Big boobs tgirl Jakeline Dark analyzed

Big boobs tgirl Jakeline Dark analyzed
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As I arrived home from work on Tuesday evening I was a little surprised when I saw Tina's car parked in front of our house. I pulled into the garage and entered the house with a smile on my face and a bounce in my step. When I didn't see anyone in the living room or kitchen I headed straight for our bedroom.

As I stepped into the room I saw what I was hoping to see.

There on our king sized bed were my wife, Joan and Tina in a 69 position, lapping at each others pussies. Joan, my 24-year-old wife is small, being about 5'3" and weighing 114 pounds. She has milk white skin and firm, perfectly shaped c-cup tits. Tina is even smaller. She is 5'1" and says she weighs 102 pounds.

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She wears c-cup bras but she is really a little too big for c-cups. However she thinks that makes her look even sexier. I can't argue with that. She is a real knockout. Her hair is short and black. Her skin is almost as black as her hair. Her ass is what you would call a bubble butt. Tina just turned 21. If you are wondering about me and not just these two ravishing beauties who are busy eating each other out, I'm Jim.


I'm 27 and I'm 5'11" and weigh 165 pounds. I've got a pretty nice tan and light brown hair that I keep pretty short. I have an 8" rock hard cock with a strong upward curve and I keep my pubic hair and chest shaved.

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Joan and I have been happily married for three years and swinging for a year. As I stood in the doorway enjoying watching Tina on top of my wife and hearing the happy moans coming from each of them as they rocked their hips against the tongues and lips that were doing their best to make the other come, I dropped my pants and shorts and let my thin but 8 inches out from it's confines.

Of course it was already hard.

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I watched and stroked myself for a minute and then said, "I see that you girls started without me." "Then you've got some catching up to do," Tina stopped long enough to say. I finished undressing and walked over to the bed behind Tina. I bent down and gave Joan a kiss on the forehead. Then I pushed my mouth between Tina's round butt cheeks and found her tight little puckered ass hole with my tongue and licked it.

The volume of Tina's moans noticeably increased. I kept this up for about a minute and then stopped and reached for the KY that the girls had left on the nightstand for me.


I dropped a little into Tina's ass crack and rubbed some more on the head of my cock. I climbed onto the bed and put my knees on either side of Joan's head and lined my manhood up to Tina's ass hole and pushed. With the first push my cockhead popped in past her tight anal ring.

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Both women held still as I took hold of Tina's hips and pushed again. This time I was half way in. One more shove and I was buried balls deep in Tina's tight ass. My wife kissed my balls as they hit her in the face. We all started to get into a good rhythm. The girls were licking each other and I was pumping in and out of Tina's shit tube. The more I did it the faster and harder I did it. After I had slammed myself deep up into Tina's hot, tight shitter I pulled out and Joan put me between her lips and sucked about half of my rock hard shaft into her mouth.

I pumped into my wife's mouth several times and then went back into Tina's ass. I always loved to watch my pale white cock ( I never got it tanned) going in and out of Tina's blackness, no matter which of her three holes I was balls deep in. The color contrast was amazing. It always brought me to the greatest of heights. The girls were coming almost not stop and thrashing wildly.

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After going back and forth from our guest's ass hole to my wife's wonderful mouth several times, I finally came too. I pushed every last bit of myself into Tina's ass and filled her bowels with my large load of hot cum. She shook and screamed. I pulled out and Joan sucked me clean. Then I backed away and Tina sat up so her ass hole was directly on Joan's mouth. Joan sucked her ass as my cum drained out of it. Then they collapsed at each others feet.

Tina rolled onto her back and Joan and I shared her tits. Tina had the longest nipples I had ever seen when she was excited. After we had all come back down to earth, we dressed and Tina said that she had better get home and make supper for her husband, Terrance. "Tina asked, "Are the two of you are coming over Friday night? It looks like there will be about six couples this month, and maybe a couple of extra guys for threesomes." "We wouldn't miss it" was Joan's reply. After supper we watched a couple of TV shows and then went to bed.

Before we went to sleep we told each other how much we each love the other. Then we had a great 69 session till each of us came again. We talked about how much fun Friday night was going to be. Joan was planning to take on at least three guys at once and make sure that all three of her holes were come in at least twice. She told me that when we got home she wanted me to eat her till she fell asleep. Then completely exhausted from all the sex, we kissed and fell asleep in each other arms.