Rogay manian twinks gypsies xxx So the studs at one of our dearest

Rogay manian twinks gypsies xxx So the studs at one of our dearest
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The year was 1964. Mom had passed away two years earlier and dad didn't take it well.

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He lost his job, and then we lost the house and had to move in with relatives. That didn't work out well either as he had begun to drink, and he got nasty when he was drunk.

I was 16 when we moved into the Bridgeport Hotel (Free Parking! Transient Room). In the sixties, the word transient meant more like short term. We rented the room weekly and as long as dad didn't loose his current job, we would be ok. Now the hotel was in Portland Oregon and along the route of the Rose Festival parade.

We were on the third floor and poking our heads out the window gave us a great view of the floats, horses, and marching bands.

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A while into the parade, dad said he needed a drink and he went back into the kitchen. I stayed with my head out the window and could hear him getting a bottle of something from the liquor cabinet. From the clink of glass and bottle, I knew he was getting into his drinking.

After a few minutes, I started to pop my head back in when I felt a hand on my lower back stop my movement. "You look so much like your mother." He slurred. I didn't know what to say and experience taught me that saying nothing was probably best. His hand roamed up my back, then down again. I was wearing a short skirt and he flipped it up over my back. I tried to move, but he forced me down and slid the window down until it trapped me. It was old and stuck at the best of times.

From my position I just didn't have the leverage to move it open any more. I looked back over my shoulder through the window and didn't recognize the animal my father had become. He saw me looking and pulled down the blind. His hands caressed my buttocks and ran down my thighs.

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Surprisingly gentle, he pulled down my panties. I started to shake, because I knew what was coming. Back in those days, you didn't have in-school sex ed. Either your mother told you, or your friends did. Unfortunately, my friends were fairly cruel and had only told me about the pain and blood. I didn't want this, but I knew with the booze, I had no choice. I felt him spread my cheeks and the whiskery stubble scraped sensitive flesh as his tongue connected with my asshole.

I jumped, but strong hands on my ass cheeks held me in place. He ran his tongue along the crack of my ass down to my pussy. I had tried touching myself in the bathroom at school after hearing about it. It had been a dry affair, centered on my pubic mound. Obviously I didn't know what I was doing. I ended up with some tingles and a very naughty feeling, but not much else.

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Unfortunately, I was the victim of third hand information. Kinda like playing post office (if anyone remembers that game). When my father's tongue ran over my pussy, I moaned.

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Fortunately, I was three stories up and a marching band was walking by, so no one heard me and none of the other people hanging out the windows noticed.

He kept up the assault and my head began to swim. I had never felt anything like it before. He reached around and began to rub what I would later find out was my clit. I was in heaven. My legs were shaking and I was pushing back against his wonderful tongue. I felt like it had to be a foot up inside me, even though I knew that was impossible.

Then I began shaking all over and I came. I had never felt anything so wonderful.


When I looked down, I could see a teenage boy below me looking up. A sense of shame overcame me, but for some reason, it only made me cum harder as my eyes locked with his. I bit my lower lip to keep from crying out, and I could taste my own blood. Turned around from everyone else watching the parade, the boy rubbed his crotch.


I recognized him as living in the hotel one floor down from us. It only added to my shame and the intensity of my cum. When I was done, I felt hands on my hips and my father murmuring something about squirting my mother. I felt what at first I thought was his finger touch my opening.

Then I realized that if his hands were gripping my hips that could only be his penis. He pressed forward and ran the head over my pussy. Pushing forward, it was deflected downward and I was both happy and sad it hadn't gone in. The he sawed his shaft against my lips and I realized he was getting it wet.

Pulling back, he positioned the head directly at my opening. Living like we had for almost a year, two of us in one room, bathroom at the end of the hall, I had seen him dressing. I know he had been watching me. I was worried this day would come, and I was resigned to it. Slowly he spread my outer channel, His huge head doing the job of opening me, just like nature intended. Then he met resistance. I trembled as he pulled back, I knew he was getting a running start at it, and it broke when he thrust.

