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MY SISTER & THE EXCHANGE STUDENT PART 5 SHOPPING I went to bed early, needing to get up early for practice. I typed "Good night Little Sis. I had a great time with you today" On our still open chat, while I was getting ready for bed. I turned the computer to be sure she could see me sleeping, and setting the alarm for 4:45am, went to bed naked. I woke up to the alarm, a hard on greeting me.

I'm sure Rachel had something to do with that (remembering disjointed images of her from my dreams). I got up, stumbled to my computer, and noticed Rachel had moved her computer to her bedside table. I could see, through the webcam, her sleeping face. I saw she had chatted me, and read "I had a great time with you too.

I'll pick you up after your lessons." It was great she knew I taught lessons after practice on Mondays, I thought; then again, she probably asked mom last night when I would be done at the pool. I typed "Another driving lesson I hope. I love the way you teach" and, pulling on a pair of shorts, and some tennis shoes, left my room. I grabbed a power bar and filled my water bottle on my way through the kitchen. Out the back door, I got my training bike, (I did triathlons during the summer) and was off, my mind groggily flipping through how my life had changed in 48 hours.

Practice sucked. I had no energy, and Coach was on me the whole practice. By the time practice ended at 8:30, I had decided too much of an incredibly good thing, was still too much, and resigned myself to rationing my Rachel time.

I taught lessons for two hours, trying not to think of the ride home. Teaching 6 year olds with a big woody wouldn't go over well. When I was done, I picked up my check, and headed to get my bike. Rach was waiting for me out front. I smiled at her, and shoved my bike in the back as best I could. I got in, and turned to say hi. Rach leaned over and kissed me. It was arm and wonderful. After a couple of minutes of making out, she pulled away smiling.

"I got our present." She beamed, handing me a small box. Remembering our online shopping, I hurriedly opened the box, as Rach drove us away from the pool. It was exactly like the picture had shone; a small egg, attached via a cord to a butterfly, and a remote. I played with the remote. It had two buttons. The first worked the egg, and cycled through three speeds, the second worked the butterfly the same way. Feeling I had a handle on it, I looked up, only to see we weren't on our way home.

"Where are we going?" I asked. Rach looked at me long enough to say "Shopping" in an exited way, and then returned to paying attention to the road. "Cool. Can we stop by the bank so I can cash my check?" I asked. "No problem Big Bro." she answered, emphasizing the "Big".

After the bank, Rach pointed us toward the mall. When we got there, she found the farthest parking space possible and pulled in. I looked at her questioningly. "I want to try my new present." She said excitedly, in answer to my questioning look, and bouncing up, turned to face me. I turned, also, our legs fighting for space in the gap between the two front seats.

She had on a summer dress similar to the one she had worn to church, except this one was dark purple, and the front was much lower, showing off her chest. "Here?" I said, confused. "No silly, but I can't get it on 'IN' the mall." Now I got the picture. She lifted up her dress, and I saw she had on light purple, very tight panties. "You really are beautiful" I said, still astounded by my good fortune.

"Thanks, you're so sweet" she said, pulling down her panties, and spreading her knees wide. "Help me put it on." She said eagerly. More than happy to help, I took the egg, and put it up to her open, but tinny pussy. "I'm not sure it'll fit Rach." I said, nervous I'd hurt her. "Sure it will, go ahead." She encouraged. I pushed a little, and her pussy slowly swallowed the egg. "Make sure it's in there good" she directed, so I pushed a finger in after it, and moved it around till I got it up against her little sponge.

"Ooo, that the spot" she cooed, and I pulled out my finger, now slick with her juices, and sucked my finger clean. "You're dirty" she said in a low voice. She put the butterfly on her clit, tightened the straps, and pulled her panties back up.

"Now Jake, we need to set some rules." She said in her big sister voice. "Shoot" I said encouragingly, willing to do whatever she said at this point.

"We need a secret word. If I say it you have to stop." Rach said, a note of worry in her cute voice. "O.K., but then, it needs to be an unusual word." I returned, "Otherwise I won't know if you really mean it." We both sat there thinking.

