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Hermione let out a sigh as she felt Ron pull out of her pussy. Her body glistening with sweat from their recent fucksession. "Fuck." she moaned out as she felt cum leak from her freshly fucked pussy. "Yeah." Ron breathed as he collapsed on the bed next to her, basking in post male-ejaculation bliss.

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Ever since their escapade with Umbridge and her slythering henchmen, the females of DA have become incredibly active in their sexlife. Nearly every night for the past week, Hermione could be found getting roughly taken from behind by Ron. Ginny meanwhile, had become quite the Gryffindor slut. For the past week, she could nearly always be found riding some cock, being double or even triple-teamed. This morning was no exception, as Ginny was hard at work sucking Harry's cock in the boy's dorm.

Ginny's head slowly bobbed up and down the hard cock, her tongue working all around it.


Harry ran his fingers through her red hair, groaning in pleasure. "Shit Ginny, where did you learn to suck a cock like that" She smiled up at him, cock in hand. "Get back to work slut!" Harry ordered her, as he grabbed her head and forced her down his shaft, causing her to gag. Tears formed in her eyes as Harry brutally fucked her mouth, sliding his hard and wet cock into her tight throat. He groaned in pleasure as he felt the pressure on his head increase as Ginny slowly hummed around his cock.

He smiled down at her, stroking her hair as she resumed her slow and leisurely blowjob.

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She popped of his cock, stroking it slightly while smiling up at him. "Turn around" he demanded of her, and like the obedient slut she was, she did and presented Harry with her perfectly shaped teen bum, framing her delightfully wet, bald pussy.

Harry wasted no time in guiding his 7 inch cock into her tight pussy, causing Ginny to moan out like a whore as she felt him enter her.

Harry buried himself to the hilt in one stroke, savouring the feel of the pussy around his cock. He slapped Ginny's ass as he started to saw in and out of the sopping wet pussy. Ginny moaned out loud as she felt the cock continually enter and exit her tight passage. The slaps of flesh meeting flesh grew louder as Harry picked up the pace, revelling in her juices coating his cock, making their copulation all the more pleasurable as he was able to fuck her faster and deeper.

Ginny moaned in heat as one of her hands find its way down to her clit, circling it with her fingers as she was roughly getting taken from behind. Ginny soon reached her climax, her pussy squeezing around Harry's cock, causing harry to groan in pleasure. He kept fucking her throughout her long orgasm, soon feeling his ball scrunch up, knowing his own release was near. He grabbed her long red hair, and pulled on it hard, causing Ginny to scream out in pain, her reaction caused Harry to throw his head back, and let out a groan, his cock spurting cum into her vulnerable womb.

He slapped her ass one last time as he released his grip on her hair and pulled out. "That was great Ginny, thanks for that" he stepped down from the bed, pulled up his pants and left Ginny, exhausted and cum leaking from her used pussy.

Harry made his way down towards the common room, feeling satisfied for the moment. Entering the common room, he saw Ron and Hermione sitting in an armchair, making out. "Hey, you two lovebirds coming to breakfast?" he asked as he went past the couple, playfully slapping Hermione's ass.

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She yelped out, laughing as they were brought out of their reverie. "Sure, be there in 5." she looked at Ron and down at his crotch, "Make that 10 minutes" she said and flashed Ron a naughty smile. Harry laughed and high-fived Ron as he went down to the Great Hall 15 minutes later, Ron and Hermione strolled into the Great Hall and sat down next to Harry, Ron already helping himself to an extra large portion of eggs and bacon.

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Hermione just looked at him and shook her head while smiling. "What?" Ron said, his mouth full of scrambled eggs "I need the protein" he shrugged and continued shovelling in food. "Hey, Hermione, you still have cum in your hair" Harry whispered to her, turning her beet red with embarrasment. Harry smiled at her and punched her shoulder.

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"Slut" he remarked with a joke and started eating his breakfast. During the breakfast, Umbridge walked briskly into the great hall, her trademark smile on her face. The whole room quietened at her entrance, no-one wanting to risk incur the wrath of the sadistic woman. As she strolled down, she casually and strictly corrected students not sitting up straight enough, or students who werent looking well enough groomed, giggling at the students reactions.

Harry looked up at the teachers table, a new teacher was seated, unusual to get a new teacher a few months into the year. He had dark hair and dashing features, wearing a coat reminiscent of something worn by british pilots in world war two. He saw the teacher facepalming and shaking his head at Umbridges behaviour, clearly not amused. Hermione and Ginny felt themselves becoming wet and aroused at the sight of him. Umbridge soon reached the end of the hall, taking her place at Dumbledores usual seat before standing up and looking out at the students.


"Dear, loving students. Following the great success of the Tri-Wizard Tournament, Hogwarts and Beuxbaton have agreed to institute an exchange program to allow bright wizards and witches from both schools to spend a year at the other school, in order to facilitate a happy and wondrous cultural exchange, due to some unforeseen events, Hogwarts students were not allowed to sign up for this exchange this year, but please give a warm welcome to 5 young witches from Beuxbaton academy" she enthusiastically clapped as five young witches, with previous tournament participant Fleur Delacour and her sister Gabrielle Delacour, entered the room.

"These bright students have each been assigned to a house, with Miss Delacour and Miss Delacour being placed in Gryffindor" she remarked as she gestured to the students. "Carry on!" she smiled at them. Harry leaned towards Ron and whispered "I can't wait to show them some ´hospitality´" he smirked, thinking about how much he wanted to fuck Fleur and her little sister.