Hunks are enjoyable pleasant babe

Hunks are enjoyable pleasant babe
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Feel: A Stallion Novel A few words to the reader: I wrote this a long time ago, so it's not my style of writing. I based some of the character on people from my life and actual experiences. I dont have spellcheck on my computer so shut up about grammer and the like.

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I might write more, but it depends on the comments BELOW. I am still working on my Life of RandJr, but my work was erased, so.yeah. Enjoy this in the mean time Chapter 1: The Gift "With great power comes great responcibility," a line that everyone is familiar with.

The saying that means, if you get something great, somewhere along the road, sooner than later, life is gonna find a way to bite you in the ass. This isn't true; some people just happen to be lucky, and we love it. But those who have such benefits in life, typically don't let people know that they have an advantage, because then how would people be in awe.

How would they see us if they knew we were so diffrent. This is an intresting way to start a sex-story; (and don't get your panties in a knot) but that's because its NOT. A better diffinition would be a sex-novel, one with multiple chapteres, and characters that everyone can relate to. This is the tale of Damond Ciaccia, and his GIFT. *********************************************************************************************************** I made a face as a bright light peeled my eyes open, and took me from my dream reality, into the real world.

I cupped my hand over my eyes, and shifted my body to the right, trying to sheild my eyes from the blinding light. "Damond, get up, time for school," said a voice. I knew that voice; my mind registered it as. sister.

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I groaned as she turned of the lights and shut the door. I streached my body across the bed, and opened my eyes. The soft warm glow from my comforter begged me to not leave it's caressment, but the alarm clock to my right window seal stated 7:30; time to get up. I sat up and felt something push frimly against my crotch. Removing the comforter I noticed my dick saying good morning, standing straight up. "Why," I wondered, trying to recall any sexy dream that might have just occured.

A faint wisp of brown hair, and a nice smell. Not a smell of flowers, nor lavander, but a smell that every man does, and if not should, enjoy. The smell of lightly conditioned hair, a dap of perfume, and a hint of lust. I am not some creepy pervert who dreams about girls, its just when your 14 and know what awaits you in Highschool next year; you tent to get turned on a little. I eventually got out of my room, and walked across the hall to my personal bathroom that smelled like Axe spray deoderent and wet towel.

I took of my teeshirt and my boxers and stepped into my shower. Turning on the water my mind went into a day-dream like trance. I thought about my friends, one in particular; Angel.

Angel was 5'5, thin but sexy body, and A-cup breasts. Long brown, yet slightly fizzy enough to make look kinky, hair. In another words, perfect. We'd been friends since 4th grade, and our friendship developed so far that we knew everything about one another. I felt a pull between my legs as my cock got hard. I washed my hair and then ran soap covered fingers across my abs. Yes I do have a six-pack for those who wonder. I'm 5'9, 186lbs (all in muscle), have short brown hair, and have a 8 1/2 dick.

Needless to say, I am very proud of this body. After getting out of the shower, drying off, and putting on my clothes for school; my phone vibrated in my pocket. Pulling out my phone I gotta message from some unknown random number. Looking at the message it said, "DO WANT TO GET LAID? CALL THIS NUMBER NOW! OPEN 24/7 INTERNATIONAL!!!!!!!!!!!" A phone number, along with a picture of a hot girl in a wet tshirt was posted below.

Looking at the clock, I saw I'd have about 20 minutes untill I'd have to leave to go to school. I wrote the number down and deleted the message in case someone got ahold of my phone. I then called the number and a voice answered faster than I expected. "Yes," ansered a high pitched voice, "who is this!" Maybe this was a mistake, maybe not. "Hey, er, I gotta text on my phone about sex," I said, as calmly as I could.

"Oh yes," she replied," who would you like to have sex with?" Five diffrent celebraties, several models, and a couple girls from my school automaticly popped into my head; but I didn't know what to say. "Excuse me," she said cautiously, "Are you still there sir?" "Uh, yeah, I just dont know any of your. workers. Could you give me a couple of discriptions of who works there?" Laughter came out of the phone, as if what I said was a abnormal question to ask. "We have no, what did you say, workers?

I simply asked, who would you like to fuck?" "I don't know." "Sir, how old are you?" Oh shit, I hit the end button, but the phone didn't disconnect. "Hello," I asked, cautiously. "Yes, I'm still here. Are you a virgin?" Now this was getting a little creepy. I slid off the back of the phone, and popped out the battery. My heart was pounding, and I didn't know what to do.

