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Authors note (PLEASE READ): this is one of the first stories I have ever written so please excuse me if my grammar is not up to par with most authors. I will continue to work on it throughout the series.


I am rewriting this chapter to hopefully fix some errors I have created in the original its heavily rewritten introducing new characters and it will be longer with more details and changed scenes but all still lead to the same as chapter 3. please leave messages in my comments or even pm my account to help me better myself and my story for your reading pleasure; I have already received a few helpful comments here and there I thank them and I thank you for reading. This story contains themes some may not like such as young, incest, mind control, and even bestiality somewhere down the road.

Please bare with me and my writing skills as they get better as I progress. I have many ideas for this story already. One more thing if anyone would like to help me with these stories by possibly editing them and helping me with my grammar it would be much appreciated just leave your name and email in my pm box if you would like to.(obviously I am unable to give out compensation but if you have an account or are an aspiring author I will gladly put your name in every chapter giving all editing credit to you that's all I can offer though sorry.) thank you enjoy.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = CHAPTER 2 (rewritten) I awoke to a bright white room and a horrible headache. My eyes painstakingly trying to adjust to the brightness. Unable to even think straight at the moment I call out a weak sounding "hello" no response. I laid in bed for the next ten minutes trying to get my headache to go away I decide I should sit up and see if that helps at all it doesn't.

I look around the white room trying to get my barrings trying to at least find out where I was. It didn't take long to figure out where I was the beeping machines the I.V in my arm and just the general look and smell alone from the whiteness of it all to the way the beds look, the drawers, the TV. Dangling off the wall from a mount and the smell of alcohol permeating the air.

I've been to the hospital many times in my life some checks on me but mostly checks on my mother due to her aging condition.

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I originally found it weird for every time my mother,whom I thought was another sister, went to the hospital I had to come along, but now I know the reason the doctors thought that if my mother stopped aging maybe I would stop too but nothing ever came out of it. I searched around the side of my bed for a minute then "AHA!" I found it the little remote that would call the nurses into my room and pressed the button.

A few minutes later a nurse and a doctor both walked into the room stopping by my bed. I immediately recognized the nurse she was Ms. Debra Cox which I always thought was funny cause her name was just like doctor cox from the show scrubs; she even slightly acted like him her take no shit attitude from anybody doctors, nurse, or even patients. She did care a lot though she had a huge heart and was one of the kindest people you'll ever know as long as you don't piss her off.

One of the other nurses once told me that I was Ms. Coxs' favorite patient. Me and her always got along and she was always smiling around me.

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Ms. Cox was about normal height about 5'4 I would say she had below average sized breast but they still looked great on her despite her breasts though she has the nicest ass I've ever seen its nice and round but firm with no sag to it as far as I can tell I'd say she has a runner or a yoga butt she wore the average scrubs every nurse wheres but I've always wanted to see her in one of those sexy pink nurse outfits with the skirt I'd possibly even cut the skirt even shorted so her ass is practically falling out.

I smiled when I saw her and she smiled back at me but remained silent as the doctor spoke. "Alex Wells how are you feeling son". "I feel fine sir all I can complain about is that I have this very large headache that's pounding at my skull." I wince as a flash of the headache hits me painfully. "ah, I see nurse will you please grab some acetaminophen for me thank you." Ms.

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Coxs leaves the room as he begins to ask more questions. "Now son do you remember how you ended up here?" I shake my head and he writes something down on his note pad. "well son what happened was that you took a nasty spill in your kitchen knocking you out almost immediately; luckily you received no head trauma from the impact and should be able to leave tomorrow after some more tests" after he tells me the memories of last night come spilling in.

I remember I had sex with my sister I also remember the bottles falling then subsequently floating there. I don't dare say any of this to the doctor though unless I want to get thrown in the looney bin.

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"what about my mom and sister?" I asked with a slight concern in my voice. "oh there fine they were here last night with you but then had to leave; they said they would come by today as well." "oh good" I sigh in relief just then Ms. Cox comes back into the room with the medicine. "here you go" she says handing them off to the doctor. I take the medicine and the doctor eventually leaves the room after a few more questions. Now its just me and nurse Cox.

"You know you've been in here plenty of times before always for checks up and tests but never once have I actually seen you here injured now your sister I've seen her injured plenty of times but that's different." we both laugh at this while she sits on my bed next to me.

"you know I'm actually a little mad at you" she says firmly. "w-why?" I ask not understanding any reason for her to be. "Because you never visit me not even once to say hi in what two years! Then the next time I do your passed out cold" she hmphs and continues " I mean how am I supposed to talking with my favorite patient if hes all passed out!" a hint of truth in her voice as she says these words but tries to keep a smiling face as if shes being playful.

