Cediendo a las provocaciones de su hermana

Cediendo a las provocaciones de su hermana
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Collision Course This is my first attempt at writing this kind of story so go easy on me. This is the first story in a series which will get progressively sexier as it goes on. Intro: This story revolves around Ethan ad Amber, siblings on a collision course that would alter their lives. There was nothing special about these particular siblings, they were your average brother and sister who grew up on a normal home with parents who thought the world of them.

Amber, having just turned 16 was dealing with the usual teenage problems, hormones going crazy as she develops into a young woman. A little known fact about Amber was that she had a very low self-esteem. This was brought on by being an overweight kid, although she was never bullied or anything. Living in her older brother's shadow was didn't help either as he was athletically fit and very popular in the high school they attended.

Having had weight issues for so many years, Amber didn't realise she has lost weight and was now a very attractive young woman.

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This caused many problems for her and her brother because when she attracted a guy's attention, she often thought it was a prank him and the popular kids were playing on the "fat kid" and this was the impression her brother got from her end of the story and this often lead to fights between Ethan and the other popular guys at school.

At 18 years of age, Ethan was the typical "golden boy". He was the captain of the football team, the school heart throb and of course a well-mannered senior at RightWorthy High School. He had also been an over-protective brother so when he had heard his sister was being "bullied" by one of his teammates, he had decided to take revenge on the football field by making an illegal in-game move which was brought on by anger and resulted in the other guy being seriously injured.

Police were involved and a deal was made, if he leaves the school and his family moves out of town, no charges will be made against him. This wouldn't be a problem as they were a well-off family financial wise. So they moved to a new town, new school and new opportunities. It was this move to a new town that had unforeseen results.

The summer was over, a new semester was starting…and so was their collision course into each other's personal lives!


Chapter 1 It was all a dream!?!? As she lay her head down, exhausted Amber finally got to rest and fell into a deep sleep. As reality and dream world blended she found herself in a place she couldn't quite figure out. It was a very dark place, and in this dark place she could see nothing but herself as she seemed to be the only source of light in this dark place.

She could just about make out a hooded figure standing in front of her, a very dark and undefined figure. As the figure moved closer to her she didn't know what was happening to her when she suddenly felt an extremely warm sensation as if the ground she were standing on was heated and sent warmth through her feet up to her knees. As she woke from this dream she was startled by her mom shouting for her to get out of bed and get ready for school or she would be late.

As she was still trying to catch her bearings and make sense of this bizarre dream she just had, she noticed her feet were glistening and felt warm to the touch.

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"Don't read too much into Amber, must've been that weird ass dream." she told herself as she had a maths quiz that day and had to focus. Without giving it a second thought she rolled out of bed to get dressed and as she changed out of her PJ's she noticed a wet spot by her crotch. "That was some dream, but why the hell would it turn me on… I don't get it." Now Amber was no prude, she knew about sex and everything it entails, she just never let any guy get close enough to do anything due to her insecurities so it was safe to say she was a virgin.

Although her low self-esteem was a problem, every cloud has a silver lining. Because of that she was very timid, reserved and down-to-earth, the same applied to her dress sense, very bland and nothing eye catching. This threw people off balance as this was not the kind of personality you would expect to see on one of, if not the hottest girls in their new school. Now having explained all that, here's the kicker, Amber has a thing for shoes, stockings and thigh high socks they just drive her insane when she wears them.

This might be common among girls her age but if you ask the opinion of anyone who has seen her around, 9 times out of 10 you would get a simple answer, "I don't know what to say, I don't really know her, but I have noticed she is always wearing killer shoes man." She rarely had any money left from her allowances because the minute her parents gave her money, hoping she would meet friends in town or something, she would head straight for the mall to buy nail polish, a new pair of stockings, new high heels or ballerina pumps, something to that effect.

She was perfectly happy with this way of life as it somehow made her feel better about herself and she glowed whenever she was wearing one of these items. As the days went by life was quiet and uneventful. Since she hardly had any friends she would just concentrate on her studies. One day she got home from school, tired and run-down, she changed out of her uniform and decided to take a shower. When she got out of the shower she went into her room where she spends most her free time as she isn't one for polite chatter with the family.

