Asian twinks ass opended with speculum

Asian twinks ass opended with speculum
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I awoke the next day feeling refreshed and ready for another fun filled day. The four of us started stirring about the same time.

We each took separate showers before getting dressed and heading down stairs for breakfast. Conversation was light and constant. I mentioned going for a morning run and mom asked if she could join me. Following breakfast mom and I changed for our run. We both went with short tight shorts and sports bras. I hoped that I looked as good as she did when I hit my late thirties. My body was a little tighter, but her chest was a bit larger.

We wore our hair in pony tails to keep it out of our eyes during the run. We set off at an easy pace making it easy to chat while we ran. We talked about her work, my school, and boys. It was great just sharing some girl talk. Eventually she brought up last night.


She talked about how hot it was with me wearing panties soaked with my dad's cum. I told her how hard it was not to orgasm every time I moved while we sat at the restaurant having dinner. The feeling of my cum soaked panties moving against my pussy was really intense. She said she watched Ryan with the mirror as she slid my panties up and down dad's cock as he coated them in his cum. She said it seemed like we both got off watching and I had to agree. I told her that Ryan may have just been wishing it was his cock her had was stroking.

She was silent for a minute before asking what I thought of the idea of her and Ryan having sex. I told her how hot I thought it would be, especially if I got to watch.or even participate. She was already in high spirits, but hearing that seemed to put even a little more bounce in her step.

As we got back to the cabin we heard the boys out back so we went around to see what they were up to. They had just finished setting up a volley ball net and wondered if we'd be up for a game after we had a chance to rest. Mom looked at me and responded saying that we were ready for boys against girls match even if we are all hot and sweaty.

She emphasized the last point running her hand from her neck down over her chest, which was very sensual. Both guys noticed her hard nipples pressing out from the fabric of her sports bra. They sort of froze in place for a second or two before recovering and looking up to accept the challenge.

Both dad and Ryan went shirtless with athletic shorts. The game went very well for mom and me. We over emphasized our movements a bit more than we needed to showing off our tight bodies. It was very effective for slowing the guys reactions to the ball. I had to admit missing a few returns myself as I watched their muscles flex a little too long as they hit the ball.

We played a few games switching up the teams from time to time. The sexual tension in the air was very heavy. All the pats on the back side in congratulations of good returns helped build the need for all of us. Eventually we decided to take a break. I ran inside while the others grabbed seats on the decks built in lounge chairs. I had run upstairs and just as I was about to head back down I caught sight of what was happening on the deck.

Apparently the tension had gotten too strong for mom and dad. Both had removed their shorts and underwear leaving dad naked and mom in just her sports bra. He was sitting on one of the chairs while mom straddled him. She was sliding up and down on his cock. I couldn't hear them, but the way mom was rolling her head back I'm sure she was moaning like crazy. Ryan was in the chair next to them with his shorts around his ankles. His hand was quickly sliding up and down his cock as he watched our parents in the chair next to him.

I slid my hand down the front of my shorts and into my panties fingering myself as I watched the scene from the window. After a few minutes dad's body language looked as if he was indicating Ryan for some reason. Mom continued to slide up and down his cock, but looked over at Ryan and back at dad several times.

It was clear they were having some kind of conversation as he continued to slide in and out of her. Eventually she leaned forward giving dad a very deep kiss before raising herself off him and standing to face Ryan.

She stalked toward him taking a hold of her sports bra and pulling it off over her head. She let it fall to the ground as she closed the distance to Ryan. Ryan's hand sped up going faster and faster the closer mom got to him. As she got to the edge of the chair she looked back at dad who was slowly stroking himself as he looked on. Mom moved to the foot of the chair giving both dad and myself a good view of her and Ryan from the side.

She got on her hands and knees crawling up the chair as Ryan released his cock and spread he legs to make room for her. She sat back on the chair with a leg on each side and took Ryan's cock in her hand giving it a few slow full strokes. I yanked my shorts and panties down stepping out of them. I was using two fingers quickly sliding them in and out of myself.

I used my thumb to rub circles across my clit. As mom's head lowered to Ryan's cock taking him in her mouth I came hard trembling like crazy. I had to put a hand on the window to steady myself as I rode out my orgasm. Mom's head was quickly bobbing up and down on Ryan's cock. It was clear already that he wasn't going to last very long.

Dad reached down a grabbed mom's panties from the ground beside his chair and wrapped them around his cock. Mom continued stroking Ryan as she frequently took him from her mouth to say something to dad. She didn't expect it when Ryan started cumming. The jet of cum splashed against her check before she quickly lowered her mouth back to his cock sucking and swallowing the rest of his load.

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Dad's hips thrust up several times as he soaked mom's panties with his cum. Just as they started recovering I came again watching it all happen and it was as hot as I thought it would be. I sat on the edge of our bed for a few seconds before I grabbed my clothes and took off my sports bra changing into one of my bathing suits.

I unfortunately only had the one bikini so I was back to a one piece. It still looked good on me, but the bikini was better, not to mention how much easier it was to get out of. By the time I got back outside everyone was dressed again and mom was sitting with dad on his chair. I grabbed an inner tube and headed for the water to cool off. The others decided to join me. Dad and Ryan came straight in just wearing their shorts. Mom headed inside coming back out in one of her bikinis.

After floating for a while chatting mom suggested taking a trip to the outlet malls a few towns over. She though they had mini-golf and go-karts as well. We changed and grabbed a quick bite to eat before piling in the car and heading out. Once we arrived the guys decided to check out the go-karts while mom and I went shopping.

I picked up a couple more bikinis and we got mom set up with some yoga clothes. As we were shopping she mentioned going down on Ryan. I told her I had watched it all unfold from the window and got off pretty good myself. She seemed very excited at going down on Ryan. She again not so subtly hinted at how hot it would be to watch dad and me as well.

