Giant boobs amateur whore Ava pounded with perv driver

Giant boobs amateur whore Ava pounded with perv driver
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I was sitting on my window seat,looking out at my beach front property to the foaming ocean of newport beach. I was shorter then tall but taller than short as my dad would say, I had shoulder length blonde hair. It was Curly and silky. I was only 13 at the time of the accident. I had been dating tray for a week or so, when I found out that he raped all of his ex girlfriends. This scared me, mostly because I was a sweet innocent girl, and never once had I ever even masturbated!

I mean sure, I got horny, but I couldent bring myself to do it. Tray would be over here soon, but so far my dad hadent been called into work. So I felt safe as I prepared to confront him and find out if it was a silly rumor. I pulled on a pair of tiedye shorts (without red on them because I hate red) and a black t shirt from bible school 2006.

I diddent bother to put on foundation but did manage to throw on some eyeliner and mascara. "honey! I have to leave like right now! They just called me into work! Come help me pick out a watch!" Crap, now I was alone.

I helped dad pick a watch and he was off.

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I sat on my pink towel waiting for tray on my porch. I ran my hand through my hair and relized I forgot to put it up.


I left it to blow freely around my face. I loved the way I looked. I was thin but curvy and my butt was high but not to firm, and it jiggled nicely when I ran. Boys really liked that. Tray came running up to me, sand flying around his bare feet.

Tray was 6"2 and muscular. He had sandy blonde hair and a white smile that could even light up this sunny day. He had freckles that ran over his nose and surfed down his high cheekbones. I was lost in his eyes.

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They were as blue, maybe bluer, then the sky. They spoke to you, moved you're soul. He was tan too, and today, he was shirt less! He wore blue Bermuda shorts that really showed his cute butt. "Hi Claire! I really missed you!", he said as he scooped me up into his toned arms. I could feel he rock solid abs. "I missed you too tray. What do you want to do today?" "let's just sit in the sand and talk, I missed your voice." "hahah.

Tray you were only gone for two days!" "haha. I know babe, but they felt like liftimes." I was really starting to belive that those stories were fake. Tray was way too sweet to do such a thing. Although, the thought did send chills down my spine. Tray was strong, really strong. I had seen him fight before, and seeing him turn into such an animal frightened me. Then there was the fact that i was small and weak. He could take advantage of me if he wanted to, but the way he kissed me felt to gentle to inforce that thought.

We spent the day sitting in the sand, kissing, talking, kidding around and throwing sand at each other. He asked if he could spend the night, and even though it made me suspicous, I said yes since dad wouldent be home till tommorow night. We stayed on the beach untill dark, then sat on the white rocking chairs on my porch. Then I finally built up the nerve to say it.

"So I was talking to Lisa and piper, and they told me, um. A really shocking rumor." "Oh lord, which one of those whores is pregnant now." he said in a playful voice then flashed a smile. I laughed for a bit then replied coldy. " No tray, it was about you. And, it scared me alot." He gave me a cold, blank look, as I continued to explain.

" They told me. That um. That you had. Raped, a few girls." He gasped, then huged me and whispered in my ear how sorry he was, that I knew.

So they were true. Tray had forced girls to please him. He had ripped away their innocence. Scarred them for life. "please don't be angry Claire, I couldent help it." By now we were standing and I turned and walked into the house, down the hall, and into my room. He followed. "They were dressed so. Vulnerable. And they kept teasing me. Touching me. My mind was screaming but I was. Moaning in pleasure. I had never expirenced such a thing.

So I took them." He was speaking kind of devilishly now, and he was driving me into a corner slowly. "Tray. Your scaring me." "oh Claire, I've wanted you so long." He softly ran his hand through my hair, down my back, stoping my my butt. He lifted the shorts so that he was giving me some what of a wedgie, and exposing my soft round backside. "Your so innocent Claire, and I love you so much, and your body drives me insane. Please" He looked into my eyes deeply. His breath was intoxicating, so sweet and fresh.

"Tray you know I can't. I mean, what if I can't take it in?" "I'll be gentle my dear. But I want you to be mine. Only mine." "No tray." A look of shock flashed across his face. He was obviously sure he was going to get his way.

"Please Claire, I don't want to do this." "Do what?!" I was horrified, did he mean what I thought he meant? He drive me all the way in the corner, and held my hands bent above my head. "I don't want to MAKE you do this." He was speaking deeper, more controlling then before.

And his eyes told me I better do as he said.

"If you agree, maybe it will be easier for you to. Handle." He threw me onto the bed, and bent over the bed, he had both arms on either side of me, and got into my face. "Listen babe, I really don't want to hurt you, so I'm giving you one more chance, just agree so it dosent. Scare you." "Tray, this will ruin us. I'll never be able to look at, you again." "Things I'm about to do to you, you'll never be able to look at your PARENTS again." With that, he flipped me over, bend my legs and spread em.

He rubbed me, and to my terrer, I was dripping wet. He massaged my clit while fingering me. I was mortified.


I've never done such a dirty act. The thought almost excited me. "moan, Claire." he demanded "it dosent feel good." I lied. "Oh yeah?" He ripped my shorts of. Wow, I had no clue he was THAT strong. Next went my shirt. Ugh, I thought, he's ruining my clothes. HA! Of all the things to be thinging of! He ripped away my bra, and felt me up.

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Tray had never touched me like this before, I could feel myself blush. Next he jerked my white cotton underwear off.

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Oh my god, the humilation. He's never seen my nude. He flipped me over and layed down beside me. "Oh Claire, your so beautiful, and untouched." "So don't ruin it. Please tray." I begged. "Claire, your breaking my heart." I curled up, making an effort to cover my body.

Wow, my skin was beautiful, and soft. Wow, what a bad day to be pretty. He pulled out his. Manhood. I just can't use that WORD. It's so dirty.

He grabbed my hand and forced me to stroke it. I felt disgusted. Here I was, touching it. He moaned and then, shoved it in my little mouth. I gagged as he shoved it down my throat.

It was so long. It looked about eleven inches long. He orgasemed and empitied a load of it in my mouth. "Swallow it baby." I swallowed it, but gagged again after. He fliped me over on the bed so I was lying on my stomach, and then he pushed my butt into the air.

He had a full view of my. Area. "wow your pussy is so pink and wet." He spread my lips apart. I stared to cry. "oh baby." He flipped me over and hugged me. "I promise I won't hurt you. I'll be as loving as I can, because I would never forgive myself if I hurt you, but I need to do this." I hugged him back, after all I did love him. So I gave in. "Ok tray. Just please, don't make it, dirty. Make this an innocent act." He flipped me over on all fours, and hugged me from behind.

He left for a moment but returned shortly, he had taken his clothes off. He knew I wasent on birth control because I told him how my dad knew I would never do such a thing, and tray proved his love and carefulness because he did put on a.

Condom. "get ready baby. I'll go slow but this might hurt you." He slid it in, and I let out a cry, and he slowed down even more. Once he had it all the way in, he waited a moment untill I was used to it. Then I relized how great it felt. My body was ready, he began thrusting in and out. He came, and that brought on my orgasm.


It was amazing, tremors racked my body, and shook my breasts. He grabed them because he knew mine were sensitive. We continued in the same position for a while, then used several more throughout the night.

I'm fifteen now, and were still in love.

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We have sex maybe once a month because I'm still embarrased for him to see my lush body. We often have sex on the beach now, and even though I'm not as innocent as I prided myself on being, I'm glad tray took me as he did.

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