Redhead mature lady strapon fucks diaper wearing boy then gives him handjob

Redhead mature lady strapon fucks diaper wearing boy then gives him handjob
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My girlfriend and I are seriously into some taboo fantasies! Fantasies that sadly at the minute remain that way but soon to become reality! I'm 29, she is 26! She's a size 6-8 and absolutely stunning! The day I met her I seriously fell on my feet! For several years I'd fantasised about girls with animals but never thought I'd meet someone who felt the same! When I first met we both tested the water as you do and it took nearly 8 months to actually get on to the subject of animal porn!

She didn't want to admit it immediately but we both kept fishing with each other to see how far the other persons perverted mind would go! In the end we realised that we were obviously supposed to be. As she wants all the things I want to see!

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So this is how we imagine our first time with a horse! Obviously other smaller animals are going to w first but we want to start wIth our ultimate fantasy. Please be patient as this is our first story and I'm British which mean I'm an illiterate Mong but I'll certainly do my best! So, we were on our way back from town! We got a little shopping and it was just an ordinary day!

We intended to get home and have some food, go bed and see what kinky fun we could generate in the privacy of our own house! As we drove trough the back roads I saw a barn close to the road! I pointed to it and Tanya looked and smiled, then looked back at me with her naughty eyes as if to say 'yes please'. We wanted to move on from the dog for a long time!

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It wasn't getting boring but it certainly wasn't the thrill we both got the first time we ever tried it! I said to her 'you want to pop back later after dark and see if their are any studs?' she replied 'hell yes'. As I drive back home I couldn't take the smile off my face!

I was hard just thinking about it! I'd wanted this for such a long time and I knew it would only be a matter of time but had no idea it was going to happen tonight!

When we got home she went straight into the kitchen and tarted unpacking the stuff we got from the supermarket and I went up stairs and go out the lap top! Started looking on horse genitalia sites like to see some horsey pics! Se came up stairs and looked at my laptop to see a huge stallion cock flared and moist!

She went weak at the knees and I was rock hard instantly just seeing her insides squirm just by looking at it! We looked over several pics for a few hours until it went dark!

I told her to put some kind of dark clothing on and I followed suit! One thing I didn't want tonight was getting caught. So as we both got dressed eagerly anticipating what was about to happen all there was were silence! If thoughts could speak the room would of been unbearably loud! All we needed was the odd look ad smile!

As we got into the car I could see she was nervous! I couldn't find any line around the house but I find hair conditioner does a good enough job when i fist fuck her! The dusting has always been to prepare her for this day! Now it's happening. As we approached the field at which I saw the stables I noticed that it all seemed quiet! I did the curtsy drive by slowly to see of anyone was about but it seemed dead!

At the end of the road I turned around and drive back and pulled over just plus of the field! I turned off my lights and engine then we sat till with the windows slightly open for several minutes.


We could hear the horses stomping around in their stables and smell them. It was arousing me and I could see just by looking at her that she was throbbing in her little panties. I told her to stay there a minute and I got out I the car and walked towards the lowest point on old wooden fence! I climbed over and walked towards the stables!

Once at the stables I had a courtesy look in three just to check it was clear. All three were occupied by a horse each and I was certain Atleast one or two must be stallions! I walked back to the car and called Tanya out! She was out in a flash. We both climbed over the fence and walked toward the stables. As we got there Tanya was shaking with anticipation and fear of the unknown!

I asked her if she still wanted to carry on and she said of course. I opened the first stable door and we both walked in! I locked it after me and the horse inside was huge! Towered over me and I'm 5.10. I stroked it's side to calm it down but still wasn't sure unit was a mare or a stallion. As I stroked it more it relaxed more and I started to go lower and stroke it's belly, going lower and lower and further back with each stroke! One my hand was fully underneath it was certainly a mare!

I told Tanya we can use her to help us once we find a stallion! We walked back out the stable and I Locked it after me.

Tanya noticed a larger barn/stable in the distance and said that they wouldn't keep the mares with the stallions so she suggested we have a look straight over their! As we approached I noticed their brewing phantom! Not a bad sign at all as this must be a breeding farm! Stallions must be around somewhere.