We came across an upscale lingerie shop. I got a little bit of sticker shock, but mom thought it would be ok. Just to be sure she sent a text message to dad to ok it with him.

Attached to the message she included a picture from the neck down of me trying on some of the underwear. Dad wasn't long replying that we should probably pick up a few things for both of us. With that settled we finished our purchasing and dropped the new stuff of at the car before meeting up with the guys for some mini-golf and games.

We had some early dinner before heading back to the cabin. The sun was still up, but it was early evening when we got in. Ryan decided to go for a run and dad went up for a nap. After putting the new cloths away mom and I sat down and chatted for a while about nothing in particular.

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After a little while chatting mom headed up stairs to change. She was going to go float for a while a watch as the sun set. She hadn't been gone long when she came back down without having changed. She said dad was asleep upstairs and apparently having a very interesting dream as he was quite aroused.

She said he always enjoyed when she woke him up by going down on him. She asked if I wanted to surprise him and wake him up. I gave her my most devious grin and agreed. I kept my jean shorts and baby doll t-shirt on as I approached the bed. I was trembling slightly with excitement as I carefully crawled up from the foot of the bed. Mom sat down on the edge of my bed, as she watched I could hear her breathing quicken.

I slowly unfastened dad's shorts and reached in to pull his cock free. I started by running my tongue from the base of his cock to the head. I slowly pushed his head past my lips as I began sucking and running my tongue around his head.

I lowered my head slowly looking over at mom. She had her shorts and panties on the floor furiously fingering herself and biting her lip to keep quite. I started bobbing my head up and down.

It didn't take many strokes before dad started to stir. Without opening his eyes he commented on how great it felt to who he thought was mom. I grinned around his cock as I continued sucking and bobbing the length of his cock.

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I was able to control my gag reflex enough to feel him push into my throat on a few of my deeper down strokes. He lifted his head looking down at me. He froze for a second before hearing mom call out unable to contain herself any longer. He just said "Holy shit, holy fucking shit" before his hips started trusting up pushing his cock deeper into my throat. I kept my eyes on his as I heard mom climax on the bed next to us.

Dad didn't hold out long and his cock swelled in my mouth just before he started shooting cum to the back of my throat. I sucked and swallowed as fast as I could as my mouth filled several times with his cum. I made an "mmm" sound as I licked him clean and smiled up at him. His cum tasted a little different from Ryan's, but I definitely liked both. I heard mom get off the bed next to us.

I turned to find her right beside me with a heated look in her eyes. Swallowing dad's load had me very close to orgasm myself and seeing the look of desire on my mom's face hit me pretty hard as I felt myself become even more aroused. As I sat up on my knees on the bed she stepped to me wrapping her hand around the back of my neck.

She pulled my lips to hers. Her lips were very soft and sort of sweet. I had never kissed another female before, but was surprised to find it slightly different than kissing guys. Her tongue explored my mouth as I explored hers with mine. She pulled back quickly looking anxious at what she had just done.

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My smile relaxed her and she pulled me in again for a longer more passionate kiss. As she pulled away she said we tasted great, referring to the taste of cum still in my mouth.


I smiled and the three of us in the room looked to the stairs to find Ryan standing there with his mouth open and his shorts pulled tight by his hard cock. He closed his mouth and said how hot it was.

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I wasn't sure how much he had seen, but it looked like he needed release as badly as I did. I slipped off the bed and unfastened my shorts letting them fall to the floor. I pulled my shirt off over my head as I crossed the room to him. I wished I had changed into some of my new underwear, but nothing for it now. I took his hand and led him to our bed. I climbed onto the foot on my hands and knees before pulling his hand to bring him closer. I pushed my backside back into him rubbing his cock through his shorts.

He quickly slid them down. I felt his cock rub against me as it sprang free. He pulled my panties to the side and pushed deep into me. I cried out pushing back into him. He took my hips and rammed into me over and over. I felt him stretch me again and again. I continued to moan as mom climbed onto the bed in front of me leaning back against the head board.

She had taken all of her clothes off and was naked rubbing herself. She watched us intently as Ryan continued his assault. Looking over at dad he was hard and sliding his hand up and down his shaft groaning with the rest of us. I let my head fall forward as my orgasm surged.

My hair fell around my face brushing mom's legs as she fingered and rubbed herself. I had another orgasm before I felt Ryan's cum pulse deep inside me.

I'm sure mom and dad had at least one orgasm themselves, but I wasn't really paying attention. After that first orgasm the feeling of Ryan's hands on my hips and thrusting deep inside me is all I could focus on. After Ryan pulled out I collapsed on the bed beside mom. We all sat in the afterglow for several minutes before mom got up and put on her bikini to head out for her float. We had missed the sunset, but it was worth it as the rest of us changed and joined her floating on the lake.

Floating there on the water we discussed what just happened, what we liked, and what we might want to try sometime. It was very freeing to be so open about everything and I thought to myself how glad I was that mom had gotten all this started.

Once the bugs came out in force we retreated inside. We decided to play cards and due to our constant state of arousal we of course played strip poker.

Mom and I wore some of our new underwear complete with garters and stockings. Not only did it give us more to take off, we also looked really hot in it. It proved to be so distracting to the guys, that I wasn't sure it was going to come off once the little red dress mom was wearing and the black dress I was wearing had hit the floor.

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The guys were completely naked before it started coming off. Once the guys were naked, I do admit throwing a hand or two in order to get to the point of bidding sexual favors. Both dad and Ryan had eaten me out three times before I got to give my first blowjob. We kept the bids to oral until we got tired of playing and just wanted to have sex.

By that time it was already pretty late so we left the cloths on the floor and headed upstairs.