Wet asian oral pleasure after hot anal

Wet asian oral pleasure after hot anal
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If only they knew, Charlotte had a very dirty mind. She enjoyed wrestling but she also wanted to do porn. However when you're the stylin-and-profilin' daughter of Ric Flair however you're expected to wrestle. Charlotte of course didn't want to disappoint so of course she wrestled. Which of course brought her closer to the alluring women of NXT which played a prominent part in her sexual fantasies. She of course loved Bram but just felt the sex with him wasn't enough. The strong blonde wanted leap the barrier and have a bukkake party with the fans.

She didn't of course but she thought about it whenever she looked into the crowd of fans. She began to secretly spread nudes of herself however she didn't announce how the pictures of her beautiful body belonged to the child of one of the most arguably best wrestlers.

When she posted a picture of herself to twitter she couldn't help desire to feel the fabric crawl up further to reveal her beautiful breasts and make her twitter feed and the picture not pg. The former nxt women's champion couldn't help but be excited at the prospect of thousands of her followers stroking themselves to the idea of her.

She liked to think about men picturing her face as she smiled at them while they pumped away at her chest. The athletic beauty took pleasure visualizing them imagining hold onto her shoulders as they thrusted away between her buxom tits, relishing the thought of what it'd feel to have their hardness against the soft flesh of her sternum.

Women rubbing and flicking at their pussies to the thought of what her voluptuous lips would be like locking lips with them and imagining what it'd be like to have the mouth of a flair between their legs.

Charlotte after reaching a point where sex with Bram any time she could get it just wasn't enough so she decided to try and make a move on one of the divas. The first woman that came to mind was Sasha but she was intimidated by her. She had a crush on the boss that went beyond merely her own sexual wants and decided that since she was suppose to be rivals with Sasha since they were on differing sides of the revolution she wouldn't make a move.

That and because she couldn't be near the diva outside of the ring with being awkward. The tall and dominant Charlotte was completely submissive whenever Sasha was around, a result of frequently masturbating with large dildos and vibrators to the thought of the mixed race hottie.

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Charlotte had even begun to bring with her on the road several porn dvds featuring lookalikes of Sasha in all sorts of situations. Charlotte didn't have the nerve at the moment however to approach her. After a short and expeditious exchange over twitter she managed to arrange a meetup with Summer. She decided to contact her since she knew Summer was single. Another benefit was she didn't have to worry about the fruition of a relationship between the two of them ruining any angle on tv at the moment.

She slipped on a plain green tank top with no bra and decided to go pantiless and put on a pair of white jean shorts and black sandals got in her hummer and headed out to Summer's. --- Meanwhile at Summer Rae's house; "a Date with Charlotte? Isn't she married?" She checked her twitter messages a second time and shrugged. Summer wasn't sure what Charlotte's relationship status was but decided it didn't matter. "Being on good terms with a Flair might bring me closer to Divas' championship.

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I mean who knows what a recommendation from Ric or her would do for my career." Summer was sitting on her couch unsure of what to expect with Charlotte's arrival. Her hands were clasped together in the lap of the short teal dress was wearing. "Should I prepare some food or something?" She hummed her theme song to herself and walked into her kitchen. She looked around and found she had the ingredients to make nachos so she set to work making them.

After about twenty minutes the nachos were done and she set the tray on a small table she'd brought into her living room next to her front window.

Whilst she was carrying chairs over to her table she heard Charlotte pull up. She set the chairs down and then looked up to see through the window Charlotte getting out of her hummer. "Her outfits a bit revealing." She thought to herself and noticed Charlotte was holding an unopened large bottle of Jack Daniels in each hand.


"I guess I'm drinking tonight." hearing a knock at the door she opened it for her former stable member. The guest burst in in a rush like she was late for something and had a huge smile on her face.

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"I hope you're in the mood to party!" She said raising one of the bottles of Whiskey high up in the air and struck a pose like the one from her titantron. "I plan on our evening consisting of more alcohol than the two of us can handle." Summer raised an eyebrow wondering if Charlotte was being serious. "Don't worry I have more in the hummer. Even if that runs out you have more on hand right?" Summer nodded.

"Great." Charlotte hugged Summer "Where's your kitchen, I'll get the glasses." Summer tried to feign not being annoyed since hadn't planned on drinking and shook her head "No don't worry I'll get it." She led Charlotte to the living room "Go ahead and take a seat." Her guest sat down at the seat closest to the front door and Summer headed to the kitchen.

While getting the glasses down she thought to herself "So she calls me out of the blue wanting to do some heavy drinking.

Whatever it's a friday so it's not like I'll have to work with a hangover or anything." She walked back into the living room to find Charlotte had already opened one bottle and had taken a chug of it while the other bottle was sitting in the center of the tabletop next to the Nachos tray.

When she was setting a shot glass down in front of Charlotte she saw Charlotte raise the bottle again and starting chugging at it. "Flairs must be talented drinkers." She took a seat across from Charlotte and slowly nibbled at some of the nachos. They reminisced a bit about their time goofing off backstage when they were both in NXT and talked a bit about their current storylines.

Charlotte managed thanks to the liquid courage to not stammer when Sasha came up. Besides her initial chugging of the whiskey she didn't touch drink any of it or eat any of the nachos during their conversations. Summer on the other hand slowly began to drink more and more and nibbled a small bit on the chips.

Charlotte decided to make her move. She pulled her chair towards Summer so they only had a few inches of space to stop their legs from touching. She leaned forward and massaged Summer's side squeezing at it. Summer closed her eyes and with a closed mouth smiled at it.


