Bad tow truck ginger teen gets towed

Bad tow truck ginger teen gets towed
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No one under the age of fourteen has any sex in this story. THE BITCH AT THE BAR: I walked into this bar, looking for a little diversions for the evening and possibly another name and number to enter on my active lover's list for this city.

As I looked around the room, I noticed a frowsy looking lady at the end of the bar with an aura of gloom and doom around her. So, I moved over to her and took a stool at the bar two away from her to not crowd her and waited for an opportunity to engage her in a conversation. While I waited, I ordered a root beer, and 'lordy' they had Henry Weinharts available on tap. It was the first time that I had ever encountered it.

The bartender said that they get so many requests from designated drivers that they reallocated one of the taps for it, to the frustration of the brand of beer displaced.

The lady in question listened to this in interest, evidently the first time that she had been made aware of it. To my amateur detective self, I don't think that she had spent much time on its product.

After a few minutes, my patience won over her reticence and she opened the avenue of conversation with a loud and pronounced sigh. So, I took the opening and ran with it, to her off hand notice. "I see that you are somewhat sad at the present. May I help to relieve that for you?" With arched eyebrows, I got, "Depends on what you have in mind." "How about we start with some general conversation?" "Works for me." "Do you mind offering the reason for your pronounced sadness at this time?" "Oh, why not!

Look over there and see the young couple sitting at the table watching the game on the monitor on the wall?" "Yes, I do. Nice looking one, too." "Yes, he is. And until this evening, he was one of my main playmates. He just a few minutes ago, thanked me for the fun, but announced to me that he was going to concentrate on her for the present.

I was very polite in thanking him for his time with me. Just the other night he took me home and I allowed him to give me a quickie to finish his might. He had me from behind at the side of my bed and emptied himself grandly up into me. Then I kissed him off to go home, and then this happens." "Oh, the ingrate!" "No, he is actually a very nice young man. And she is not only a doll, but very nice too. Her father though is the Chief of Police in this town, so he is going to have to be on his P's and Q's with her.

I suspect that the relationship will eventually become permanent, though. They just look too good together for it to not work out. Don't you think?" "If you say so, it is undoubtedly true." And then there was silence between us for several minutes, but she did invite me to sit in the nearest stool to her, so that the conversation could proceed in a more intimate and private fashion. And her free hand moved over to rest on my upper thigh to inflate the atmosphere between us. "My name is Gracie Eastman, what is yours?" "My name is Martin Hiatt, at least the last time that I checked it." "Aha, a man with a sense of humor.

Maybe I have hit the motherlode tonight." So, I looked at her through squinted eyes and asked, "You aren't planning on becoming a mother tonight, are you?" "I hadn't thought of that, but I will leave the idea of it open, if it becomes of a practical concern." Then there were low level mutual laughs with that, and a gentle squeeze on my thigh. "Say, what do you do around here?" "I am a semi-retired hairdresser and a permanently pensioned off with alimony escapee from California.

I want to continue to get his money, but not his whining face with it." "Very practical concept, I think." "And so then, what do you do to pay for your root beers?" "I am a traveling salesman, and before the jokes start, I have heard all of them that you would have heard and some more. Please contain yourself." She smiled at that and refrained from regaling me with her storehouse of pertinent jokes. But, she did ask, "What do you sell?" "I sell industrial equipment and supplies in the Pacific Northwest Region of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana.

I circle throughout this region continually and finish a circuit about every three months. By the way, I am not supposed to let out what company that I represent, so please don't ask." "I will contain myself as to that," said with arched eyebrows. "Thank you for that.

And you have passed the second test for a prospective friendship with me." "Second? What is the first?" "Thought you would never ask! How you look tonight." "Why thank you, so nice of you to notice." "I am guessing that a lot of guys notice." "Yeah, notice and pass on to the sportier fillies in attendance. But, I do get my admirers sometimes and that is fun." "I bet you do, and I also bet that you are!" "Why thank you again." "You deserve it." "How long will you be in town?" "About a week this time." "Where are you staying?" "At the Econo Lodge out by the freeway." "Yeah, I know the place and have spent a few pleasant nights there." After looking at her watch she invited me to come to her house for the night and entertain her.