I glanced at the box our new toy had come in, and saw the name "Butterfly Bliss". "How about butterfly?" I offered. Smiling, Rachel said "Perfect!" "You want to see how it feels?" I asked, hungrily.

"Yes please." Rach answered, and I looked at the remote, deciding to try the egg first. "Here goes" I said, and clicked the button once. Rach sat for a moment, silently. "I feel it." She giggled. I clicked the button a second time. "Ooo, that's nice." She purred. I clicked the button a third time. Rach's eyes went wide; she bent forward a little, putting her hands on my legs, and huffed "Wow…I…can't…move".

I turned it off. Her body visibly relaxing Rach said breathlessly "I don't think we should use that third one unless we're alone." "Ready for the butterfly?" I asked, like a kid with a new toy.

"Uhu!" Rach replied, sounding, if possible more eager than me. I clicked the butterfly button once. "Rach shifted in her seat. "Mmmm" was all she said. I clicked the button a second time. "Her hips twitched, and she squeezed her knees together.

Looking up into my eyes, she growled "That feels amazing." Still staring in each other's eyes, I pushed the button a third time. Rach managed to keep her eyes on my for a few moments, her legs shaking slightly, and then her eyes rolled up, and she squeaked her little squeak. Pushing the button again, stopped the leg shaking, and Rach's eyes returned to mine. "We defiantly need to be alone for that" she giggled. "Let's go" Rach said brightly, and we got out and headed across the parking lot, hand in hand.

Eager to get started, and remote at the ready, I clicked the egg once. Rach missed a step, but quickly regained her composure. We walked another 50 feet, and I clicked the egg a second time. At that, Rach stopped walking. Standing still, mid step, she squeezed my hand.

"Jake" she said panting slightly. "Yes Rach?" I said innocently. She stood there another 20 to 30 seconds, lost to the world, "I think I'm gona need something from the car." She whined.

"What?" I said, baffled.

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"The little pink bag in the glove compartment." "O.K., Be right back" I said, and sprinted to the car. I was back in no time. "Here you go" I said, handing her the bag. With shaking hands, she clumsily opened the drawstring, and pulled out a maxi-pad. Hiking up her dress, she pulled down her panties a little. While trying as best I could to block her from view, I looked down at what she was doing. I could see the crotch of her panties had darkened where pussy juice had started to wet them.

Rach put the pad on, and clumsily rearranged her panties, and dress. "All set?" I asked brightly. "Yes" she returned determinedly. She haltingly, took a few steps, and gradually seemed to get some control; some control I say, because her legs wobbled sporadically, causing a strait walk, to become a meandering stroll, with occasional pauses, where she struggled to regain her composure. As we approached the entrance I turned off the egg, giving her a break.

Rach immediately relaxed, and turning to me, said "This is going to be a long day" Smiling weakly. "Tell you what. I'll make a deal with you." She waited expectantly for me to continue. "You say my name whenever you are cumming, and I'll keep track.

At the end of the day, for every time you came, you get me as your slave for one hour." Rach looked at me with such a look of evil delight that I wondered what I was getting myself into. "Wait, there's more." I said, trying to ignore her look. "Any time you say my name without cumming, or cum without saying my name, I get an hour of you as my slave." I could see she was thinking hard.

After a long pause she asked "what kind of slave?" I replied immediately "Complete and total, in every way. You have to call the other 'Master'. You have to do everything the master commands. You have to answer every question with complete honesty." Rach thought for a few more seconds, and then answered "you're goin down Big Bro." "Excellent" I replied, and, pushing the clit button twice, opened the door to the mall for her, and watched her stumble through. Walking very slowly, Rach holding my hand for support, we made it to the mall map before Rach had her first orgasm.

She leaned on the map, and squeezed my hand. "Jake" she said, dutifully panting my name. "That's one for you" I said, and clicked the pussy vibe back to 1 to let her recover.


I wanted to make this game last. "Where to first?" I asked, looking at the map. She pointed to a store on the map "Here, I want a new swim suit" she said slightly winded. "Great" I said, and we were off. The store was close, and I waited till we got to the entrance before turning the vibe back to 2. Rach managed to get to the swim suit area of the store before her second orgasm.

