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Another story I found years ago. Again, not one of mine.

Megan had been there only four days and already she was home-sick. It hadn't been her idea to go to a boarding school in Europe, but with her diplomat father sent to the Middle East and her mother dead there was little real alternative. Still, things here were so different than at home. The girls seemed far more mature, more sophisticated. Not only that but, in this all girl school, there seemed to be a strange acceptance of lesbianism. Megan had seen a number of girls holding hands, hugging kissing in the corners of the library, and had heard some very ob-scene discussions in the showers.

The showers. She had put off taking a shower for the first two days, but had finally reconciled herself to it. She'd never taken a shower with other girls before, not being the athletic type, and had found the first occasion mortifying. The second time had been unnerving, but slightly less embar-rassing. After all, the other girls seemed to take it for granted, and nobody seemed to be really staring at her naked body as she quickly washed. Anyway, she told herself, she had nothing to be ashamed of.

She had an excellent body, slender, with good hips and a round behind, no scars, nice legs, and breasts that, while not huge, were pretty good sized and nicely shaped.

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She had a strong, squarish, determined face, one that denoted intelligence, and had thick, chestnut brown hair that hung down around her shoulders. No, her body was all right, though she still felt very strange having other people seeing it. She also felt strange seeing all those naked people. Girls in all shapes and sizes, though mostly they were slender like herself, this being an expensive school and the daughters of the rich not wanting to be fat.

A couple of the girls had very large breasts, like Yvonne, the Swiss girl, and Claudette, from Egypt. Some had very small breasts, and she thought she should be thankful she didn't have to be embarrassed about that at least. There were tall girls and short girl, black, white, brown and yellow girls, but mostly there were naked girls, with breasts bouncing, soapy buttocks jiggling and pussies winking.

She was rather amazed at the display of flesh. In fact, after she got over her initial embarrassment, she found it to be something of a turn-on, being naked around all those other people, her body wet and soapy, her hands rubbing across her breasts and between her legs. She was always careful not to stare at any of the others, not wanting anyone to think she was queer, even if it was accepted here. She was heterosexual and had no real interest in females as such, it was just all that nude flesh and her own naked state that aroused her a little.

Anyway, she was getting used to it, she thought, and would soon be as blas‚ about it as the other girls seemed to be. And then, that afternoon as she was looking in the back of the library for a book to complete some research, she had been approached by Yvonne, the tall, big busted Swiss girl.

At first, perhaps because her French wasn't great, that the girl wanted to borrow money. Then the older, taller girl had pressed her back against the bookshelf and kissed her. Megan's eyes had shot up and then the other girl's right hand slid under her skirt and squeezed her pussy while her left groped her breast through her thin blouse.

She had torn herself free, gasping for breath and shocked by the suddenness of the other girl's attack. She'd run away, leaving Yvonne sniggering. And so she'd skipped her shower again, knowing Yvonne would be there and being too humiliated to have the other girl see her naked. She thought about going to the Headmistress, or one of the teachers, but that would probably cause more trouble than it would solve.

She had trouble getting to sleep that night, and was wakened suddenly in the middle of the night by a sound in her room. She sat up just in time to see her door closing, and felt a wetness against her face and head. She turned on the light and felt her head, gasping as she felt the oozing sliminess there.

She jumped out of bed and looked in the mirror, seeing and now smelling a pair of rotten eggs which someone had poured onto her head.


The gooey stuff was running down the side of her face and down her shoulders and the front of her pajamas. Cursing, she tried to wipe most of it off with a rag, then stripped out of her pajamas, tossing them in disgust into the back of her closet.

She got some soap and a towel, put on her robe, and made her way down the dimly lit hall to the bathroom. It was empty, of course. It was two in the morning. She was relieved at that. She removed her robe and put her towel on a hook, then stepped under one of the shower nozzles and turned on the water. It poured down around her and she put her head right under it to wash out the egg.

She shampooed her hair, not once, but three times, then began washing her face, shoulders and the rest of her body. When she had soaped herself all over, she stepped under the water again, turning her face upwards to let the soap wash off. She ran her hands through her hair and over her face, rubbing at the soap as the water washed it away, then stepped back to bring her face out of the water so she could open them. Her buttocks hit something soft but solid, flesh, warm naked flesh.