"aww I'm sorry" I say as I hold my arms open for a hug. She quickly come in for a hug and I couldn't help but feel her breast press into me through the small robe I was wearing. I think I actually felt her nipples get hard but I quickly dismiss that thought there's now way that she wouldn't wear a bra to work, but I was wrong as she pulls back from the hug I look down and notice to points coming out the front of her shirt.

"you've gotten so big" is all I hear shocking me back into reality she couldn't be talking about my growing hard on could she but the only response I got out was "huh?" she laughed a little and said " I said you've gotten big these last two years" I mentally face palm myself realizing that's what she means "i mean look at you 2 years ago you were this cute tiny scrawny kid but now you've grown up your not a big muscled man" she says her cheeks turning slightly flush as she slowly runs her hand up my arms feeling my muscles "a man" she repeats a few more times under her breath before realizing what she's doing and pulls her hand back like a whip regaining control over herself.

I smile inwardly as she tries to leave making some excuse about needing to do paper work and such but I know how to play and I know what that was not to sound like an over confident ass but I knew mentally she wanted me and I knew this would be my once chance to have her. "Ms. Cox wait" I said making her turn around before leaving "is something wrong Alex?" she asks curiously? "actually yes could you please look at something for me?" "sure whats wrong sweety?" "i feel like I have this huge burning sensation in my body" she looks surprised and says "oh?

Where does it burn your stomach" I reply with "yeah somewhere around there". She comes over to me as I lay down on the bed and moves my robe to the side revealing to her my full hard on; I notice a slight smile cross her lips but she does her best to ignore the raging monster down there and starts feeling my stomach "no not there I think its lower than that" I see her smile more while she slowly lowers her hands more and more/ each time she moves she asks "here?" and I reply with "no a bit lower".

We play this little game until her hand is wrapped around my engorged member through my boxers. Through heavy breaths she asks me "here?" and I simply nod but then say " I think you'll need to have direct contact though it feels like its getting hotter." her cheeks flush more and her breaths' get heavier as she wraps her slender fingers around the hem of my boxers slowly pulling them down. She bites her lip as my full member comes into view and wraps her hands around my now bare shaft once more.

I let out a small moan from her touch; her smile visibly grew by at least 3 times when that happened. "That helps but I think you need to stroke it to cool down the entire area. She merely nods and starts stroking my shaft slowly at first but then picking up speed. She adds her other hand on my member and keeps stroking adding a slight twist while doing so. She sticks her thumb up so that every time she moves her hand up her thumb rubs the underside of the head causing me to moan more in pleasure.

"that feels great but I think you need to use you mouth to cool it off" she smiles more almost like shes shaking happily "could you also take off your shirt? I know it would help cool it down more if you did".

She lifts her shirt off right away and quickly moves her mouth down to the head and give it a quick lap; then begins to lick all around the shaft from the bottom to the tip of the head I feel her soft warm tongue lick the underside of my cock sending tingles of pleasure through my body.

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She takes one of my balls and sucks it into her mouth surrounding it with her tongue licking up and down.

She pulls her mouth away and presses her lips against the head and slowly lowers her head allowing her lips to part as her warmth surrounds my shaft "that feels amazing" I moan ans she starts circling her tongue around the head then stopping every so often to lick the slit at the top.

She begins to bob her head up and down still using her tongue at the same time to lick the underside while providing the rest with a constant suction. She begins to moan causing vibrations all throughout my stiff member. As this being my first ever blowjob I had to stop her, I didn't want to blow my load just yet.

She looked at me curiously as to why I stopped her I had to take a few deep breaths before speaking "that helped a lot but I think I have one finally way to make the burning go away entirely" she gives a sly smile implying she knows what I mean and starts taking off her pants and panties immediately. She climbs onto the bed and straddles my waist before slowly lowering herself onto me and moaning loudly before quieting herself.

She begins to bounce up and down my rigid shaft while I thrust up in time with her movements. I lean up to kiss her but she stops me "no kissing please" she says almost pleadingly I look at oddly for a second but don't have any time to think and she begins moving her hips up and down harder on my shaft causing me to moan.

Her walls held onto me tightly and it almost felt like she was getting tighter with each thrust. I flipped us over and started doing her doggy style while grabbing her nice ass. I decided to slap It lightly and felt her tighten and moan in response so I slapped her hard and faster moaning each time I did. By the time I was done slapping, her ass was bright red.

I soon felt myself getting close and moaned out "I'm gonna cum!" she moaned louder and said "its OK cum in me its a safe day" I moaned again and a few moments later started shooting spurt after spurt of my hot cream into her womb while she came from me cumming inside of her.

"thank you that was amazing" I said trying to lean in and kiss her again but again she blocked me off "ah ah ah no kissing but if you ever feel anymore burning down there be sure to give me a call". she said with a wink then got dressed and left the room wiggling her ass more than usual on her way out.

