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Twinks first fuck videos and old daddy try boy gay sex movie College
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Getting shot in the head truly sucks. I don't think anyone can really understand just how much it sucks until it actually happens but since most people don't survive the process you'll just have to take my word on this. What truly sucks is that I'm not the kind of person who gets shot in the head. I know that the post-apocalyptic world is one where you could easily get shot but I normally keep to myself I'm not a Kahn, I never joined the army, and even though I hate them I never even crossed Caeser's Legion.

What I do is carry packages and that should have kept me out of trouble.

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See there's really no reason to rob a courier since no one ever sends anything all that valuable with a courier so it ends up being pretty useless stuff at least to raiders, and besides courier's are always well trained and tangling with them is difficult so no one would fight a courier just to open the package and find grandma's favorite fountain pen or some shit. That doesn't mean we don't get attacked for our own valuables or by animals wanting to eat us but I usually just run and hide or talk my way out of getting killed and if that doesn't work I shoot the shit out of them.

If I can't do that I can always just screw them, which gets me out of a lot of trouble. But it appeared that I had finally met my match in the guy in the checkered suit and I was all ready to go ahead and croak when I suddenly jerked awake to the worst headache I've ever had. (and that includes radiation headaches) "Whoa, easy there you've been out for a while and you don't want to jerk anything loose." I turned my head slowly to the side, trying to ignore the pain, as my vision started to clear and saw a bald man who was probably in his early sixties, quite old in the wasteland, he was wearing a pre-war work outfit with overalls and had a kindly smile on his face.

"I'm Doc Mitchell and this is the town of Goodsprings. What's your name." "Minda." "All right then Minda can you try to sit up for me.' I did so groaning slightly with the pain in my head. My legs had fallen asleep and moving them was difficult but I managed to sit up on the bed and swing my legs around so I was sitting on the edge of the bed. "Very good, now I had to go rootin' around in your noggin to get all the bits of lead out.

I take pride in my needle work but take a look just to make sure I got everything right." He said handing me a mirror. I looked a bit worse for wear and there would be a permanent scar but he had done a good job. "Yeah looks right." "Alright good now let's get you up and moving around." He helped me to my feet and sent me across the room to a vigor tester on the far wall.

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It was only a few feet but I barely made it. "Looking fine so far now let's check your vitals." I grabbed the handle of the vigor tester and it started spitting out numbers.

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I scored fairly well on the intelligence, agility, and charisma, while scoring lowest on luck which was not much of a surprise considering the week I've had. Everything else was fairly standard. "Well that looks good" After that everything else was just a battery of tests and paper work.

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Doc Mitchell gave me a psychological evaluation and I filled out some medical history tests. By the time it was all over my headache had started to ease and I had begun to feel like a real person again. On my way out the doc handed me my backpack with all my stuff in it including my orders from the Mojave Express my 9mm handgun and some ammo and my other personal effects.

I blushed a bit realizing he must have gone through it and would have found my strap-on dildo I carried with me. He didn't seem to notice my blush and I decided not to bring it up if he wasn't going to. He also gave me his Pipboy from his vault days saying he rarely had a use for the thing anymore.

Then he said I should go find someone named Sunny Smiles at the saloon so she could teach me how to survive in the wasteland. Well I sort of already knew how to survive but Sunny Smiles sounded pretty hot and I hadn't gotten laid in a couple of weeks so I figured I might as well go see her. Besides I could use the refresher so why not. I opened the door and walked out shielding my eyes till they grew accustomed to the bright midday sun of the Mojave Desert.

I looked down the street and saw a sign that said "The Prospector Saloon" and started towards it glancing at the rest of the town with folk running around going about their work.

I reached the saloon quickly passing the general store on the way and noted it for later.


I reached for the front door and as soon as I stepped inside a large dog ran up to me barking and wagging her tail. I reached down and started petting her then looked up at her owner. "You must be Sunny." "Yup that's me" she said in a pleasant but strong voice. Sunny Smiles was exactly as gorgeous as her name suggested. She had a face that was pleasantly angular and short brown hair.