As she was going about her business she noticed the stockings she had taken off before going to shower had vanished. It also came to her attention that her high heels had moved from the position she had originally left them in, they were now standing upright as they would be if they were on a shelf in a clothing store.

"Mom must've tidied up a bit when she came in to get my uniform." She thought to herself. "Dinners ready" she heard her mom shout. She went downstairs to join the rest of her family for dinner. "Remember to go easy on the detergent mom, don't want you ruining my stockings, I'm quite fond of that pair." Amber said to her mother as she was preparing the table.

"Oh…Ok dear, I'll keep that in mind." Her mom replied with a very confused look on her face like she hadn't a clue of what her daughter was on about. "Why would mom look at me like I'm speaking another language? Either I'm super stresses or she is just losing it." Amber shrugged her shoulders and left it at that. When dinner was over she helped her mom with the cleaning up and went to her room to study for an hour and then call it a day.

She got upstairs, opened her room door and walked in to find her stockings back where she had left them when she took them off earlier that day. She stood in the doorway to her room as confused as two monkeys with a calculus book in their hands. "But.I.

thought mom collected those to do the laundry. I don't get it." She thought to herself. "I think I'm gonna skip study tonight and go straight to bed, I'm over working myself and I'm starting to see things." She told herself. She hoped into bed and was out like a light switch the moment her head hit the pillow. Chapter 2 I don't get it, why does it keep happening?????

Ethan woke that morning to sound of his mother's voice shouting at him and his sister telling them to get ready for school. "Wow someone needs to switch to decaf, so high strung at this time of the day." Being a guy Ethan naturally took minutes to get ready. He was down stairs and ready to go before his mom's words were cold. "Morning mom." He said. "Morning honey, where is your sister? She is going to make me late for work, Amber get down here or we are going to be late." His mom replied.

"Relax mom gees, there is still plenty of time. Give the poor girl a break, she has that maths quiz you know, the last thing she needs is you winding her up so early in the day. Besides you know how she is, she takes her own sweet time when getting dressed. She is a young a woman, you can't tell me you never did the same when you were her age." He said to his mom. "Yeah I know but that's different, I don't spend an hour and a half deciding which shoes to wear with which stockings, I blame that school you know.

What kind of school lets kids wear any kind of shoes or jewellery they feel like? It's ridiculous! " she said, trying to keep her cool as she was worried she would be late for an important meeting at the firm. "The kind of school where you pay big money, hahaha." He said in a matter-matter-of-fact tone. "Don't be a smart ass. Anyway since we have to wait, how is the sleep walking issue going, did Dr Fargo's dream treatment program work?" she asked Ethan as she was rummaging through her briefcase making sure she has all the right documents for the meeting.

"Yeah I guess so, hasn't happened since the treatment." He replied trying to look honest. If his mother had been looking at him when he answered she would've seen right away that he was lying. But because she wasn't all he got was "That's good sweety. I don't see what the fuss was anyway, it's not like sleep walking is a crime." She said still rummaging through her bag.

"I guess not." He said in an almost guilty tone. "There she is finally, oh my don't you look nice honey.

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I'm guessing those are new high heels? " her mom asked in a sarcastic tone as Amber came down the stair case ready to leave. When their mom had spoken, Ethan looked up at his younger sister walking down the stairs and he got so nervous that he felt like he was going to throw up there and then.

"Why does she have to keep dressing like that, I mean look at those shoes, look at how sexy those white stockings make her legs look. It's bad enough she has the most beautiful feet I've ever seen in my life." He thought to himself as he stared at her like a person does when they see something mesmerising.

"Stop it Ethan, dammit that's your baby sister. And you shouldn't be having those thoughts about her. She already has enough to deal with, she doesn't need you confusing her!" he stood there chastising himself for not being able to control himself.