"nice performance their kid"and a slow clap shocking me from the dreamlike state I was in. I whip my head towards the mysterious voice and see a tall man standing there his long arms still in the slow clap his skin is Grey not pale and his hair is black and slicked back like Le Chiffre from casino royal he wears a black suit with a blood red tie underneath it.

"a note worthy performance I must say you know I bet you would have won the Oscars with that" he chuckles wickedly I don't know what it is about this man but he scares me deeply inside. "please don't tell anybody about that she could get fired for it" I beg the man.

"now why would I go and tell something like that family shouldn't hurt one another right?" he say a wicked grin plastered to his face. "f-family?" I said a little taken aback by his statement I don't remember anyone like this in our family.

"of course I'm your family in fact I'm your father" he says with that wicked grin still attached to his face. I felt anger rise up in me I had to hold myself back not to punch this man "you mean to to say your the one that raped and impregnated my mother cause her to be trapped in that body forever!" I almost shout through gritted teeth. "AH the very same" he say while doing a bow with that same grin of his no longer scaring me just pissing me off. "you better speak quick cause I'm gonna bust your teeth in, in about 5 seconds" clenching through fist tightly.

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"now now Alex no need for violence there's a very good explanation if you'll hear me out" "Explanation what explanation could there possibly be huh? I don't need to hear some shitty excuse!" I yell as I begin to lunge my fist at him. Suddenly the man flicks his wrist and I'm up against the wall unable to move an inch. All the anger leaves my body and in its place fear fills me up whole.

"wh- what are you gonna do to me" I say with a shaky voice. "do? Nothing my dear boy I just want to have a nice little talk with you but you were getting a little to steamed up.

Now hear me out" he snaps his fingers and the next thing I know were both sitting in a cafe somewhere. "wh- where are we? what the hell is going on?" fear still gripping me tight.

"Paris obviously and to know whats going on your gonna hafta hear me out how about it?" I simply nod my head knowing there's nothing I can do."good boy, good boy now for the explanation.

Me and you are what are called creators" "creators?" I ask curiously. "yes creators we are a race of species above the average human in all aspects we posses magical powers and can do whatever we want so to speak you however are unable to cast even the simplest of spells right now." "powers? You expect me to believe that what so called powers" I think back to last night with the floating bottles but shake it off.

"don't lie to me I know you saw what happened last night the mysterious floating that happened with the bottles that were about to come crashing down on your poor poor mothers head." he said with a maniacal laughter afterwords. "how would you kno. you some how made them fall over didn't you?!

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It was you, you son of a bitch you could have almost killed her you asshole!" I slam my fist down on the table in anger causing the other people in the cafe to jump. "ah ah ah Alex temper temper" he said waving his finger back and forth "i simply put you in a situation in which you powers would awaken and even if they didn't I would have stopped the bottles.

maybe" followed by more laughter. "you son of a bitch fuck you!" I'm scream with rage right now as I grip the sides of the table almost contemplating throwing it at him. "see that's exactly what I was trying to do last night!" he says as he points to my hands. I look down at my hands to immediately pull them away in shock "h-how!" I stutter while stumbling back.

My hands hand melted away the solid iron table where my grip was. "see your power right now is controlled by your emotions you need to get YOURSELF in control" he emphasizes yourself. "and how do I do that I ask him still in shock." "nope not today sorry I believe today's question was &hellip. AH yes about your mother. Now with your mother I did what I had to do because in order for a child to be born with the powers of a creator the mother needs to be a child with a pure heart and soul and she fit that category to a tee.

I believe she still does actually." "you lay one slimy finger on her and your dead!" I stiffly said making sure he understood every word. He simply nodded and continued.

"before I go I have two warnings for you be wary of THEM and avoid this symbol at any cost" he showed me a symbol of a circle with for strait lines protruding from it and then I was back. In less time than it took to blink I was back in the hospital and the man was nowhere to be seen. About and hour later after some heavy thinking the doctor from this morning came back in with several others whom I assume would be doctors ,but half of them don't look like they could open a book much less diagnose a patient.

When the doctor spoke it was almost mechanical sounding his voice had no emotion no inflection no nothing it was just a flat tone "Alex Wells we will need you to stay for a few more day as further testing is needed. "is everything OK doctor? Why do I need to stay longer?" I asked with a hint of odd suspicion in my voice; things didn't seem right no matter how you look at it. "Everything is fine there is no need for concern we just need to run a few more test is all" he said with the same flat tone as before.