Then, I placed the peices of my phone into my pocket, and ran out of my room to the car. *************************************************************************************************** It was 1st period and I was sitting next to a couple of my friends.

Tate, whom was 5'6, had long brown hair, and a nerdy complection. The kid wore glasses, and was the only person I knew that had a six pack at my age. Christina, had long blonde hair (there's a change), 5'6, A soon to be B-Cups, and a tan sexy body. I always told myself that if she wasn't Angel's best friend, I'd ask her out one of these days.

Yet she was the only girl I had never fantised about. She was cute, really really cute. I just never felt an attration to her sexually.

Or even emotionally for that matter. A lady walked in the room that I identified as our school counslier. She walked up to our teacher and had a long conversation in a hushed voice. I tried to listen, but was pulled away as Chistina went on about track tryouts.

The counsler left and returned with a girl that I had never scean before. She was my height, blonde, and had C-cups! C-cups, in 8th GRADE! My teacher walked to the front of the room, dragging the new girl by her wrist. "Class," she said as if annoyed that she'd have to interupt class to introduce the new girl. "This is, sorry, what your name?" The girl looked at me and said," I'm Emma." Something about that voice.

"Emma," the teacher said, "got it. Don't let me forget, ok?" "Ok," Emma said, eyes still on me. I don't know why, but there was just something about her that was just, well, sexy. "Ok, Emma," Said the teacher, effort showing on her face as she tried to remember the name, "Take the seat behind James, there (she said pointing in the back)." "Ok," She said for the third time, and then walked to James, and sat behind him.

A second later, I realised I'd been staring. Looking down, I pretended to be extremely intrested in my planner. A giggle came from across the classroom. I looked up and saw her covering her mouth, with her small hands.

Where my eyes playing tricks on me, or did I see white bleached teeth. I went back to my planner, and promised myself that I wouldn't look at her for the rest of the period. Checking the clock, I saw that I had only been in class for 12 minutes. This was going to be a long class. Sometime later, the teacher asked," does anyone have to go to the restroom?" For some reason, almost everyone's hands went up. Everyones, except mine and Emma's. Weird. Then, the teacher, started to yell at me.

"Damond, why the hell are you talking!" "W-what?" "Oh, don't you dare play with me YOUNG man! Move to the back of the classroom or I swear I will write you up!" I just sat there, flabbergasted."You better move your behind right NOW!" Then, with no other option, I did as she said. The only problem was that where she wanted me to sit right behind Emma.

I'm a normal guy, I see a girl I like, and and I go hard, right? Well, Emma wasn't just your typical girl. She was beautiful, and I was standing up.

I dashed torwards my seat desprete to hide my swelling dick. The teacher left the room, leaving me with Emma. The room was quiet for a second, but then the silence was broken my Emma.

"So, we don't have alot of time, so I'll ask the question simply. Who would you like to have sex with." And thats when it hit me, the sexy voice from the phone call earlier! But she was here, in my classroom, right infront of me. How, why? Did they trace my phone, but if so, why? Are they that desprite for clients? So I asked. "What are you doing here," I asked.

She giggled, but then her face turned serious, "I said we don't have alot of time, I need you answer right now." "So, anyone," I asked, cocking an eyebrow. "Anyone," She said huskly, looking into my eyes. "How 'bout you?" "Besides me" "That doesn't seem fair," I responded a little disappointed, I had just bought some new choclate flavored condoms in case of an emergencey.

"Just a rule of the, uh, never mind," "Rule of what," I asked. A huge smile of mischeif came to her face. "I'm glad you asked," she said with her bubbly voice. She then pulled something out of her pocket.

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I couldn't get a good look at it, but it was a blue silvery color, and long. She held it up to my face, and then I got a REAL good look at it. It looked kinda like a worm, and slightly moved from side to side. She asked me to touch it, and I did so. It was cold and slimey. No, not slimely, like the missing link between a liquid and a solid.

Withdrawing my hand I asked, "What is it?" "Does it matter what it is, as long as it does what you like," she answered, her smile now from ear to ear. She lunged forward with her hand, and before I knew it her, and that object, were in my pants. She gave my crotch a light squeeze, and my dick came to life.