"Ok let's go, everybody in the car before I'm late and I get really pissed." Their mom said as she walked out the front door and the brother and sister followed her both hanging their heads, Amber in confusion about her dream and the effect it had on her and Ethan feeling bad about being attracted to his sister.

It was a normal day at school. Although Ethan and Amber never bump into each other during the day due to having different class schedules, it didn't stop him from thinking about the way his sister looked and the reaction he had when he saw her. Of course Amber was oblivious to what was happening to Ethan as she had her own stuff to deal with. Throughout the day Ethan tried to keep himself busy and try and forget about the one girl in school he shouldn't be thinking about.

Joining the football team helped as when he was on the field he was completely focused and this helped him forget completely about this morning's happenings. As the day came to an end, the siblings were picked up by their dad who was in a particularly good mood as things had gone well at work that day. He was talking non-stop the whole time they were travelling home.

"So how is my little girl doing today hey? Oh sorry, young lady! " he asked, correcting himself when she gave him a death stare as she hated being referred to as a little girl. She didn't reply, and with good reason as he didn't even wait for a reply before rambling on about something else.

All the while Ethan was in the backseat of the car listening to music on his iPod - Dubstep's sickest beat drops. That always seemed to get him trailing off into his own world, obliviously to all those around him.

When they got home, everyone was acting normal as they entered their home to find their mother already back preparing dinner and she was also in a good mood as her meeting was successful.

As usual they all did they own things until dinner time. Ethan had gone out back to take out the trash and was back inside walking towards the bathroom when he noticed the door closed and heard the shower going. "Amber must be in the shower." He said to himself. "Oh well, I'll use the bathroom in mom and dad's room." On his way he passed his sister's room and stopped dead in his tracks. He slowly turned to face her room and he couldn't understand why he no longer had control of his body.

He walked into the room and saw the white stockings his sister was wearing. He picked them up and felt they were still warm which means she had taken them off not more than 2 minutes age.

As he told himself he should leave, her shoes caught his attention. They were stunning…black strappy high heels with an ankle strap. Moving like he was being controlled, he picked one of the shoes up and held it to his nose and inhaled so deeply like it was his last breath. His heart began beating like a drum as the smell of her stocking encased foot rushed up his nose and wrapped around his brain like an addictive drug overwhelming his senses.

He could still feel her warms in the shoe as he unzipped his pants and wrapped the stocking around his raging hard on and began to stroke his cock furiously as the smell of her shoe continued intoxicating his brain. As he exploded and shot the biggest load of cum he had ever seen his body produce, he heard the shower stop and frantically began trying to make as if he was never in the room. He put the shoe back in its place, threw the stocking back on the bed and realised it was soaked so he picked it up and grabbed it counter-part for safe measure and was out of the room in a flash.

Dinner was ready so everyone was downstairs preparing. Ethan thought to himself "this is my chance, if I wash the stocking now and leave it to dry during dinner it should be ok since it is sheer nylon material." Having made up his mind sprang into action and was down at the dinner table after following through with the plan. During dinner he mostly kept quiet, chastising himself for what he had done a few minutes ago and couldn't bare looking his sister in the face.

Dinner was over and when he saw Amber helping his mom clean up, he was upstairs in a flash and to his luck the stocking was dry. So he took the pair back to her room and promised he would restrain himself in future as he breathed a sigh of relief. After having an eventful day he decided to call it a knight, hoped into bed and was asleep in minutes. As he felt himself drift off into a peaceful sleep, he found himself in a dark room, not knowing where he is or what was happening he saw a bright light coming from one direction of the room.

He walked towards that light and managed to make out a shape in the light that appeared to be a woman. When he got to the lit figure he held his hand out and felt an extreme wave of pleasure flow over his body.

At this point reality came crashing down on him as he started to wake up from this dream and found himself in a room that wasn't his own. Shortly after he recognised it was Amber's room.

Before he began questioning what he was doing there he heard moaning coming from his frontal position. He felt as though he was watching something through another person's eyes but it was all him. He found himself kissing Amber's feet over and over as he savoured the smell and sweet taste of them. Each time she would moan, she would lift her foot and spread her toes, as if he was being controlled, he watched himself lick between each toe delicately as his cock became extremely rigid from making out with his sisters feet.