"what kind of tests?" I ask even more suspicious. "just the usual such as blood test and the like". That's what drove in the final warning flag there's no possible need for a blood test with just a concussion. "ah I see blood tests that makes sense" I nod my head as I see a few doctors snicker. "doctor would it be alright if I use the bath room?" the doctor looks at one of the men surrounding him and he nods then the doctor turns my way "yes that is fine but please do hurry up we would like to get these test done quickly so we can get you home as soon as possible." "I have a feeling that if I went with them home would be the last place I'd see" I thought to myself as I got up out of the bed.

As I walked past my stuff I quickly grabbed my phone and tucked it into my boxers. A sudden Idea struck me and I decided to see how it would play out. I walked past the men to the door when one of them grabbed my arm and stopped me.

The man was huge and had a shaven head his left eye had a huge scar going down it and the eye itself was white obviously blind there. "where do you think your going?" his accent obviously Russian "didn't you hear my bathroom broke so they told me I have to use the bathroom next door if I have to go yeah apparently the guy who was in here before had dysentery or something cause he just strait out ruined that toilet." as he let go of my arm I noticed what looked to be branded into the back of his hand to be the symbol the man told me to avoid at all costs.

He looks at me and says "fine but be quick don't make me come for you" I nod and walk out the door when I make sure there not looking at me walking down the hall anymore I dash across the hospital floor through the corridors and make my way to the elevators but as I press the button nothing happens. "AH fuck! The white Russian and his lackey cut the power to the elevator didn't they" I say inside my head.


I take a step back but start hearing yell through the hall "Fuck they must have figured out I left" I said out loud. "psst" "what was that" I said aloud "psst Alex come here" I look over and see Ms.

Cox calling me over with her hand. "Ms. Cox what are you doing here?" I asked worriedly. "no time for that now we got to leave now come on" she grabs my hand and pulls me through the emergency stairs door. "Ms.

Cox what are you doing why are you helping me?" I ask I mean in her eyes don't I just look like a runaway patient why would she help? "goddamn those bastards they can have anyone else but not you!" she says with an angry tone. "what do you mean do you know who they are" as we run down the stairs she stops and turns to me look Alex I know you know more than you put say you do I know its not much more but still it enough for now I'll tell you what I know when were not running for our life alright?" I simply nod as we both continue running down the stairs.

We finally reach the base floor after a tiring trek down the stairs. "stay here I'll be right back"she said as she opens the door from the emergency stairs and walks out closing the door behind her. I press my ear up to the wall and listen in to whats happening. "nurse Cox did you see him on the stairs at all" said by a voice I don't recognize. "no I'm sorry doctor I haven't seen him at all" "dammit where could that brat have run off to" I get a little upset at being called a brat but not enough to make me do anything.

I soon hear foot steps run off in all directions and then I hear nothing. I begin to worry if Ms. Cox is alright I haven't heard anything but that's a bad thing too. Suddenly the door flies open but luckily its Ms. Cox. "Jesus you scared the shit out of me" I say in a hushed tone. She ignores my statement and hands me a few pieces of clothes. "here put these on" she says while she hand them to me.

As I unfold the clothes I realized shes handed me scrubs and a doctors coat. I quickly slip on the outfit while she starts talking. "Ok what were gonna do is walk out there me and you I want you to act natural, were gonna be walking strait through the lobby and out the front door its that simple OK?" I simply nod my head as we head outside the escape door.

We try to walk as natural as we can making it look like we're having some sort of pointless conversation a few doctors give me some odd stare here and there but that's all. We finally slip through the gate and through to the parking lot; We get Into Ms. Coxs' car and drive all the way to my house.

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When we finally arrive at my home we finally relax. Sinking into our seats and We both turn our heads to look at each other. "I'm sorry about earlier I know I was being mean I was just so scared I didn't know what was gonna happen to us" she said with fear in her voice.

I leaned over the seat and hugged her to me tightly. "lets go inside and get something to eat alright" she just nods with her face pressed into my chest. As we both walk into the house mom and sis look like there about to leave but end up just looking surprised in the end. "Alex? We were just about to go see you what happened?" mom asked me curiously.

"well they let me out early because I finished all the tests and Ms. Cox decided to drive me home." I'm honestly surprised at how easy I can lie to people on the fly like that and by the look on her face she is too. "OH! Donna I'm so sorry I didn't even see you there thank you for bringing him home safely" "oh no problem Sarah I had fun with the little rascal here" she said as she put me in a headlock and gave me a painful nuggie. Once she finally let go her and my mom went off and started talking about some pretty mundane stuff.

I inwardly chuckled at how calm she can be at points. "I'm glad your ok" she said as she walk up to me shyly. Then wrapping me in a tight full hug. I hugged her right back and look over at the two women Donna seemed to give me a knowing smile and even a wink.


Sis and I walked back to our rooms together but I informed her that I had a really hectic day and would be to tired to fool around. She gave me a pouty face but she said she understood as we each went into our own rooms. As soon as I hit my bed I was out like a light.