Sexy snatch with doggystyle sex

Sexy snatch with doggystyle sex
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Hi my dear horny readers, let me introduce myself again pasting few lines from My Real Sex Life Part 1 My name is Rohan Let me briefly tell you about myself I'm now 27 years old, 5.95 feet height, athletic body and average looking. I have my Own Business and I'm a Martial Arts and Yoga Trainer in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai gyms.

(Why so many places you will know in the stories. People who may know me might study these stories so I want to keep my identity undisclosed. I'm writing these stories with the permission of few ladies with whom I'm in contact with. I had Sexual encounters with aged, middle aged, married and many sex starved women who were between 20 and 48 as they are the highest and the least aged in my list coz below 20 are considered as kids in my view.

They might reach puberty or mature by 13 or 14th year but a little matured body would always be good to make love J. According to my understanding with so many females in my life I would like give a free advice to guys and men, hey brothers when it comes to sex it is all about a women when she don't want IT don't force her and because that is considered as rape and not making love to a women. Satisfying a woman in her way is the best thing you could do in your life. If your woman loves rough sex then go for it and many women love to have conversation and some likes to have it with moans and please doesn't sleep like a dog after a romantic session, I believe no women or a girl likes that understand her needs and act accordingly all the best!

Okay let me start the story: After I come to senses I felt like lot of pain was relieved from inside unknown and unexplainable pleasure that was My First Known Memorable Masturbation of my life.

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I had some leaks before, but they were in bed and without my knowledge mean while she wiped out all the cum from her face, hair and breasts. Then she asked me to get up and wear my knickers.

My Knickers were inside the kitchen and I was half nude. I had to walk with a limp dick in front of her. I was feeling shy after coming to senses. While wearing knickers I was thinking what ever happened in the living room. Don't know what happened I got another hard on again. Uma aunty told that she was going to washroom and locked her door from inside.

She went to take bath. I was sitting in the living room thinking what to do with that second hard on. Yeah true I really don't know what to do at that time. I remembered what aunty did. I went to refrigerator and picked up the bowl which had left over ice cubes which were used for the first hard on.

I went to Umas bedroom, closed the door and didn't pay much attention in locking it as I was in a hurry, excitement and truly Horny. I went to the bed, removed all my clothes and became nude. I first rubbed my dick with my hands, then taken a ice cube in my mouth and spitted on my dick which was easy then I took the ice cube from the mouth and did exactly how Uma did suddenly someone opened the door.

I threw the ice cube picked up my shirt which was near and covered my hard on in fear L. It was Uma aunty and she came inside the room only with petticoat from half of her breasts till knees. Though I have seen her nude from terrace, it was just a kinky act of mine that time but really with the mood which I was in, she looked like the most beautiful women I have ever seen or maybe because that was just the beginning you will understand this statement later.

My dick was really standing like a pole and was trying to come out of my knickers. I have learnt later how to get that into mood. She asked coming while she was coming inside without closing the door bujji, what are you doing kanna when girls or women are in good mood they give us lot of nick names. I again felt little shy when she asked that but with little boldness I said Uma aunty I'm doing again what you did.

She just smiled at me and asked why do you need ice for that bujji? I also smiled with her and said because you used first Uma came to the bed and sat next to me.

I was sitting crossed legged and sitting in front of her. I was covered by my shirt, so I didn't feel much shy in front of her. She laid her both hands on thighs. Ohhh man her nicely round shaped boobs got crushed between her hands man.

I couldn't take my glimpse out of those marvellous boobs. Then Uma said "bujji you really don't need ice for relieving your pain. I have taught you with ice for another reason. Now let me tell you for the last time how to relieve your pain in your dick. I was not saying anything and was just listening to her like the most sincere student you will ever get.

I was listening to her with my head down and eyes up, so that I don't miss the view of her half popped breasts and the deep nice valley. She then asked me bujji come here and sleep, I'll show you how to do it. She asked me to sleep with my ass in her lap again as the previous position and then she removed my shirt and threw that on the floor.

My naked ass was in her lap and I was touching her bare thighs and thighs covered by the petticoat and then she said bujji, your hand and heart is enough to relieve your pain. Let me show you how to do it then she quickly grabbed the swollen dick in her hand and slowly moving my dick up and down. I really enjoyed what she was doing with her smooth hands. Once in a while she was tightening her grip and shaking it. She was doing it and I lost control and held her bare thighs tightly with my right hand.

