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Smiling teen and small man dominated xxx bitty bopper gets a scare
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Chapter 1: The Georgia Fitzroys James and his parents, Ashley and Derek: To say that James was sheltered was, at best, an understatement. Growing up on a farm in rural north Georgia to a couple of strict, religious parents who homeschooled did not offer him much in the way of being able to socialize and learn the things that other kids were talking about.

By the time he had reached what would be Middle School for most kids, he was on to High School. This was a product of dual situations colliding. James was certainly an average intellect, probably a real solid Advanced Placement student had his parents sent him to public school with a certain flair for equations but having a genius Mom that pushed him academically coupled with the lack of much of a normal childhood made James's academic abilities stand out considerably.

The kid was working out equations that was turning academic's heads by the time he was twelve, writing papers about it by thirteen. James did not realize how abnormal this was.


James was perhaps one of the most sheltered children in the world. He was not allowed on the internet. There was no television in the house. So, when it came to sex, James was naive. He knew males had a penis and females had a vagina and he had seen farm animals mate, but he knew no females outside of his Mother and had no concept of human sexual interactions.

So, when at fourteen, he was recruited by the University of Georgia to study Mathematics his parents declined on his behalf. His Mom could never let him go alone and she couldn't very well move down to Athens and leave her husband Derek to tend the farm alone.

Yet, Ashley knew that her son would get the same call about the same time next year and the next. She knew that he would go down to Athens and the culture shock would be bracing. She was concerned that the homegrown values that she and her husband Derek had instilled in James would be gone with the first bleach blonde to drag him to bed.

It could not be done. It simply couldn't. In the meantime, James sulked in his room. He was so very disappointed and so desperately curious about life in the outside world.

His Mom was very open and told him many things, but he wanted to experience them for himself. He wanted to eat a falafel and not just read about one. He wanted to watch a baseball game, not just hit a ball with a bat in the yard. He wanted some experiences that were not mediated by a book. This frustration turned into depression over time. At first it was just the blues here and there. Then it became a deeper sadness that took him.

Then it became despair. Night after night, Ashley and Derek watched their son mentally wither. They saw that he was consumed with his sadness. This required action. "You've got to call her." Derek said. His face was pale and drawn.

The worry lines on his brow were evident. Ashley hated to see him stressed like this. She cuddled up next to him on their bed and put her head on his shoulder. "Are we sure it is at that point? It has been twenty years Honey." She said to Derek. She wasn't sure of how she should feel and so it came out awkward and confused. 20 years of silence between her and her sister was festering, anger over hurt emotions and broken words simmered underneath the surface mixing with sadness and grief over the state of her son that she knew she bore some burden for.

"Exactly, it has been twenty years. Maybe we can work it out finally and bury the hatchet." Derek had been hurt too and it shown on his face. Ashley knew he was serious and knew thatif he was, then it really may be time for them all to lay aside some pain, but it was boiling in her blood and so she leapt up from the bed, stood with her feet shoulder with apart, and emphatically gestured, "She STOLE him from me.

I know, you know. You know how it is supposed to work in this family. Don't you ever get a little angry that he STOLE her from you? I know we ended up with each other and that has been amazing, but what about our traditions?

Seven generations and they just threw it away! How can we go back on that? How can we get back what they've thrown away!" Derek rose up from the bed and pointing at Ashley said, "I know…" softer he said, "I know… its just that we have a family of our own now. You know exactly why James is depressed. What is he supposed to do? We have to take care of him. We have to find out if…" "I KNOW!" Jamie said cutting him off. She plopped down on the bed and pulled him in. They began kissing.

The situation required action, and that required planning and focus which they would have more of after they made love. Either way, at some point soon, Ashley would have to call upon her sister after twenty years of silence. She would have to call Amanda and pray that things had gone better for her than they had for Ashley. Amanda and Thomas "Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh! Ohhhh!" she exclaimed as Thomas licked the delicate skin at the top of her delicate flower.

She loved it when he flicked her clit with his tongue oh so lightly. She was on orgasm number two and was anticipating at least two or three more before this evening was done and she could sleep. He got up and pulled her to the edge of the bed.

"I've got to have you now." He said, desire in his eyes. This man having this much desire at his age just made Amanda all that much hotter. "Fill me with your seed. I want another baby, Daddy! She said, passion showing in her eyes. Thomas chuckled, "Well, you know the way it works. If we have one, we will need another later." He smiled, she smiled, and he thrust.

"Ohhh!" Amanda exclaimed. After twenty years he still felt impossibly big. She felt full, complete, desired, loved, and wanted.

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All of the things a woman her age should feel. He was still virile, even with his white chest hair he had a chiseled physique, and she was fertile and full breasted, maybe slightly overweight, but still a looker if one was looking. He was working himself into her in a figure eight pattern.