I yelled, it hurt so bad. The fat woman in the room next door, the one with all the children and no husband, looked over. "You OK dear?" I looked down and saw a marching band from Jefferson high school going by. "Woo!" I yelled, "go Democrats!" The woman gave me an odd look, turned back to the parade and lit another cigarette.

Dad was fully inside me. I felt stuffed and it still stung, but it also felt good. I started to rock a little and it felt good. I heard a groan from the room behind me. He began to thrust in and out. It felt so good. I looked down and my downstairs boy now had one hand in his pants rubbing furiously.

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I was moving in and out of the window as daddy pounded in and out of my no longer virgin cunt. It felt so good I couldn't keep quiet. My boy couldn't hear me, but his eyes burned into mine, as I knew he knew what I was doing. I reached up and mauled my smallish tits. They felt so heavy and swollen. I wanted to rip my blouse off and show the world my braless tits. My nipples were as hard as steel and pointed through the white threadbare blouse.

"So is it yo daddy back inside?" My neighbor's voice startled me. I nodded, and then noticed her nipples had gotten hard too. "He's a good man, he's been to see me a couple of times and treated me like a lady, never a whore. He doing good by you? You gonna cum on yo daddy's big dick?" I nodded and she reached over for my hand.

With barely enough reach, I grabbed it and she squeezed. "Then come on you daddy's cock little girl. You let him know he's treating you right." I could hear papa grunting with every thrust, they had slowed but were more forceful.

Oh god, it felt so good. I looked down and mouthed to my boy on the ground.

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"Cum, cum for me." His eyes widened and he doubled over. A dark patch spread on the front of his pants. When I saw that, I started cramping inside and started a massive orgasm.

I crushed my neighbor's hand as she said encouraging things to me, I didn't recognize them as words at the time.

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Then daddy began to expand inside me and it set me off again. I felt him throb and a warm feeling spread through me. He was cumming in me. I slumped over and looked down. The parade was over and people were packing up their folding chairs and coolers. The boy was nowhere to be seen.

My neighbor squeezed my hand one last time and told me I could talk to her if I ever needed a female ear. I nodded as I didn't trust myself to speak.

Dad slid out of me and I could feel his spunk running down the inside of my thighs there was so much of iy. I struggled to get back in the window and I tore my blouse as I did. I dropped it to the ground as I looked around and found daddy sitting at the kitchen table.

His jeans and boxers around his ankles and a large drink shaking in his one hand, he was crying. "Baby doll, I'm so sorry. I saw you bent over there and that was how you mama liked it and you looked so much like her when she was in high school, I just couldn't resist.

I'm sorry, so sorry." He was babbling and bawling like a baby. I went over and lifted his head to look in his eyes, then kissed his whisky coated lips.


He reached out and hugged me to him and I think that was when he noticed my tits were naked. Shame has not effect on the male penis as his started to get hard again. I crawled into his lap like I used to when I was a little girl, only now his stiff prick was standing straight up instead of in his pants and I wasn't wearing panties to keep me safe.

I reached down, guided him into me, and began to grind my lap into his. He latched his lips on first one nipple, then the other. Grabbing my ass, he stood up and kicked off his pants, never once letting up on the fucking. Walking to the bed, he laid me down and began fucking me missionary style. In this position, I could see the strong, kindly man momma had married.

He was making this one all about me. With my legs locked over his ass, I came again, and it never really stopped. He flipped us over so I was on top and I proceeded to hump my ass up and down on his massive dick.

I kept coming in waves, over and over again and finally he started grunting again. I grabbed his hands and mashed them into my titties. "You gotta get off baby doll, I'm gonna cum again." I nodded, "I know." His eyes closed and I began humping for all I was worth.

He squeezed my chest like there was no tomorrow and then he bellowed as he spent himself inside me. I collapsed with my head on his shoulder and went to sleep.

I don't regret having a daughter at 17, or taking our neighbor's offer of an introduction to her pimp. He knew a commodity when he saw it and sold my "contract" to a house downtown. They took care of their girls, and in time, I went to college and got a real job and a husband, a husband who never did understand my excitement at parades.