Letting go of my hand, she grabbed a clothing rack with both hands, and said "Jaaaaake" as she shook; her pelvis moving with spasmic thrusts. I turned the clit vibe off, letting her rest, and started looking through the suits with her. She found a metallic blue string bikini with ties on the hips, and small triangles as the top. I found a white bikini that had a thong on the bottom, and a tube top. We found the changing area, and unfortunately, there was an attendant.

Bummed that one of my fantasies would not come true today, I waited, while Rach went in to try them on. As soon as Rach closed the changing room door, I turned both vibes to 2. I heard a gasp, and a bang, as if she had fallen into the wall.

The attendant asked if she needed help, and I was laughing silently as I heard her wildly fluctuating voice answer "No…I'm fine". Thinking I could get my first score on our little bet by making her cum, I was surprisingly not disappointed when I heard her call out "Jake?" in a high squeak.

She was a smart one. I had to give her that. Keeping up her deception, I approached the door "Yea Rach?" I said casually through the door. "Please…I can't…try…them&hellip.Jaaaaaake…" she whispered franticly.

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I turned the clit off, but left the egg on 1. "That's 2 more for you. Is that better?" I asked snickering to myself. After a brief pause she answered "yes, thank you." After a minute, she opened the door. She had the bikini she had picked, on. It was over her panties, which I guess is what you're supposed to do.

I liked it a lot. It was tight, and the metallic sheen made it seem wet.


Rach turned so I could see her butt. It wasn't a thong, but the triangle of suit covering her butt was narrow enough to show the dimples caused by her muscles that I liked so much. I glanced back to make sure the attendant wasn't watching, then pulled down the front of my shorts to show Rach how much I liked it. She grinned her evil grin, and said "good hu?" I nodded.

"Now the one I picked out." And I closed the door, returning to the bench across the aisle to wait. As I sat there adjusting my cock to relieve some pressure, the attendant was called away.

Seizing the moment, I quickly crossed the aisle, and snuck in Rach's changing room.

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"The attendant left" I said conspiratorially, as I scooped her up and kissed her. "You're going to get us in trouble" she said in false concern. "I've always wanted to do this" I confessed, kissing her again. While we kissed, Rach gripped my cock through my shorts, and squeezed. "I want to see your cock again" she whispered into my mouth. I let go of her, still kissing, and slid down my shorts. Rach held it as we kissed, lightly playing her hand across the head.

I shuddered, and felt her mouth smile on mine. Breaking the kiss, she smiled evilly again, and keeping eye contact, lowered herself onto her knees. Although I had cum into her mouth twice, she had not actually given me a blow job, so I was unprepared for the intensity of sensation as she lowered her mouth onto me.

She played with the head at first; running her tongue around the collar, and sucking it like a lollypop, making little popping noises as she pulled her mouth away. Then she worked her way down, licking in long strokes like a Popsicle, the ridge along the bottom of my cock, looking up at me with those big green eyes. She put her mouth back around the head, and slowly worked her head up and down; going a little farther down each time, her tongue massaging the ridge along the bottom of my dick as she went.

She got fully half of me in her mouth before I couldn't take it any longer. I pushed both vibes to 3, and grabbed her head, not to ram into her, but simply to keep from falling.

I felt her shaking with the power of the vibes, and said "I'm coming" just as the first jet of cum erupted from me, into her mouth. She was lost enough in her own senses, that she didn't swallow, but let it leak out the sides of her mouth.

As I finished, cum dribbling down her chin and pooling on the floor, she shuddered, and her knees slid apart. Doing a semi splits on the floor, humping the air, she silently screamed, her eyes wide. I turned off the vibes after maybe 15 seconds, and, still holding her head, helped her to the chair.

Her glassy stare wore off quickly, and coming back to reality, shook her head trying to come out of her stupor. "That's one for me" I said smiling, and helped her out of the white bikini bottoms she had just gushed all over (the maxi-pad, apparently, not up to the challenge).

"Not fair" she pouted, finally regaining her senses, "you put them on 3." "You said only when we are alone" I said, mockingly looking around.