I said that I would be glad to, but would have to drive my 'beast' over to it, because I don't dare leave it parked on the streets unattended.

So, she gathered up her sweater and purse and I led her out to my specially prepared Suburban, my usual traveling companion. When she got a good look at it, she remarked, "A 'Beast' for sure." And then with her in it we started to her house. She quickly noticed the shaved down center console and asked about it. I told her that it was for grateful lady hitchhikers who wanted to thank me for free rides.

And unless they wanted back on the road side, they always came through. My coming was of variable results. So, she reached over the back of the seat and stowed her belongings there and lowered herself in the seat to pay her dues, also.

I wear no undershorts for this and other reasons, so she had my cock out in short order and quickly after that up and into her mouth. She had no desire to waste time and so, had it up in her throat, with a very powerful sucking action of her mouth. Surprisingly, I came for one of the rare times and managed to keep us on the road at the same time. She showed me my gift before stowing it in the proper receptacle, her stomach.

And then she looked around the interior of my 'sub' and settled down to continue the short ride to her home. When we got to her house, she after jumping out from her side of the vehicle, grabbed my arm and led me up to and into her house.

When in, it was a quick trip up to the bedroom and her admonition for me to get comfortable while she freshened up in the bathroom.

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As she was disappearing through the bathroom doorway, I asked her to not cleanse her pussy a lot, because I like the taste and smell of a woman's pussy.

So, she said that she would take that into consideration. While I was alone in her bedroom, I divested myself of my clothing and left only my T-shirt on to cover over some ugly scars from a bug infestation in my condo a couple of years back. I didn't have to remove my undershorts, since I don't wear any, especially in the warm summer weather.

She soon came out from the bathroom. Evidently not having to cleanse her pussy that much greatly shortened the time of her preparations for me. But, she was gloriously naked and showing off her assets on the way to her bed. I noticed that her breasts were about a B minus and slightly saggy, and that her belly was rounded and had a bit of a sag to it, too. But, she was still a really sexy looking woman, augmented by her totally sexy attitude.

With me laying on my back on the bed, she moved up to lay on top of me with the front of my undershirt pulled up so that her titties would be laying on my bare skin. As she was well into her cups as we got to her place, she pulled a couple of firm pillows for her knees to rest on outside of my legs and a softer one on my shoulder for her head to rest on, and with her weight, as negligible as it was, relieved from my body and her legs splayed apart centered over my groin area, she admonished me to, 'ENJOY YOURSELF!' as she took a short refreshing nap.

And I did. With her making snoozing noises in my ear, I busied myself massaging and scratching her uncovered back on top of me.

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She began to purr with that. And when she was slightly raised in response to that, I worked my dick up into her pussy crack to enjoy some feelings there. When she felt me up her pussy slit, she began, still in her nap, to raise and lower her hips to cause my dick to sensually rub up and down her crack up to and including her clit. And soon after that, I felt her cum starting to leak out on to me. She then still mostly asleep, moved her body so that my cock then moved up into her pussy vault and lightly bounced on my belly to cause it to ratchet in her pulsating vagina.

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With this in action, it didn't take long and I emptied right up into her and then we settled down to a long nap, with a blanket pulled over us, still with me in her and us in the same position. When we awoke up in the morning, she was open to another round if I wanted it, but I told her that I would just like to share a shower and a breakfast with her for the moment.

She smiled at that and we had a very affectionate shower and after that a very gracious breakfast. Then as she was sharing her morning coffee and I was drinking my morning iced water, she brought up the subject of my 'sub.' She had seen just enough around in it the previous night to be very curious about it this morning. So, I explained that it was now three years old and running just as good as it did when it was brand new. It cost the company $45,000 for the deluxe version of it, but with common wheel covers to not bring undue attentions to it.