Her eyes shot open and she gasped in shock, whirling around. Yvonne was there, naked, grinning malevolently. "What do you want? Leave me alone!" Megan gasped, backing up against the wall as the bigger girl moved lithe forward. Yvonne suddenly grabbed her, one hand gripping her thick wet hair, the other going around her and pulling her in close as her mouth jammed down on Megan's.

Megan struggled furiously as the other girl's tongue shot into her mouth. The two staggered for several seconds before the bigger girl's weight bore her back to the wall. The big blonde girl's mouth was like a sucking vacuum as her tongue whipped around in Megan's mouth. Megan was mortified.

Yvonne's big naked breasts were rubbing and grinding and rolling against Megan's own smaller ones, and she could feel Yvonne's pubic hair against her inner thigh as the taller girl forced her legs open and humped her loins into Megan's crotch. Her right hand slid down and cupped Megan's wet bottom, pull-ing her in tighter as her mouth tried to devour the brunette.

Megan continued to struggle helplessly, like a fly caught in a spider's net, but she was no fighter, and not a strong girl anyway. Yvonne twisted on her hair, forcing her head back sharply.

At the same time she took her other hand away from Megan's behind and jammed it in between her thighs, squeezing her naked mound so hard Megan's brain seemed to boil and her body reeled in dizziness.

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She tried to scream but all that came out was a weak gurgling moan, and even that was silenced quickly as Yvonne's mouth slipped over hers once more. Yvonne rubbed at her pussy, then forced a finger up between her vagina lips, driving it deep into her.

Megan couldn't push her hand away. With her head pulled back so sharply it was all she could do to maintain her balance, and both her hands were above her, trying to pry Yvonne's hand out of her hair. A second finger was thrust up into her body, and both pumped in and out furiously as Yvonne's thumb searched for her clitoris, found it, then ground down against it. Yvonne pulled back suddenly, her face laughing at Megan as she shoved her back hard against the wall.

She said something which Megan didn't catch, then shoved down on her shoulders. Already dazed, Megan would probably have fallen without any help, she went down quickly under the pressure. Then she was squatting against the wall, hemmed in by Yvonne's legs, staring into Yvonne's bushy blonde crotch.


She turned her head away, trying to crawl around the girl but her hair was gripped again and pulled hard. She cried out weakly, the sound drowned out by the shower. Yvonne snarled and shoved her pussy into Megan's face, grinding her soft pussy lips and crinkly pubic hair across her mouth and nose. "Suck me," she said then, in English.

She pulled Megan's hair and the brunette gasped and began licking at her pussy, not knowing what else to do. She'd never done anything with girls before and had no real idea of how to proceed, other than licking up and down the slit. Yvonne sighed in pleasure, then reached down and took one of Megan's hands, pulling it up and rubbing it along her pussy.


She shifted her grip to just one finger and pressed it against her slit. Megan shivered in disgust, but pushed her finger upwards, sliding it into the blonde's tight vaginal tunnel. "My Cleeet.

Leek my Cleety," Yvonne moaned, jerking on Megan's hair again.

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Megan searched upwards with her tongue and found the hard little button, then began to rasp her tongue across it, desperate to stop the hair pulling which was sending needles of pain into her skull. She tasted Yvonne's salty girl milk, feeling it coating her tongue and lips as she continued to lap at the girl's clitoris.

"Suck meee! Suck meee," Yvonne gasped. Megan tried to get her lips around the girl's clit and suck it, pumping her finger up and down in her twat as she did so. Yvonne began grinding her hips against Megan's face, grunting with pleasure as she held the brunette against her loins.

She squeezed her big breasts with one hand while continuing to hold tightly to Megan's hair with the other. Then, as Megan sucked hard on Yvonne's clitoris the bigger girl began humping and groaning and cursing softly in pleasure. She let out a sigh and then gripped Megan's face in both hands, pulling her mouth down over her fuck hole. "Drink me, drink me. Suck me dry," Yvonne hissed. Megan put her lips against Yvonne's box as the blonde's fuck opening began to drool.

She lapped and sucked at it, drinking down the other girls juice. Yvonne laughed loudly, then jerked back on Megan's hair again twisting her around on her knees. Megan stared up in sock and fear seeing another girl there, a short oriental girl she didn't know. Yvonne pushed her face into the Oriental's crotch and ordered her to suck her off now.