I could see by the resigned look on her face, that she agreed it was fair. I kissed her quickly, and snuck back out of the room. She emerged several minutes later. Her composure regained, and we put the white bikini, drenched in her cum, back on the rack. "I had to use my last pad" Rach said as we made our way to the register; "and my panties are soaked" she said, lifting up her dress for me to see. "Keep doing that, and we're going to have to find another dressing room so you can relieve my pressure" I joked, showing her my (because of her) continuous bulge.

I bought the blue bikini for her, to her surprise and thanks, and we went to get a bite at the food court. I decided not to use the egg vibe for the rest of our time at the mall. It seemed to be the cause of her gushing, and I didn't want her worrying about it. I reasoned it only fair then, to keep the clit vibe on one, at minimum.

We both got Sparro's pizza, and picked a spot by the waterfall to eat. I really liked the affect keeping the clit vibe on low was having on Rach. She was twitchy, and wiggled in her seat, continuously distracted. We talked for a while; Rach telling me about some of the times she had masturbated watching me. I was surprised that they didn't always involve watching me masturbate. She masturbated to me working out. She masturbated to me measuring my cock. She even masturbated to me sleeping once, explaining that I had had a hard on while I slept, and she had imagined I was dreaming about her.

"You don't have to imagine any more" I told her. She reached her foot under the table and scrunched her toes on the top of my foot, saying "you are wonderful". We were finishing up our lunch, and about to get on with shopping, when two of Rach's friends walked by. "Hey Rachel" one of them said, coming over to our table. "Hi" answered Rach, turning to greet them. One of the girls glanced at me, and Rach said "Jake, this is Sandy, pointing to the tall, skinny girl with jet black hair that fell half way down her back, and this is Nicole, pointing to a girl similar to Rach, though not as tan, or cute, and with blue eyes.

"Guys" Rach continued, "this is" (there was the briefest of pauses, which was either her trying to decide weather or not to introduce me as her brother, or her realizing she had said my name, and was going to have to say it again) "Jake" she finished. They sat down for a few minutes to talk, and I resisted the urge to turn the clit vibe up. It turned out, they were on her volleyball team, and they talked about volleyball, which I zoned out of.

Rach continued to caress my foot with hers as they talked. These bouts of hidden intimacy that we shared in the company of the unaware, were intoxicating. I could tell Rach saw them as a turn-on too, which just made them even more addictive. I wondered if we would keep pushing it further.

The eventual certainty that we would get caught strangely offered little opposition. They finished talking, Sandy and Nicole saying they were going to the Cineplex. As they walked away, Rach turned to me.

"Shit" was all she said. Rach led the way to whatever store she wanted to go to next, and I played with the remote; switching the clit vibe between low and medium.

Rach had gotten used to the low setting, and was able to walk pretty normally, albeit more slowly on that setting. When I switched to medium, however, she would stagger slightly; and unable to walk, would wobble out of the pedestrian traffic, to hug a wall, or sit on a plant stand. Twice along the way, she whispered my name.

I had to congratulate myself on the idea of having her say my name to signal she was coming. It was such a turn on for me, that by the time we got to Rach's destination, she wasn't the only one finding it difficult to walk. I looked up as she turned into a store, and read Victoria's Secret.

This was more than I could have hoped for.


We shopped for a while there; Rach and I both picking things out for her. She knew her size (32b, 2) and so we didn't bother trying things on, besides, I was looking forward to the fashion show I would hopefully get later. I had left the vibe on low, but eventually the cumulative affect must have caught up with Rach. While looking through baby doll teddies near the back of the store, Rach sat down.

In a frantic whisper, she whined "Please, Jake, I can't take it anymore." "You know the word." I said, mimicking a butterfly with my hands, "and that's 1 more for me." She realized her mistake, and seemed angry at herself. I wanted this to be fun for both of us, and besides, I didn't want to lose my remote privileges, so I offered "Look Rach, tell you what.

One more time, and I'll turn it off, and, I'll go get the jeep and bring it around to the entrance we just passed." Looking mostly relieved, and thankful, but with a slight tone of caution, she asked "one more where?" I sat next to her, put my arm around her, and patting my lap, said "Right here." She looked at me, and smiled, the worn out look evaporating, and whispered "only if you take your dick out." I was so turned on, I didn't hesitate.

