Marc Rose drills Emma Butts pussy doggystyle

Marc Rose drills Emma Butts pussy doggystyle
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This happened about 16 years ago, when I was ten at the time. My first time was interesting, to say the least, but I only do because it was with my father, and I was so young.

Although I remember a lot of it, there are still details that have become fuzzy, or forgotten, however there are still things that, even at that age become burnt into the mind forever. I will do my best to retell my first time.

Close to my ninth birthday, my mother left.


She would often say how her life sucked. I remember that every time when I was around her, she'd be complaining about this and that, and it all revolved around her. She would often degrade me in front of people, and in private. I was never allowed to be good, or achieve when she was around because it always had to be her who was better than everyone else. So, one day she left.

No notice, or anything. In later years I learned from my father that she left to Texas to be with some guy she met online. He found out because the man dumped her and she tried to crawl back to my father, only to be rejected.

He had found someone else by then. His son. 
I remember crying on my birthday, and most nights. I was young then and didn't understand what was going on, nor why I wasn't loved.


That's how I felt, of course. Unloved, but he'd find ways to make it up to me for her. Gifts, and more time spent with him, even trips to places I wanted to go, but when she was around we couldn't. It was nice that we began to bond like that in the face of something negative, to build a more positive relationship with my father. That changed, however, something innocent became something more. 

One night, around June, I remember, my father, who was pretty average in height, about 5'10" and a slim build, though he did have some muscle from his work.

I don't remember what he did then, only that one day he came home early and then three months later and a new apartment after he found another job. Money was really tight in that period, but love was always in an abundant supply, I made sure of that, even though I didn't quite grasp the concept of what could have happened had he remained jobless.

Anyway, on the night it began I had been ten for three months. We would normally watch television together, whether it was a show for him, or me. I always liked watching the shows he liked because it was some kind of secret insider into my father.

I never really understood the programs, but I felt like an adult watching them with him. I would rest my head in his lap and he'd caress my hair, or cheek until I fell asleep. This time, however, he had forgotten to take a few things out of his pant pocket on the thigh I would lay on and so it was uncomfortable.

I just nuzzled my head further in his lap, over his crotch. It seemed innocent to me, because I didn't know anything about that. He didn't really care, or take notice, but as he continued to watch television, I noticed a subtle growth pressing upward against my cheek. I remember thinking it was a pretty big bulge at the time, and kind of odd, but fun. I pressed against it with my head, nuzzling into it, again being innocent and curious.

This made him moan, at the time I thought he was just making some unintelligible gesture to the television. He caressed the side of my body from cheek to hip and then back up. My father then gently lifted my head and rested it back on his outer thigh, but noticing my discomfort, he let me lay on his bulging crotch again.

I guess not having anyone so physically close, let alone touch such a sensitive area sparked an erection within him, even if he didn't mean it to. 

I was a pretty curious kid at the time though, so I even reached underneath my cheek, as if to rest my hand under my head and rubbed it gently, but very subtly. I squeezed and tried to feel what it was.

It wasn't as jagged and uncomfortable as his wallet, which is what was in his pant pocket. It was soft, but still firm. He took note of this and promptly sat me next to him, he apologized and said something to the degree that he wasn't feel well and it was probably best I didn't lay on him.

I asked him what it was. I knew that was were boys penises were, but his was so large and hard, I was used to just mine, small at the time and rarely worth noticing when erect. I had an average penis for kids at the time, at least that's what i thought because I didn't have anyone to compare it to.

He told me it was his penis, but i protested. I told him it felt so big. It was all so harmless, my intentions, I remember. I know looking back he was probably pretty uncomfortable being getting an erection because of his son's touch and then having to find some way to get it off his kid's mind.

His kid who was curious about it. "Yours will be like it too, just when you're older." He told me, but as he did I reached out and touched his bulge again. I began to rub it as if I were trying to feel the outline of his cock. Trying to confirm what he was saying. My small fingers found the zipper and I nearly drew them down when he took my hand away. 

That was all for the night, he told me, but I was drawn to his crotch now.

It was on my mind for the rest of the night. I don't remember why exactly, maybe some inclination of homosexuality within me, or just child-like curiosity, but I needed to see my father's cock to believe it. I wanted to see what my own penis would look like when I got to his age. It quickly became an obsession nearly overnight. I even thought of going into his bedroom when he slept, because I knew he slept in just his boxers.