The two girls snarled and cuffed her until she began to lick and suck on the other girl's slit, pushing her tongue in between the tight pussy lips, running it up and down the pink flesh and lapping against her clitty.

Her jaw and tongue were aching, but her hair hurt much more as she was forced to lick the other girl to pleasure, then turn and lick Yvonne again. She was in a state of dazed misery when the tall blonde had come for the second time and the oriental pulled her up by the hair. She stood weakly, swaying slightly as the oriental girl pulled her arms behind her back and held them there.

She could feel the girl's hard, pointed nipples pressing into her back between her shoulder blades, hung her head dully, not trying to fight back. Yvonne had turned her back on her, and was fiddling with something, stepping into what Megan thought was a pair of panties. But then the big blonde turned around and Megan saw that there was a long, thick black dildo sticking out from a leather holder that hung between her legs.

Megan shuddered then sobbed in fear and despair as the grinning blonde advanced on her. She stood right in front of Megan, then kissed her deeply, her tongue slithering inside the whimpering brunette's mouth.

Her hands cupped and fondled Megan's breasts and she bent to suck on each nipple. Then the two girls turned the frightened girl around so she was facing the oriental. The oriental girl clutched her tight against her chest, hugging her. Megan felt the other girl's breasts and nipples pressing into her own, but was beyond caring by then.

Her head hung over the girl's shoulder and she stood there submissively, her arms hanging down at her sides, knowing resistance was hopeless. She felt the blonde's hands on her hips, pulling them out. Her legs were parted. She was already bent over a little since the oriental girl was shorter than her, and so Yvonne had no trouble lining the head of the dildo up against her cunt and thrusting it up into her belly.

She jerked violently and then trembled like a frightened puppy as the dildo slid deeper and deeper into her guts. The oriental girl held one arm around her back and the other behind her head, keeping her neck down on her shoulder.

Yvonne held her by both hips as she drove the rubber cock into her. Megan let out a pathetic whimper of pain as the first six inches passed through her pussy lips and the next few inches followed. While not a virgin she'd only had sex with one guy and he'd only had a six inch penis.

The seventh inch opened up new territory, and the eighth, and ninth inches caused a dull ache. The tenth inch made her cry out in pain as Yvonne rammed the last of the rubber cock into her sheath. With ten inches of thick black dildo up in her belly, and her guts cramping and aching with every movement, all Megan wanted was to remain very still, till the pain eased. Yvonne had other ideas.

She began to fuck her at once, not gently either. The thick rubber prong slid back and forth inside her tight pussy hole, rasping over her clitty and punching into her cervix with each stroke.

She groaned and whined and moaned helplessly as her cunt was torn up by the thick girl- fucker. A wave of dizziness struck her and she clutched the oriental girl to keep from falling. The girl gripped her hair and pulled her head up and back, then kissed her, softly, her moist lips gliding over Megan's trembling ones, her tongue flickering, dipping lightly into Megan's mouth, sliding along her teeth.

The long rubber prick slid fully out of her pussy and she felt it pushing against her asshole. Her eyes opened wide and she tried to scream but Yvonne grabbed her hard, putting a hand around her mouth and another around her belly.

She whirled her around and slammed her front into the wall, holding her hand over her mouth as she thrust the dildo up into her asshole. Megan struggled violently, shocked and horrified at the intrusion in an area she had never considered before, but she could do nothing.

The dildo was a hot burning spike that split her apart. It drove up to the center of her guts, making her cry out in pain as her insides seemed to split open to make room for it.

She felt Yvonne's pussy hair against her ass cheeks then and knew the long thing was buried in her rectum. Yvonne laughed, then, still holding a hand over her mouth, swung her around again towards the oriental girl, who smiled at her. The oriental girl licked at her face above Yvonne's hand, then bent and began licking and sucking at Megan's breasts, chewing at her nipples gently.

Yvonne's hands shoved her aside, mashing Megan's tits hard, making the soft flesh ooze out between her long, splayed fingers. She ground her hips into Megan's buttocks as she twisted the dildo inside her. The oriental dropped to her knees and gripped Megan's thighs, spreading her legs more, then she pushed her face into her crotch and began licking and sucking at her clitty.