I lifted her onto my lap, and scooting her forward, unzipped my shorts. With a little elbow grease my cock sprang free. Rach slid back on my lap, wedging my dick between her ass cheeks. "Tell me what you want." I whispered into her ear, holding up the remote. "You" she whispered back, and reaching under her dress, pulled off her panties. She stuck them in my hand, and tossed the wet pad away. Shifting the butterfly aside, she rose up, and reaching between her legs, pulled my dick forward, and sank back down between me and my dick.

With her dress back down, she cupped my dick in her hand through the front of her dress, and pressed it against her pussy, grinding on my dick. Small motions of her hips slid her pussy, coated in a day's cum, up and down me. We were both so keyed up, it only took a minute.

Her grinding became jerky, and I was worried I would be left behind. She leaned back into me, and put her head on my shoulder. "Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake" she whispered into my ear, the sound of her orgasming to my name, and vehemence that she lent it, gave me the final push I needed, and I added to the grinding, thrusting my hips, as her grip on my dick hardened. We both spent ourselves on each other, until, with one last twitch of her hips, she settled into me, completely relaxed.

We realized quickly, that we were a mess. I was able to wipe away enough come from my dick that I could make some semblance of respectability out of my shorts. Rach's dress, however, was beyond hope. There was a large wet spot on the back from where she first sat, the pad having long since outlived its usefulness. She had her own cum all down the insides of her legs, and my cum was on the front of her dress, where she had held it to my dick, and had sprayed up, sticking her stomach to the dress.

Telling Rach I'd take care of it, I hurriedly found the dress section (yes Victoria's Secret has dresses) and found a size 2 that I thought she'd like, and returned, tearing off the tag as I handed it to her. "Just say you liked it so much you decided to wear it home." I said, as she scampered to the changing room.

She emerged a few minutes later, looking beautiful, if exhausted. I hugged her close, and she melted into me, happy and content, but clearly beyond endurance. I could feel her legs wobble as I released her. "You rest as long as you want." I cooed to Rach. "Thank you Ja…Big Bro" she said, smiling at her near mistake. "I'll be fine, just hold my hand." We paid (I bought the dress, she bought the fun stuff) and I walked her to a bench outside the nearest mall entrance.

I ran for the car, it feeling good to wash away all the pent up adrenaline. When I got back with the jeep, and Rach had fallen asleep where I had left her.

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It was hard for me to mesh this cute and innocent girl with what I knew had driven her to this state. I picked her up gently in my arms, her body soft, and giving. She murmured softly as I laid her in the passenger seat. I threw the bags in back with my bike, and drove home. I parked a few blocks from home, at a little park, and kissing Rach on the forehead, drifted off to sleep myself.

Rach woke me, stoking my hair. "Morning sleepy head" she said sweetly. Lying down, her head on my lap "You take such good care of me.

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It's hard to believe you're my little brother." I pulled her hair back from her face, and put my hand on her back, stroking her gently. "Mmm" she sighed contentedly. "I'm just honored to have the chance." I said softly. "So how did I do.?" She asked dreamily. "Fantastic" I answered. "No, I mean our bet" she said, getting up from my lap, and sitting, her left leg under her, facing me.

"Well, let's see. The map was 1 for you. The swimsuit store was 1,2,3 for you, and 1 for me. The food court was 1,2 for me. Getting to Victoria's Secret was 1,2 for you, and in Victoria's Secret was 1 for you, and 1 for me. That makes it 7 for you, and 4 for me. "I win" she said brightly, leaning over, and hugging me. "I can use then any time I want?" she asked hopefully.

"And so can I." I said in my most sinister voice, in answer. Rach laughed. We stayed there in the jeep, relaxing in each other arms and company for a while, and then we switched seats, and she drove the last few blocks home. I carried her bags in for her, and went back out to get my bike. When I got back inside, and went to my room, I could hear the shower going; Rach needed a serious cleaning. I saw the remote on my keyboard; the chat said "I'll keep it on.

I trust you. Be gentle.

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XO" As I sat there dreaming of all the places I'd like to try it, I heard my mom's car pull up outside, and knew the dinner table would be sweet revenge. END PART 5 ENJOY…AND CUM BACK FOR MORE ;)