The blue-silvery thing enveloped my cock, like a condom, only this felt really REALLY good. "Now," she said, professionally again, "This is called a 'good boy sleave,' do you know what it does?" All I could do is shake my head. "It makes sure you do what I say. Now if you are good it'll be good to you." Right after she said it, the 'Good-Boy-Sleave,' started to feel wet and sticky, like a honey. Only honey doesn't pump your dick.

It felt great, I could have kissed her, but then she said,"but if your bad." Then the sleave went ice cold, hard, and started to crush my crotch.

My balls ached, and I fell out of the chair onto my knees. I let out a cry, and then the GBS went back to normal, the pain gone. I looked at her with hatred in my eyes, I didn't care how cute she was, she.

was. EVIL. "Aw, does somebodys balls hurt," she said in a baby voice, "I bet if you were to just say you wanted to fuck a certaint person, they would feel really better. Now I want you to meet me at chick-filea midnight tonight, got it?" "Got it," I said pissed off. She looked at the wall. My eyes followed hers and saw the clock, but something was wrong, no time had passed. Clock must have been broken. "I gotta go to the bathroom," I said.

I stood up and walked of to the door. As my hand reached out to grab the handle she said quickly, "I wouldn't do that!" I looked at her harshly, " Why not?" "Time does not exsist outside of this room. If you leave, you'll be stuck in a paradox, and never move again." "Why should I believe that?" "Look at your cock, does that look remotely normal?

You can't exactly buy a GBS at a Wal-Mart, now can you." As soon as she had said cock, I'd had gotten hard. Even though she had just put my balls in a vice, she still was hot.

Stupid dick! "So, Chick-feila, right," I said, conferming her command. "Yes, oh, and think about any crushes you have, or celbs you like, ok?" "Got it." Then I got a massive headache, and the world seemed to get nosier. I looked at the clock, and saw the second hand ticking away; time had once again moved.

After a couple of minutes, the class had come back from the restroom, and the day went on. Well, it went on for eveybody except me. I was still curious how she had been able to stop time, and find me. And wait, I had to move to another seat for something I didn't do! I knew she could control my dick (then again pretty much any cute girl could) but did she some sort of mind power thing? Who was this girl! ******************************************************************************************* Thousands of possibilities flew though my mind, each crazier than the last.

An angel maybe, come to pass some divine judgement. Or an ancient greek Amazon, come to mate for only reproductive purposes, then castrate and kill her lover. Eck, no amount of of hot sex in the world was worth that. Maybe she was a spy, yeah from the future, but a kinky spy! I rubbed my forehead with no amount of self satisfaction what so ever. I stopped thing about it in hope to find some bit of peace.

Second period went by easier, she wasn't there. I was happy to learn about binomeals and linear equations, I even enjoyed the lecture about women's rights. I constantly was looking at the clock however.

Next was third period, lunch, and Angel. I enjoyed my third period. All of my REAL friends were there Tate, Donald, and Matt. As soon as we were dismissed, I practically dashed out of the room, eager to get the day over with.

Then I remembered my meeting with Emma, and lost my motive. Walking down the hall I heard, "Wasup bro." Turing to my left I saw Donald, long dirty blonde hair in his eyes, and a face covered in Acne. His southern accent betrayed his upbringing in Georgia. But he was like a brother to me, and like a real brother, I never told him everything. "Hey Donald." "Wad' up," he said. "Third period," I said, my mind somewhere else. "Naw shit sherlock," he relpied, pretending to be pissed.

"I don't know, just got alot on my mind." "Problems with Angel again?" Ok just to bring the reader's up to speed, Angel and I had had an arguement about a month ago. I was drugged of my ass on painkillers cause I tore a muscle in my arm bench-pressing, and I might have told her somethings, including things I had lyied about.

It wasn't till I got back that Iearned how pissed she was. We had a major argument Our friends had to take sides, and alot of the moments between her and I are extremely ackward.

I find it bullshit because I WAS ON HEAVY DRUGS! I know people who have admitted to fucking donkies on painkillers, and their families and friends laugh. But I say one small, tiny thing, and my world turns upside down. "No," I said, "Just some shit I don't wana tell anyone 'bout." "Ok, I can respect that bro." We arrived in class early, and I saw Matt talking to his girlfriend Rose, and Tate pissing of Sophia.

I walked over in the middle of the conversation and heard. "I'm not doing anything wrong, its true," said Tate defending himself. "I don't hate my body, I'm fine," she yelled.

