Mother daughter exchange club story

Mother daughter exchange club story
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We meet in a night club between our two houses, I take the back roads so no one follows.

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It's dark in the club and loud, I sit at the bar and order a rum and coke, a little nervous. After a few minutes I feel a hand on my shoulder, turning me around slowly.

"Hey there Stranger." you say with a smile. I can't help but to stare and take in what I'm seeing. It'd been years since we last saw each other but I remembered every curve, every detail.

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You wore a cute and revealing black top with a short black skirt and thigh high white stockings and cute pumps, your hair pulled back with a few locks left out to tease me. You grinned at my slack expression and took my hand "Let's find a more secluded place to.

catch up." while guiding me.

We sit down in a dark out-of-the-way booth with few people around, none we recognized. "So, I've never down this before, sneaking around like this, I just had to see you." I say stammering. "Me either, but I'm glad we did." you say putting your hand on mine.

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I look a little more relaxed, and you see a little of the old fire I used to have flare in my eyes, "You look incredible, all that just for me?" I say grinning selfishly. You answer by taking my hand and placing it on your thigh, the soft fabric of your stocking embracing me. I lean forward and kiss twice across your neck, in the old familiar places while my hand moves across your thigh tracing the top of the stocking.

You close your eyes and let out a small lustful moan, then open and see a girl sitting across from out booth watching longingly. You give her a wink and moan as I move to your ear nibbling. You feel heat, a certain heat you haven't felt in quite a long time burn in your tummy.

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"I wonder which panties she picked for such a special reunion?" I whisper into your ear, before meeting your eyes and kissing you passionately, my tongue caressing yours. You feel my hand move up your thigh Under your skirt, then my fingers move across soft lace, and not a lot of it. I ask if you want to go anywhere else and you say your very happy where we are, then unbutton my jeans without me realizing it.

I look at you mesmerized as you slip off the seat and slither down my frame, keeping eye contact with me the whole time as you open my pants and pull out my rock hard cock, stroking slightly as you look at it and smile.


"Somethings really don't change." you say happily as you kiss the head and stroke harder. You see one or two heads turn our way as you take my cock in your mouth inch by inch, loving my awed expression. You take as much as you can in, then pull it out and proceed to give me the greatest, most seductive blowjob I've ever had, teasing me but making me love it at the same time. You let me get close a couple times, but never finish.


I finally can't take it anymore and grab a fistful of your silky hair, then slowly fuck your throat using your amazing mouth. I pump over and over till I tense up and you start sucking wanting what I'm going to give you. I burst deep in your throat, pouring hot sweet cum down it again and again, you gulp it up sucking hard on my throbbing cock wanting it all for yourself.

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I collapse back down in the booth and you sit next to me smiling, "You seemed to like that." you sneered jokingly. I kiss you thankfully, "Payback time." I say getting on my knees before you. You cross your legs playfully, but as I kiss them they slowly untwist and part, a deep look of lust in your eyes.


I see the white lace mesh thong you wore just for me tonight, and the smooth skin underneath it. I kiss up your thigh and pull your panties to the left, licking at your clit teasingly.

You moan biting your lip as my tongue and fingers invade your tight little pussy delicately at first, then picking up speed and hunger till your nearly screaming as your orgasms rip through your rigid body.

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You pull me up from the floor in a frenzy and move onto my lap, facing me. Kissing me wildly, you reach between us and guide my once again solid cock to your now dripping pussy, and take me slowly into you, relishing in the utter fullness of it. After seven or eight inches you pull up and putting one hand behind my neck and the other on my knee you fuck yourself on my lap, staring into my eyes and moaning louder and louder till the people around us are cheering you on, bucking against me and cumming again and again.

You pull almost all the way off, then SLAM down taking ALL of me into you crying out! I bite down on my lip and grab your ass as I EXPLODE deep in your tight pussy, filling you over and over with my cum deep into you.

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We part ways that night with a soft kiss, a silent promise this will happen again.