This time I went a little advanced and held her waist, which she removed immediately. I couldn't take the resistance I held her again tightly; she removed again without saying anything.

I was moving my right hand towards her inner thighs. She was only resisting left hand whatever I did she didn't leave my dick and she was shaking it in all kinds of motion slow, speed, fast, relaxing everything. I was automatically giving upward thrusts with my ass again towards her face. She was taking her face back but was still shaking my dick.

I think she might have shagged me for around 10 minutes. I felt again that something was coming out of me. I told aunty aunty I'm peeing again and she said do it bujji you should relieve you pain in your dick by doing like this only and I did cum on her face again, breasts and on petticoat. She squeezed my dick till I released the last drop of my cum. It did not go limp, it was in semi hard state for some time and after drinking water it went limp. Uma cleaned herself with towel and wiped me off neatly She told "you just have to do like that when it pains in your dick.

Don't do it very often you will become weak. From next time you have to do it yourself. I nodded in agreement. I was still naked sitting on the bed and aunt was sitting next to me with her petticoat. Silence for few minutes. I was busy watching her cleavage and half popped globes. Uma asked me without any expression "what are you looking at "I nodded nothing as I don't know what she was thinking.

She asked me to wear my dress. I did then she asked me "bujji go and wait outside, I'll be back," I went out without saying any word and with little confusion. I came to living room and sat on the sofa. She came out side after 5 minutes fully dressed. She asked me to come to the kitchen. I followed her and stood beside her in the kitchen.

I couldn't see her navel. May be she tugged it inside Uma asked "bujji would you like to have some chocolate?" and she opened the refrigerator. She took a bowl from inside and dipped one finger inside the bowl. She then guided it directly into my mouth without saying anything. I was happily licking the Chocó and her finger and then she bent a little and asked me to kiss her cheeks.

I kissed her cheeks with my lips and left some Chocó on hers and when I was going to rub that with my hand she asked me to kiss with tongue and that will go away and I really wanted to do that without hand with her permission. I really licked and sucked her cheeks very neat by just leaving my saliva.

She rubbed her cheeks with her saree pallu. She ate some chocolate and kissed my cheeks. I was thinking that she would have kissed my lips and she didn't L she licked the left over Chocó from my cheeks then she wiped my cheeks with her pallu when I saw the time it was 9.30 pm.

I told aunt that my dad will kill me if I go now. I asked her aunty will you please come and drop me home. Uma said don't worry bujji, I'll tell your dad that you were giving solving some puzzles I know what those puzzles and secrets were. We brushed our hair and cleaned ourselves and went to bedroom for a mirror check. She removed her pallu and was adjusting her saree properly. I've got a glance of her cleavage and boobs covered by the blouse.

I could feel that my dick was rising again. I said Uma aunty it is growing again and she smiled and said go home and do what I did, in your restroom. I nodded a yes and adjusted my dick. Aunty dropped me home. Mom said "Uma, you might have made him sleep there. Let him sleep there for your security or you come here and sleep in the guest room, Anirudh will sleep with you.

Uma Aunty said its okay akka, thank you. No problem I can manage. I thought to myself "mom might have insisted her a little for letting me stay there in Umas home.

Uma waved me bye and left our house. I immediately went to my wash room and started shagging imagining Umas cleavage, thighs, ass and half naked boobs. I imagined my dick in her mouth. I cum after 10 minute of shagging and washed all the cum from the floor and I was back to my room.

I don't know when I slept but I woke up again with a hard on. I immediately went to wash room and started peeing. Ahhh it is because of the water I drink in the nights.

I wanted to shag again imagining Uma aunty. I sat on the toilet seat and started shagging again imagining her boobs and ass. I wanted to press and suck her boobs. I already know that milk will come from the nipples.

I have ejaculated again after 10 minutes. I felt relaxed. I went to the club for practice. I was feeling happy after ejaculating in the morning.

We came home from the club and took bath as it was holiday I immediately left to Uma aunts' house to see her and I think she woke up late. She welcomed me into her home. She was still in her night gown.

