Gloryhole facial from straight guy

Gloryhole facial from straight guy
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The next morning Becky's mind kept The going back to what she had done the day before and what to do for a reason to go back. I could wait until next week and get another box of chocolates at school and bring them over and sell Mr. Thomas some more chocolates or I could just go there and ask for a job in the yard like he suggested. I wanted his hands on my boobs again and him licking my pussy was the greatest. I had one hand under my pajama top feeling my nipples getting harder.

I wish my boobs were bigger, at least as big as Terry's or maybe Terry's mom, now she had huge knockers, well maybe not as she complained that her back hurt all the time because her boobs were to heavy. I slid a hand into my pajama bottoms to feel my pussy as I was getting that itchy feeling and knew I needed to masturbate. I ran my finger along my pussy and up to my clit, o that felt so good. I pushed my pajamas off to get more freedom to move around, I spit on my fingers and got my pussy wetter.

I poked my finger in my hole as far as my hymen thinking about Mr. Thomas,s cock and would that thing fit in my hole, my mom had told me in our sex talk that the first time you have sex it hurts to break through the hymen. Some girls at school were joking about losing their virginity and said the easiest was to take a hair brush and just shove the handled up your pussy. I reached over to my desk and took my brush thinking that it would be worth a try to pretend that it was a cock.

I pushed the handle in a little way but couldn't,t get myself to push it any further when it hit my barrier and it was so cold not like Mr. Thomas,s cock which had been so hot. I was rubbing my clit almost to an orgasm when my mom called up to my room to get up for breakfast and do my Saturday chores. At breakfast I asked mom if I could do odd jobs for Mr. Thomas doing chores and yard work as he had said that he was kind of looking for someone to help when I had been there yesterday selling chocolates.

Mom said as long as you do your chores at home and then want make some more money that would be okay as she knew Mrs. Thomas from quilting meetings. Halfway through my chores Nicole came over, Nicole was going around the neighbourhood selling chocolates and had only sold half of her box mostly to her mom and dad. Nicole was wanting me to go sell chocolates together. I told her I had to finish my chores first and that maybe I would go with her after that. "I,ll help you do you chores and then we can go sell our chocolates together, ok?" she asked.

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After making short work of the chores I said come to my room while I shower and get dressed. In the shower I was temped to masturbate real quick because I could still feel the itch between my legs.

I finished showering thinking my itch will have to wait. I hurried back to my room wrapped in a big towel. Nicole was sitting in front of my mirror brushing her long hair which was down to her butt. "Where are your chocolates?" Nicole asked me.

"I sold them all yesterday." I told her and of coarse she wanted to know where I sold them all.

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I told her I had gone to the subdivision south of town. Then she wanted to know who bought them and how hard it was to sell them. I told her one here, two there same as I told my mom, I guess I turned a little red and was stammering something about it was easy.

Nicole was looking at me like she was reading my thoughts. "There is something more, what are you not telling me?" Nicole asked. "I can tell there is something you holding back, right?" "Nicole if I tell you, you have to pinkie swear you won't tell anyone not even Terry." "Ok, pinkie swear, but what can be as secret as watching my dad making love to my mom?" I told her what had happened to me last night and how much I had enjoyed it.

Nicole's mouth was hanging open.

"What? What? No your just putting me on." She said. One look at my smile and I think it dawned on her that I was telling the truth. "You sucked his cock and he licked your pussy, how old did you say he was, gross." "He is older than your dad I think, I came harder than when I masturbate myself and I've been wet all morning just thinking about it. And I beat you to it remember you said the first cock you would get your hands on you would suck it and then stick it in your pussy." I said with a giggle.

"How did his spunk taste and did you really taste your own cum when he kissed you after he licked you?" "His cum was a little salty and felt a bit slimy but I didn't gag or anything and I'd do it again, the taste of my pussy on his lips was okay. Boy just talking about it has me wet and horny, do you want to bring ourselves off while we watch each other like we did last time?" I went and locked the door so my little sisters would not walk in on us or mom for that matter.

I threw my towel on the bed and walked over to Nicole and said " Come on get undress." I pulled her up and push her t-shirt up.

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While she pulled the shirt off I unclasped her bra and helped take that off. Her boobs where a little bigger than mine with dime size aureole and a tiny nipple smaller than mine. I told her she had nicer boobs than mine while I felt her firm boobs pinching her nipples. Nicole was squeezing my budding boobs and rolling my nipples in her fingers, I was having what felt like mini orgasms. I reached down and unzipped Nicole's short and pushed them down, while pushing them down when my face was at her tit I just sucked her nipple into my mouth.

Nicole just groaned her hand squeezing my boobs hard. I latched onto her other nipple swirling my tongue around it, at he same time I reach up and pushed her panties down to her shorts which where around her knees and Nicole stepped out of them. I pushed her onto the bed and said she could suck my boobs while I sucked on hers.While we attaching each others tits I ran my hand over her skinny ass squeezing them every once in a while.

Nicole hips where moving with my rhythm and she was rubbing my ass now too. I rub my finger around her asshole knowing how good it felt when I did that to myself. She jerked but didn't stop me, in fact she did the same to me and she slid her finger past my asshole into my pussy then back to my asshole. Nicole then pushed her finger into asshole about an inch. "That feels awesome." I told her. "I do this all the time when I rub one off, I like the feeling of my finger in my asshole." I slid my finger into Nicole's pussy and was she wet, instead of pushing my finger into her asshole I sucked her juices off my finger.

"What are you doing?" "I just had to see what you tasted like." "Do I taste like you?" "Do you want a taste to compare?" I got up and moved over her head with my pussy lowering it slowly to her mouth. Suddenly she licked my hot hole and I was awash with feelings.

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Nicole was licking everywhere from the little nub to my hole. I was building up to an orgasm really fast and when it hit I was bouncing Nicole's head into the bed with my pussy but she held on and kept on licking until I move off. I kissed her lips and licked my cum off her lips. "Your turn." as I moved down sucking on her boobs as i made my way down.

Sticking my tongue into her belly button before moving to her pussy. I pulled up her knees then spread them to the sides. I ran my hands down her thighs to each side of her pussy then pull open her pussy lips. Inside of her pussy was so pink compared to her dark black pubic hair and dark outer lips. I could see her juices running down to the bottom of her pussy, before I could say anything Nicole was pushing my head down into her pussy.

I knew she wanted to cum bad so I had a taste of her juice and knew I would eat her pussy anytime as I think she tasted better than me.

I moved away kissing her thighs making her grab my head again and pushing me back to her pussy. This time she would not let go of my head, as I licked her clit I pushed my finger right into her all the way up. Nicole was cumming hard grinding up into my mouth flooding me with juices. I cleaned her with my tongue while she lay there panting feeling the after glow. "You're not a virgin Nicole." I said.

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"I am and I'm not, I lost my hymen in track and field high jumping last year. And since my sister is in college i was snooping in her room and found a dildo which has batteries that make it vibrate. Its about six inches long and about an inch across.


I use it alot and sneak it back to her room when she comes home." It look like Nicole was blushing but it has always hard to tell if she was with such dark skin. I wondered if Mr.Thomas would like a black girl to play with too.

"Let's go have lunch then lets go sell your chocolates maybe to Mr. Thomas."