It drove her crazy and she rewarded him with moans and the occasional scream. As he was working towards release, the phone rang. "Oh hell." She swore momentarily distracted from her revelry. "Ignore it, I'm almost there. They'll call back if it is important." He said groaning. And indeed, he released launching his seed into her Venus mound deep. It began its journey yearning to connect with an egg and start a new life.

And indeed, the phone rang again. The Call Amanda sat on the bed tears in her eyes. She sat there full of cum, guilt, pleasure, happy memories, and sad memories all at once.

All she could do was to cry. Thomas held her close and just let her emotions work out. They knew they had done wrong so long ago, but it had always felt right. So long as they did not think about or talk about Ashley and Derek, they did not miss them too much.

No, those emotions were left to Amanda when Thomas was out of town and for Thomas when he was without Amanda.

Now the morning would bring Ashley and Derek back again. And so, two houses had restless evenings. So, Thomas made certain the coffee was hot when Derek and Ashley walked up on the veranda. Good mornings were said, maybe a little overly stiff for a gathering of family, and coffee was poured. Then there was silence for a moment. Amanda never could stand for silence and so she spoke. "James, meet your Grandfather and your Aunt Amanda." Ashley said icily.

Run in the house and go meet your cousins. We have some business to discuss. James hurried inside, confused but glad to be out of a tense situation. "Have you finally forgiven me, sister?

Can you ever forgive me?" Amanda said. She was somewhere between contrite and combative. There was anger both ways here, she knew she had been wrong, but surely Ashley had done some wrong too. "That's how we want this to start, Amanda? Like this? Okay…" Ashley moved to the edge of her seat, clearly irritated. "You know the family history. You know it runs all the way back to Henry Fitzroy and has run all the way to now. You know it survived crossing the Atlantic and settling her, but it COULDN'T SURVIVE YOUR ITCHY CUNT COULD IT?

Could it,Amanda? You always had to have what you wanted, and you wanted Daddy so you took him and made sure he knocked you up! You made sure I could never have him!" And so, it was said, all that Ashley had been holding in was out.

Derek looked away sheepishly. Her father Derek just looked down. Amanda stood. She looked her in the eye. "Yeah, I did. I wanted him and I got him drunk and I let him fill my 15-year-old cunt up to the brim and I got myself knocked up. I fell in love, okay.

It was about more than the tradition at that point. I still love him." She reached her hand out for Thomas and Thomas took it. "He was more than willing to take you too. We could have shared…" At that point Ashley rose up out of her chair in anger. "THAT ISN'T OUR TRADITION, AMANDA!

That isn't how we do it. The oldest daughter gets her Father's seed and no one else.

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That is how the line is reckoned. It's not supposed to be some god damned orgy. Its supposed to be a God ordained gift to our family line and you sullied it and made it disgust.

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"Now wait just a minute." Thomas arose motioning them to sit with his palms facing down. "As always, you're right Ashley, but your also wrong. We don't know everything about the past. Needless to say, we have blessed seed and traditions that go with that, but no one ever said we couldn't enjoy a taste or two outside of our assignment.

Look at it like this, if we weren't supposed to be together would Amanda and I have six kids? Of course, that won't work because we're supposed to have mating pairs for each kid, but we are working hard at it but what if it didn't happen? What if we had to put a group of three together or, God forbid, we had to marry one off outside the family?

We're not going to let our kids suffer because of things they can't control, are we? The past is the past. We're sorry for what we've done.

We have tried to make it right. We can go to bed right now if you want, but I can't change that I got your sister pregnant before I got to be with you and I'm sorry for that. But honey, sex is to be enjoyed. It doesn't have to be bound up in some tradition. So long as we keep the faith and enjoy it with our family, we will uphold the Fitzroy promise." Ashley's hands went down in her lap and her head raised to the sky.

Crying she spoke, "That is why we are here. You have a fourteen-year-old grandson and he is depressed. I think puberty is finally hitting him, so we know why he is depressed. It is the curse to the blessing we have. I had a hard pregnancy with him and have never been able to conceive since, which I kind of blame on how things went but I'm not worried about me right now. What do we do with James?" Ashley's grief overtook her, and she wept openly.

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Derek moved towards her. Amanda and Thomas moved forward in their chair looking concerned. Derek spoke up and explained the situation. How they had closed themselves off from everyone and all outside influence after what happened to the family and about James's gift at math.

They talked for hours. They got angry, they made up, they worked out twenty years of pain.

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As the evening came on, Amanda and Thomas asked Derek and Ashley to stay overnight. "Let's stay." Said Derek, hoping his wife would agree. "You sure, honey? Today has been great but…" Derek cut her off. "I'm sure. We need this." Watch out for Chapter 2