As I looked around I saw another stable door which was closed. I walked over and opened the slide lock and opened the top door to take a look inside. I saw a huge horse inside! This had to be a stallion! Tanya held my waist as we both stood there and admired his size. Wow, Tanya says and I instantly got hard! I left the top Door open and took Tanya to the phantom and told her to Wait there.

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I ran off quickly and found a horse water trough! A long one and emptied it, I dragged it back to tanya and turned it upside down and told we to stand on it and bend over the phantom.

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She did and I then got the conditioner out of my pocket and began to lube her pussy up with it. Her moans, her grunts! Wow. She was so wet, her pussy was dripping already but I continued toWork more and more fingers into her until I was at my thumb knuckle.

This was always the hardest part for her! This is where she always struggles when I stretch her beyond this point.

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I always manage it and once I do it better but it really hurts her! Without warning I slammed my fist into her pussy as hard as I can as as it passes in my fist punched into her cervix! She lunges forward in shock and pain and screams out in pain! I know she loves it and although she screams she never wants me to stop! You see, Tanya likes to feel helpless and like she's being abused! I slide my fist out and straight back in again and as I do this a few times she starts to get used to the size!

She's now ready! The training has paid off because now this is about to happen! I tell her to stay there and run back to where the mare was! I so hope this mare is in heat, I open the door and go being her, I lube up my hand slightly and the begin to finger fuck the mare. Slowly And gently as she gets used to me!

Slowly more as more finger until I have my fist inside te little mare slut! She's liking it, I can feel her pussy contract as I slide my hand into her and feel her wet pussy absolutely French my fist!


I scoop as much of her juice as I can and walk out the bard locking the door again after me with my other hand! I run back to Tanya who is still there and wipe the mares pussy juice all over Tanya's fist fucked pussy as she stands there still gaping!

I then walk over to the stallion and open the bottom door! I hold my hand out and let him smell the mare on my hands.


The stallion begins to breath heavily and walks out. I encourage him to follow me and lead him to where Tanya is still bent over the phantom stood on the water trough! Her legs spread wide and her pussy gaping wide in anticipation. I then allow the horse to smell Tanya and nudge her ass with his nose and get a good sniff! Tanya groans in fear and says 'do it' by this point if she changed her mind there was very little I could of done and the horse was going mad. Bouncing around like it was Xmas morning.

He jumped up with his Front legs but didn't mount her. His cock was slapping off his stomach absolutely rich hard! It was pink at the end and black from About half way down! It was huge! Probably about 14 inches long and just a little smaller than my fist in diameter!

He jumps again and this time mounts her, I go to her side and whisper she will be ok! I see the fear in her eyes as I pit my left hand on her! The horse is grunting and sniffing loudly and trying thrust! His cock was sliding up her back as he had missed a mile, I grabbed his cock and pulled him back and down slightly, his cock was rock hard and hot as fuck, I've never felt anything like it, I pointed it at her pussy and without warning he throated hard!

She screams as the stallions huge fat cock slams into her little 26yo pussy and as he hits her cervix she is momentarily lifted off the ground!

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I see the pain in her eyes as he pulls back slightly and then thrusts into her again, over and over and with every thrust she is lifted off the ground, I hold her stomach to keep her upright and I can feel the huge horse cock pushing into her stomach with every hard thrust he makes! She's hone quiet now just squeezing her eyes shut and holding her breath waiting for him to finish with her!

I can see her wishing it to finish! It's not going to be long because I can see his thrusts getting harder and longer lasting as he's inside her, he draws out for a millisecond and then a huge hard thrust back into her, his cock goes about 11 inches into her as u hear something year in her! She screams and he holds inside her, he's cumming deep inside her, she's gasping for breath and under her breath saying 'he's cumming, hes cumming' and after a few seconds his cock begins to go soft and it falls out followed by a huge amount of white silky cum and blood!

he then stomps off.

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I ask if she is ok and she says no, I grab her by the legs and shoulders and cradle carry her back to the car!

I leave the horse to his own accord and put Tanya in the car! She's shaking and still moaning!I take her home and get her in the house!

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I clean her up and tend to her torn pussy and make sure we don't need an ambulance, the bleeding seems to have stopped now which is good but I still worry! She tells me it was incredible and wants to do it again next week!

Omg. My girlfriend is amazing.