He watched himself kneel on the bed as he gently held her feet together and began rubbing his throbbing cock all over them. He felt his excitement increase each time the head of his cock ran over her luscious purple painted toes.

When he thought it could go no further he felt himself begin to stroke his cock furiously as he admired these her feet. Just looking at them brought him to edge and as he felt he was about to come, he aimed his swollen cock at her luscious toes and erupted, sending rope after rope of hot steaming cum all over Amber's toes.

After what felt like hours of cumming, he returned to his kneeling position on the floor and began massaging her feet in the most sensual manner possible, rubbing them gently as if the cum on them was massage oil. When he finally snapped out of this frenzy and realised the time, he jumped up in a panic and left the room to return to his bed.

Now fully conscious he couldn't believe what he had just done but a part of him loved every minute of it.


Chapter 3 Things are getting weird! As she was woken by the sound of her alarm, Amber felt that feeling again, the unexplainable warmth coming from her feet up to her knees. She sat up and again found that she had soiled her panties in her sleep. She looked down at her feet and again they were glistening and felt all tingly.

"That same dream, what does it mean, who is that figure, why do I keep having that dream, AND WHY DO MY FEET FEEL LIKE IM WALKING ON AIR!!!!" The 16 year old girl was completely confused, not knowing what to make of this situation.

Today was a Saturday so she wouldn't have to worry about going to school. Their parents had thought the kids had been well behaved these past few months so they decided to let them have a day to themselves. Amber rolled out of bed and went downstairs troubled by the alarming silence in the house. As she looked around there was not a soul in sight.

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All she found was a note on the kitchen table and on it was written: "Amber and Ethan We thought you two deserved a day to yourselves so we decided to get out of the house for the day and let you kids do whatever you want. We will be back later this evening Don't trash the house now (just kidding) Have fun" Amber was quite indifferent to the whole situation and just left the note on the table and went upstairs to take a shower.

After she was done she decided today was going to be a lazy day and she would just lounge around and watch films the whole day. Having made her plans to do nothing, she picked out a few chick-flicks, planted herself on the sofa and began watching a film while she was applying a new coat of nail polish to her toes.

For some reason she couldn't understand her feet were her pride and joy. When they looked good, she felt good. While she was having her "me time", Ethan walked in and without looking at her started talking: "Glad to see you're awake, mom and dad are out so we can pretty much do what we want. You got any plans today?" he asked his sister. "No, nothing at all today I'm camping out in front of the TV. I've had a real crazy week so I just need to unwind." She replied. As she was talking, Ethan turned to look at her and froze on the spot.

He looked at her freshly painted toes and his jaw dropped instantly. He stood there for what felt like 30 minutes, drinking in the site of her gorgeous feet with black nail polish. He was snapped out of his this trans by Amber calling him.

"Ethan&hellip.Ethan, are you ok? You just kinda froze there. Thought you had a mental breakdown or something." She said chuckling to herself. "Um yeah I'm fine. Sorry I'm a bit pre-occupied today, can't get my head on straight. Hey I had an idea, remember this?" he asked as he held up and old gaming console and a Super Mario game.

She giggled as she stood up to take a look at it. "Wow I haven't played this since I was a kid. Remember how we used to have bets on who could get further in the game without dying? Let's have a go now, and see if you still the best?" Ethan having agreed, began to set up the game and both were quite excited to take this trip down memory lane. Hours and hours passed and they played non-stop enjoying the fact that they had both forgotten about all the things troubling them. When the game was nearly at an end Ethan said "Hey what happens to the loser?" Without thinking Amber just giggled and replied "they have to be the winner's slave for an hour." It seemed harmless enough so they both agreed and went on with the game.

