Solo dildo gagging first time girlduddys toying each other

Solo dildo gagging first time girlduddys toying each other
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As We got closer, I saw that it was not the camp owners waiting for us, but our bosses. Trey's boss, Steve, was short and skinny, brown hair and brown eyes. Not impressive to say the least.

Then where was my boss, Caleb. He was a little taller than me and has a toned and tanned body. He had blonde shaggy hair and green eyes. He was 21 and a punk-skater type.

As I jumped out of Trey's pick-up truck I felt Trey trying to grab my hand, but instead I ran up to Caleb and messed up his hot, shaggy hair.

"Sorry, Caleb." I whispered in his ear in my sexiest voice possible. Then as I tried walking way I felt someone grab my wrist violently. As I was pulled backward I could see the pissed-off look on Caleb's face. "I've been waiting out here for 3 hours, Alexia." He said. I felt nervous and did not know what to say.

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"I said I was sorry!" I said defensively, "You didn't tell the owners yet, did you?" Caleb then gave me a cocky look and said, "No, not yet at least." I was infuriated, not at myself but at Trey for putting me in this position. I started walking away again and realized that Trey and his boss had already left.

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"Where are you going?" Caleb asked. I answered hatefully, "To pack my stuff." "Oh, and why is that?" he asked, again cocky. I got right up in his face and said, "Your obviously sending me home, and I'd rather not make a scene." Then he pressed his body against mine.

"Who said I was going to tell on you?" he asked. I rolled my eyes and started walking back to my room when I heard him run up to me and bock my way. "I won't tell as long as you tell me where you were," he said.

I bit my lip nervously and decided to tell him. "If you must know, me and Trey were fucking at a motel, okay?" I said matter-of-factly and began to walk again. He grinned and started walking with me. The parking lot where we were standing was completely silent.

I decided to sit on the stairs leading up to the rooms and relax, but Caleb had other plans for me. He sat down right next to me and looked me in the eyes.

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"So, how was he?" he asked laughing. I rolled my eyes and pushed his shoulder. "Fabulous," I said laughing, "but I guess he wants me as like, his girlfriend or something now." Caleb made me feel so relaxed and calm, like a best friend. "He must be crazy to want you as a girlfriend." he said laughing harder than before.

Everyone knew that I hated to be tied down, unless it involved roleplay or sex. "I could be a good girlfriend!" I said in response to his laughing. "Oh yeah, tell me one thing a girlfriend would do." Caleb said seriously. I thought about it, then I leaned into him and gave him a romantic kiss, nothing messy about it. I ran my fingers through his sun-kissed blonde hair.

With Caleb I felt like it was natural. Then I remembered why I had never hooked up with him: he was a virgin. I pulled away and started to get up and leave when he pulled me back to him. "I'm not a teenager, Lexi, I'm a virgin," he said, almost reading my mind, "you don't have to stop." He looked me in the eyes again and I wanted to fuck him right then.

"What would you do with me if I weren't a virgin?" he asked, again reading my mind. He was older than me, by 3 years, and I had never had sex with a virgin, what if he sucked? "Just- stop." I said. But before I knew it, he was carrying me into his room. His room was a lot bigger than mine, and luckly, he didn't have a roommate. He took of his shirt and gave me about 20 seconds to admire it before he turned off the lights.

He lay me on his bed next to him and held me in his arms. Then his hands started to wander to my breasts, I am a tiny girl: 5'7-ish and around 110 lbs, but somehow I had managed to grow into a 30 C.

He took off my shirt and bra quickly, as if he couldn't wait any longer. He rubbed my nipples and then brought his head down to nibble on them.

I moaned as he sucked on them and I started to get wet. I brought his head up to mine and lay him down on his back. Slowly I kissed and sucked my way down to his jean zipper. Then I quickly tore off his jeans to find his major erection. He was bigger than Trey, which was amazing.

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I started moving my hand up and down the bottom of his dick and then I started licking and teasing the tip of his hardened member. I started inching my mouth further and further down and making large circles with my tongue.

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He moaned with pleasure once I had him in my mouth whole. I kept going deeper and faster, then after about 10 minutes, he let go in my mouth. I swallowed him cum whole as he grabbed my hips and brought me on top of him. He kissed me and moaned once more as I let my tits dangle in front of him. Then he pushed me down in his spot as he climbed on top of me.

"Are you sure?" I asked, surprised that I even cared. He grinned at me and slipped my jean skirt off and into the darkness of the room. Then he took his index finger inside me and let his thumb rub my clit. I knew he could feel how wet I was because then he replaced his fingers with his huge dick. Slowly he inched inside me and within 3 minutes he was completely inside of me.

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He let out a loud moan as my back arched up. I let out a heavy breath of air as he began rocking my body slowly at first. It felt amazing, not being pounded, but slowly he began to pick up the pace and going faster and deeper. He started taking his whole shaft out of me and slamming it back in at full force. I was moaning, but trying to be quiet, knowing other people weren't far.

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Finally I came and let out one huge moan, letting out all my juices onto his hard dick. Seconds after, Caleb came too and I felt another orgasm come over me, having his cum explode inside me felt awesome. He collapsed on top of me as I ran my fingers through his shaggy hair again.

"I should go." I whispered into his ear, letting my hot breath hit his neck. He grabbed by body and held it close. "Stay the night Alexia." he said, out of breath. I almost forgot it was his first time, he was so amazing. I still knew I had to go if I didn't want to get in trouble. I slipped out from under him and grabbed my clothes and stated putting them on, one by one. "I'll walk you." he said. I thought he had passed out already, but there he was, fully clothed and wanting to take my hand.

I let him kiss me goodnight when we reached my door, but I promised myself that I wouldn't get attached this summer. As I walked in the door I saw Kayla, with Pringles and a note in her hand.

"OH MY GOD! HOW WAS IT?!" she screamed in her loud annoying voice. I rolled my eyes and lay on my own bed, for once.


I put my arm over my eyes to block her out, but she sat at the end of my bed. "Trey dropped this off for you!" she said, holding the obviously opened note up to my face.

I looked at her up and down and grabbed the note out of her hands: 'To Lexi. From Trey.' I sighed and remembered how hot he looked earlier today. 'Today was cool, I'm glad you picked me out of all the other guys this summer. I know it means a lot to you, and it means a lot to me too. I really like you Alexia. - Trey.' I looked up at Kayla as I crumpled it up and waved it in her face. "Want it?" I said, throwing it over to her bed.


Honestly, I was already bored with Trey, and Caleb seemed to have more to offer. I decided to look at my phone and see if anyone had called. I looked into the screen and say the black words spell out that I had one new voicemail. "Hey hottness, it's Logan. I'm here at camp, and you are too. Call me when you get this." Logan kane was at camp. Sorry Caleb.