I would go in and see his penis, just see it. Nothing else. I didn't though. 

The following evening, nothing had really transpired. Not like the last night, and even not between us. He was quiet, and a little reclusive. He would ask me how school was and if I needed help with my math homework, which was the only class I had a hard time with. I had finished it early because I wanted to spend more quality time with him, in his lap; with my father's grown penis.

I felt a little alone that night, and the next few nights.

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I think two, but maybe three. It ended when I woke up one evening and had to use the bathroom to pee. We had a small two bedroom apartment at the time with one bathroom, so when I got to the door and opened it, he was in the shower. I should have heard the noise and seen the light beneath the door, but I was preoccupied with needing to go that I just forgot the world around me.

I'm still a pretty pensive kid. You could throw a ball at me and I wouldn't notice until after the pain kicked in. 

The shower had a glass door, so it was foggy and slightly transparent. My father was a little jolted, I think, but it was just his kid. He realized it was better I just go and then head to bed than make me wait. He told me it was all right when I apologized.

My penis already out and going. I tried really hard while there to see him. It was foggy and there were very few clear sections where his hands, or other parts of his body touched the glass door. I could see the outline of his head and chest, even a little bit of his ass when he would move back toward the shower head.

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I wanted him to turn around so it would be a view of his penis that I could see instead. 

Instead of finishing up and heading back to bed, I decided to stay quiet and wait for him.

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I don't really know why I did this. It was just all on impulse and I remember my heart beating really hard when the shower door opened and my father stepped through the light mist. He caught me early on, and stepped back in after reaching for a towel to cover himself up. My plan had been foiled by his decency. He apologized, and even scolded me a little for not telling him I was still there. He should have realized the door never closed a second after I had come in.

That's all hindsight though. 

"I just wanted to see it. Is it really that big?" I asked. "Can I, daddy? I just want to see." He refused and sent me to my room. I didn't get to see him much for the next week before he started to settle down and spend quality time with me again. One day he seemed his usual self and helped me with my math.

I only had one chair in my room so he let me sit in his lap so he could look over and help me. I liked it, not just because it was ontop of the one thing I had my mind set on having, but because my daddy was spending time with me again like he used to before this all started. Perhaps he just resigned me to being gay, or curious, or whatever and figured I was his son and all he had in his life. I don't really know, nor would I have at the time.

That night, which was a Friday, so school was out for the weekend, we found ourselves on the couch by the television again. My head resting on him thigh, with my hand wrapped around his thigh for more comfort. We were watching a cop show, I think it was a movie because it lasted longer than any show I remembered watching. Soon enough though I found myself growing tired, so I moved my head about, trying to find the best place to really get comfortable and rest with my father.

I decided to try his crotch again. When I laid my head on it, it was flat and soft, but a few minutes later, as I snugged into it to get comfortable, my father was getting hard again. I could feel that familiar bump in his jeans rising to meet the side of my head. This time i began to purposely nuzzle it and move my head like I couldn't get comfortable.

I wanted to see how big it could get. I was also curious as it was moving, almost on its own. Pulsing. I can tell my father was trying to ignore this, but my actions were persistent. My curiosity, to say the least, definitely got to the best of me. 

Instead of pushing me aside, he just kept rubbing my short brown hair and cheeks, even caressing my sides as he usually would. This time, however, his hand found itself down to my buttocks.

I remember instinctively pressing back against his large, warm, gentle touch when it reached my ass. "Daddy," I whispered. "Yeah, son?" He replied, straining to hold in a groan. "It's so big. Can I just see it once?I promise I won't look again." He seemed defeated. He let out a long sigh and said something I don't really remember what. I just remember that he also said, "Fine. Sit up." 

I behaved for him because he was giving me something I had incidentally pestered him about.

Something sons shouldn't be curious about there fathers on. I was finally going to see my dad's cock, erect even. It felt as though time slowed down when he unzipped his pants. He shuffled a little on the couch and it seemed like such a relief to him when he parted the button of his jeans and let it hang loose. I remember the image of his bulging grey boxers just burnt into my memory. The form so perfectly etched across thin fabric. I wanted to reach out and touch it, but he wasn't done.