"Then take 'em off!" "SICK!" After that I walked in. "Hey, brah," I said, "wassup." "Well," Tate said, speaking very slowly,"she is scared of taking off her pants. And I, the good doctor, am her cure." I couldn't help but laughing, he was funny. But then I felt something light and delicate on my shoulder. It was slightly cold, but it warmed my body and made my heart race.

I turned around. "Hey Angel," I said smiling. "Hi," she said, making the peace-sign. She was beautiful, her hair was a soft brown, yet rich in volume.

Her body was petite compared to mine, yet the one thing I felt most captivated about where her eyes. A dark blue-green, but there was something about today that just made me stare. There was something about her that seemed, well, angelic today. Her eyes seemed deeper than usual, and her face looked, beautiful. It's hard finding words to describe her, when there are only so many words in this world. Then from across the room I heard, "I need everybody to have a seat!" It was my teacher Mrs.

Tennor. Big, black, diva; you know the type. We all dashed to our seats and prepared our selfs for a long boring day. "Now, we have a new student, Emma Woodbridge" Wait EMMA! I saw her walk in the room with a smile on her face, directed straight at me.

"Hi," she said, her arms crossed behind her back. Mrs. Tennor looked at her, as if trying to judge her before getting to know her.

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"Pick a seat." The only empty seat was next to Angel, and beside Sophia. So she couldn't sit next to me, and I was hoping for dissapointment. Yet this seemed to be EXACTLY where she wanted to sit. She walked past me and I smelled cinnamon. Emma sat down and the class began. ***************************************************************************************************** I tired to again concentrate on my work, but kept noticing that Angel and Emma were talking together for most of the class.

Even after Mrs. Tennor told them to be quiet, they started to write notes on a sheet of paper. The class ended, and we lined up for lunch. Girls in the front, guys in the back. It was Tate's idea, but it wasn't because he was a gentleman, he just got a view everyday. I was in the back of the guys line, but some how Emma was allowed to stand right in front of me.

While everyone walked away, she put a hand on my crotch. I tried to move forward, but GBS started to squeeze, hard. "I'd like an answer by lunch," she said. Then she walked forward, and the pressure went away. *************************************************************************************************** At lunch, Angel saved Emma a seat.

"I like her, Damond, this is Emma," she said as she showed Emma to her seat. "We've met," I mumbled. Normal lunch, but I couldn't help but notice Tate try to flirt with Emma. He tried, but each time he did, she found some way to make it back fire on him, impressive. But after awhile, it became boring, so Tate suggested an idea. "Ok," he said, "We take turns saying a word, and you have to say the first thing that comes to mind." "Or you could ask a question instead of a word," Emma said hopefully.

"Yeahhhhhhhhh," Tate said, already thinking of uncomfortable questions for all of us. "Ok, who goes first," she said, looking around the table. She looked at me, then Angel. "I'll ask. Angel!" "Ok" "The word is," Damond." "Brother." I took a quick glance to see Angel's face after she said that.

Apparenty, she was looking at me to see my reaction. Well, she got a smile. But I didn't FEEL like a smile. To a girl brother means friendzoned. It means to think of that guy as anything more would be wrong.

And that they don't want to ruin the friendship. It's moments like this where I wish I could be like the Godfather and just be like, "No, Imma not gonna be your bratha. I'm gonna be more then dat." But despite my Italian heritage, I'm not head of the Coleone crime family.

I'm Damond, head of my personal thoughts. "Ok," said Emma, "now it's your turn." "Tate," Angel said, " The word is Angel." Tate did a fist pump as he said,"sexy beast sexy beast!" "Emma," Tate spoke, "my 7 1/2 dick." Angel hit him across the table, I laughted, but Emma only said, "out of order." Ok, that was funny as shit, so we all laughted.

"NOT TRUE," He almost yelled, then stood up, " wanna see?" Angel, Donald, and I all put a hand over our eyes, or turned away. But again Emma calmly spoke,"Not really but if you feel you have something to prove, you can pull it out." Wow, no one had ever asked him to just go for it.

And for the first time in whole period that I had known him, Tate was speechless. We all just looked at her.


