On The Cock While On The Clock

On The Cock While On The Clock
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PART 2: For the next fifteen years, Rebecca was continuously pregnant. She had twenty-five children in total. There were two sets of twins, and one set of triplets. Rebecca was now twenty-seven, and Hank was fifty-five. When Precious turned twelve, Hank began to breed her also. She had three babies of her own. Rebecca's next three children after Precious were boys, so he had to wait until Hope was twelve until he could start impregnating another girl.

There were twenty-eight children in the house, seventeen girls, and eleven boys.


Hank had stopped trying to home school them when the teacher he had hired tried to turn him in to the police. Hank had the man… dealt with, and since then, he had taught his children to read, and that was it. All of the children had electric shock collars around their necks to keep them from ever trying to leave, even if they had wanted to. Just before his fifty-six birthday, Hank had suffered from a heart attack.

Having no way of calling for an ambulance without the authorities finding out what was going on in the house, Rebecca had had to watch her father die.

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All of his money was in cash in the house, so there was nothing to worry about financially or legally. The three oldest boys had dug a grave for their father in the back yard. Now that there was no father in the house, the three oldest boys would take over his responsibilities. They were now the ones who would get the girls pregnant. Rebecca was done having children, but Precious and Hope and the other girls were just getting started.

The Stensons continued this tradition until Rebecca passed away of cervical cancer at age forty-five. At that point there were ninety-three of them living on the compound. The three oldest boys, Hank Jr., Ryan, and Jamie were now thirty-two, thirty-one and thirty.

They had each fathered over twenty children with their sisters. All of Rebecca's children had had children, and now it was time to start breeding their children, Hank's grandchildren.

Hank Jr., the head of the family, was just as perverted as his father, so when he took over as man of the house, things changed. The first thing he did was hire a plastic surgeon to give all the girls breast implants. All the girls over the age of twelve now had double D cup breasts.


He then took each of the girls one by one and tattooed their right breasts with "Property of Hank Stenson". He instructed all of the girls to call him Daddy, even if he wasn't their father. Everyone in the house walked around completely naked, and all of the girls had vibrating dildos inside their pussies at all times.

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Hank Jr. got off frequently on their cries of orgasm when they sat down and the dildos shifted to massage their g-spots. Once Precious stopped being able to get pregnant, Hank Jr. had to find other uses for her. He experimented on her in many ways. He used her to see how big he could stretch a pussy.

He found that he could fit a 2 Liter soda bottle inside her before her skin started to rip. He used electric current to bring her to violent orgasms. He hogtied her to the ceiling for an entire day, tying ropes around her breasts so that the swelled into hard purple balls.

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He choked her and gagged her, and poured hot wax over her entire body. He held her head under water while shoving his fists into her ass. One day however, he went too far. He had put two dildos in her ass and two in her pussy and was shoving his cock into her pussy and holding his hands around her neck.

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He was cumming so hard that he didn't realize she was signaling that she needed to breathe. Her lips were turning blue as he was releasing load after load into her cunt.

When he was finished, she was lying motionless on the ground. He slapped her face to wake her up but she didn't move. He checked for a pulse and realized she was dead. Strangely, upon this discovery he was not sad or disappointed, but rather his dick hardened again and he was completely turned on by the idea of fucking a corpse.

Now he could do anything to her body and wouldn't have to worry about hurting her. He tied her ankles to the ceiling and tied her arms to the walls so that she was hanging spread eagle upside down.

Then he stuck his hand into her cunt, which was still warm and wet, and reached down as deep as he could. He punched through her cervix and into her womb. His arm was inside her up to his elbow. With his other hand he stroked his cock hard, and climaxed, spraying his cum all over Precious's dead face. Then he sucked her pussy dry of all its delicious juices.

He bit down on her clit, drawing blood. He was surprised to find that he enjoyed the taste, and began drinking it down, sucking from her body.

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He lowered himself to the level of her breasts and bit into them. He bit her neck and her stomach and drank at least a gallon of her delicious red blood.

He came over her three more times, until her body started to become cold. Then he untied her and put her body into the freezer for later use.

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He had had the best orgasms of his life over his dead sister, and now he knew what he would do to all of his sisters when they stopped being able to have children. He explained away her death to all the others saying that she had had a heart attack like her father, it must be a genetic condition. After two more children, Hope discovered that she too was unable to get pregnant anymore.

Hank took her down to the basement and tied her up to a chair. He opened the freezer and removed Precious's lifeless body. He unwrapped it from its freezer burn proof bag and carried the corpse over to Hope. She was so horrified that she was unable to make a sound. Hank lay the body down in front of Hope and took a knife out of his belt. He cut into Precious's stomach and began to remove her organs. When he had taken out the liver, he turned to Hope.

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"I hope you're hungry," he smiled evilly. Then he took the liver over to the stove and began to cook it. Hope struggled in her chair, trying to free herself to run away from her psychotic brother, but she was unsuccessful. She sat helpless as he cut up pieces of the liver and forced them into her mouth, holding her mouth shut and pinching her nose so she as forced to swallow or be suffocated.

She choked down pieces of the meat until Hank was satisfied. Then he untied her and took her over to the torture room he had built. He sat her down on a table with an iron pole attached that impaled her pussy. He forced her all the way down on it so that it tore through her cervix and imbedded deep inside her.

She could not move without shooting pains erupting through her body. He pinned her arms behind her back, and clamped her legs to the table, spread wide so her clitoris was easily accessible. Then he put a ball gag in her mouth and wrenched her head back by her hair, tying it down to the table so she couldn't raise her head. He then lowered himself to her pussy and began sucking on her clit. Blood was dripping out of her cunt from the wounds from the pole, and he eagerly drank it up. Then he bit down on her clit, drawing blood from it which he also drank.

Unable to move without fatally injuring herself, she was helpless in his hands. Slowly he drained the blood from her body until she became weak and her body went limp and she fell unconscious. He then climbed up on the table and removed the ball gag from her mouth. He shoved his cock don her throat and pumped hard, pinching her nose to cut off her air.

As he climaxed into her, he felt the life leave her body. He pumped two more loads into her corpse, and then took her body to the freezer to join her sisters. He heard a noise behind him and turned around angrily to see his brother Ryan watching him. "How long have you been there?" he demanded.

Ryan grinned. "The whole time." He motioned to the puddle of cum on the ground from where he had gotten off on his sister's murder. "Next time invite me, you bastard," he chuckled.