My father then slipped the waistband of his boxers down beneath his large, full bulls. I was equally impressed with them as I was with the crown jewel above it. So hard, yet soft. It looked just like mine, circumcised except he had some hair at the base, and on his sac. That, and his was huge. His cock honestly is an average 7, but to a ten year old boy, I remember it as a monster cock.

No one could convince me otherwise at the time. 

I was instantly in love with it. My mouth was in agape in aw of that cock, my father's dick. I was even more surprised when a bead of this liquid like substance formed from the slit at the top.

His precum. "I like it." I said, not really sure what else to say. I mean, I had finally seen it, what was there to say? I really did like seeing my father's penis for the first time. I even reached out and gently touched the base of it, where his hand gripped to hold it straight up for me, then stopped where the bead of precum was sliding down the head of his cock.

I think I was afraid to touch it, that, and he moved his hand to take mine away, but for some reason he didn't. Not only was I seeing my father's penis for the first time, but I was touching it and he was letting me. My senses were on overdrive. My mind practically shut down. I was just enthralled with the moment.

I don't know why he didn't move my hand like he was going to. Perhaps finally having another human being, albeit his ten year old son, touching his penis for the first time in probably a year awoken something in him. His cock throbbed, and more precum leaked from the slit.

It even rolled onto my small hand as I began to pet his penis up and down. He even moved hand from the base to let me touch his balls and have more of his cock to explore. They felt so heavy, but I enjoyed the flexibility of his ball sack and rolling them in with my fingers. I was just exploring with curiosity.

This, after all my penis was going to be like this some day too. I was envious, but all the same proud that I'd be just like my daddy in this way. 
"Go ahead son," he said and then took a drop of that precum onto the tip of his index finger and brought it to my lips.

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I took it into my mouth and sucked on his finger just enough to taste that slightly sweet and salty mixture. I liked it. I told him so even, and he said if I wanted to, I could lick his penis.

So, I did. I leaned down and began, from balls to tip to lick my father's hard cock. I remember giggling when his balls rolled from my tongue and also giving the tip a kiss after receiving another drop of precum to taste. I was so excited that I bit his dick, gently, but it made him gasp and swat my lips away. He said to be gentle with it, not to use my teeth.

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If I was going to take it in my mouth, that I should suck, not bite. 
So, here I was, ten years old and alone with my father on the couch sucking slowly on the head of his penis. It was huge and hard to take in at first, but I managed. It tired me out pretty quickly, but I really enjoyed it. He would moan and I would suck on his cock more because of it. I liked being able to please my father like this. I couldn't take him in too deep, only about an inch, and even then I doubt I was great, but he treated me like I was a pro.

Caressing my chin and cheeks. Encouraging me. He even slipped his strong hand into my pants and began to caress the tips of his fingers along my little boy hole.

I stopped sucking when I felt this, but it wasn't a bad feeling and he didn't prod into me, just rub. I felt like I was receiving a warm gift for sucking on his dick, so I just kept sucking and licking. 
When my tongue was tracing the curves of the large vein that runs down the center of my father's cock, it began to pulse and he moaned louder, groaning with the deepest voice I had ever heard from him.

He was cumming. I was so shocked and yet elated. I wasn't really ready for it, nor knew what was happening. This white thick cream shot onto my face and hair, and some dripping down his cock. I thought it was like pre-cum so I licked at the tip as he was cumming, but the taste was a little more sour than I would have wanted. I swallowed what was in my mouth, but opted not to bother with the rest. I remember thinking of rotten fish when I tasted his cum. Salty didn't come to mind, but that would have been a better description.

He slouched down and shook the rest of the cum from his cock, most of it landing on my face as I licked at his right testicle. I don't know what he said, but he chuckled and wiped the cum from my cheek.

After his penis began to recede, he pulled his boxers and pants back up and helped clean me up. He then thanked me, kissed me on the lips and said that he loved his son and wished me a good night, sweet dreams, the whole ordeal. He did that every night, but tonight was special. At least I felt it was. 
That was my first experience.

Not my last at a young age, and certainly not the last with my father, but I just, I guess I needed to get that out finally. Thank you for tolerating my story. Finally, I'd like to say that I don't condone sexual acts between youth and adults.

This story was just my personal experience.