"So," Angel said,"Who's next?" "Me I guess," Emma said, now looking at Angel like a peice of meat. I made a fist under the table, ready to throw her across then room if she tried anything "funny," with her. "Damond," she said, "Angel." "Sorry, which one," I asked, my mind some where else. "Damond, what is the first thing in you mind if I say 'Angel',"she said. I felt a little nervious. Several things actually went into my mind when I heard her name. Perfect, hot, cute, funny, smart, best-friend, small, tan, only-person-I-ever-felt-anything-for.

But I settled for friend,"Friend." I was expecting something from Emma, but the snide uncomfortable comment I was expecting, came from Tate. "She said FIRST thing that comes to your mind, Damond.

Fifty other thoughts went through your head. Tell the truth." Looking to my right, I saw Angel kinda blush. But then the blush turned to a curious look that said,"Really." Emma was smiling, because she knew that Tate would say something, regardless on what I was thinking. No, she didn't know, she counted on him saying something. How dare she use my friend against me like that. Fine, I can play that game, your on!

"I know whats going on in my head, but not Emma's. New girl, talking only to a girl in a group of guys that could all make the football team.

Sounds like ya got a little crush on her," I said. "No, but I'd like a peice of you," she replied. "Wait," I started, "you said you couldn't. That you and I would never get to fuck." Then I realised what she was doing. I quickly looked to my right to see a shocked Angel. I don't know why; but I didn't want Angel to know I dont know how, but in some way I might have hurt her.

I've never wanted to hit a girl before, but now. I'd rip off her head. Grab her head, put my hand in her mouth, and tear her jaw off. Fuck her in the ass 'til she bled. She had hurt my Angel. Then I realised she was never MY Angel, no matter how hard I tried. "Whoa, whoa," said Donald, "What's goin on. Damond, what you do to her?" "He decided he doesn't care who he has sex with," Angel answerwed," He'll screw this bitch and dosen't care." Then she got up, walked away from the table, and sat down with some other girls, whom's names I could not begin to guess.

Before I could even process what happened, Mrs. Tennor called us to line up. I went to the end of the line, so Angel wouldn't have to see me, even if it risked having to spend an extra minute or so with Emma.

But then I was suprised for the second time that day when Angel came to the back of the line. It was extemely ackward to say the least. I wanted to tell her everything that had just happened that day. But then I'd have to bring up where I'd met Emma, and I didn't want that.

"Is it true," she asked, looking up at me. Ergh, what do I say?! Think, think. Got it! "Angel," I said, looking deep into her beautiful eyes, "I'd never just fuck someone that I didn't care about, I don't even like the term 'fuck,' I prefer sex.

Sex is about love and closeness, and if I don't have that with a person, I'd never have sex with them." "Really," she said, part of her not believing me.

"You wouldn't like to bend her over, and pound her cunt? Have her slob all over your dick, then cum all over her pretty face?" I was shocked that she talked like that, even if it did turn me on, but then I realised now probably wasn't the BEST time to get a hard-on; less she rip off my dick.

Now was time to bring out the big guns. "I thought you knew me better than that. Yes I have desires like ever other guy, but unlike everyother guy, I can control myself. I've been in the damned friend-zone for 5 years, and haven't done ANYTHING. Never pressured you once, and some random girl comes up, and you think I want her?" Judgeing by her reaction, it had worked.

She knew I still only cared about her, and that I wasn't going to go off with some random chick. But still left the question. "Then why would she say that," she asked. I didn't know. I would have told her I didn't know, but we had to leave, class was about to resume.

I didn't say anything to her for the rest of the day, there was no need to. What I needed to be said was spoken. Later after school, I got home and checked my cell. I had gotten a text. I was hopeing a message from either Donald, Tate, or even Angel at this point. But my fears were realised when I saw the same number that I had gotten the infamous text from earlier this morning.

Opening the text, it read, "remember Chic-feila." I looked at the clock, I had an hour or two to burn. So, I logged onto my lap top and decided to jack off real fast, hopping that would help me resist the beauty I would meet later tonight.

I went on Google Chrome, and went to Looking for something really hot, I clicked on the video that had the three fling pit stop girls have an orgy with the two race car drivers. "That might be me later," I said in a hushed voice, predicting the future. A few minutes later, I blew my load and hit my shirt.

I hate cumming on fabric, the damn stain never comes out, and I liked this shirt. Deleting my history and taking off the shirt, I heard my phone ring. It was Angel. "Hey," I said, wiping off my cum stain. "What's up." "Do you mind if I come over," she asked me. "I gotta go in about an hour or two, maybe in half an hour," I said, hopeing she wouldn't think I didn't want to see her.