She asked me if I want to eat something. I said no and she said bujji you sit in the living room. I'll be back after a shower," saying that she left to bathroom with towel and petticoat. I didn't understand what to do in the living room. I got a hard on again thinking all the yesterdays stuff. She came from the bathroom with her wet hair rolled in the towel and petticoat from her breasts to knees by looking at her my dick was growing harder and trying to break out of my knickers.

I was looking at her with a pleading face that I need something. She smiled at me and closed her bedroom door and asked me to wait outside.

I was roaming in the living room without knowing what to do. She came after 5 minutes fully dressed in a saree. She went to kitchen and brought some biscuits, junk to eat in a tray. I was confused with all her activities. I thought she will do what she did yesterday. I was very disappointed. She came and sat beside me.

She kept the tray on the small table.

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I sat right to her in the sofa. I couldn't even see her navel but my hard on was still there. She saw my face and asked me bujji, what happened? Why are you sitting silently? I didn't say anything. She put her right hand on my shoulder and pulled me slowly towards her and asked me in a rough tone bujji what happened?

I said boldly without looking into her eyes "Uma aunty I want to know what is sex? After listening to that, she moved away from me a little few minutes of silence.

I felt something was wrong and was about to leave. She didn't stop me and I left without saying a word. I went back home closing her main door I had lunch and went to my room to take a nap. I was not getting sleep. I started thinking about Uma and I got my hard on back. I rolled on the bed for some time and finally I couldn't control. I went to my washroom and shagged thinking about her and I felt dizzy for some time and was back to normal.

I played with Anirudh for some time and went to Uma aunts house again. I took some sweets to her house asking mom. She asked me to come in and closed the door. I think she was sleeping.

Her saree was not proper. She went to wash room, adjusted her saree and came to living room.


She came and sat beside me. Uma asked me "bujji who is teaching you all these things? Who told you about sex? Her voice was hard to frighten me enough. I didn't say anything. She asked me again and I said in the play ground aunty was my reply. I said when a man puts his dick into this (pointing her vagina), it is called sex.

I said that using filthy language as soon as in said that she tapped me on my mouth a little hard. She said "You should not talk like that. Now don't discuss this with anyone and come in the evening. I said okay aunty and left" I thought she would listen to me for some time. She didn't speak a word when I was leaving. I went home directly into the wash room, shagged again thinking about her boobs and thighs in the evening I went to practice badminton, met few friends and came back home.

Most of the people I used to speak were my dad friends in the club, who were between 35 to 45.Max time they speak with multiple meanings and used to laugh. I mean double meaning dialogues after practice sessions in the beginning I never used to understand them but after few months I was getting their flow.

I used to smile sometimes for their multiple meanings. I used to design the picture of what they say in my mind. It was silly.I used to design everything what you say in my mind with pictures. That way it was easy for me to remember things.

Uma aunty as a physics genius taught me how to remember anything by using pictures or silhouette or things or goods as you all know physics is the most of any science. Some can be practical and the rest will be with assumptions, theories, calculations and lot of imagination.

Okay let's get back Got freshen up and went to Uma aunts home immediately though it was only 5.30 pm it was getting dark because of winter. She welcomed me with a smile and asked me bujji sit in the sofa, I'll be back and I went inside and sat silently. She went to bedroom and brought two books.

They were a 9th standard Biology and a big book. The big book was Kamasutra. I heard the name Kamasutra in few movies but I don't know what it was at that age.

She kept the books on the table and sat beside me taking the 9th standard biology book. She took a pen and book and started explaining me about Man, who he is. What he is. His body parts from hair to toe and his characteristics, his brain functioning as much as everything about a man from his birth till death.

She told me about the private parts as penis, testis, butt, anus, rectum, nipples, urine, sperm everything. How feelings will build in a man.

How heart functions at that time. It was something like an advanced biology class for me, I was listening to her with all my attention. She showed many internal and external organs of a male. I was feeling shy when she was saying "bujji, you also will have the same parts like any other male and was pointing my private parts. All the while my hard on was poking out of my knickers. After an hour class or more than that I told her I need to pee.

She followed me till the kitchen and she went to kitchen. She asked me to go and come. I went inside the washroom and I couldn't pee. My dick was standing like a pole. I think I was very honey with all I have learnt. Everything was flashing in my mind. I wanted to shag.

