Pretty teenie gives a head in pov and gets narrowed twat poked

Pretty teenie gives a head in pov and gets narrowed twat poked
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Caught My Daughter Writing Porn * A girl called "Miss" starts this story out. __I should wait until I calm down, but I can't. I don't want to forget one little detail of what happened. OK& dad found out I have been writing porn stories. Where do I begin…OK…here goes. Soon after I got my own computer, I found porn sites. I started reading some real hot stories and that started me thinking about things I wished would happen to me and others.

I started writing my first story about a& it was about my dad.) I said it was just a 'guy', in case anyone got in my computer. My own story got me really turned on.

I made the situation perfect to my liking. I worked on it and became more turned on by it. I wondered if maybe other people would get turned on by it. It nagged me to find out. I found a site and screw all the rules, I made up a fake name and went for it. I fumbled around and finally got it submitted. I waited. The first comments were grammar and spelling cops who bitched about everything. Then the cool comments started coming in. My early ratings went low, but as the number of readers increased they came up.

One guy reader, I'll call him 'Mr. X', said he wished I was his daughter and he would love to fuck me all night. I gasp at that comment. I did however note is fake name, and remembered it. My first story was about a very young girl and her dad, that ignored her. She did many things to get his 'sexual' attention, but he would even cop a feel on her.


This was how my 'real life' was, so I made her so sexy the 'dad' had to get big desires to make out with his daughter. They ended up having glorious sex all the time and everything work out perfect. Mr. X left more comments, he loved the story and wanted more, 'keep going' and 'tell me more' about what it was like to have sex with your own dad'. With… my imagination and several of my girlfriends 'true' stories, I wrote a part 2.

I started writing more stories, but Mr. X was my biggest fan. I had no info on him except he was male. I started fantasizing about X and what he was like. In my mind I made him out to be like my ideal guy. I took my dads good looks, added the latest clothes, hair style and made him into a hunk of a guy.

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My next story I wrote about him having max desires for a girl and how they ended up making out sexually&hellip.but almost being caught by her dad. I told of how her dad was so jealous of her boyfriend, and wanting her for himself. I wrote several stories about girls making out with their dads. Meanwhile&hellip.I got to talking with my perfect Mr. x thru 'personal messages' on the site. He aroused me with his cool charm and I made him my fantasy guy, perfect in every way. ……Meanwhile, what I didn't know was my real dad, who spent his late evenings in his den reading porn stories.

Yes. He was Mr. X. He didn't know who, (I'll call me 'miss',) he was PM'ing, and it was me! The Dad.(Mr.


X) I loved reading good porn stories. I read a newcomer story and there was just something about her writing that really got me turned on.

This 'miss' girl responded back to my first PM and that started a wonderful thing going. I fantasized about her just like the perfect girl I had always wanted and our PM's got hotter and hotter. We didn't send any pictures, we let our imaginations do that.

One day I came home at noon. I took advantage and went snooping in my daughters computer. I sure didn't want her to hook up with some creep on line, I told my self. I knew computers pretty well, and she was just new at it. I quickly found a file called 'My Stuff' and opened it. The first thing listed was a link. I clicked on it. It went to the same story site I used. Shock. I found another file 'Stories'but I had no password to get in.

I tried a bunch of things, but got nowhere. I started looking around her desk. Under her keyboard&hellip.I found a little black book. Inside&hellip.passwords for everything. I copied them down for myself, and put everything back like it was. I left in case she came home early for some reason. That night late, I went to her porn story site.

I got in and now for the big shock. All five of her stories. 'Miss' was my own daughter. I sat back stunned. What was I going to do now…… The daughter…(Miss) That night I PMed X to continue some hot sex talk. I waited. No reply. Hmmm, he must have been busy doing something. A week went by&hellip.nothing. I missed him terribly, he was my fantasy guy, but he was also&hellip.

a real person. I arranged to have my BFF 'baby' I'll call her, to come over for a sleepover. We talked that night and I showed her the pm's I got from X. She got quiet and then gulped. She said: "I know. I've been PM'ing him too. He sounded so cool, and now we've been having real hot talk thru our pm's." I realized he had dumped me and now had taken up with 'baby'. I was hurt, but glad for baby.