Even though it was though it was true. "I'm at your front door," she said, "can you let me in?" "K, I'll be right there." I ran upstairs to my front door. Opening the door I saw Angel in a blue tank top, and denim shorts. God she looked amazing. There was some- thing diffrent about her eyes though, they were a crystle-blue color.

Cool, maybe she got contacts. I didn't realise how long I was staring at her because she said," Ya just gonna stand there or let me in?" Uh-oh. "Oh, yeah, sorry," I replied, trying to hide my embarassment opening the door. "Don't be, there's something I have to tell you by the way," she said, walking into my living room. "We can go downstairs, it's practically sound-proof down there," I offered. Angel said that would be great, and I led her down to my room.

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She sat on my bed, then looked at me for a bit. I didn't know why, but she checked my out and asked,"You gonna put a shirt on?" I looked down and remembered I took of my cummy shirt. Going over to my drawer, I pulled out my DISTURBED concert T-shirt, and turned around. Angel was only a foot away from me, and bit her lip. I knew what face ment, hell, all of our group did. "Angel-," I began, but she cut me off with a finger to my lips. "Shhhh," she whispered as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

I pulled her close and kissed her tenderly. GOD, it was a good kiss, no, perfect. I knew she was good but, damn. I decided to go a little farther, and my hands trailed down her back down to her butt. She pressed her lips harder against mine.

Her hands digging through my hair. Then something I didn't expect happened.

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I felt Angel's breasts. expand? I looked down and saw C-cups! Two tan, beautiful breasts, inches away from my face. I returned to kiss her again, wanting to live in this moment forever.

It was too perfect. Then I looked at her face, and saw not Angel, but EMMA?! She pulled my head down down to hers, and stuck her tounge in my mouth. I began to rub her ass through her shorts, and felt heat radiate from her crotch. Emma broke the kiss, and her eyes met mine. "Wow," I said, trying to find out what just happened. That was Angel, then Emma.

How had that happened? It was weird. "How did you do that?" I realised how hard I was breathing, because I was winded after getting out that sentence. "The kiss," she asked, "or the Angel thing?" Tough question, but I decided to go for the most urgent one. "Angel," I said, hopeing that the REAL Angel would never find out about this. Emma brushed some hair behind her ear and explain it all. "Well, you know how the Earth's magnetic core works? (I nodded) Well human's bodies connect electricity.

Massive amounts, actually. Put these two factors together; the Earth's magnetic core and the human conductor; and you're given an electromagnetic. And just like a real magnet, the conductors can leave imprints on it. This means, with the right equipment, you can see everything a persons has ever done, via Earth.

No HUMAN, can do this, which is where WE come in. Around 1974, there was an incident that caused alot of trouble within the CIA and FBI. This is known only to a few as the "ALLOY INCIDENT." It was the first time that they found a metal that broke ALL scientic laws. This would have been the greatest discovery in man kind, IF that metal was that of Earth's.

It was found in a metorite. Scientists were baffeled, and could give the questioning government, no answerers. The alloy's properties were recorded every day. The scientists discovered that the metal was slowly be coming a solid, and would make subtle movements when an observer got too close. It was EVOLVING. Turning into an entirely diffrent substance, but still disobeyed scientific law. One night, the janitor found the lab destroyed, the walls painted with blood and chunks of flesh.

When investigation teams arrived, they noticed all sexual organs gone. While the CIA and FBI have blacked-out the file, I know why they were missing their reproductive organs. (Emma leaned in close and whispered to Damond's ear) The alloy needed to survive, repopulate.

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(She leaned back and continued the story). The alloy used human sperm and egg to create a hybrid species. Seven diffrent "Children of the Alloy," were created." Emma smiled and pointed as she said the names. "Me, and you." I felt light-headed; FBI, secret files, evolution, Children of the Alloy? "Hey," she said, "Its ok. You're 28% human, the rest, well, is mimicry." I looked up front my lap and saw Angel. It really looked like her, every inch, except the eyes.

Still a crystle-blue. I had to learn how to do that. Then she turned into.ME? "Ohh," she said, as she felt my/her arms and chest. "Nice muscle." The started to look in my/her pants, and I grabbed her hand.