Also, they put another $15,000 in augmentations in it for my safety and comfort. They had taken out the rear seating and the back seat, since I would never be hauling any more than two people in it.

And in the wheel well of the back seat they installed another fuel tank of fifty gallons to augment the regular one of twenty-five.

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This would help to guarantee my safety, if I was caught in bad weather somewhere. The back area of the 'sub' was huge and in it was installed a very plush double bed, for overnights when a motel wasn't handy.

And installed in the back also was a small fridge that ran off the electrical system when the engine was running and off of a battery pack when it wasn't.

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There was also an electric hot plate mounted for use there or outside when available. I carried dinnerware and utensils for two to eat. And an assortment of ramen and other easy to fix foods for when I was traveling and not near a restaurant. I didn't tell her that there were two hidden fire arms in the vehicle to ward off troubles of that type.

But, I did mention the special curtains over the tinted windows that blocked any viewing into the 'sub's' interior but allowed those inside to see any ones unnecessarily near on the outside. It had a bigger than usual after-market movie and T.V. screen and satellite reception for the T.V. Also a small bookcase for a selection of the latest novels by my favorite authors.

It had four wheel drive as an alternative and some very special tires that could have the studs pushed out in place by some ability that I wasn't familiar with. I just knew how to activate it from the control panel on the dashboard. And the body had towing hooks at all four corners in case of the need for them, too. She was awed by all of this and seemed to be deeply thinking as I went about my deion of it. I had only one two hour appointment for that day and so she accompanied me upstairs and gave me a little 'suckie-poo' before I got dressed to meet the day.

She asked me to call her after the meeting and we could discuss whatever we might want to do with the late afternoon and evening. I got the inference that she was going to have me stay over another night with her, and I was definitely considering it. She was about fifteen years older than me, but was also a very enthused sexual lady.

So, my mind was working, too. By the time that I called Gracie back, I was feeling really good. I had made a very big sale to this company, and so my company would be giving me a big bonus and my job was very secure for another year. I was hoping to get off of the road in the coming years, though. With my education I was in line for an executive managing job as soon as I paid my dues with the company.

When I talked to Gracie, she shared with me that she wanted to avoid alcohol for the next couple of days, so that we could find out what the basic normalized relationship was between us.

Not just one fueled by the abandonment of all good sense while being drunk. I offered that that was a very good idea and she then asked for us to go out that night to a fine restaurant and see what happened.

After picking her up, we used her little car with tinted windows and she allowed me to drive. No 'On the Road Blow Job' this time, because this vehicle was very low to the road and anyone would be able to see our silhouettes if that was being practiced. But, she did manage to get her hand into my trousers and play with my dick as I drove. She had to use my handkerchief, too.

Since she was very accomplished in that mode, too. When we got to the restaurant, it was one of those with partially hidden tables, and she had reserved one for us. The table was also set up for us to sit on the same side, too. And as soon as we had our drinks, both root beers, she had my hand in her panties to ready us for our dinners. And when the waitress brought the first potion of our meals, she noticed the hand actions. No frown, though.

And when she brought the rest, she moved around so that she wouldn't be seen by the rest of the customers and then lifted her skirt to show her bare pussy to me. Gracie nodded to me and so I moved my mouth over to sample her nether region and gave her a nice preliminary tip for her fun to me. When I finished my meal, Gracie got under the table to finish hers, and the waitress when she passed by during that effort, closed the curtains to give us more privacy, to the profound disappointment of a couple across the room that were following the action.

Then with Gracie successful in her efforts, the waitress came back to check up on a possible dessert. While we were discussing the alternatives, Mary sat on the table before me, with her skirt up and moved me down to sample a possible dessert.

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When it was nice and creamy, she asked if I would like to probe it to check on its temperature and so I raised up and plowed up into her and added a crème filling to it. She laughed when I mentioned that and graciously accepted the further tip, also. We left soon after, and on the receipt was the admonition, "Any Time, Folks!" I let Gracie drive home and I licked up her pussy while she was driving in the dusky dark night, with little fear of any discovery.