I've locked the washroom door from inside and started shagging thinking about Uma and I came after 10 minutes from the washroom. She was preparing some sweet in the kitchen.

She asked me to sit in the living room. She brought payasam in two bowls. She gave me one and we were eating. She asked me "bujji did you understand anything in the last class? I said yes aunty.


She said okay now let me tell you about female. She named all the body parts. Showed me internal and external organs from head to toe and hair, face, why they will not have moustache, breasts, naval and its importance in giving birth to a child, vagina, difference between vagina and penis.

She showed me some pictures of male and female standing nude facing each other. Their body parts were mentioned clearly there. She told me about menstrual cycle at what age it will happen, why it will happens almost everything about what will happen during cycles and its pain.

She told me how sperm will reach egg and becomes a baby. She told what pregnancy is? Why it will take nine months for a child birth and about lactating period and from where the baby will come and about the womb and about natural delivery and scissoring bellies.

I was listening to her with lot of interest. Basically I'm a good listener. I was imagining everything what she was saying. I had another hard on I couldn't control my anxiety and asked her aunty, what is sex? Uma smiled and said bujji, if you understood everything what I have taught you now, then I'll tell you what sex is and I nodded that I understood everything.

She asked me tell me what you understood then and I started with male with some mistakes. She corrected when I was telling her and I ended up explaining her how kids will born.

I have explained her few by showing the text book. She asked me bujji, how did you remember? I told her "same pictures logic aunty, I imagined male as myself and female as you, She laughed loudly at that and told me "bujji, go to wash room and come. I'll prepare dinner for us here you will sleep in my house today. Those words were like the magic spells to my ear. My semi hard dick went immediately hard when she said that. My pervert mind already started thinking all the stuff about her body and I was looking at her like I was going to eat here on her clothes.

I couldn't control the pain inside my dick and rushed to her washroom. I shagged imagining her boobs and pussy. Now that I know what will happen I imagined that I was fucking her mouth with my dick.

It took me more than 15 minutes to finish this time. I cleaned myself, washed my face and went to kitchen asking her for towel. She smiled at me and said "it is in the shelf. I've wiped and came to kitchen again.

She was preparing dinner. I was watching her assets. She finished cooking, packed a box and said "bujji, come we will go to your home and give this box.

It was some curry I don't remember. We locked her door and went to our home.

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Mom was in the kitchen preparing dinner. Uma gave her the curry box and said "akka, I have prepared dinner for bujji also at home. He will eat with me there. She also said "akka, bujji wants to sleep at my house today, he wants to watch geetanjali movie it seems.

I was shocked to hear this. I was like what the fuck as mom doesn't know anything she didn't take much time to give me permission to sleep as I used to sleep in Uma auntys house many times in the childhood, mom didn't bother about that. We sat there for some time.

I went to my bedroom and changed into night dress. Uma aunty was talking something to mom. I couldn't hear that. But my heart was racing with fear and excitement. I was afraid if she was telling anything about my activities at 8.30 pm Uma completed her discussion with mom and kissed Anirudh.

We waved good night to mom and went to her house. We closed the doors immediately, not for a fuck it was also cold outside Uma aunty said "bujji, wash your hands and come, I'll serve dinner, We were having dinner and she was sitting opposite to me when she was saying something I interrupted her aunty, why you told mom that I wanted to watch movie?

She didn't say anything and was continuing her conversation when I asked her again she stopped what she was saying and said "first listen to me bujji. Let me ask you questions on what I have taught you today and then she started showering questions. I answered her a few and went wrong in some. She said bujji, I think I'll have to teach you again. I don't know what to answer her thought for a while and said "okay aunty. We finished our dinner and I kept some vessels in the kitchen sink.

We came back to living room and she took the both the books from the table. She gave me the biology text book and she was reading the big book which was Kamasutra. I rolled few pages in the book opened all the pictures which she showed me previously. Read all the organs and parts again for more than 20 minutes there was silence in the room. I was feeling cold in the living room. She said "bujji, come lets go to the bedroom and lets continue there. I followed her with my book in my hand.

We didn't bother to close the color as the main door was closed. She went inside, sat on the bed and started reading the big book again and I read my book. I felt my hard on again after reading for 5 more minutes. Suddenly Uma asked me bujji, are you done reading?

