Spanish pornstar gets very horny in public

Spanish pornstar gets very horny in public
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I am 26 years old and my sister, Amy, is 25. I live and work in Bristol and she in Torquay. She has a small apartment in the town. When I visited her a few weeks ago I stayed in an hotel in Torquay. We swam together at the beach and she wore a two-piece bathing suit.

She has a nice, slim, figure and long legs. From what I could see from the shape of her top piece she has firm breasts. I`m afraid that seeing her like that made my cock grow a little and I hoped she didn`t notice the slight bulge in my bathing trunks. Amy has worked for several years for a firm which has dealings with companies in Holland requiring her to talk on the phone to them.

She has had to learn conversational Dutch at classes. We were both due for some leave so arranged to go to Amsterdam. She wanted to visit the town of some of her contacts. We booked into an hotel there before we left England. We would have separate rooms. It was just as well that she was pretty fluent in Dutch because mine is non-existent. We went sight-seeing in the town and I saw that one or two theatres were providing live sex shows.

I knew that because the information outside was given in English as well as Dutch. I could guess what that meant, and Amy said she could, too.

As for me, I have watched x-rated videos and I thought it would be good to see that sort of thing, live. I asked her if she would like to see such a show and she said she would. She was curious. We went into a theatre and I bought tickets for the front row, parting with a lot of euros.

I expected the interior would be tatty and run down, but it was in good order. The first act began when the curtains were opened to reveal a youngish couple, fully dressed. They danced around gradually taking off each other`s clothes untol they were absolutely naked. So far, a very nice striptease. The man stood behind the girl and caressed her breasts. I was close enough to see her nipples hardening.

She, in turn put her hands behind her and stroked his cock to full erection, which was very large. He slid his hands down her body and put the fingers of both into her pussy. They masturbated like that for a while then she turned round, knelt in front of him and took his erection into his mouth. He made fucking movements, sliding it into and out of her mouth. I reckoned he would shoot his load into her, but she stood up before he did. They faced the audience and contimued masturbating each other until he ejaculated on to the stage.

She seemed to have an orgasm, judging by the cries she made. I suppose she could be faking it but I liked to think she wasn`t. The couple left the stage to applause, which Amy and I joined in. The curtains closed and there was an interval.

Amy and I had gin and tonics which seemed expensive, but we were on holiday so paid up. During the interval I saw that I wasn`t the only one with a bulge in the trousers. Act two started when the curtains opened to show two men and two girls stark naked, standing on the stage.

Lovely! The men`s penises were limp but the girls each took one of them and got them to full hardness. Their erections seemed even larger than the one in the first act. The men put their fingers into the girls` cunts and they all masturbated like that.

I thought that it would be a repeat of act one but with four masturbating instead of two, but it wasn`t. The men each took their partner and lifted her from the floor. Each girl wrapped her legs round the man and we could clearly see the men`s enormous penises entering the girls` pussies.

For a while they fucked like that then separated, changing partners. They then repeated what they`d done before, but now fucked to orgasm. There was no doubt that the men had ejaculated into the girls because when they withdrew there was still some cum dripping from their cocks. I was pretty sure that the girls had also cum because they had been returning mens` thrustings as they were being fucked. This was real live sex.

What applause there was when they left the stage. Now there was another interval. While we were having more drinks I commented on the act saying that each girl had had sex with two men, and what did Amy think about that?

Her reply was "Lucky for them". We took our seats again and a man (perhaps the manager) stood in front of the curtains snd made an announcement, translated for me by Amy. He said that during the next act there would be a call for a couple to come from the audience to join the act.

I said to Amy that it would mean that they would be joining a sex act, to which see said it would depend on whether anyone volunteered.


The curtains opened to show a couple fully dressed and they stripped themselves, not each other, naked. When they were nude the girl gave the man a hard-on by stroking him. Still holding his penis she called for a couple to join them (translated again) by my sister. I was completely surprised (and Amy was, too) to see TWO couples come forward to be met by the manager at the front, not on the stage.

There, he spoke to them all. I couldn`t hear what he was saying, but eventually one couple returned to their seats. The manager carried on talking to the remaining couple and I could see them nodding as if agreeing with waht he said.

