Beautiful Teen Blonde Lola Solo Dildo Masturbation Porn

Beautiful Teen Blonde Lola Solo Dildo Masturbation Porn
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One evening, after the Christmas season was done, my mother told me to take to down the lights of the house. Being a lazy teenager, I waited till the next week. She told me as she walking out the door "Maria, if you don't take down the lights before I got back from shopping, you'll be grounded and you can forget about going to that party." It's the party of the year.

The Jenkins's New Year's Party.

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I was invited by the Mrs. Jenkins. I have to go; I've had a crush on her son, Aden, since I could talk. I knew I had at least an hour and a half before she came back. I was outside before she left, just to get it over with. She pulled off and waved bye. I waved goodbye and noticed that my neighbor, Bob, was sitting on his front patio. I waved to him too. He waved back. Halfway done with the lights, I hear someone come up behind me.

"Do you need help?" he asked.


He startled me. I almost fell off the ladder. "Geez don't do that!" "No, I'm good" He said I looked like I needed help. My arms were getting tired of reaching up.

I said sure. He helped me down off the ladder holding tight on my love-handles. I'm not the skinniest person; I'm 18, about 275 with saggy tits and a huge ass. I could tell he was staring at my ass; it turned me on a little to know he's a chubby-chaser. I stood at the bottom of the ladder watching him finish taking down the lights. He said "I'm pretty thirsty, you got anything to drink?" "Yea, of course, is water ok?"I asked.

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"That would be perfect." he said with a smile. I invited him into the kitchen and to get him a cold glass of water. Reaching up to get a glass he was staring at me again.

I turn on the facet and filled up the glass, I swear I saw him lick his lips. Then I went to the fridge to get the ice. He's still staring at my ass. I turn and he smiles at me. "I've never been in this house, do you mind giving me a tour?" I thought about it. It was just a harmless tour around the house.

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"Sure, why not?" I started with the living room which leads into the family room, showed him where the bathroom is. Then went to the bedrooms then we went to the basement.


That was the end of the tour. He had been behind me the whole time, following very close, practically on my heels. I turned to lead to the way out of the basement but he was in my way.

He stood there looking at me. I knew what was going through his head and it kind of going through my head. We began passionately kissing. His hands were all over my ass. We started moving into the spare bedroom in the basement.

Once on the bed we started stripping. We were both naked and still kissing. He moved down to suck and play with my nipples. I moan in pleasure. "Do you want me to fuck you?" he asked, like he didn't already know.

"Mmm… yes." I've only had one other person that has had sex with me, my ex, who moved away and had to break up with me.

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He stops sucking my tits and moves down to my pussy. I almost orgasm from him eating me out. "Are you ready?" he asked.

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"God yes!! Fuck me please!!" I looked down and saw he had huge dick, a lot bigger than my ex. He pushes as hard as he can into me. I grunt in pain. "Am I hurting you?" he worriedly asked. "No, I'm just not use to have some as big as you in me." He starts pumping in and out. "It feels so good! Don't ever stop!" I yell in pleasure.

He goes faster. I start to climax. He's still going strong. I finally orgasm, but he keeps going until he cums. We lay there together; he's still in me, limp. I realize how much time had gone by. My mom would be back in about 20 minutes. "My mom will be back soon."I said. "Then I better get going, huh?" "I guess, yea. Will you come back and do this again?" I asked. "We're neighbors. I'll come over anytime you want me to." After he got dressed, he sat on the bed and kissed me again before leaving the house.

Ten minutes later, my mom came home. "Thanks for taking down the lights, hun!" Still in the basement, naked, "You're welcome!!" My mom comes down to the basement, she sees me sitting on the bed still naked. She yells at me for having someone in the house. I try to tell that no one was in the house and that I was pleasuring myself. She asked where the sticky stuff came from. I froze for a several second.

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She said I was lying. She walked over to the bed and started hitting me for being a slut. "Do you know how sluts get punished?" She grabbed hold of my left breast and squeezed my nipple.

"Stop!!" I screamed.

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"This how sluts get treated so get used to it!" I roll over trying to get off the bed; she sticks her hand between my legs. I frozen, I believe my own mother is doing this to me. Her fingers find there way into my pussy, she begin fingering me.

I start crying. "SLUTS DON'T CRY!!" she shouted. "I'm not a slut!!" I yell back squirming to get free. She pinned me down.

She's fingering me fast and hard. I start cuming. I moan and squirm and fight. After she was done she had me lick my cum of her fingers. "Go upstairs and clean you battered pussy up." I do so thinking to myself that was the best I ever had.

She rubs her sore pussy clean. She leaves to bathroom and goes to her room. Her mom is in her bedroom masturbating to what she had done to me. I go and help her.