the easiest for a quick "elixir" fix, but this bar was peculiar; special. "Hey, Rachael." "Um, do I know you?" she's puzzled. "You will." I snickered and continued as I turned my focus and body away from her; resting my back and elbows on her table; as she took a sip of her drink.

"Paul was right, you are the hottest one in the spot tonight." "Hmm,(typical) Thanks. Oh wait, Paul-the bouncer working the door?" She signaled her girlfriends to remind her to address Paul about my indecent intrusion.

I just turned my head and looked at her with a casual smile just in time to meet her head turning back to me. "So, that's how you.", she said.

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I interrupted, "Listen, you might be hot; but that's all the compliments you're getting out of me tonight. Besides, I'm not really into woman with big feet." Right then, I took a sip of her drink and placed it back on her table.


"(WTF) Really!?!" her hand on her hip as she continued. "Hey, (finally, a live one) you have some nerve!" Noticing that I didn't even budged nor turned her way, she came off her stool and faced me; shoving my shoulder a little. "Hey, there's no reason to get violent.

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I'm just saying, I know you had some rough times with those ski's growing up." Her girlfriends giggled, as she fired up,"Oh, like you were mister suave, handsome and sophisticated your whole life!" I turned and picked up her drink again,"Handsome yes; cute even." I took a quick sip, this time I held on to it. "So, barefoot water sking shouldn't be a problem for you, right?

Because I always wanted to go." She grabbed her purse and slapping my arm per word,"You- fucking- ass- hole-!" Her girlfriends were cry-laughing.

One almost fell off her stool. "Hey, watch it! You're going to spill your drink.", I giggled. "Give me that!", she snatched her drink out of my hand. "Wow, you don't have to snatch." I just seen my friend come in, caught her eye and signaled that I would be over to her soon.


Then I turned my attention to Rachael's girlfriends,"How do ya'll take her out anywhere with that attitude. Anyway, I got to get to my friend soon, but check this out: What do you do if you recognize a guy from the bar staring at you all night, now following you home?" Rachael jumped in,"I would so kick his ass!" Her friends giggled.

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I rolled my eyes at her,"Okay Ms.little Karate Kid part I, II, III & IV. Stop interrupting and let me finish." I patted the top of her head, as she swatted my hand away, folded her arms and sulked in her stool. "[And stop pouting. Okay, here it is, my stripper ex-girlfriend called me franticly. Said she thinks she's being followed. I told her get off at the next exit, turn four corners on one block, then get back on the highway.

She said they were still behind her; said she was getting scared. I told her to be calm. She said she thinks she recognize that hot rod muscle-car from the strip club parking lot. I told her to keep on the highway and I'll call her back.

I called my best buds; I mean, these guys would fight for me in a minute. And I would for them. Since they were closer to her, I had them find her while I got a jacket on and ran out to my mustang. I called her back on three-way and asked her what number exits were in front of her.

She was heading towards my way. My boys said they see her and sped up in their Ford 4x4 construction truck. I told them keep their distance, I don't want any accidents. She said the guy in the hot rod sped up next to her and was taunting her. By that time, I was driving parallel to the highway, so I told her to pull out the next exit. I saw her coming out in front of me and the asshole in the hot rod behind her.

I sped up just in time to tail clip that asshole's car. It spinned around until it was reverse, just to meet my boy's truck, that was coming to a screeching stop in front of him. I jumped out my car, slammed the door and jumped onto his car hood. He jumped in his bucket seat as I slide over the hood to get over to the driver's door. My boy said to chill. I told them to fuck off and noticed a metal pipe in the caddy of his truck.

I went for it and slammed the shit of the asshole's windshield. He opened his door a bit and yelled "The fuck man". I yelled back fuck you and kicked it close; then signaled him to get the fuck out of here. He peeled off and I went to see if my ex was alright.

She was in tears, but shook her head yes. I cradled her head in my arms, then drove her home.]" Rachael and her girlfriends' eyes were wide, as if they were watching a movie at the theater. Rachael picked up her jaw from her table, "Did she recognize the guy?" "I don't know, who cares. Who would ask a dumb question like that?" Her friends crackled at my joke.