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Did you understand them now? I said "yes aunty" without any expression in my face. She sat beside me said keep the text book on the shelf bujji." I did and I was back to my position on her bed. She kept the big book in my lap and started saying "bujji, let me tell you clearly now. Sex is actually a plural word, which can be Male or Female." What you want to know is not Sex, as you already know what is male and female. Your question should be romance and not sex, technically sexual romance.

Let me show you," she opened the first page of that book and it says The Kamasutra in English and a picture of in while a male and female were interlocked by their thighs. She was turning pages from introduction one by one. It was written by an English author not by vaatsayana. It started from Kamasutra a sacred text, its myths of creation, pictures, horny pictures, so many positions of sex, about pressing, kissing, biting, foreplay almost everything.

I don't want to preach the Holy Kamasutra book and I hope people reading these should have definitely known. If you don't know and interested to know about it read it immediately or ping me. We will discuss about it only f please lol was kidding as I'm a straight and not a bisexual. Ok, let's get back after looking at those pictures and listening to her explanation, I've got a hard on. Time was around 10.30pm I was looking at the book and her assets.

I was feeling very uncomfortable in my knickers. She observed my condition and asked me to go and drink water. She asked me to get her some. Whatever pictures she showed me they were all related to masturbating other sex and oral sex. Lot of explanation was given there.

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How to satisfy a male, how to satisfy a female, how to do oral sex, 69 position, standing 69 position, blow jobs and different kinds of blow jobs, licking a cunt, how to tongue fuck a cunt or pussy, licking anus, sucking nipples, pinching nipples, love bites on boobs and ass, biting nipples, sucking naval almost everything we do in oral sex and only difference is we do some of these in excitement without even reading any Kamasutra.

Reading it just improves your open mindedness towards sex and it actually opens gates to your real life. It helps to experience new things during romance which we don't know or not aware of. It will make you a man. It will make to understand a woman and vice versa. Mostly it will be about pleasuring the women. You will really know what she needs. So guys please know about that to please your girls. In olden days only woman and daughters in high societies or the rich families used to learn Kamasutra.

Reason was amazing and pretty decent. That was to keep their husbands in control, so that he won't go to prostitutes and waste money on gambling, liquor etc. The families which were lead with the support of a woman were and are in riches always. That's why I told you in the beginning, worship woman friends. You can see what exactly life is with little experience. More over a Female is 5 years more matured at thinking at the same age of a male. You can fuck any girl who wishes to get fucked by you but it should not be a rape.

I'm telling you more than 75 % females like to have sex. You just have to know how to make them like it. I don't say every woman likes to sleep with many men. Sexual Love is different in different woman. You will know that only when you understand her. Listen to her. Okay let's get back to the story I was looking at the books and the pictures.

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I was turning pages. She said "bujji I'm sleeping, switch off the light after you finish reading after reading for some time I couldn't control the pain in my dick. I switched off the light and slowly went to washroom. I have shagged imagining Uma aunty and those pictures. I came after 15 minutes, closed all the doors and slept beside her.

She was already a sleep I guess. She slept facing the other side with a blanket on her. I have taken mine and jumped under the blanket. I was thinking what to do. I was planning to ask her for a blow job but no guts L after sometime I moved close to her.

I might be a feet away from her. I couldn't control and put my legs and hands on her thighs and waist. I didn't move.

I didn't get any signs from her. I was actually sleeping. Though it was on the blanket, I was feeling very good in that state. I've pressed my dick on her ass and slept in that position. I don't know when I slept but woke up in the morning by our maid Shivani. Uma aunty was not there. I heard uncles voice. He was back from the camp. I had a morning hard on. I woke up in a dizzy state and I got tensed looking at Shivani and uncle. Thank god I was sleeping on my front.

I covered my hard on with my shirt. Waved a hi to uncle and went to my home with Shivani. Ok lets end now here with the third part of My Real Sex Life.

We will continue our discussion about what happened next with Uma aunt and Lana. See you all in the fourth part. My email address is [email protected] ladies and girls you are always welcome Has reading this story made you horny? Want to sex chat with real life hot women? All the women below are LIVE!

and waiting to talk dirty with you!