She was wearing leather armor and had a rifle strapped to her "Doc Mitchell told me to come see you, said you could teach me to survive in the desert." "Yeah I can help you out maybe keep you from getting killed… again." She said "Meet me outside in the back." I nodded flashing her a winning smile and started following her outside. Once we were out back I saw a rail containing about half a dozen glass bottles along with a varmint rifle that Sunny picked up on her way and handed to me.

We got about twenty feet from the rail and Sunny told me to try to hit a few of the bottles. I then popped off three rounds in quick succession obliterating three of the bottles. "Alright! That's a great start but how about we try with a moving target.

I got some Geckos need clearing out near the water supply you can come along if you want." "Lead the way" I said flashing another smile. Again I proved a crack shot with the rifle and killed every Gecko before it ever saw me. We then cleared out the other two Goodspring wells fairly easily and saved one of the settlers of Goodsprings while we were at it. At the end of it all we had some hides and gecko meat and Sunny decided that it was time to show me how to live off the land so she decided that we would go to her favorite campsite after we got some provisions.

As part of the lesson she had me gather a couple of ingredients from town and bring them back to her. So I found the Broc Flower and Xander Root she needed and met her back at the campsite where she had pitched a small two person tent and started a fire.

I looked at the one tent appreciatively looking forward to spending the night with Sunny in such close, intimate quarters. Sunny misinterpreted my look as apprehension. She grinned saying "I only have the one sorry, I promise to keep my hands to myself." "What if I don't want you to?" I asked with an unmistakably seductive smile.

Her eyes went wide and she looked away but in that split second I caught a look of lust. She tried to deflect my advance by giving more advice as we waited for the gecko steaks and the healing powder she was teaching me to make to finish cooking. My healing powder came out alright even though I had never tried cooking anything before and I once again impressed Sunny with how quickly I picked it up.

After a short explanation of the properties of the powder and how the same rules applied to all kinds of stuff I can make we ate the gecko meat and talked until we were both ready for bed. I decided that it was time to make another move and positioned myself next to her while I dug through my bag making sure she got a good sight at the strap-on and sexy sleepwear I always carried.

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Once I knew she saw it I smiled knowingly at her and pulled out the sleepwear leaving the bag open with the dildo on top as I went to change. When I went back I snuck up behind Sunny and saw that she was holding the strap-on curiously.

When I was just a couple feet behind her I suddenly cleared my throat loudly making her jump off the log she was sitting on in shock. "What are you doing digging in my bag" I said in mock anger. Sunny's face turned bleat red and she started stammering excuses and apologies. I reached up and caressed her face shushing her. I took the dildo and threw it back on top of the bag as I reached slowly around her head to pull her into a kiss.

She didn't even bother to pretend anymore and leaned up into my advance closing the distance between our lips herself. After a long and drawn out kiss that left both of us breathless I helped her with the straps on her armor stripping her down to her light pink panties and 34C cup bra.

Then I took her hand grabbed my bag and pulled her into the tent with me.

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Once inside I threw the bag to the side and laydown on the cloth sleeping bag we were using as a mattress pulling her down on top of me. I used one hand to pull her head towards mine for another kiss as I let the other hand caress her backside from her lower back down to her thighs lingering for a moment on her ass each time then passing my hand just inches from her mound making her shudder.


Each time my hand slowly made its way by her pussy I felt the area get wetter until her thighs and my hand were covered in her juices. Surprisingly it was her and not me who made the next move pulling away from my face to kiss her way down my neck while pulling my sleepwear off and throwing it aside.

Then she ran her tongue down between my breasts and after lingering a bit to lick around my nipples through the cloth of my bra she found her way across my stomach and down towards my crotch. She then moved herself to a more comfortable position of half kneeling half laying between my legs as she pulled my panties slowly down my legs.

