Se le ven los calzones bajo la falda

Se le ven los calzones bajo la falda
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Wow! What a week! I don't even know where to start.

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First off, I'm Joe Thompson, but everyone calls me Joey. I'm 16 and go to Berkeley high school. I'm a junior there, kind of average looks and build, about 5'8.


I had friends, but by no means was popular. I didn't play football or basketball so I didn't really run with that crowd. I have an average size dick, around 6 inches.

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I had messed around with girls before, but the farthest I had ever gotten was fingering one while getting stroked. This would soon change. My best friend was this girl named Kiana. We were almost neighbors; she lived 2 houses up from me. We have been friends since we were young and I had been in love with her since we were 10, but never had the courage to do anything about it.

She is the most beautiful 16 year old girl in the world. She has the most ravishing, flowing auburn hair down to her shoulders. Light brown eyes that matched her light skinned ebony skin tone.

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She is curvaceous, boasting 34 C tits and the most smack able heart shaped ass. She, unlike me was not a virgin by any means of the phrase. She started fucking guys half way thru sophomore year, and never looked back. It always broke my heart a little bit when she told me about another guy she let hit, but by then I had gotten good at hiding my feelings. It was half way through my first trimester of, and I my algebra grade was slipping. My mom wanted me to get a tutor so I did.

I had a grad student at cal. He was a cool guy and helped me out. One day we decided to meet at the free speech café on campus. While we were doing my tutoring session, I couldn't help but notice this Asian girl looking me over a couple times across the café.


She was cute about 5'6 with sleek black hair, 32 C's, and a small, tight ass. After I finished with my tutoring session, I decided to go over and talk to her. I went and sat down next to her, and said "I just wanted to come tell you you're beautiful. If I left and didn't say anything, I would hate myself." "Aw that's so sweet.

You aren't so bad looking yourself." "I'm Joey" "Olivia" "What year are you?" I asked "I'm a junior and a communications major, how about you?" This left me in a dilemma, I could admit to her I was in high school, and things probably would have stopped right there.

But I was tired of playing it safe… so I lied. "I'm a sophomore, and political science major." We talked for about a half an hour and I ended up getting her number and made plans to hang out that Wednesday. On my walk home I was grinning from cheek to cheek. I called Kiana and asked if she wanted to hang out and she did. We walked to safe way and I told her everything. She was acting defensive and was getting mad at me for little things. At first I didn't really get it, then I figured out she was acting like that because she was jealous!

I figured I could play this to my benefit and told her I was going to meet up with her on Wednesday. She got all mad and said fine, well I'm going to hang out with Andre Wednesday then.

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Andre was the current dude she was fucking, but they weren't going out. I told her cool, have fun because I know I will. She got all mad and left. I had her right where I wanted her. Wednesday came and Kiana had been flirting with me all day. I new what she was doing, but I still went to cal to meet with Olivia.

I walked into the café and saw Olivia. She was wearing a grey cut off tank top with small jean booty shorts. She was looking sexy as hell. We sat there and talked a bit, till she asked me where my room is.

I immediately said Haste Street, but we can't go there because my roommate is an asshole and gets mad when I bring people over. I then asked her where hers was and she said right up the street, so I said lets go. We got back to her room and she said "make your self comfortable." So I immediately flopped down on the couch. She came over and sat on my lap.

She whispered in my ear "you know I do gymnastics? I'm very, VERY flexible." I immediately got hard.

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She said "oh you feel big, I'm just going to have to take care of that." She did a sexy strip tease on me starting with her top, revealing a light pink bra which she also removed.

She was still grinding my dick while I played with her small, perky tits. She made small moans that only turned me on even more. She got off and removed her shorts and matching thong, turned around and bent over asking "Do you like what you see?" while winking at me. I was speechless so I just nodded. I got on my knees and started eating her out. My licked her clit for 5 minutes till she came, yelling "Eat my pussy, Eat my pussy!" She squirted a little bit, but I lapped it right up.

She turned to me after she finished panting, saying " Know its time for me to take care of you." She took my dick out of my pants and started sucking me. She started just working the top, but after a minute or so she started deepthroating me. Then abruptly she stopped. She said "I need you inside of me. Now." With that she turned around and bent over presenting her shaven pussy to me. I lined up and stuck it in her on the first try. We both groaned with pleasure, she was pretty tight. I started fucking her, and she got really into it.

She told me to spank her so I obliged. I repeatedly smacked her ass increasing the strength of the blow everytime. She moaned every time I did. Then she put one leg up basically doing the splits on my dick while standing up, her only support the couch she was holding onto. After ten minutes the moaning became louder and more frequent. She said "Oh joey, im about to cummmmmmmmmm.


YESS!!!!" she yelled ass she came on my dick. I yelled "me 2." She responded "I want it on my face!" So I pulled out and erupted on her face. Rope after rope of cum splattered her mouth nose and eyes. It had to be the biggest load I had ever had. She licked it all up. After that I told her I had to go and left. Best Wednesday of my life. Coming soon part 2, we'll see how Kiana takes this news.