Rachael whined, "Well, I just thought." I mimicked her, "Well, I just thought. Now you got me worried. What else you got going on besides your beauty?" "Well, I got a bachelor's degree in blah blah blah." She went on telling me her life story as I drifted off. I felt it coming again. The urge, the desire.

The moon must have came out. I could feel her passion ignite inside her. "YES!", I demanded. "Oh! I don't know anyone that felt as enthused about cute stuffed animals as I do!", Rachael startled me out of my trance just to enough to acknowledge her presence.

"Rachael, baby?" My humming low-toned voice and dreamy eyes put her in a trance, as she purred, "Yes?" "Let's get out of here.", I said as I took her hand and got up. "Oh, okay." she replied, still in a trance & trying to keep up; searching to stare deep into my eyes again. I hailed a yellow cab, held the door for her; and got in. "Where to?" "The Bronx, the long way.", I handed the cab driver a $50. I caught Rachael still staring at me.

I signaled come hither with my index finger. She leaned in as I seductively tap-kissed her lips. "Okay, that's all you get for now." I teased. She moaned and motioned closer to me; taking her own hand laying it on my inner thigh; comfortablely. I ran my hands through her shoulder length-dark hair, sensually tap-kissed her with some resounding moans. "Okay, that's your last one." That pushed her lust for me to another level, as she hooked her free arm around my neck and laid back in the cab seat.

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I could feel the cab driver's eyes on us. I caught his lustful glare in the rear view. "Pay attention to road!", I demanded between my teeth as Rachael was biting and pulling my bottom lip. She took her hand and made her way to groping the imprint bulge of my cock in my jeans. "Ooh, slow down baby.", I said; she cooed in disappointment.

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"Patience my pet. I have some things to show you.", I hummed those whispered words in her ear. I needed my prey to be salivatingly soaking in her own sexually secreted juices in order to enjoy a good meal. "Listen baby, did I tell you… about the story of my friend John… and his roommate… in his Soho apartment?" I hummed softly in her ear.

She purred with her eyes closed, "No, what happened?" With my warm palms just touching the edge of her hairs on her neck gave her goosebumps.

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"[Well, his friend… she noticed something unusual… when she listened to him talk. Like, she would… become aware… of the sound… of his voice.]" "Yeah?" "[Yeah… she could also hear… the other sounds… around her.

For example… this taxi's humming motor… and she would become aware… of the rising and falling of her chest… and the slight nodding of her head… as she listened to him… and the deep, deep richness of his voice… and as she became aware… of all these things… like, the pressure of her hand as it grabbed the cab seat… and the outline of his face as she watched him speak… her attention would become riveted… on a very unique detail of his face… his bright pink lips seemed… to capture her attention… so that as she focused… more and more on his lips… she became more and more fascinated by what… he had to say… more and more captivated and totally enraptured by this experience of him… that she was having… and as she allowed herself to realize these things… she could also feel a deep longing within herself for him… to feel his touch… his gentle touch across her face.]" I reached and gently stroked her face with the back of my hand.

She moaned with her eyes pleasantly closed, "Mmmm, you're such a tease". "[And as she felt this touch and her eyes closed with the pleasure of it… her breathing began to deepen, and her heart began to pound… to pound with the rich… deep warmth of his voice… the rich, deep warmth began to spread… began to pound through her chest… and through her belly button… and deep through her thighs… as the warmth and the wetness and the deep rich pounding of her most burning erotic place.

the pounding burning place… that longed to be filled, ached to be filled… filled with his throbbing rock-hard member… and as she felt these things… deeper and deeper and even more intensely… the feeling of his hand as it touched her thigh… let her know that she would open herself to this man completely… give herself to him… at the time he chose to take her…]" I carefully caressed and massaged all her erogenous zones through the course of the whole ride.

"We're here.", the cab driver said. "Thanks." "Aawwh.", she pouted "What I told you about that?", I snapped at her. "Yes, daddy.", as a smirk came across her face.

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