Yo culiando con este cliente moreno delicioso

Yo culiando con este cliente moreno delicioso
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We met in 1983. I was a little more than eleven at the time. At first I couldn't stand Michael. I thought he was a jerk, who always had a rude remark or answered in a way that made me feel like I was being talked down to. At this time he was dating my sister they had met in college.

Every other weekend she would come home to visit. After about a year or so I got used to Michael being around. And soon found myself wanting to be around him every chance that I got which wasn't easy seeing they were hardly ever around but I would purposely sit next to him on the couch maybe sitting to close.

I didn't totally understand with seeing as I was really young maybe 12 now. But my heart would race and my palms would get clammy whenever I was near him even or in the same room.

In 84 we moved to a big house and my sister and Michael soon dropped out of college and moved in with us he stayed on the weekends still and soon it became an everyday thing.

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In 85 my sister and Michael got married and started their own family which meant that I didn't see Michael very often or my sister.

They had their first child in June of 85 a boy named Christopher. He was such a cute baby and he grew up to be a handsome well-matured man. We are very close and we share everything. Well almost everything. The year is 1999 and I had needed a place to stay.

My sister and her husband graciously opened their home and let me stay with them. The man I was with at the time was a total ass and I needed to get rid of him. He wasn't staying with us and was sleeping out of his car or over at some friend's house. We didn't hook up very often as I had gotten a job working with my sister trying to save up enough money to get a place of my own again but when we did hook up there wasn't much talking just fucking, and fucking was all this man was good for; Steve and I never in the 18 months that we were together made love.

We fucked hard. He would drive his nine-inch cock deep into my pussy.

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Pulling my hair and riding me from behind. I would straddle him and ram myself on top of his cock, and I loved it. I think that one reason why I stayed with him so long because I knew what I would be giving up.

One night my sister had to work late and I did not so my Michael came and picked me up after work. Steve was there when he showed up to get me. My sister and I worked in a restaurant, we all decided we'd get something to eat.

Steve wasn't being very nice to me and hurt my feeling way too many times in front of Michael. When Michael and I got home that night, we were sitting around the computer drinking some spiced Jamaican rum and coke, and Flipping through some porn sites together when, our conversation changed pace a little.

" Are you happy with Steve?" he asked " I guess" I answered "He doesn't treat you very well" "I know I just need the time to break it off with him" " I just don't like the way he treats you, you deserve so much better" Many of my friends would tell me this and I just brushed it off I knew he was a jerk but hearing it from my friends meant nothing but when Michael said this to me it made an impact and I knew what I had to do. I knew I had to tell Steve it was over.

It was almost time for my sister to be getting home. I stood up to leave and he pulled me in close. Looking into each others eyes he made my center jump and come to life. His hug was what I had needed in sometime it was a genuine hug that made me melt. He bent in for a kiss and I received it. It was just a little kiss on the lips and nothing else happened that night. I went to bed and laid there for sometime.

I couldn't get what had just happened put of my head.

I had always drempt about kissing Michael among other things my pussy was now throbbing and like other times when he invaded my head I need to release the pressure that swelled my pussy lips and caused my pussy to leak love juice.

I reached down and ran my hand over my pussy feeling my wetness I took off my panties and threw them beside the bed I placed my hand back over my pussy and squeezed it lightly arching my back off the bed.


I stroked myself for what seemed like two minutes before I was already getting off my breathing quickened and my juices were flowing down the crack of my ass I had two fingers inside me as I used my other hand to rub my clit I could feel myself begin to cum my legs tightened and my breasts swelled I came for about what seemed to be a whole minute.

With the thought of Michael touch still burned in my center, I needed more from him. I wanted more from him but being as he is my sister's husband I just couldn't cross that line but the next day I could feel his heat even more every time he looked at me or came into the room hell just thinking about him caused me to sweat down below.

About a week later Michael and I were sitting on the couch together watching late night Tv my sister and the kids had all gone to bed my hands were clammy and I wanted him so much to touch me again. He must have read my mind because he reached over and started rubbing my pussy through my pants.

Oh my god I thought is it really happening, is the man I have liked for so long actually touching me? I know that sounds kid like but it's exactly what ran through my head. Being still kinda shy. I wasn't sure I should reach over and stroke him but I took a deep breath and said the hell with it.

I ran my hand over his hard thick cock I could tell it was painful just from how hard it was he needed to be released from under Michael lounge pants I went around the waist band of his pants and drew my hand in closer to his cock which was already oozing pre-cum.

Stroking him a few times, as Michael continued to rub my crotch through my pants I too had on lounge pants I pulled the waist band of my pants away from my body and allowed his hand to find my hot wet pussy his fingers felt so great he ran his fingers over my lips and over my clit before putting his fingers inside me he went slow at first and than faster by this time I had Michaels pants pulled down so I had total access to it leaning over as Michael continued to finger fuck me I put his cock between my lips running my tongue over the head before swallowing him Michael cock is about 6 inches long but about 4 inches around.

He filled my mouth fully could take him to the back of my throat but there was no way I would ever be able to swallow him I continued to work my mouth and tongue over him feeling his cock tighten I knew it wouldn't be long. I could feel my own orgasm build I worked myself over his fingers I kept sucking him as he blew his hot creamy load over my tongue and into the back of my throat.

His cum tasted so yummy, I could eat his cum for lunch. I sucked every last drop of his load as I came over his fingers. My whole body twitching I could feel the fire corse throughout my whole body. We fixed ourselves and laid back against the couch. Our breathing is quick. We look at each other with pure bliss.