When we got to her place, she asked if I might consider staying at her place for the rest of my stay in town, and to stay with her on futures stays. I said that I would consider it, and decide about this week after tonight. And then with us cuddled up on the couch, she also laid out before me the idea of her traveling with me on the road for at least a couple of months a year.

She mentioned that a friend's daughter would look after her place while she was gone, and since she would not be able to work that she could use a modest amount of help to keep the bills up while she was gone.

Whatever I could contribute could be deposited on the road, since her bank was a nationwide one, and she could pay the bills online while they were traveling. I said that perhaps a week long trip would give a better idea as if this might work. And she assured me that I would not be sorry for helping her as she would take really good care of me on the road.

I smiled at the thought of that. So, when I was ready to leave, she packed up some books, her personal ear phones music system and a bag with three changes of clothes and we set out on the road. This trip would be through Eastern Washington State, Idaho and Montana, and if it didn't work out, I would fly her home.

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She was pretty sure that it would, though. When we got to the top of Stevens Pass, there was a young woman of about eighteen stranded there because of a dispute with her boyfriend. She was heading back to WAZZU and asserted that she would make it worth our while if she could catch a ride with us. I told her that I could drop her off in Spokane and she said that that was good enough, she could get a ride from there. So, Gracie moved back to the bed with her music on and little Marcie took the front seat with me.

Thankfully, the road was dry and bare in this late of the season, so as soon as we set out, Marcie undid her seatbelt and welded her mouth to my dick. She must have had a lot of practice because she was one of the few that ever brought me with a blow job.


And she succeeded twice on the trip across the state. During one lull in her ministrations to me, she moved back to rest and cuddled up with Gracie. I could hear them even over the road noise as they comforted each other back there. And when we dropped her off in Spokane, she avidly kissed both Gracie and me as a sendoff. We didn't hear from her again, though.

With that, Gracie and I stopped at a truck stop and paid a parking fee since we were not buying any fuel from them at that time and settled in for the night. Gracie cooked up a package of ramen that we shared and then we fell asleep in each other's arms with my dick comfy up against her pussy. At about four in the morning a group of young toughs came up to our sub and began to rock it to wake us up and evidently to scare us.

I could see them because of the curtains but they could not see me, so I got out on the opposite side with my handy sidearm and walked around to politely ask them to go and trouble someone else, and they got the message and vacated the immediate area right away. I then locked up again and returned my dick to its favorite haven, between Gracie's legs.

The trip was a success with both Gracie and the sales. And after three months she flew home to take up life in her house again. And this set a pattern for the next few years.

Whenever I was in town I would stay with her, and she would refrain from drinking. And for three months a year she would travel with me.


After five years I was approaching the age of thirty-five and becoming eligible to take over as an executive vice-president over one of the company's departments, probably Sales and Marketing. I got the message to come in to the headquarters in two months to discuss this. Gracie was traveling with me at the time and discussions were going on as to what we would do if the promotion came through.

I was going to be in my mid- thirties and she was fifteen years older than me. She said that she would marry me and give me a couple of babies, but I thought that that was not practical, since she already had three children who had abandoned her years before after a very nasty divorce. And I didn't think that a fifty year old woman was a good candidate to have children from her body. So, she mentioned the possibility of adoption. I was not against the idea but was interested in producing at least a couple from the body first.

And besides if she married me, we would be moving far away from her home and all of her friends, since I would have to live where I would be working then. But, sadly the debate was taken out of our hands, and Gracie died six months later from aggressive breast cancer.

I held her in my arms when she took her last breaths. A few weeks later I got an email from the little girl, Marcie that we had transported to Spokane, informing me that she had just graduated from WAZZU with an MBA and asked if I knew of any opportunities that she might be interested in. I said, possibly. And invited her to come and interview with my company.

When she showed up she had impeccable grades, experience and personality. I already knew that she could suck a dick like the best of them. She got the job and two years later we got married and raised a fine family together.

We named the first girl, Gracie. I think that she would have approved.