Its time to get your dick out of your pants becau

Its time to get your dick out of your pants becau
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"Shit!" muttered Jack as he realised he'd left his chemistry homework on the breakfast bar where he had been gulping down his OJ just before leaving for school. This wasn't something Jack normally did.

He was a smart kid, liked by all the teachers and most of the other kids in school (although obviously there are always exceptions). He had just turned 14 and was starting to notice those changes that happen when boys get to that age.

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His voice had broke, he had downy hair around his cock and balls and he'd recently started jerking off. The first time he did he was thinking about his chemistry teacher, Miss Brookes. In his fantasy she was sat up on her desk in class with her panties off, legs pulled back and her juicy wet clean shaven pussy wide open.

Jack was pounding into her hot steaming hole with his hard cock and Miss Brookes was in ecstasy. "Fuck me Jack, oh fuck meeeee. Shove your big hard cock up into Miss Brookes's hot pussy.


Oh God Jack, I love your hot young cock" In his mind he ripped off her white almost see through blouse, and in his bedroom he got excited and a little scared as he felt that first (of very many) tensing of the body, the impending explosion of cum that would be an ever present in the many years to come.

As he pulled back hard on his young cock, he stiffened and watched in amazement as rope after rope of hot cum shot out of his open pisshole. The first shot dragged along his chin and onto his cheek, the second shot, even further over his head onto the headboard of his bed. Soon his chest and tummy were covered in thick warm rivers of cum.

Jack tentatively tasted the creamy substance on his cheek, dipping his finger in the pool, and finding that its taste wasn't unpleasant at all, started to clean himself up, drinking all his hot cum down. Jack had no choice.

He had to get home and get his homework before chemistry class began. Fortunately, Jack had a free period before chem. And the walk home was only 15 minutes. He'd be back in plenty of time. On the way home, Jack thought about what Miss Brookes would do if he forgot his homework.

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Would she keep me back after class? Would she strip off seductively? Would she turn round and push her ass and pussy into my face forcing me to eat her? No thought Jack, she'd just give me extra lots of homework and be severely disappointed in me. And he couldn't have that. Not from Miss Brookes. Jack reached his front door before he even realised he was there. He unlocked the door and strode into the house. Almost immediately he was greeted by noises upstairs.

He was about to shout out but as he opened his mouth he was sure he heard his sister Melissa saying "Oh God yes daddy!" in a voice that didn't imply she was opening a new present from her father. Jack's heart went into his mouth, still open. He crept silently up the stairs, avoiding the 4th step that everyone knew creaked and moved stealthily to his sister's bedroom where the sounds were coming from.

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As Jack climbed the stairs and traversed the landing he could hear his sister's voice "Fuck my cunt daddy, fuck your little girl slut's cunt please daddy!" and "I need your hot cum in my nasty fuckhole!" He also heard the lower gruffer voice of his dad. "You like daddy's big fat cock don't you slut!" and "I'm gonna flood your cunt with my hot fucking cum".

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Jack was stunned. He couldn't believe that his dad was fucking his 12 year old sister. Thoughts raced through his head. Did mom know? Did she join in?

Did she want to fuck Jack?

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Why hasn't she? Jack crept up to the door making sure he stayed hidden. It was slightly ajar, and as he peered ever so slowly round he could make out the hulking frame of his father, 6' 2" and 200lbs, pounding his hard cock that looked like a baseball bat to Jack, into his sister's pussy.

The foot of the bed, on which Melissa was getting fucked, faced the door so Jack could see his father's cock and balls and his hot asshole as he rammed into his sisters hole.


Melissa had her legs pulled right back, spreading her pussy and asshole for her father above her. He could see her juices flooding out around her father's cock and he could see his mom, naked kneeling by the side of the bed and sucking on Melissa's puffy pink nipples.

"Oh my God!" thought Jack, "Mom too!" Jack's cock was straining inside his pants, throbbing and leaking precum into his shorts. He reached down and grasped his shaft through the material pulling it back and forth. As he looked in the room, he saw his mom now kissing Melissa hard on the mouth, lips open, tongues exploring.

Jack could never have imagined a more erotic sight.

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Then his mom, who had looked after him when he was ill, who made his dinner and kept the house tidy, who helped him with his homework, moved round to the foot of the bed and started to lick at her dad's balls and asshole. "Keep still Cal, push your cock into our little slut and keep it there so I can bury my tongue in your shithole." Cal did as he was told and grunted as he grinded into Melissa's young hairless soaked cunt. Melissa grunted and almost shouted at her mom "Get your tongue in daddy's asshole mom!

Lick up all his ass juice. Oh fuck daddy your cock is so hard in my cunt." She was obviously in absolute heaven and Jack was having a hard time not cumming in his pants as he watched the scene unfold.

His mom, licked all around Cal's asshole then spreading her husband's cheeks she pushed her tongue in as far as it would go. She tongue fucked his ass, in and out, in and out, moaning and squirming all the while. Her husband grinded his hard turgid cock into his 12 year old daughter's sucking grasping cunt, doing as his wife had asked and not moving too much. "Push your tongue in my ass baby, lick up all my hot shit." Jack's mom was like a woman possessed trying to push her face into her husband's ass, thrashing her head from side to side and eating as much of his ass as she possibly could.

Cal was getting so hot that he started to buck into his daughter's cunt again. Her soft stifled groans, started to get louder as he started to fuck earnestly in and out of her swollen cunt.

Jack watched on, transfixed, his hand inside his pants now, rubbing his cock with as much freedom as the restricted area allowed. Then his mom turned and winked at him.