As the game came to an end, Amber was the winner because Ethan had his concentration broken quite a few times by the sight of his sister's dreamy feet. He kept replaying in his head what they tasted and smelt like. Amber jumped up and down excitedly at the fact that she had won. She down on the sofa with a real school girl grin on her face. "So what do I have to do since I'm you slave for an hour?" Ethan asked with a real sore loser attitude.

Before Amber could think the words just flew out of her mouth "Today I wana be treated like a princess. You can start with something humiliating like um&hellip.kiss my toes like a real princess." She said with a huge smile on her face.

None of them thought about what was said and Ethan just moved towards her mumbling in a sulking tone. "On your knees, and then kiss them" amber said when he was close to her. Ethan did as she ordered and dropped to his knees and kissed her toes. As he was about to move away she stopped him and with a childish grin on her face said "I didn't say just once. Do it like you mean it!" He went back down on his knees and kissed them again. This time was different, he did it slowly and as his lips parted she jerked because she found it ticklish which resulted in all five toes on her foot sliding in his mouth (wasn't hard since she was only a size 4).

At that moment instinct took over and Ethan started running his tongue over and in-between each of her soft luscious toes. She lay back on the sofa as she enjoyed the sensation he was causing.

He began working the foot, kissing each individual toe, running his tongue from the heel of her foot all the way to her toes. He was in pure ecstasy. When she closed her eyes and felt his warm, moist tongue swimming all over her soft toes she began to think to herself that these sensations are awfully familiar. At the very moment she opened her eyes to look at her brother it hit her like a ton of bricks.

She barely managed to whisper "Oh my God. It's you. You've been in my dreams. You're the one playing with my feet each night." As she sat there in shock her foot slipped out of his mouth glistening with his saliva.

All he could say "I'm so sorry Amber, I never meant to do it." He hung his head in shame as he continued staring at the floor "I really couldn't help it. Your feet are my weakness. I hope one day you will forgive me." They were both surprised at what happened next.

Amber lifted her foot and pressed it against his face causing him to look at her as she said with a huge smile on her lips "I'm shocked that you would do that to me…but you are gonna make it up to me and my feet. You are gonna be my foot slave from now on" Ethan got up off the floor, not sure what was happening and sat on the sofa in confusion thinking to himself "what does she mean.

Why is she not angry with me or crying her eyes out after finding out her own brother was taking advantage of her feet while she is sleeping?" But all he could say to her was "I don't get it" Amber smiled at him and calmly said "before we discuss what happens now, you've got some explaining to do." Ethan looked at her with a pleading look in his eyes thinking what if she tells their parents.

The amount of trouble he would be in would be immense. Amber sensed his panic and looked him straight in the eye and calmly said "the outcome of this situation all depends on how honestly you answer these next few questions." He nodded signalling her to begin and so she did. Amber: "Ok first of all why my feet?" To which his reply was Ethan: "I really don't know. They just drive me crazy. They are just so damn gorgeous." And so she moved on to the next Amber: "Ok, that's flattering.

Did you move my shoes and take my stockings?" Ethan: "Yes I did. I couldn't stop myself. They were still warm from your feet and they smell so good." He told her with a shameful tone in his voice. Amber: "Smell? So you like the shoes I wear as well?" Ethan: "I love them. I always stare because you look gorgeous in them." While he was talking she began waving her foot in front of his face, watching as his eyes followed it as if he was hypnotised by it.

This got her very excited. Amber: "What do you do to my feet when I'm sleeping?" Ethan: "I suck them for hours. I suck your toes and lick in-between them, I lick the soles of your feet and i&hellip.i&hellip.i rub my cock on you feet. " This was like pulling teeth because of how honest he was being. She paused after his last answer and began smiling like she had an idea. Amber: "is that all you do?" Ethan: "No. I get so excited that I cum on your toes" Hearing that she looked him in the eye and just said Amber: "Hmmm.

Wait here!" She stood up and left the room. Ethan sat on the sofa like a kid about to be punished for what felt like hours. After a while Amber finally returned. Ethan's jaw hit the floor as he looked her over and couldn't believe what he was seeing.