Yvonne's hands knead-ed her breasts, squeezing repeatedly as she bent and sucked and chewed on the nape of her neck.

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Yvonne meanwhile, began fucking with longer strokes, though still going slow. Megan had never been sodomised before, but now that the initial pain was gone she thought, with some relief, that it didn't really hurt at all. Still, she felt totally degraded by being ass fucked by this strange girl, and tears of misery continued to trickle down her cheeks.

Her head hung forward, her eyes glazed. She grunted from time to time as Yvonne fucked the big dildo up her asshole, but did not show any other response until she noticed with slow awareness, that her body was heating up, heating up with sexual pleasure. She was shocked at that, shocked enough to come out of her misery and get her brain working again.

She tried to deny it, tried to convince herself it was some fluke of her tormented body, some crossed wire. But whatever the sensations were they were coming from her cunt, and even as she stared down at the top of the oriental girls head the sensations became hotter and more powerful. Her ragged breathing became shallower as she panted for breath amid the head that was gripping her body. She felt faint, light headed.

Her head buzzed and throbbed. "Oh!" she gasped, then experienced a sudden spasm of heat and threw back her head.

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"Oh no," she whimpered. The oriental girl's tongue was whipping furiously against her snatch, her breath sucking out hard, blowing in hot, her fingers probing, pumping, thrusting, squeezing, rubbing, and behind her the big dildo was sliding up and down in her guts. Her breasts were burning hot as well, and her nipples rock hard. Yvonne continued to squeeze and twist the tender flesh, her tongue, teeth and lips nibbling, sucking and chewing on her throat.

"Ohhhhhh," Megan groaned, her eyes fluttering, her body quivering like a high tension line. Her cunt was burning, burning hotter than she'd ever felt in her life. It was a churning volcano getting ready to blow. She twitched and jerked and whimpered, helpless in the possession of the two depraved lesbians and her own raging sexual fever. The oriental girl pulled away sudden and turned to the corner getting something.

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Megan moaned in disbelief, gasping for breath, her eyes wide and blinking. Her entire body seemed feverish. Her skin felt excruciatingly tender, every touch sending sizzling pleasure through her. The oriental girl turned back to her and Megan saw she too had strapped on a big dildo.

She rushed up to Megan and kissed her and now Megan kissed back, kissed passionately, desperately, her arms going around the girl, clutching her to her.

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The oriental girl reached down with both hands, one guiding the head of the thick dildo towards Megan, the other slipping between the shaking brunette's cunt lips and prying them open. Megan felt the rounded head of the dildo slip between her pussy lips and groaned in acceptance. She kissed the oriental and squeezed her ass hard, jerking her forward, pulling the dildo up into her snatch.

It slid high and deep into her guts, nestling inside her nest to Yvonne's dildo. She trembled and shook, her body skewered from the front and impaled from the rear. Four hands roamed her flesh, teasing her nipples, squeezing her breasts, caressing her buttocks.

Tongues snaked under her ears, along her throat and into her mouth. The two lesbians began to pump into her, matching each others pace. Yvonne slid her dildo deep as the other pulled hers back, then Yvonne pulled back as the oriental girl thrust upwards to punch into her cervix. Her body convulsed, shaking and thrashing.

Insane gurgles, sighs and grunts escaped her gaping mouth as her eyes rolled back in her head. The two girls fucked furiously, humping as hard and fast as they could, tearing the two big dildos back and forth inside her spasming guts. Blast after blast of stunning sexual fireworks erupted within her, a paralyzing whirlwind of feverish ecstasy ripped through her blasting her into delirium as they roared over her quivering body.

Her brief sexual experiences had never prepared her for the howling firestorm that was now tearing through her system. It was the most prolonged orgasm experience of her life, and by far the most powerful, and when it was over it left her in a state of exhausted bliss, barely conscious and totally drained. Even after it was over she continued to twitch and shiver with aftershocks, hardly able to breath as the other two slowly drew their tools from out of her holes and toweled her off.

Then, wrapping a towel around the dazed, mind blasted girl, they led her back to Yvonne's room. Hour after hour of sexual writhing was still to come, and at the end, when morning dawned, the shy, sheltered teen would be changed forever.

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