He then turned to the audience and, speaking loudly, (again translated by Amy) that the couple were Dutch and married and on holiday in Amsterdam. He had told them what would happen on the stage and they still wanted to join the act. While he was taking the couple round to the stage I asked Amy how it was that they would do this when everyone wiuld see them.

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She thought they might be performers making x-rated films, or perhaps they were swingers, used to having sex with others. Anyway, they appeared on the stage, still dressed. The two naked performers went to the married couple and said something to them.

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The result was that the couple undressed each other. When naked, they started to masturbate each other but when the husband was erect (quite a decent sized one) the performers stopped them and took over from them. The male performer put his fingers into the woman`s pussy and the girl held the man`s erection. The wife held the male performer`s cock and the husband put his hand into the girl. Like that they masturbated for a little.

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Then, The climax to the act. The male performer put his big cock into the wife and the husband put his into the girl. They fucked to orgasm and when the men pulled out the evidence was there, showing that they had cum.

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Once again there was long applause when the four left the stage. As we were returning to the hotel we talked about the show and how we had enjoyed it. I said that I was surprised that Amy had liked seeing what was happening at the show and she replied that she was surpised, too. I told her that I had become very worked up watching the show. She said that during the intervals she could see a bulge in my trousers and it was still there.

Then she confessed that the show had "turned her on". When we reached the hotel we went into my room and took drinks from those provided by the hotel. We sat together on the small settee. By now, we were both affected by the drinks we had imbibed. Amy had told me she was "turned on" so I was emboldened to put my arm round her waist. She made no move to stop me so I took a chance and raised my arm so that I could reach her breast. When I pressed my hand on it the opinion I had formed on the beach was confirmed.

It was firm and I could even feel the nipple through her clothes. I cupped her breast and she didn`t stop me so I unfastened the top button of her frock. The next one down was obstinate and I had difficulty with it. Amy unfastened it herself. My sister was helping me to undress her. When all the buttons were undone we pulled the top of the dress off her shoulders so that it came down to her waist.

She stood up and the dress fell to the floor. She was wearing only her shoes, bra and panties. My cock was now right up. She shook off her shoes, then put her hand on the front of my trousers, feeling my erection.


It was so hard now that it was uncomfortable, pressing against my trousers. There was nothing for it.

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I unzipped my trousers and eased my erection out of my briefs. That felt better but now it was on view to Amy. I took off my shoes and socks and removed my trousers and shirt. Now I was clad only in briefs with my cock exposed. Amy pulled my briefs to the floor and I was now naked in front of my sister.

I`d never before been naked with her and it felt good, knowing she could see me with my erect cock pointing towards her. She held it in her hand and stroked it. I took off her bra and panties and she, too, was naked.

This was the first time I`d seen her naked. It was wonderful. Now I could see what a lovely body she had. Her breasts were pointed with hard nipples. While she was fondling my cock I caressed her lovely breasts and nipples.

" That`s lovely" she said. I put my fingers into her pussy and found her clit, making it hard. We masturbated each other for a little while.

I wanted desperately to fuck her, but she said we mustn`t. Disappointed, though I was, I suggested that we go into my bedroom to continue on my bed. We lay on our backs side by side and continued masturbating until she gasped and said she would soon be cumming. I rolled over and put my hard penis near her cunt and said I would finish her off by only putting the tip of my cock into her slit. I entered her just far enough to reach her clit and pressed it against that erect clit.

In no time she cried out "I`m cumming!

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Put it in! Put it in!" even though she had earlier said I shouldn`t. I gently pushed it right into her cunt. It went in easily because her juices were there from the attention I`d given it when masturbating her.

She came immediately as I fucked her. I was careful not to cum myself and after that orgasm I pulled out. She asked why and I said I mustn`t cum inside her, to which she said I was being silly. She was on the pill as many women of her age were. Now I could enter her again and we fucked fiercely, knowing it was safe for me to cum. And how I came! I shot my ejaculation deep inside her and she came with me, closing her legs as we orgasmed together. I didn`t withdraw until she had cum several times.

We lay on the bed, satisfied. We agreed we`d had wonderful sex, perhaps especially because we were committing incest, something we shouldn`t do. My sister said "So what? No-one will know". It was now getting late so we cleaned up and dressed.

I took her to her own room and returned to mine. It wasn`t the last sex we had in Holland, but we knew that when we returned to England it would be some time before we could fuck again. What a super holiday it had been.