We talked late into the night on how X sounded so sexy and cool. The nights dragged by with no PM's from Mr. X. I then got a call from 'baby'. She said she found out X lived nearby!…and!&hellip.she was going to hook up with him! Oh god I was so envious I hurt inside&hellip. Dad…(Mr. X) I stopped PM'ing with my daughter but I hooked up with another amateur writer.

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Her stories were hot, but not a good as my daughters, in my mind. I found out she actually lived close to me.

As time went by, I wanted to meet her real bad. She 'claimed' she was legal, but you just never know, I just hoped she was and not a 'guy' or something weird. We settle on a common restaurant in the area to meet one evening. I scanned the place very carefully and a good looking girl sitting by herself had to be her. She had on a red head band to help me find her. I slowly walked up to her. Oooo nice tits, cute face and body as I quick scanned her.

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She smiled big and simply said: "X?"&hellip.I sat down and nodded. Then it hit us both. She was my daughters friend I had met only a few times. She said: "OH.MY.GOD!&hellip.oh my god, oh my god…Your&hellip.oh my god! I calmed her down and said "Yes, I'm Mr.

X, shhhhhhhh. Relax, I didn't know it would be you…'baby'. She gasp and said: "Don't move!" She turned around and looked across the room. Oh Shit!…I see my daughter walking towards us. Baby said: "Here comes 'Miss', she been dying to meet you!" Well, here she was, big puzzled smile on her face.

"Daddy, what are you doing here?" Baby is in shock as she half whispers to 'miss': "You ain't gonna believe this, 'miss', THIS is 'Mr. X'…" My poor daughter sat stunned and smiled at me with her mouth open and just stared at me. I wondered what was going thru her mind about now…… The daughter…'miss'. When all this happened, I froze up. I thought about all the hot sex talk we had and figured I was in big trouble.

Dad let me believe it… at first. He told us both about hooking up with strangers and how dangerous it could be. Then he said: "Back to the house girls, 'we' have to have a long talk." Baby and I were so nervous as to what he was going to do. Back at our house he sat us on the couch and sat between us. He reached up and turned the lamp off. Only the porch like dimly lit the living room. He said: "Now lady's, you've got 'Mr. X' here between you both. I want you to proceed as if 'dad' isn't here.

Show me what were you two planning to do to 'Mr. X." Silence&hellip. I started to speak up first when 'baby' began to giggle, then I giggled. X, just smiled at us. I said: "Well&hellip.we&hellip.had planned to tie you up and kidnap you&hellip.then drag you in my bedroom and…and…oh my god "& blurted out and said: "…and we were going to rape you!" "You two young girl were going to 'rape' me?, I could hold you two both down with one hand." he said laughing.

We snuggled up to him and both said that he would never do that. "You would be so hot for us, you 'couldn't' resist us…besides we would have your hands tied with some really strong rubber band or something." We stood him up and put his hands behind his back.

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I found a rubber band and put around them. "Your our 'slave' now, Mr. X.", as we giggled. We led him to his big bed and left all but one night light off. We began to take off his clothes and kiss him all over his neck, chest and face.

Our hearts were racing with excitement. Here was the dad who wouldn't touch me and he was all mine now. I wondered if he would stop us at some point& far he just smiled. We undid his clothes and pants. We sat him on the bed and we molested him all the way as we took all his clothes off&hellip. and got him completely naked. Baby started stripping all sexy for him, so I joined in. We pushed out our tits in his face and tried to licked our own nipples as he watched.

He started getting a huge hardon as we rubbed our own bodies. I wanted to make him so hot, he'd never forget this night. He had never seen me naked at this age and I flaunted my nice tits and rubbed them on his face. His face was warm and his eyes were full of delight.

