Mommys Little Helper Modern Taboo Family)

Mommys Little Helper Modern Taboo Family)
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Lust: Mark Anderson was a 18-years old handsome boy. He studied in Green Laas College. He had joined it last month and on his second day another student came into his form who was a girl. Her name was Liva. Liva was an amazing and beautiful girl who was also a student in the Green Laas College where Mark also studied.

Green Laas College was a hostel college. It had 5 hostel buildings and Mark and Liva lived in the Building no. 3. Liva lived in Room no.

25 and Mark lived in Room no. 27. Both's rooms had space of only one room. Mark was badly in love with Liva whereas Liva also had a crush on Mark. They had also developed a little friendship and used to share their things and matters with each other but no kind of physical contact was engaged in between them. But they both longed for each other's body and both had a hunger of physical contact with each other. Liva used to visit Mark when she felt bored. Though, she never expressed her hunger for his body to Mark in exact words but her signs, gestures, and expressions had told Mark that she was also in crush with her.

Mark wasn't shy in talking with her freely, and even he often used to talk sex with her but he was too shy to have a try of sexual contact with her. But it seemed that Liva was more keen than Mark to develop sexual relationship with him because one day she expressed her wish.

Mark entered in the room and switched the television on. He began to watch it and eat popcorns. The door knocked. "Who's there?", Mark asked getting up. "Liva.", said a voice. "Hey, wassup?", asked Liva smiling and stretched her hand. "Just watchin' TV. Come in.", he answered shaking his hand with her. She came in. Mark went forward and blushed to see that channel was showing a romantic movie and in the scene hero and heroin were expressing their love to each other in a bedroom.

Strong acts of love-making were going on. "Oh.", said Liva blushing and smiled at Mark. Mark smiled back. "Actually, I wasn't seein' this all but all of the sudden it." "It's OK, Mark. No prob, at all. Sit down.", she said lighlty. Liva and Mark sat up on the bed and began to watch the television. Mark was going to change the channel when Liva stopped her.

"Leave it, Mark. Let's enjoy together.", she smiled. Mark smiled back and their eyes keenly set on the television screen. Meanwhile, Liva put her head onto the shoulder of Mark. Mark saw into her eyes. She smiled, teasingly. Her heat was being felt by Mark. "Did you mind that?", she asked. "Oh, Liva.


I enjoyed it." Liva came into silence and began to look at Mark's chest. "What?", asked Mark, noticing her way she looked at his chest. "Umm. Mark. Mark can we. Can we do this.?", she asked, smiling a little romantically.

"What.?", replied Mark, getting the point. "What is going on in the movie. You know very well.", she told. Mark smiled. Liva smiled back. "Look, Mark. No embarrasment. Everyone has to do this and we are 18-years old. Can we do this right now.?", she said, lightly. "I will be happy to do this. Especially with a really sexy girl like you. I am virgin.", he said. "I am virgin, too.", she smiled.

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Mark picked the remote of the TV and pressed the Power Button. TV went off with a flicker. Mark got up and switched the lights off and locked the door. Then he moved towards curtains and let them fall till they totally covered the windows.

He then moved again towards the bed. "Do you have any idea how to do that?", he whispered into her ears. "Yeah.", she told delibrately touching her lips to his ear. "I also know how to do that.", Mark told, "I watch a lot of porn videos." "I also know just because of the porn videos. What do you think I do with my laptop in the break-time? I work on it? Eh?", she asked and giggled. Mark also giggled.

"You naughty nymph, so you watch porn videos on your laptop in college?.", he said running his fingers across her body. "Obviously.", she told and flung her arms forward and covered them around the neck of Mark. She then exerted a little force and pulled him towards herself. Mark also left his body loose and went forwards towards the face of Liva.

"I want complete foreplay.", she said lightly, looking into his eyes. "You will enjoy completely.", he said and she smiled, "I promise.!" Mark placed his lips onto the red and beautiful lips of Liva. Liva exerted more force and pressed her lips hard. While kissing, Mark's hand explored Liva's neck and back. Now Liva flung her tongue out and began to lick the lips of Mark. Mark also flipped his tongue out and began to explore the mouth of Liva. He even put his tongue into her mouth.