All I could do was smile, but than my sister comes to mind how could I do that to her, her husband she let me stay here and I just sucked her husband off. I went to bed.

His face still burnt in my mind. When we had the time, we would try to talk but time was never really a thing that either of us really had my sister and I had the same work schedule and she would bring me in to work and drive me back home so that didn't happen very often one Day She had a different schedule or something and I needed Michael to bring me in and pick me up since he worked right down the road I would just walk down and wait for him seeing he had longer days than I did after he had closed up the store and we were waiting.

For people to leave we stayed behind. Io followed him around waiting for him to get done everything. He walked over to me and started kissing me our bodies meshed together we hadn't kissed since that first time and I had so wanted to feel his lips on mine again but we knew there wasn't much time as she would be expecting us home soon so we had to rush we always have to rush as we must never get caught it would cause way too many people to get hurt.

He leaned up against a display I unzipped his pants and freed his hard cock from his slacks.

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I went to work. Working over his cock with my mouth again, It felt so good in my mouth as I was sucking him I thought how good it would be just the two of us to get ways for a night I knew that would never happen but it is a nice fantasy. It didn't take long for him to fill my mouth. Gently squeezing his balls with my hand I sucked him dry. I stood up as he zipped his pants I thought we were done but I guess we weren't he turned me around so I was resting against the same display a display that held huge TVS he undid my pants and pulled them down around my ankles pulling down my panties with them his mouth found my crotch a wave almost electric coarsed throughout my body I wave of heat rose to my neck and face.

I moaned loudly. Reaching a hand behind my ass he tilted my crotch closer to him so he could get his tongue into my wet snatch, which was now dipping with my own pre-cum. He worked me over with a talent I had never been given before. His tongue playing hide and seek with my clit causing me to ache. My center couldn't take it very long. I felt my body begin to twitch. The balls of my feet begin to hurt and I came with a fury.all over his face he lapped me up the best he could. Flicking his tongue over my clit, We put ourselves back together, he went in to wash his face, Before we headed home the whole ride home I kept looking over at him and smiling that was so nice.

No real words were exchanged on the drive home. A few weeks later, with only our Monday night adventures, im not sure why, but she had to leave early in the morning and I didn't. I knew about this and thought the whole night before how it would be so nice to wake up with Michael in the room with me. I had gotten off three times the night before thinking about it. Each time I was about to get off I'd hold back just a little causing my orgasms to be intense causing me to want to scream out.

Bitting my lip was the only way not to. After the third one I was spent and drifted off to sleep I was completely naked. With the hopes that I would be joined in the morning, To my delightful surprise Michael also took the opportunity and joined me.

I was awakened by his gentle touch as he stroked my back with soft hands.

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At first I almost though I was dreaming and as I slowly became aware of my surroundings I realized it was true. I didn't let him know at first that I knew he was there. And continued to let him feel me. I couldn't take it anymore and finally rolled over. Kissing him full on the lips our tongues meeting slowly at first I sucked him in our passion running over as we had never had sex before and I wanted him inside me so bad but he had other things he wanted to do to me first he kissed his way down my body.

Stopping at my tits he took a nipple in his mouth and ran his tongue and lips over it my back arched off the bed as if I was trying to get him to take the whole thing in his mouth.

He repeated on the other one squeezing my breasts in his hands he brought them together and ran his tongue over them both quickly.


His hands stroking my sides as he moved his head down my body reaching my center he puthis mouth on my sex, he flicked his tongue over my clit lightly at first causing me to moan looking up at me he put his fingers to his lips "shhh." I knew why, the kid's rooms were right next to mine and we really didn't need them hearing anything. He continued to devour me whole, taking me in as if it were his last meal it wasn't long before I was flooding his face he lapped up my juices but, didn't stop I slowly pushed him away taking his cock in my hand I eased him back so he was lying on his back now.

I took him in my mouth. I worked my mouth over him feeling the softness of his cock skin and the hardness that occasionally came across my teeth biting the head gently he groaned softly.

I continued to suck him and stroke him wetting my palm with my spit.

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I worked my hand over him quickly easing my head down I took one of his balls in my mouth sucking on it like I did his cock but not as hard. Still stroking his now rock hard cock I could see the veins bulging out I ran my tongue over it sucking him side ways the entire length before swallowing him again. I wanted him inside my dripping wet pussy (no scratch that) I needed him inside me straddling him I aimed his cock into my hot hole and with no difficulty my pussy swallowed him whole. I moved up and down on his rod feeling it hit the back of my pussy getting up on my feet I held onto his shoulders and rode him fast and hard his cock scratched every itch he had caused me I just knew that one time was not going to be enough and I knew that this was going to be an every chance thing from here on out.

I came again quivering on his cock I could feel my juices run down the sides of his cock and pool at the base reaching down I stroked the part that was not inside me reaching around I caressed his balls as I continued to fuck the man I had loved since maybe 12. Easing off of him, he took me from behind fucking me hard.

I met his rhythm with my own. And fucked him back I wanted him inside me as deep as he could go. I felt another wave rush over me and I came again. As I felt his cock swell inside me, he too came. Filling my pussy with his hot cum I could feel it hit the back of my cervix and slowly drip out of my hot hole.

I was trying really hard not to be loud burying my face into the pillow but he made me feel so good. Holding each other we kissed not yet uttering a word to each another, words did not need to be spoken for we knew what the other was thinking and feeling.

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He had a funny feeling he told me later and got up and left smiling back at me through the door before closing it. Im so glad he had that feeling because my sister came home about five minutes later.


To be continued