He was a handsome man and turned me on real good. I felt my pussy getting real wet as was baby's too. We demanded he close his eyes and baby and I went for his big beautiful hardon. We played with it and his balls.

We started kissing it and then licked it. His hardon felt hot to the touch. We jack him and took turns sucking the end. He jumped when I took my tongue and flicked it on the very tip. Baby crawled up an put her pussy right on his mouth. "Lick me slave!" she demanded and giggled.

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Out came his tongue as she rocked back and forth on it. I had never seen baby all aroused like this and it was a turn on for me to watch. I sucked his hardon deep and then said: "Don't you cum yet, slave.

You do as your told!" I said in my little gruff voice.

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He couldn't answer with a mouth full of baby's pussy, but nodded. What he didn't know&hellip. was baby and I had fantasized about doing just this, many times. Now that a had his hardon soaking wet, I moved up to slip it in me. It felt so good going in my tight pussy, it made me dizzy.

I heard him moan softly. I held on to baby's legs as I started moving my pussy up and down on him. Damn, he could touch bottom so easy, I gasp every time I went that deep.

Baby and I started speeding up and we were going to have the climax we had dreamed of. I put my hands on his face and felt baby's pussy all slick on his tongue. My mind was going crazy with euphoric feelings. 'Baby's' excited thoughts&hellip. I really didn't know what I was doing as this was my first time to sit on a guy's face.

I had seen this in a porn film and the girls face told me she was in some kind of heavenly state. All I knew it felt so damn good. His tongue sure knew what to do. I could feel it go in my pussy and then rub across my clit. I had masturbated thinking about 'X' and miss's dad many times and now I was here and doing the real thing. The thought of this just being the first time of what I hoped was many&hellip.sent chills and tingles in my pussy&hellip.

Dad 'X'…… Every guy dreams of having two young girls to play with at once.

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I was having trouble realizing it was happening to me, and right now. Baby's sweet pussy on my face to lick,&hellip. was beyond awesome.

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My dick was in heaven with miss's tight pussy going up and down on it. Don't cum yet&hellip.she said?…she just didn't know what she was asking.

My balls were full and loaded. I tried to make it last, but here it came&hellip. Miss…… I could feel dad's hardon in me and thrusting with my pumping. I was going to climax any second&hellip.when& happened. I felt hot cum shooting hard in me. I moaned out and fucked him faster and rubbed my own clit.

"Oh Yes!, Oh Yes!," came out of my mouth. Dad was thrusting, moaning and squirming with me. I had to hold on to baby tight as I went dizzy. She heard us and her ass was moving fast on dad's tongue.

She moaned too, and squirmed hard&hellip. Dad's tongue had made her climax&hellip. it was her first&hellip. We all gasp for breath as we all felt each other and let out our pleasure moans&hellip. Dad's hands were now loose and feeling mine and baby's naked bodies& warm…so gentle…so wonderful&hellip.there is just nothing like the first time&hellip.ever.

I woke up the next morning, in my own bed facing baby. We were holding hands, and began to giggle. She whispered: ("…did 'we' just have the best dream of our lives!") I said: ("& could we both have the same wonderful dream?") ___I have to go now. More to the story is starting tonight. It's Saturday and tonight baby will sleepover again.

Dad told us what naughty girls we were, and tonight he would 'demonstrate ' what 'could' happen by hooking up with creepy perverted strangers. We said: " Oooo, were all scared daddy", and giggled. He smiled and left the kitchen. He came back with a white hockey mask on. He just stood there all creepy looking. He gave us chills. He then held up some twine, like to tie us up with. We jumped up and tried to run out of the room, He grabbed both of us as we squealed. We broke away and ran into my room and locked the door.

It was getting dark outside as some afternoon clouds came over. We got on my computer and we both pm'ed Mr. X. We said: "You are a creep, don't pm us ever again!" We got a quick reply. Mr. X said: "…I have a key to your bedroom door."…… To be continued……