Liva did the same. Now both's tongues were in each other's mouth. While doing this all, Liva sometimes vocalized a sound of "Aahhhh." which indicated her pleasure. Their position was now that each other's saliva was dripping in each other's mouth but because of sensation of pleasure and love they were admitting it and enjoying it a lot. After approximately 20 seconds their mouths got seperated.

They kept watching in each other's eyes for some seconds. Then Mark put his face onto the neck of Liva. He rubbed his whole face on to her neck, feeling the pleasurable heat of her body.

"You're awesome.", he appreciated. "So you are.", she told and her hands crept towards buttons of Mark's shirt.


She slowly but carefully unbuttoned his shirt. Mark grinned at her and nodded. She at last pulled his shirt completely out and threw it down on the floor. "Aah.", she vocalized as she attached her face to the naked chest of Mark. "Hey, you are so marvellous.

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I didn't know. You have also got 4-pack abes on your body.", she told. "Yeah, actually I go to gym.", he encapsulated. Now, Liva was rubbing her face constantly on Mark's chest. Her eyes were also closed because of pleasure. She stretched her hands and put them around Mark's upper body.

In next 2 minutes she did everything with Mark's naked chest what she was able to gain pleasure. "Now its my turn.", he said lightly and his hands flew towards Liva's shirt. "That's going to be fun.!", she said and closed her eyes.

Mark's hands skillfully unbuttoned her shirt. He stopped before undoing her last button. He bent forward and kissed her on her lips. He came back to his place and undid her last button. Then slowly he pulled the shirt apart and threw it down on the floor. "Oh. My God.!", he said. A little smile appeared on Liva's lips. As Mark had pulled Liva's shirt apart so in front of him was her really beautiful and sexy naked body. There was a black bra behind her shirt. The bra was extremely short and tight because of plumpiness and big size of Liva's breasts.

A little part and obviously the breast-line of her breasts was still visible. Mark picked out his tongue out of his watering mouth. He placed it quickly on Liva's black bra. He tasted the freshness and beauty of the clothe in which there lied her breasts.

His tongue moved up and felt the breast-line of Liva. He kept moving his tongue on the breast-line allowing his saliva to drip down. He then kissed there and felt her breast-line with his right hand by pressing it hard there.

He put his nose there and smelt the fragrance of Liva's breast-line. "They're fragrant.", he said. He had also now closed his eyes. "Ummm. Thanks.", she answered, her voice sleepy. He put his little finger in between the breast-line and felt the heat of her body. He then moved his lips and again kissed there. This time the force and passion in his kiss was more. His cock had lifted up greatly because he was greatly sexually aroused.

Liva felt the erection of his cock even through his pants. She felt something hard and Mark also realized that she had felt so. He stopped for a moment. Liva had opened her eyes. She was smiling.

"Felt that?", he asked smiling. "Yeah. It has become so hard.", she said and she pushed him onto the bed down. She sat up and her hands moved to the button of his pants. Mark giggled as he saw such a passion in Liva. Liva giggled back. "I've also seen in porn videos that how badly girls love the cock and its cum.

I dunno what's so special in it?", he told, still smiling. Liva smiled heavily this time.

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"You boys dunno, actually. We girls die for boys' cock and cum.", she said and undid Mark's pants. She leaned over his dark-blue boxers. She held one edge of the boxers with her teeth and moved her teeth back and atlast the boxers slid out. She then gave a jerk and the boxers came down to floor. She leaned ahead and put his fingers on hair-less and fine balls of Mark. It tickled Mark and he began to shiver with pleasure.

Speed of massage of Liva's fingers to balls of Mark became fast. Mark moaned and closed his eyes. "It feels extremely good.

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Oh, my. Oh. You're my life, Liva.!", he was saying. Now Liva pressed her lips to balls of Mark. She kissed them and moved to the cock.

She kissed the slender, hard, and erect 6.5-inches cock. "You have owned me.", she appreciated. She took her tongue out and licked his cock. She kept flipping her tongue on to his cock and then she moved towards the tip of the cock. Little amount of pre-cum was trickling out of the tip of cock because of sexual arousement. She moved her tongue on the tip, halted for a moment, looked at Mark, smiled and then proceeded ahead. She licked the pre-cum with her tongue and made such a sound from her mouth that indicated that she found it tasty.