In front of him stood his baby sister in a pink and black lace bra and matching thong, white thigh high stockings and black strappy high heels that could only be described as "fuck me heels". She watched Ethan's face for a reaction and was excited to see the effect she had on him. She casually walked over to him and gave a little 360 degree twirl giving him a full view before she sat down next to him.

Amber: "So what do you think?" Ethan: "You are the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen" She could see there was a certain honesty in his eyes which comforted her for what she was about to do next. Amber: "Aww thank you. Now here's what's going happen. You are my foot slave now. Clean my shoes! " Ethan was a bit taken aback by her bluntness but was going to do it anyway.

As she stretched her legs out in front of him, he began using his t-shirt to wipe her shoes when she stopped him. Amber: "No no…you have to lick them clean" Not being able to believe what he had just heard, he began licking her shoes as if his life depended on it.

He licked every inch of each shoe repeatedly as she sat back on the sofa and watched her brother worship her shoes. Amber: "Now take them off and lick my stockinged feet" He did so very slowly, savouring every moment of it.

The way they look, the way they feel and of course he stopped to take in the scent of her shoes which turned him on way too much.


He then began licking her stocking feet all over up to her knees and back down to her feet, mesmerised by feeling of sheer nylon against his tongue. Amber: "Ok now you are going to show me how much you love them. Take my stockings off SLOWLY and show me what you do to my pretty little feet when I'm sleeping" He did as he was told.

And once her stockings were off, he began French-kissing her toes. In minutes they were covered in saliva almost dripping as she started moaning from his tongue sliding in-between each of her toes. He was truly entangled by this goddess and her feet. Once they were glistening and slippery from the tongue bath they had just received, Ethan unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. Amber's mouth swung opened when she saw it.

It was a clear 9 inches the last time he had measured it. Amber: "Wow, did my feet make you so hard?" Ethan: "your feet always make me hard" he said with a hint of embarrassment in his voice. Amber: "it's so huge. I've never seen one that big" He began rubbing his cock on the soft, silky soles of her feet.

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Instinct took over and Amber kicked his hands away and wrapped her soft, black painted toes around his cock and began sliding it up and down his rigid shaft. Amber: "You know I've always had a thing about my feet. If I had known you were making me cum in my sleep and that you liked them so much, I would've given my feet to you ages ago." Ethan was shocked at what he had just heard his sister say and before he could even process it she began stroking his cock harder and faster as she watched precum ooze out of the head of his cock.

Amber: "Does that feel good baby? Do you like my feet all over that big cock?" Ethan was grunting loud as his sister stroked him for all he was worth. Ethan: "Your feet are the sexiest I've ever seen.

Fuck me harder with them and I'll do anything you want" Hearing him say that, her strokes became fast and hard and before he know it, he could feel a tightening in his balls that he knew all too well.

Ethan: "Fuck I'm about to cum" Amber: "That's it baby, cream your little sister's feet. I want your hot cum all over my toes" And with that his body stiffened as his cock exploded.

Rope after huge rope shot into the air and came straight back down to land on Amber's feet.

After what seemed like eternity, Ethan's orgasm began to subside but Amber kept stroking and squeezing, making sure she milked every drop out of his cock.

When it finally ended Ethan sat there in shock as he watched Amber raise her foot to her own mouth and began licking and sucking the cum off her toes. She sucked with passion as she then began to understand how her feet got her brother so hooked.

She was enjoying the taste of her toes and her brother's cum. With her free hand she pulled her thong to the side revealing her clean shaven pussy and began rubbing her clit.

The thought of sucking her own toes that have her brother's cum all over them brought her to the edge quicker than she thought as she suddenly stiffened, bent her legs at the knees up to her chest and gave her brother a full view as her pussy exploded, squirting a stream of warm cum in Ethan's direction.

It was so strong that she momentarily blacked out. Once her orgasm had calmed down she looked at him with a surprised look in her eyes Amber: "I've never had an orgasm that strong before and it was all because of your love for my feet. Baby you can have them anytime you want and I'll wear anything to get you hard for me." To be continued&hellip.