Deciding to crank things up a notch she leaned forward and kissed her host. There was a short pause as Charlotte thought Summer was having second thoughts about this. Her worries were put to rest by the beautiful blond she'd been drinking with responded in kind by kissing her back. They licked at each other's tongues and she felt ecstasy in having successfully persuaded a co worker into being intimate with her.

Summer looked to the window and Charlotte quickly shut the curtains. She slipped her hands under Summer's arms pits and grabbed at the top of the sides of her dress and pulled it down. Her effort was rewarded with the sight of Summer Rae's exquisite bust. The former champion kneaded them and rubbed them together.

She delighted at the sight of Summer's tiny pink nipples and areolas. She scooped up one nipple and took it into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. Summer helped by leaning forward to push more of her breast into her mouth. "Damn you know how to suck tits." Charlotte leaned back so there was a popping sound as her mouth released.

She smiled for a brief second before switching to working on Summer's other breast and she began to suck on it. Charlotte clamped her lips around it and really forcefully sucked on it to make it fully erect. Summer shook in her seat and said "I have a dildo too.

If you want to go get it. It's in the top…" she paused to moan "Fuck--that feels good." "drawer, it's the pink one, the blue one shoots fake cum." Charlotte after a two minutes of orally pleasing Summer took a moment to go and grab the pink dildo.

When she returned she found her new fuckmate had taken it upon herself to roll up the skirt of her dress and pulled her panties down to give her friend access and a view of her tight pussy and lovely blonde trimmed pubic hair. Sitting back down Charlotte immediately got back to work sucking tit but this time she leisurely teased Summer's pussy with the dildo by making counterclockwise circles with it around the outside of it.

She pulled back off Summer's tits again and planted a kiss on her collarbone while she drove the fake cock a inch deep into Summer. Summer responded by grabbing a handful of Charlotte's hair. "Fuck me-haaardeerr" she moaned as Charlotte brought the dildo a inch deeper into her pussy and started thrusting it in and out.

She slowly and sloppily licked at Summer's cleavage and pulled Summer's dress down so at that point is what just wrapped around her hips.

She slid the dildo gently down Summer Rae's sternum then took Summer Rae's hands one at a time and guided them so she held her breasts together. Summer could feel the tip of the dildo slapping at her chin as she was then being titfucked with it.

She tugged on both of her nipples at the same time bringing to the point of being fully erect. "Fuck my tits faster. Show me how much of a whore I am. Talk to me!" Charlotte shut her up by jamming the dildo into her mouth making her taste what little of her pussy juicies hadn't been spread between her tits. While being fucked in the throat with the dildo she leaned forward and tugged at Charlotte's top.

Charlotte set the dildo on the table and pulled both of the straps down in unison. Summer quickly took a deep brown areola in her mouth and sucked on it. Charlotte tilted her head back and smiled. While she was sucking on her right tit, Summer teased Charlotte's other nipple. With help from Charlotte she unzipped her white shorts and pulled them to her knees. She teased Charlotte's trimmed pussy too but she was more generous so the teasing ended with her shoving the dildo three inches deep into her.

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She swirled the dildo around inside of her slapping at the insides of her. Charlotte moaned "FUCK MY PUSSY SUMMER" loudly and Summer obliged. After a few minutes of pounding away at Charlotte and sucking on her tits Charlotte's vaginal muscles clamped down on the dildo and she shook in orgasm. "I'M CUMMING SUMMER" She yelled and squirted all over the chair, dildo and Summer's hand.

As she cooed from the sensation of the dildo leaving her now sensitive pussy, Summer sealed her lips around Charlotte's and stuck her tongue into her mouth. She climbed onto Charlotte's lap, feeling some the pussy juices on her ass as she adjusted into the new position. Her breasts rubbed and pressed against Charlotte's much larger breasts. For a few minutes she stayed in that position rubbing her pussy and breasts against Charlotte's as they tongue wrestled but Charlotte pulled her head back and said "Wait here." She climbed up out the chair and pulled her straps back up concealing her breasts.

Then pulled her shorts from where they'd fallen down to ankles back up to around her hips and zipped them up and stepped outside.

Summer returned to her seat and fingered herself slowly with two fingers while she waited for Charlotte to return. When Charlotte walked back in she had a green strapon in one hand.

As soon as she shut the door, she tossed her shorts aside and put on the strap on.

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She grabbed Summer's hand and lead her over to the couch and tossed her onto the couch so she was laying on her back. She climbed on top of Summer and Summer straddled her and then eased the strap on into Summer.

It was eight inches long and she spent thirty seconds thrusting it into Summer until after four inches Summer bit her lower lip and began to sweat. "MY PUSSY CAN'T HANDLE THIS" unfortunately or perhaps fortunately for her Charlotte took this as a challenge and so she forced the other four inches in as fast as she could.

"FUUUUUUUCK" Summer moaned and writhed in response and then Charlotte began to fuck her hard and deep. She would switch between slow and very fast caused she liked to experiment with watching Summer's breasts bounce at different paces.

Finally Summer clamped down and squirted her juices all over the strap on. "That was great." She cooed and put a finger that she'd been jilling with to her lip "The fun's not over." Charlotte replied and walked into Charlotte's room. When she returned she had the blue dildo in hand. She pulled Summer onto her knees and forced the fake cum out of the dildo.

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It splattered a large loud all over Summer's face dripping down her nose and forehead and cheek. Charlotte tossed the fake dildo to the ground and walked out of Summer's house not sure which diva she'd go after next.