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Bukkake porno gratis
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&hellip.Sophie was being ravished now by 3 hugely endowed animals determined to fulfil their dark hidden and deepest carnal desires outside of their marriages.

All poor Sophie could do was relent. Tensing only intensified what she was now beginning to physically feel …protesting only increased the ferocity of her attackers.

They used her like conquering army with a captured whore&hellip.no respect, no mercy and no concern. Hannah wasn't being treated any better as the 7th and 8th rapist had taken possession of her person. She had been sat on top of one as the other reamed her anal opening with great vigour. Both women were sweating profusely and hovering in and out of consciousness.

The smell of female sweat and the odour of female juice mixed with man drove their attackers into an unearthly frenzy. Sophie boobs had swollen almost twice their original size and her nipples were raw pink flushed red from excitement and distended over an inch and a half&hellip.sore very tender to the point that her attackers chest hair and muscled chest which encased her upper frame caused wave after wave of tingling bone rattling orgasms on their own.

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Her pussy and anal opening were red raw and so tender that even the coolest little breeze that swirled between every hammering injection of dick caused goose pimples on top of the orgasmic spasms rifling within her body time and time again. Her mind had blown a fuse…if any…and was in conflict with itself and body if whether to enjoy…hurt…die…attack back or just be numb.

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Hannah on the other hand had embraced her rape and now she became the rapist&hellip.her body wanted man and man toys and plenty of it. She wanted her 2nd rapist back to punish his dick with all her body for this rude awakening. She bucked and rocked side to side on number 7 whilst squeezing the 8th dick so hard that even if he came in her bowls, he wouldn't be able to go flaccid…she was in control&hellip.her mind now on a level. She grasped the 7th by his shoulders and rode him with vengeance whilst jailing the 8th in her anus…the men suddenly realised they weren't in control any longer…&hellip.these two then knew fear.

What had they all done to this woman&hellip.her auburn hair flayed as her head went side to side in pleasure her mouth opened slowly like a viper staging a strike and the look in her face changed from victim to banshee&hellip. Hannah under the fading light transformed and now she was the attacker&hellip.empowered by sexual release and with ample victims at her disposal&hellip.she refused to be the victim any longer.

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The men tried to reassert their selves but her body wanted sex and much more than they offered. Her pussy …now swollen and tender &hellip.her clitoris now rigid&hellip.her boobs swollen, sensitive and wanting&hellip.drove her body to give in to her inner beast.


She milked their members with all her might and refuse to release them&hellip.this little woman now held down her attacker and arrested the others dick with her sweet ass.

Sophie had no such determination and was the victim but her attackers were so engrossed in her rape little did they notice the changing scene just a few yards away nor did they understand the grunts or groans not coming from their friends but from unleashed she-devil.

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Sophie was being fucked but the 7th and 8th were being fucked over. Hannah's victims finally freed themselves from her throws and sat watching as she got up and strode over to her 2nd attacker. She reached out from behind him grabbing his hair…pulling him down on his back before straddling his face and grinding her pelvis on his mouth driving her pussy hard onto his exploring tongue before engulfing his dick deep in her mouth.

She sucked his member harder than she had ever blown any lover…savouring his manhood teasing it back into life&hellip.she wanted it&hellip.he had no choice.

He never saw her coming but certainly felt the exquisite silky tenderness of her hot wet mouth envelope his dick and swallow it until his ball sack felt her nose burying itself between its two fruits. She bobbed her head with so much energy and slurped at it so loud that Sophie's ordeal ended almost immediately&hellip.she passed out and just flopped over as her attackers now noticed something different.

Hannah only stopped long enough to grab the nearest dick in her hand and furiously began to stroke it. The men hooted and howled with joy as they closed in for their turn at the hands of this she-bitch except for the two she had turned on&hellip.they still sat looking in amazement at her changed personality, slightly shaking from uncertainty and too confused to say anything to they other men. Hannah worked with what she had a hold of and felt its tension before it exploded all over her hand&hellip.the warm, thick glob of male seed running down her fingers just made her drive her aching pussy harder against his mouth.

He worked titanically against her wriggling captive but she was gaining upper ground easily with shake of her hips…some one knelt down behind her and lined up his dick for an assault in her anal cave but she as soon as she felt his huge bulberous head against its opening she rammed herself back…taking the potential rapist off guard.

She rammed his tool deep into her already prepared hole and squeezed with so much force the rapist cried out himself.


This took everyone by surprise and raised the stakes… Game was on&hellip. Who dominated whom was now the order. And she had embraced their rules of engagement and added her own. She refused to let rapist 2 go…biting his dick every time he tried to move from under her or remove his mouth from its new home&hellip.her pussy.

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She soon had him under control because her bites were not tender but with as much venom as they had delivered to her and Sophie when they first took them. She bucked and rocked herself to a delicious orgasm before releasing her victim from her anus&hellip.Two more moved in too remove her from their companion but she spun around too quick for them to grasp and implanted number 2's dick in her sopping pussy whilst digging her nails into his chest.

He screamed in agony as her nails drew blood&hellip.this caused his friends to grasp her again and pull up but she wrapped her shapely creamy thighs around his waist locking her heels together and pulling herself onto his suffering dick even harder causing the pair to be lifted together before being dropped back to the ground with her on top…as she opened her legs before they hit the ground. His friends were besides their selves with laughter at what was transpiring before them.

Hannah was fucking her rapist within an inch of his own life and now he was the one screaming&hellip.not in control any longer…just the others hadn't realised yet.

She was well and truly possessed as she beckoned the others to approach&hellip.she wanted more.


Her wish was fulfilled and so was both hands and her mouth. Sophie began to stir&hellip.coming round from her ordeal. She sat up and watched but not in horror this time.

She had been liberated with that threesome…just she was sure what she was feeling at the moment. She was enjoying the show when one of the men grabbed her by the hair&hellip.it was a mistake…he might as well slapped his wife who was 4 times heavier than he and ruled their roost. Sophie yelped but grabbed him by his balls and pulled him to her.

She licked his nut bag with a vengeance and savoured the taste. It wasn't long before his dick was being blown like he had never known&hellip.she licked…sucked…stroked…teased…deep throated…and caressed lovingly and with intent. He came in spasms within moments as she swallowed every drop not wasting one minute sperm.

Sophie now realised what she wanted……more. She wanted man seed and she too had victims. No sooner than she had blown one, she beckoned another. Both women retaliated with venom&hellip.far more aggressively than the men had shown at any point and to make matters worst it started to rain.

Wet bodies were everywhere and like some kinky movie set&hellip.sliding all over one another…defining every curve…every muscle…lubricating every female hole more than the natural flow of cum or sperm&hellip. Do you want a Part 3. Finally ?