Fucking my big booty girlfriend

Fucking my big booty girlfriend
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I still remember the girl next door. We grew up together. We went from the stage where girls were gross and disgusting to accidental touches and awkward flirting. She was always my angel, my idea of perfection. She was the kind of beautiful that almost hurts to look at, and she was the type of girl who simply was oblivious to how perfect she was.

I am not sure what I did in a previous live to deserve the affection of someone like her, but every awkward flirt, or "accidental" touch was reciprocated in kind. She was my first kiss, and my first love. I remember the first time I saw her body, a sunny summer afternoon we had spent together, swimming and playing in the water. I went to walk her home and we stopped by her parents car. What started out as a goodbye kiss turned into another, and then another. As our passion mounted I couldn't help but explore her body.

Every time before she had stopped me, but this time her body urged me on. I slid the strap of her shirt down, exposing her small, firm breast to the late afternoon sun. My heart was beating a million miles an hour, as my lust warred with my desire to not be murdered by her father if he caught us. We may have both been 18 but she would forever be his little girl. As I was fighting a battle inside myself she reached out and pulled my head down to her exposed breast, that was enough to decide any misgivings I had.

Her flesh was warm and supple in the way only the young can manage, her breasts were but a shadow of what they would grow to be, but were perfect in size and shape. I closed my lips around her nipple, pulling it into my mouth.

Pinning it between my teeth I ran my tongue back and forth rapidly. I heard her gasp and her body melted into my arms. She did her best to muffle herself but moans escaped from between her lips. One of my arms slipped behind her back, pulling her tighter against me, while my other hand slipped down and grasped her perfectly shaped ass. Her hands snaked around the back of my head and pulled me tight against her breast.

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In time I broke that embrace and found her mouth hungry to meet mine. Our tongues battled against each other, slipping from one mouth to the other. Both of us made desperate hungry noises, to which we were both ignorant of. I pushed her a little ways away from me and slipped one hand down the front of her pants, a task made more difficult by the nearly skin tight jeans she favored. With some persistence I reached my goal and my fingers penetrated the space between her legs.

She groaned more loudly this time and I could tell from how wet her pussy was that she was as eager for me as I was for her. There is no telling how far I would have gotten that day if her mom hadn't leaned out the front door of her house and yelled at her to get inside.

Thankfully my life was spared by the old Buick that was parked in the driveway, behind which we were sheltering, which shielded us from full view. The summer before we went off to college was the best summer of our lives. One sunny day stands out in my memory.


Her parents had left for a family reunion and had left her home alone through some stroke of luck. Although we had been admonished to stay away from each other while they were gone, we of course paid such an order no mind. We spent the afternoon exploring each other's bodies in the way that we had so often before, but this day was special, this day was the first time that we went all the way.

The day we both lost our virginity. She ran her hands over my body, sliding one palm up my shirt while the other explored below my belt. In the heat of the moment she became impatient, struggling with my pants.

Freeing my cock from my pants she gleefully wrapped her lips around it, plunging the rigid shaft into her eager mouth. She moved with the expertise that comes not from experience, but rather from natural ability mixed with enthusiasm. She could easily have been a porn star if she had wanted to be and I was all but putty in her hands.

Her hand stroked along my cock, keeping time with her mouth. The warm wet heat that surrounded my penis was almost enough to finish me off right then and there.

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Thankfully I was able to prevent an accidental misfire that would have prematurely ended our fun. She smiled, well aware of the predicament that I was in. I decided that it was time to turn the tables, sitting up I pushed her back on the bed, fighting my way through those damn skin tight jeans that she always insisted on wearing (though to be honest her ass looked amazing in them so I don't blame her) I removed her pants and panties all in one motion, leaving her bare to my gaze.

She looked ever so slightly embarrassed, but at the same time defiant. I knew I was the first man since she was a child to ever see her body exposed this way. She had taken care to shave the majority of her hair, leaving a small thin patch directly above her vagina.

I smiled and urged her to spread her legs, an order to which she eagerly obliged. I bent down and ran my tongue along the lips of her slit, savoring the taste and smell of her aroused pussy. She gasped and her hips rose to meet my probing tongue. I gripped her ass with both hands and forced my tongue inside her sacred hole. The taste of her pussy was like an exotic fruit, full of sweetness.

Her fluids virtually flowed from her pussy, her body betraying her arousal. I continued to probe inside her, exploring her body with nothing but my tongue. Several times her hips bucked and jerked in spasmodic pleasure but my hands held her firm. "Im cumming!" she moaned I said nothing and simply continued my work, all at once her body shook and shuddered and her cries filled the room. Although she covered her mouth with her hand to try and muffle the sounds of her distress she none the less filled the space with her pleasure.

Pulling back from between her legs I leaned forward and kissed her, the taste of her cum still on my lips. Her lips met mine with enthusiasm I had rarely seen from her, her tongue probing desperately inside my mouth, as though eager to take in the taste of her own desire. "I want you inside of me" She whispered, her eyes were downcast as though she were ashamed or nervous, but when they lifted to meet mine I saw nothing but the fire of her passion and desire.

I rolled over and she climbed on top of me, moving with a sureness and belied her inexperience. She perched above me, taking my cock in one hand, and lined it up with the opening to her pussy.

She hesitated a moment, as though the weight of what she was about to do sat heavily upon her, then all at once she slammed down, taking the length of my cock inside her once virgin hole. She gasped at the sudden intrusion of the rigid member into a hole that had never known a mans touch before this day.

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She shuddered and for a moment simply sat with my cock inside of her. Slowly she started to work her way back and forth, grinding against the swollen flesh which speared it way inside of her, testing out the feeling of becoming one person. I slipped my hands up her body, sliding them first along her waist and then up her legs over her hips and then up to her breasts, cupping one in each hand.

I gripped her breasts and she moaned quietly at my manipulations. Her movements increased and she started to rise and fall, taking the full length of my cock inside her. Although her movements lacked the grace of a more experienced partner, her gentle fumblings filled me with a desire that no partner has ever been able to rouse in me again.

Her flesh was smooth and radiated heat like a furnace, a heat which only seemed to be exceeded by the opening between her legs. Her pussy enveloped my cock in a fiery embrace which built with each thrust until I was sure I must be burned at any moment. I could feel the moisture which I had earlier tasted dripping down my cock.


"oh god! I am cumming again!" she cried I gripped her body tight, pulling it against my own and she collapsed against me, shuddering and convulsing as her orgasm rocked through her, she lay limp in my embrace and I could feel her heart straining to free itself from her chest in the throes of her passion. Her breathing was fast and labored while only the whites of her eyes showed.

I pulled her off of me and rolled her onto her back, she made no effort to respond or help with my efforts. I spread her legs and slipped my cock back inside of her.

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With rapid, rough strokes I slammed my cock between her legs, eliciting a wet smacking sound as my cock pounded into her and my balls slapped against her ass. She gripped her knees, forcing her legs further apart and freeing mine to again find her breasts. A fine sheen of sweat covered us both and she appeared exhausted to the point that all she could do was spread her legs for me. I could feel my climax approaching. As the orgasm built within me I quickened my pace, each thrust bringing my closer to glorious release.

The fire between her legs burned unabated and it was all I could do to hold on.


In the end it overwhelmed me and with an inarticulate cry I emptied my load inside of her. She gasped and her back arched and contorted as a wave of molten cum pushed her over the edge into her third orgasm in so short a time. The last of my energy exhausted I collapsed on top of her. In the gentle stillness that followed our lips again found each other. Neither of us paid any mind to the cum that was even now leaking out of her, pooling on the sheets beneath us. It was a magical day.