School Boys Compilation Seis Kissing Fucking And Tongue Sucking Boy Fun

School Boys Compilation Seis Kissing Fucking And Tongue Sucking Boy Fun
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This is my first story so please forgive me. Hello my name is Jake I am a six foot 9 inches tall and I am 26. I have a very fit life style, I have my own company fixing cars and big rigs and I am doing very well. I have 6 shops in 5 city's and all in all I give most of the credit to my time in the military. I was an engineer and worked on tanks and other vehicles some times getting in to the fight my self.

I look at the clock and it reads 3:27 AM. So thinking this might be some thing important. I get up put on my robe and go to the door.

my 9mm Beretta in hand just in case its a stupid thief who thinks that getting me to open the door will get him any where.

I open the door to find a crazy blizzard ravaging my town and a figure rushes past me in to my home. I yell at them to stop but then I see a girl holding a bundle in her arms.

She says her car broke down and she needs some one to help. I proceed to turn on the lights and lead her to the fire place to warm her.

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Quickly lighting a fire and getting her a blanket. when I return I find she is undoing her bundle and a young baby is in her arms.


I tell her that no one is going any where in this storm raging winds howling out side my windows. I start to ask her name but then I get a good look at her and I realize this is my old friend Megan. Stunned I just stand there mouth hanging open.

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She asks what and I quickly close my mouth I ask Megan is that you she asks if we have meet before its me Jake from school remember she looks me over then I can see it click in her eyes. Oh my god Jake is that you you look grate. You lost so much wight I couldn't recognize you. You look grate what have you been doing.

Forget about me what are you doing hear when you left town. I never thought I would see you again and who is this young one you have. Oh Samantha she is my daughter I just ran away from my abusive boyfriend this is our daughter. Just as the last few words get out the power flickers then goes out I remember I am holding my Beretta I turn on the light and unload my pistol I tell her to stay by the fire I will be back soon I get some of my camping gear from storage and I set up a tent light in the living room.

She asks about the heat I tell her my house is heated my propane heaters that I had running the storm HOWLS menacingly out side and she shivers I sit down be side her and ask her why she came back hear.

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She never did like this town she leans back on me and I fell just how cold she is I move to get up but Samantha grabs the rope of my robe causing it to fall open Megan sitting down it eye level with it and I can see the look of shock and aw in her face. I quickly cover my 10 inch long and inch and a half wide cock. But it will take a second for her to recover from the unexpected display I go to my bed and pull the wool blanket my sister made for me and I put on some shorts under the robe and tie the rope tighter.

I return covering us in the blanket magan says that is a side she has never seen of me before. Face still a bit read in the cheeks and in the fire light the old flame rekindles.

I tell her to get some rest and we will talk in the morning. I am awoken by the screaming of the young child and for a second am confused then I fell Megan laying on my chest I carefully slide out from under her and take sam to the bathroom and check her diaper it being wet I change It I take her back to her mother and cover them up I look at my watch seeing that the time is 10 in the morning I look out side the storm has passed but the town is covered in snow and there is still no power I get dressed and go out side to the tool shed and start up my generator I check my gas and I find I have enough for 5 days I go back in side and I find megan awake and slightly confused I tell her the storm has passed but were running on generator power I turn on the news and find our liltle town is the big story the reporter saying that we have been hit by the worst snow storm in the history of our side of the country.

The national guard has been called on to give add but roads are so bad it will be days before they can get to us.

Megan looks at sam wored I tell her we will be fine I will make a few calls and see what they are doing. I call an old friend from the days I spent in the army and he says that with his new promotion to major he will head the relief effort. I tell him I have a large open area behind my house where choppers can land. He says that would be a good start and gives me the details of the mission. I tell megan that there is baby formula in the Cabinet and there are some close in my closet that might fit her and I go out side to start plowing out the field I have enough room for six choppers I return to the warmth of the house.

I find megan looking at pictures and ask her what shes doing. She asks who the women in the picture with me is I tell her its my wife as I go to make coffee she asks where she is I stop and pause for a minute and then tell her she died in child birth along with my daughters. She says shes sorry but I just ignore that I have enough of pity.

I pore us some coffee and we talk about her life how she wondered form town to town till she finds a man who made her happy or so she thought she soon found her self pregnant and in a abusive relation ship. When he had sam she ran and as she got in to city limits the storm drove them into a ditch.


I can hear the choppers landing so I go out side I talk with the major for a time and then go back in side megan is feeding sam. But not any of the formula I have she is breast feeding she looks up and asks how things are with the choppers.

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Then she looks at her DD chest and gose as red as a tomato then she just starts laughing when she finally stops she says its funny how much of each other we have seen in a day then in 10 years.

I tell how true that is I can see some thing in her eyes I have only seen in the eyes of my wife I then proceed to go about cooking breakfast then checking on family and friends all of whom are ok. I hear sam start to scream megan asks where the dippers are I offer to change sam again.

I get a questioning look from her I tell her how I changed sam well she was asleep then I see that look again the day goes by uneventful full the major asks to barrow my snowmobiles promising to have his men be carefull with them. Then night comes and I find that I am runing low on propane so I tell megan that we will have to stay in one room and shut off all the other heaters in the house.

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we then agree to share the bed her not willing to put me on the floor and I put sam in the cradle at the foot of my bed we then crawl into bed. Her waring one of my old butten up work shirts. she then asks about my wife I tell her that she has been gone for a little over a year and then I tell her that I have always wondered what breast milk tastes like.

she says that I can find out and she opens her shirt and lets me drink as I drink I start to lick her nipple and she starts to moan saying I was being bad but the hole time holding my head to her nipple. I start to try my luck and move my hand to her other brest and start to twist and pull that nipple she moans yes I then start to move my hand down her belly which is till round with baby fat and on to her thy then slowly move toward her pussy. With no objection I start to rub her clit. She lets out a gasp and then a deep moan of pleasure I then lick my way down her belly when I reach her pussy I blow on her clit she lets out a moan then shutters.

when I lick her clit using some of the tricks I used on my wife I have her cumming hard I quickly kiss her on the lips to stifle her orgasm.

She then says that her ex never done any thing like that to her before and then her hand goes the the band of my shorts and she looks up at me a woman completely taken over by lust. as she pulls my shorts off my cock springs up and she licks the under side of my shaft base to tip then she takes 7 inches in her mouth and stats to suck.

with her tong on my head she soon has me cumming down her through she trys to drink it all but there is to much and I spills over her lips she sets up licks her lips and says the that was the best thing she has ever tasted. I kiss her with a fiery passion and pull her onto my lap my hard cock pressing at her pink lips.

she reaches down and puts my cock to her pussy and pushes down impaling her self a inch at a time the shear tightness of her. almost makes me come again as she reaches the base of my cock she cums so hard I had to hold her mouth so she wouldn't scream.

After she comes down I grasp her hip and start to move and she cums again. I just keep thrusting in to her faster and faster till I start to fell my ball twitch by her breathing I can tell she is about to cum again I warn her that I am about to cum but she is locked in orgasm unable to pull out my seed flows deep into her body till it pours out around my cock she slumps down on me unconscious. I cover us and fall asleep holding my old friend and new lover in my arms.

Comments and tips are welcome please forgive any errors this was my first story