"No," I said, feeling kinda gay. Not that I was grabbing another guy, it was that I was looking at myself in a tank-top and denim shorts. I could see the outline of my dick through my/her pants. This was too weird, yet cool. Because if I could modify my body. I'd never have to do a sit-up again. I might be able to live forever. Never get old. "Hey," asked," could you please turn into anyone else, just not.

me." She turned into a diffrent array of people in seconds. My ex, Angel, Christina, Emma Watson, Miranda Kerr, Keira Knightly. Then she turned into some other figures. Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, the Pope, my old third grade teacher, then finnaly herself. If that was herself. "You'll be able to do all of this, maybe even more," she told me.

"How," I asked. "Remember that Earth's core thing, I, we can feel the magnetic imprints of people, and have the magnetic feild morph our bodys to that magnetic bind.You can do that by 'feeling', the feild, and thing of the feild/or person. Try." I thought of a body close to mine. Solomon, a kid in my class who shared the same body as mine, was probably the easiest "feild" to copy. I felt. wet. As if someone had just dumped a bucket of iced water on my head. I did a full body shiver, but something was caught in my periphial vision; a dark shape.

I realised it was my hands, now a shade of arabian brown. I felt, weaker. As if something important had been lost. i didn't know where it was, or were I could find it, for that matter.

But I knew that SOMETHING was out of place. I did a 360 around the room, to see if i could jog my memory. Emma must have known this new feeling because she said," that feeling of forgetting or getting something is natural. When your alloy is formed into a new shape, the density of the alloy has to change. Even though you have picked a feild simmilar to yours, everyone's body mass is diffrent. Judging by the kid you just feilded into, I'm guessing a feeling of loss?" I nodded, glad that I had someone to walk me through this.

"You have alot of muscle mass Damond. The boy you transformed into does not. By the looks of it, you might have just lost twenty to thirty pounds of muscle." "Why is this just happening know," know I asked. "I've though of people before, but I've never, ya know, changed into them." "Damond," she said, as if speaking to a cat. "You're not changing into, your 'fielding into.' But for your question, the answer is simple.

Sex." Ok, now I was REALLY confused. "What ever species we are, our maker obviously wanted us to survive.

And the only way to survive, is through reproduction. To pass on one's genes from one generation to the next. When we first started out, we knew how to feild since birth.

It was as natrual as breathing. Anyone of us could do it. But then, we started to have sex with human's. Well, to make a long sequence of genetic material short, we lost certaint instincs. Our desire to feild was lost. This was NOT good. So somewhere down the evolutionary line, the only way to learn how to feild was through horomonal transfers between a male, and a female." She smiled, and then turned into Angel, and did that lip-bitting thing.

Needless to say, she really knew how to turn me on. Then she turned into herself once more. It reminded me of my own apperence, and I thought of my previous feild. I looked at MY hands. God it felt good to be me. I didn't feel weird though. I expected to feel lightheaded at least. This was alot of info, and the creepiest part was that it made sense.

Could I do this forever, and if so; what was the cost. Nothing in life is free. "Whats the down side to all of this," I asked, she looked puzzled. "This is all too good to be true, what are the consequences." She smiled and then answered. "The only down- side is that you might tell the wrong person. Self-doubt, but thats about it. You may tell the people you meet, and it dosen't matter if they tell the whole world who you are.

Even if they believed her, it's not like you can't blend in." "Her," I asked. Emma looked at me in a mocking sort of way. I knew why. I'd most likely tell my closest friends first, one of them being Angel. This was MY gift, and Emma had told me that I alone could choose whom I wanted to tell my secrets to. I'd enjoy this. "Now," she said, "I'll ask you one last time, who would you like to fuck?" It all made sense now, the call, being able to pick anyone.

It was all part of our genetics. I could live my every fantasy, I could even sleep with. no. I'm not going to do that. I'd keep my virginity; but that didn't mean I could't have fun. I looked at Emma, and told her I wanted her.

She gave me some responce that if I did have sex with her, she would get pregnet by my precum alone. But if she could chance the body at the right time, my seed would never touch her womb. I didn't want to have sex with anyone that wasn't them self, so I had an idea. "How about oral?" "Why?" "I don't want to lose my virginity just yet." "Oral sex is still sex.

