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Amateur vollbusige echten Orgasmus 3  gegenseitige Masturbation
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Rachael could feel her cheeks getting warmer and weirdly enough it was not from heat of the campfire she was sitting around alongwith three of her best guy friends.It was because of the question that one of them had asked.Most of Rachael's friends were geeks because she felt more comfortable in their company.She was unlike most teenage girl her age who wanted to hang around with the popular guys or girls even though they were jerks or sluts.

One of the primary reason Rachael did that cause she thought of herself as one of them, although her looks completely disagreed with her.She was a beautiful blonde having blue eyes,ample boobs and an ass to die for.No wonder,all the players and popular guys had tried their luck with her but miserably failed.Rachael was still a virgin and she wasn't planning to change that anytime soon.She was aware that most guys who asked her out just wanted to fuck her maybe that's why she found solace in her 'geek group'She and two of her closest guy friends were spending the night at Tony's house.His parent's has gone to spend the weekend in Vegas as it was their wedding anniversary.They had spent most of the time reading comics and playing video games.

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In the night,Jon came up with the idea for a campfire and they made one.They started having a random conversation but soon the conversation shifted to the topic of 'sex'.Rachael wasn't surprised to know all three of her best friends were virgin too but she was suprised when all three of them admitted to having measured their dick size.Now,she always knew most guys measure their manhood but she thought her geek friends must have not been interested in knowing that.It appeared Josh had the biggest dick with 6 and a half inches while Jon and Tony both had a 6inch dick.

They went onto share their masturbation secrets and Rachael found out she didn't do it as often as her male counterparts.The most interesting part came when they started the Questions and Answers sessions.Being the only girl in the group Rachael had to explain them a lot.Some of the questions were really stupid but she explained like a professional with a very cool mind."How would one know where to put the dick?Since girls have two holes?And what if one puts his dick in the peehole instead of the vagina?"Tony asked.Rachael laughed at the question,she coanduldn't believe a 16yr old boy was asking this, but she explained"Well the peehole is really small,you could hardly put your little finger in their forget inserting your dick." "How is the layout of the vagina like?I mean which hole is where?"Jon asked.Rachael explained"Well,at the top is the peehole which is very tiny,then is the vagina which is 7-10cm long and then comes the anus which we all know is very tiny ".Rachael chuckled as she completed the answer and all the three guys laughed too but not for long.

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Three of them started whispering among themselves and Rachael was curious what was it all about. Josh and Tony patted Jon's back and asked him to go ahead.Jon hesitated for a moment and then said "Rachael,can we ask you for something?" Rachael wasn't sure what he was going to ask but she replied "SURE".

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Jon cleared his throat and said ",three of us have never seen a real pussy and we don't have any gf so we are not going to see it in the near future, too so were wondering.would you show us yours?" Rachael flushed at the question,she wasn't expecting this.Josh supported Jon by saying "You are the only girl amongst us and although we know it's a huge favor to ask for but still"Rachael hadn't uttered a single word yet.Tony went on to say "We will just see it Rachael,you know you can trust us and it's not like we are going to brag about seeing your pussy.It will just be between us four".Rachael was in a dilemma although she felt very sorry for her bestfriends and she knew they were all stating the truth but she was extremely shy about her body.

Other than herself only her mom has seen her naked.Another thing Rachael was worried about was,all these talks about dick sizes had made her pussy moist and she was worried if she showed it to them,they might just notice it.The three guys kept on begging Rachael,trying to convince her to show her pussy but she kept mum.

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After giving it a long thought, Rachael decided to do it.Well.someday,she would have to show herself to guys and what better way to shed her shyness by showing her body to her bestfriends first??Rachael stood up and said"okay,i will do it but you guys need to promise me,you'll only watch it" "We promise that" three of them said in unison.Rachael removed her converse shoes followed by her socks,the guys were intently staring at her and she felt as if they could burn a hole in her body.Rachael unbuttoned her jeans,unzipped it and pulled it down along her long,gorgeous legs.Rachael was glad she was wearing her favourite pink cotton panties.

Rachael could feel three pairs of eyes intently staring at her so she purposely avoided direct eye contact with them and concentrated at the task on hand.She felt relieved thinking that she had shaved her pussy yesterday.Rachael was not a big fan of shaving her muff and usually let it grow but yesterday she noticed her pubic hairs have grown way too much and she needed to shave.She felt more confident pulling her panties as she knew her pussy was clean shaved.Rachael put her fingers in the waistband of her panties and pulled them down,out of her legs.Rachael was sure she heard a gasp from the guys as she stripped naked but she hesitated to make eye contact with them.

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When she finally looked up at her friends,she realised they had their eyes fixed on their crotch. Somehow,Josh recovered from the initial shock of seeing a real pussy and said "Umm.Rachael,will you please lie down with your legs spread so that we can have a better look?" Rachael was skeptic about Doing that but than she thought,all three of them had already seen her pussy and the whole idea behind this was to show them a real pussy.So,Rachael lied on her back and spread her legs.All three of them came close to her and kept staring at the beautiful sight in front of them.They can't believe their luck,they were actually seeing a real pussy and that too of a beauty like Rachael.

Tony realised it might be a good time to get some valuable knowledge so he asked Rachael "Is that your peehole at the very top?" Rachael had started feeling somewhat uncomfortable lying naked and spread eagle in front of three guys but she replied pointing her fingers "This is my peehole,this is the vagina.where you are supposed to insert the dick and this is the anus" Although,Rachael had prepared her mind for the awkwardness when she agreed to strip in front of her friends but something else was happening to her and she hadn't prepared herself for this at all.

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To Rachael's amazement,she was finding this a really erotic moment and she was so turned on.Her nipples were completely erect and were poking her bra but the biggest issue was between her legs.Rachael was sopping wet and worse still,three of her best friends were staring at her wet pussy.Rachael wished she could touch herself right now cause she felt she might just cumm by touching her clit,she was soo turned on.She had no idea what she had done to her friends.Their boners were threatening to ripp off their pants and come out in the open.Jon adjusted his spectacles and stammered as usual while asking "Rachael,why does your pussy look so moist?Is it always like that ?" Rachael blushed really bad at this question and she wondered if she should lie to them rather than be embarrassed after answering it.Rachael, being a great friend explained to them "NO!It's not like that always.We girls get wet between our legs when we are turned on just like you guys get boners"."So,you are turned on?"Tony asked baffled."Umm.yeah,i guess so "Rachael replied.

Rachael was blushing red after replying that when she noticed,Tony's pants.It was clearly visible that he had raging hard on hiding and then she noticed the other two guys and there were no different.Rachael always knew that she was beautiful and had a sexy body but seeing what kind of effect she can have on guys was making her excited.All three of them started whispering and Rachael was curious what are they talking about now.Jon came forward and hesitantly asked "Can we.can we touch it,please Rachael?" (to be continued)