Then she bent in between my legs and I gasped as she started running her tongue around the outer lips of my vagina. I reached down and started running my fingers through her hair and gently pulled her head closer into me. Finally after what felt like ages she started slowly licking up and down my slit. I came as soon as her tongue made contact with my cunt lips and I moaned and muttered endearments and pleads for her to continue.

She lapped up every bit of juice that came out like her life depended on it then when I had come down from my orgasmic high she stood up stooping near the top of the tent then allowed to switch places so that she was lying down and I was kneeling between her legs. Instead of teasing her as she did me I simply dived right in to her licking and lapping at her with a passionate fury as she started moaning louder until I had to tell her to hush for fear of wild animals or raiders hearing us.

It didn't help that much but that was okay I wasn't really all that worried even though I probably should have been. Besides Sunny's dog Cheyanne was outside and would let us know if anything was coming. She did try to keep it a bit lower but as she neared her orgasm she could barely contain herself.

She was much more active in her orgasm than I had been. She jerked and shook so that I had to hold her down to keep her from knocking the tent over in her passion. After a minute she calmed down a bit and started shuddering as her orgasm subsided. Once she had calmed down I lay next to her and held her close stroking her arm as she leaned into me putting her head on my shoulder. "That was wonderful Minda, thank you," she said after a few minutes. "No thank you Sunny, I needed this after the week I've had." She stroked my hair kissing my cheek for a few minutes before I remembered the look she had when she looked at my strap-on.

I started to go for it when suddenly she jumped for it at the same time laughing and trying to hold me back. I had almost gotten to the back pack when Sunny started tickling my sides to get an advantage. It worked better than she had expected and I fell back giggling uncontrollably until she came back holding the plastic dick and looking at me triumphantly.

"Cheater that's not fair" I pouted as she started slipping into the straps with that grin still plastered on her face. "Then you shouldn't be so ticklish, for fuck's sake you'd think I was killing you with all the noise you were making" "I'm really ticklish" I said getting a bit defensive.

Sunny came back over to me kissed me and said "Just shush and let me take my turn. I'll let you take your turn with me when I'm done." "Fine," I muttered with a fake pout but I couldn't hold it and a grin split my face as Sunny laid down on top of me again holding the fake dick a few inches from my pussy.

She looked into my eyes silently asking me if I was ready. In answer I smiled and reached my arms around her pulling her closer and kissing her deeply. She lowered herself the rest of the way onto me and I felt the dildo slip past my cunt lips. I moaned into her mouth as she continued filling me up until the base of the dildo was resting on my mound and the dildo was about six inches into my pussy.

Then after letting me get used to it for a moment she withdrew the dildo and slammed it back home. I nearly screamed with pleasure clamping my hands down over my mouth so my screeching wouldn't be heard by anything outside the tent. After that she built up a rhythm of pounding and I started thrusting upward to meet her. I fondled her breasts with my hands and pinched her nipples. I wanted to suck on them but because Sunny is so much shorter than I am they didn't quite reach my face and I didn't want to disturb her by trying to reach them so I settled with just kissing her and caressing her tits while she pounded me into bliss.

As I grew closer to my second orgasm of the night Sunny started to increase her pace slamming into me as fast as she could. With no light I could not see the look on her face but I could feel the sweat dripping from her as she tried to keep the pace.

"I'm CUMMING!" I screamed as I creamed all over the dildo wetting the blanket and soaking Sunny's legs. I shuddered as she continued fucking me at her frenzied pace until I came down from my high and she collapsed into my arms with the dildo still inside me.

We laid like that panting for several minutes until we finally got our senses back enough to pull out the dildo and loosen the straps so she could shimmy out of it then laid it next to us as she laid back against me kissing my neck while put an arm around and cuddled her close.

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I wanted to take my turn with the strap-on too but we were both exhausted after a long day of hunting geckos and a good hour of fucking. "I'll fuck her tomorrow" was the last thing I thought as I allowed sleep to take me.