Whatever morals you have about this, the minute you touch my sex, or I yours, they'll be pointless. There is NO going back." "I don't see it that way, I can't." "Why," She said puzzled. I thought about the reason for a nanosecond, then locked it away.

Just the memory of it made me want to cry or break shit. Or cry and break shit. When I first learned of it I had a mental break down. I still do. "I really, really don't want to talk about it." She turned into Donald.

"I can respect that bro." The she fielded back to herself. "So, oral?" She asked, now herself again. I responded by moving toward her, brushing a strand of hair away and kissing her on her lips.

It wasn't long before we resumed what was going on only several minutes before. My hands worked up the back of her shirt and tried to unclasp her bra. I couldn't find the hooks, so maybe they were in the front. I didn't care, so I ripped the fabric off. She responded by biting my tounge. She slid off my shirt, and I her tank- top. Both half-naked, I picked her up, and she wrapped her legs around my waist.

I backed her up into the wall, and our tounges began to massage one another's gums. We kissed for what felt like an eternety before I lay her on my bed, and I began to pull off her shorts. A small black lacy panties suprised me, she seemed like a thong kind of girl. I slowly pulled them down her legs nibbling, sucking and kissing her lower body the whole way down. I began to kiss the insides of her thighs, trying to make it slow, but give her an earth-shaddering orgasm.

My hands slowly worked their way to her clit, light brushing it aside, as if I were ignoring the one thing that could give her an orgasm. I licked my index finger and slowly made circles around her right nipple. For those of you who down know. Breasts are soft, crazy super soft. It's like watching your favorite TV show, except your one of the characters. I moved my body up and flicked her left breast with my tounge.

I went around the nipple three times and then lightly tapped the head. Her breathing finnaly picked up. I felt her heart beat thought the two orbs on her chest, and something in me stirred. Something almost animal rose in my chest, and I smiled at her. Her eyes were shut, and her face seemed, distant. I returned to between her legs, and felt the heat radiate from her pussy. Moist dew began to form on her lips. Curiously I tasted them. Emma sat up, her toned stomach revealing some smooth ab muscles.

I made eye contact and told her, "You taste great babe." She returned a smile and lay back down, enjoying the experience. Seeing her like that; naked, breasts in the air, and legs over my shoulders; made my cock hard.

As much as I just wanted to pull it out and do a 69, I knew it would be better to wait my turn. I used the side of my tounge to rub her clit. (For the reader: The clit is not something you rub as fast as you can till she blows.

It is extremely sensitive. Treat it like you want her to treat your dick. Up and down, around from side to side.

BUT DON'T OVER STIMULATE IT. For God sakes don't! Ok, you can continue to read) Taking a saliva coated finger, I probed her honeypot, twisting it slowly side to side. Then pushing it down so she'd get a feeling of being streached. "Hmmm," she murmered, and I knew I was doing a good job. I keep on kissing and nibbling untill she began to gind on my face. I grabbed her hips and held her still, then concentrated on only her clit, and kept my finger still.

In a second, I felt her body shake, and tighten on my finger. Her face not sweaty, but slightly glisining. Her hands moved to her breasts, and then to my hair.

She ran her fingers through it, and then her body went limp. I waited a second or so, and after nothing happeded; I stood up. I ran my hands over her body, and careased her face.

We were literally made to be together. Nothing could hurt us; as long as we could feild.


We'd never die. Only change into younger bodies. We'd never be caught, for who can catch someone who is everyone. I positioned her on the beg so that she could have been sleeping.

"Good night Emma." Then I felt a sharp pain in my neck, and the world around me disappeared. ******************************************************************************************* I woke up in a white room, my hands bound and my lower back aching.

I couldn't feel my legs. My eyes, and well, pretty much everything was sore. A faint beeping could be heard from all around me, and I smelt rubber gloves. Then my arm went cold, and my vision went dark.

*********************************************************************************************** "Yes sir, we found them both." "What was taking us so long?" "He had to. mature" "Ahhh, that is aceptable then. Do you think it will work this time?" "Despite their massive strength and dominance over the females; the males of their species take an average 3-4 years before they can use all of their talents." "Will security have to be upgraded?" "Sir, this is the greatest discover MAN-kind has ever made.

Use all resources." "We did. Subject 3 did splendedly on OPERATION EMMA." "Ha, it seems no matter the species the female will always hold the trump card." . "Is there anymore to report?" "No." "Then that brings a conclusion to this phone call." (hung up)