Wild Brilliant Teen Back Seat Fucking

Wild Brilliant Teen Back Seat Fucking
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It was in the beginning of ninties. I was nine years old, very cute and chubby for my age. i was liked by men and women alike but there was this particular man who like me the most, my neighbour's son. He was in his youth, full of energy and fun. He was a family friend who helped us with our groceries. He always brought candy for me and sometimes took me to the store, because of these, i was found of him very much.

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I got used to his habit and then the time came when he fucked me for TEN CENTS ( 10 rupess in my country). The note was big in the ninties and I went for it by giving him my little ass. Though I did not like it at that time but since the time passed and i was fucked by him again and again. I got addicted to it.

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now I have only one desire to get fuck by group of big men with massive cock. One fine afternoon when i was palying with my marbles, he called me in his house knowing that nobody was home.

i collected all my marbles and ran for his house. i saw him sitting in the floor and shuffling cards.


he was wearing his dhoti ( a white piece of clothe wore around the waist in the east). I noticed his semi nude body but ignored as I was more interested in what he had to offer me, candy or marbles. He asked me to sit close to him. He placed a ten rupees notes on the floor and told me it can be mine if I answered some of his questions.

I once agreed knowing that I can buy lots of marbles and candies with that ten cents. He asked me dirty questions which were new to me. I kept quite without knowing what to answer.all I was staring at the notes. If u want to have that note, u have to do whatever i want u to do. he slowly undressed me and removed his dhoti also.

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I was shocked to see him naked, more than that i was shocked to see his cock. a massive one in my eyes at that time. his ball were tiny, hardly seen between his legs. His cock was getting straight.


breathing louder. there was a intense in his eyes. I can see a whole different person. by seeing his cock growing I was feeling nervous.I started wondering about his cock.with one hand he started massaging the head of his cock.

it was nicely circumcised like a mushroom. I saw the tip was getting wet. he gain an advantage by strength and grab my head with other hand. I was circumstantiate and did exactly what he wanted me to do. I took the head of his cock in m y mouth and started sucking and licking his cock like a feeder. I remember I could only take 1/4 of his cock in my mouth. it was thick like a baseball stick. I saw him enjoying the lustre.

he was groaning in pain.

I can taste the salty emission of his semen in my mouth. I was enjoying every drip. he was very careful about releasing his semen as he does not want to come soon. there was a sudden shiver inside me . now I want him to have my whole body.

I start liking what i was doing. YOU WANT ME, MOTHERFUCKER.

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DONT YOU.he said. I was feeling embrassed. I started sucking his cock faster.the soft muchroom head was touching my thyroid gland.there was salive flowing from my mouth.I was getting deep throat fuck.there was a humming sound coming from his mouth. he pulled out his cock. I wondered what next.let me give u what u're waiting for.I did not understand his motive. he started kissing me in the ear. spoke in a soft voice.

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i want to fuck u in u'r ass, if u can tolerate. I permitted him to go on without interference.he warned me that it will hurt a bit.I did not bother.he layed me on the ground on my back. aparted my legs. held it in the air.started licking my bums.slowly reaching for my asshole. . the intense pleasure i was receiving was out of this world.I was craving for more and more.the rise of my cock was nothing in front of his.

by licking my ass he created a new world of pleasure for me. . I was in love with him and decided to make hime my hero. fucking hero.indeed he was a real hero when he started fucking in my ass.

it was beyond my imagination.he did not straightly put his cock in my ass.he applied some kind of sex lotion, joaline sex appeal lotion was the name.he applied some in his cock amd some in my opening.this made his dick more shiny and lubricated.he started fingering my hole, penetrating with his middle finger in and out.this was making me more horny.two finger in my ass was more exciting. ironically. I declared him to put his cock inside my ass.

tell me if it hurts. I nod innocently. stretch u'r legs as much as u can.I could see his hand was guiding his cock slowly towards my ass. as arrow towards the duts.his cock reached for my open. in no time his mushroom was in. the push was soft and glorious.pain took over me but I did not let him noticed. pain of love.I wanted to feel the pain. I want him to PUNISH me.I want him to bring SHIT out of me.I wanted him to LOVE ME.bring out his desire and satisfy while I enjoy the pain of ass fuck.

this lasted for twenty minutes or so.I could not hold my legs anymore.he slowly pulled out his cock which was more harder and erected.he layed on his back. sit on my cock the way u sit to shit.I did as I was said.


I made a final move slowly lowered my ass and guided his cock in my hole according to my will. first the mushroom head. the other half.finally with one push I was completely sitting on his cock.my balls were touching his pubic area. there was a slapping sound as I was going up and down on his cock.u're a good whore.

this made me more excited and I was riding him to seventh sky.

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for the moment I forgot everything. I was getting fucked by the most handsome neighbour. I was overindulge by his cock. I close my eyes and went faster and faster.feeling every inch of cock inside me. groaning. not worried about the pain.finally reaching to immoderate excitement.when I open my eyes all I saw he was staring at me.WOW! was the only word came from his mouth.

we layed utterly naked for sometimes when I heard my mother was calling me.I put on my clothes and left him in half sleep.that night I thought of him.his massive cock. I prayed to God to give me bigger cock then him so that i can fuck someone someday the way he fucked me.