She then again commenced licking the cock which was now red and as hard as rock, while she also massaged the balls with her fingers lightly. Mark was now emitting sounds like laugh and was shivering. He was experiencing great pleasure. "Oh, my. My. Liva. Liva. Aah. Liva you. You. You are.

You're awesome.!", he was saying, and also smiling after some little break. Liva was doing that even more fast. Now she was overwhelmed because of her sexual emotions. She opened her mouth and put the cock of Mark into it. "Oh.", he said, and smiled seeing at her face. She also looked at his face, and smiled. Then she giggled. "Though, you're not a porn-star but I your cock is outstanding.

I love it!!!", she said, after putting his cock out of her mouth. She held his cock lightly from her tricky fingers and then again put it in her mouth. "Ah. Aahhh.", even she was vocalizing, "Aaahhh." She was licking, and sucking his cock continously. She moved her hand up and began to caress the place up on Mark's cock. Mark was really enjoying and his eyes were closed. He became overwhelmed and and then pulled Liva and licked all her mouth. Then he pushed her back on bed.

Liva opened her legs fully. Mark burried his lips into Liva's pussy and began to flip his tongue on her pussy lips. "Ahh.", she was moaning, her eyes closed. A smile was also on her face. "FUCK ME.! Am on birth-controlling pills!", she cried with emotion.

Mark held his big cock into his hands and then looked at Liva's face. "Am goin' to cum.!" As he said this rose up like a very thirsty person who has not eaten food from ages. She grabbed Mark's cock and inserted into her mouth. A heavy and powerful shot of sticky, and hot dense cum pushed the inner part of her mouth.

"Um. Yum. Yum.", she made voices like that while swallowing his cum like its a delicious food. Some of the cum also spread on her hair and bright cheeks.

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She detached the cock and a smiled appeared on her face. "It was scrummy!" Mark leaned forward. "Let's sleep!", she said, drowsily. "Yeah. How was the adventure.?" "Really marvellous.!', she said smiling. Then Liva spread her hands around Mark and began to caress his back while Mark also spread his hands around her and began to grab and caress her beautiful and smooth and silky hips.

He grabbed her ass using his whole force. "Huh.", moaned Liva, happily while trying to sleep. Then Mark put his mouth on the pink nipple of Liva's left breast and began to lick it. He then moved his hand from her back and grabbed Liva's right breast. Then he put Liva's nipple of her left breast into his mouth.

He sucked it and then sleep aroused him. He slept while sucking Liva's nipple. --------------------- "Knock. Knock!!!", someone knocked on the door. Mark slowly opened his eyes. He jerked Liva lightly with his hand and put out her nipple out of his mouth. He laughed thinking that he had slept all the night with Liva's nipple in his mouth.

He looked at it. Her nipple was all wet. "Liva. Liva.", he whispered. Liva slowly opened her eyes. "Yes, darling!", she replied. "There's someone. You cover your body with quilt I will go." Liva covered her body with quilt and now only her throat and shins were naked. But it was still easy to guess that she was completely nude from inside the quilt. Matt quickly wore his boxers and opened the door. There was standing head-mistress of Hostel. "Oh. there she is.", she hurried towards Liva who was lying on bed.

"What happened?", asked Mark. The head-mistress laughed. "Oh. Mine. So it was just teen-lust. You both were spendin' night in each others body.

Eh?", head-mistress asked. Mark looked down embarrased. Now Liva stood up still covering quilt around her. She was looking extremely sexy like a nude-model. She stood bold in front of head-mistress. "Yes, we did. We love each other.", she said licking Mark's arm with her tongue in a lovely way. Head-mistress laughed. "We thought you're lost or kidnapped.", head-mistress said. "What's that Liva?", then she asked pointing at a little amount of cum which was still present on hair of Liva.

Liva laughed. "Um. Nothing. Just a bit of white-paint." Then they all laughed. Then Mark wore clothes to Liva and once again licked and sucked at her pussy and nipples. Their sexual life had started.