Teen Gets Fingered While Her Friends Vomits

Teen Gets Fingered While Her Friends Vomits
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Chapter 1 Teasing My Brother My name is Jane and I got married about 2 years ago to Tom. He is 2 years old then me and got a job just after finishing college. I moved to Chicago with him and about a year later he was promoted and now we live in southern California. It is a new house with a pool and a privacy fence.

We don't have any close neighbors or kids so I walk around nude all of the time while at home. I like to lay out by the pool and tan. We have an outside shower because of the pool, so when we need to pee we just go over to the shower which runs in to the yard.

It help keep the grass green, you know water conservation. My husband and I have made love all over the house and make up little stories for each room. When we were dating Tom would mention my family about how good my mother and sister are and would tease me all of the time about them.

He would ask I if ever experimented with my sister, or let my brother look at my boobs or touch them, or play doctor, or did my brother try peeking at me to see me naked and stuff like that.

I told him when I was at home my little brother was always hanging around and would try to get a look at me in my underwear or down my blouse, but that is all I knew about. Some of the stories that we or I should say Tom comes up with usually involves my family. I find myself getting pretty worked up during our little story/love making sessions. I didn't think much of my brother trying to get a look at me back then, but now I want him to look at me.

I keep in touch with my family by phone but I have not seen any of them for about 2 years. My husband had to go a business trip so while he will be out I am going to have my brother come out and help me put in some plants/flowers. I arranged it so that he flies in/out the same days as my husband leaves/arrives.

My family lives in the mid-west so southern California should be quite an change for him. He was always a shy kid and maybe I can coax him out of his shell a little, but I really just want to tease him. Tomorrow I am going to pick up my brother at the airport.

He is going to be here for 6 days, Sunday to Saturday. I have everything set to tease him. I have it all planned out. I've picked out some outfits that will give me a chance to flash him and some swim suits that should make him drool. I even planned out the activities so he will get to see more of me throughout the week. The first couple of days I want to tease him to get him hard.

Sunday I am going to the airport today to pick up my brother. I am wearing a low cut summer dress with two little straps holding it up, the hem is at mid-thigh. If I bend over to much you can see my panties, which I always wear a thong when I do wear panties, and I have no bra on. At 22, I do not need to perk them up, that are perfect 34Cs and this dress shows them off very nicely.

I have on a pair of sandals that show off my feet with red polish on my toes, I just had them done yesterday. I am getting moist just thinking about teasing my brother. My husband Tom had an earlier flight and is already on his way. I have to sit around for 2 hours before my brother gets in.

I am getting really bored and just start watching people and how they are dressed. There are some really pretty women walking around. It is kind of funny when there is a pretty women all of the guys see her and watch them as they pass by. Now I only have a couple of more minutes before my brother, Steve is due in. When I first saw him I hardly recognized him, he has grown up a lot in the past 2 years. He is downright sexy looking. I am getting very excited just thinking about teasing him.

I gave him a big hug making sure to press my boobs into him and hugged him probably longer than I should have and then gave him a kiss on his cheek. I got him to blush. We waited for his luggage and then made our way to the car. He threw his luggage in the back seat and then we jumped in. Although my jumping in was a more calculated maneuver. I made sure my dress was pulled up so the hem was just covering my panties in the front.

As we drove home we had some small talk about home and school and how the rest of the family is doing, etc. We stopped at a hamburger drive-thru for some dinner. I did not get to many chances to tease him while driving, but he did look at my legs a lot and try to look in my dress at my breasts.

Which I had left unbuttoned just for that purpose. Once we got home, I showed him around the house and then showed him to his room. It was up stairs and of course I went in front of him so he could look up my dress. I told him to get into his swim suit so we can head out to the pool. I hurried in to my bedroom and left the door open hoping that maybe he would walk-in on me while I was changing, but no such luck. I quickly put on the suit that I had planned for this first night.

A two-piece thong bikini that is fairly modest when compared to some of the others I have. Although the top is one size smaller than what it should be, my breasts were visible on both the sides and were looking spectacular. I did not pull up the bottoms all of the way so there was a slight gap between the gusset and my pussy. I went to his room hoping to catch him undressed, but he was still fishing around for his suit, in his luggage.

When he saw me I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head. He said "WOW" that is some suit. I told him that I usually don't wear a suit since we don't have any neighbors.

I usually am naked. So I helped him unpack his bag and placed his clothes in the closet and drawers. Of course every time I bent over he was standing behind me. He must of been enjoying the view as I saw he had a hard-on. My first reward for my teasing. I was so proud of myself. I left him alone and told him to come out to the pool when he was ready. It was about 20 minutes later when he finally came out. His erection was gone, so I could only smile as he must of jerked-off before coming out.

I had two immediate thoughts, I got to get him hard again and too bad he has on those baggy swim shorts, I want to see his cock. My nipples got hard just thinking about what he did and in this suit they were very visible. I quickly said "last one in the pool is a rotten egg" and jumped in splashing him. He followed me pretty quickly. We were splashing around for a little bit then I asked him if he remembers when I would put him on my shoulders when he was little. He said yes but I don't think you can hold me now.

I said it is your turn to hold me. Come over to the side of the pool so I can climb on. As he turned his back to me I pulled the crotch of my bottoms to the side so my pussy was against his neck.

He walked to the center of the pool but with nobody else there to play with it got boring real quick. So I had him let go of my legs and fell backwards into the water. I readjusted my bottoms before coming up. We played around in the pool for a short while before going inside. Once inside I gave him a towel to dry off. I told him to get a shower and put on some shorts. Then we can play some billiards or watch tv.

While I was saying this I had the towel wrapped around me and started taking my swim suit off. He asked me what I was doing so I said I do not like to take the wet suit up stairs so I remove it down here and walk up, usually naked but since you are here I have the towel.

The towel just barely covered my butt. You can leave your suit here or go up stairs with it, but bring your swim suit back down and put it here so it can dry, whatever you want to do. He left his suit on and I could see he had another erection.

He waited for me to finished and then followed me upstairs. I am sure he had a good view of my butt and pussy on the stairs. I told him if he needs anything to let me know, then I walked in to my bedroom. I took the towel off immediately hoping he might think of something he needed and come walking in.

But, he must of had something else on his mind. I got a shower and walked in to my room as I was drying myself. I could hear his shower still running, he must of been jerking-off again before the shower. I put on a small red silk thong which only had a little string in the back and a short white night gown with a v-neck which was 2 sizes to big. The top of my breasts were visible and when I bent over the top would pull away and would expose my breast.

After doing my hair I made my way downstairs. It took him a while but he finally came downstairs in shorts and a t-shirt. His erection was gone, but I had plans to get it up again. I asked him if he wanted to play some pool or watch tv.

He quickly said pool and we started to the table. I let him break and he did not get any in, so my shot. I don't believe he knew what to do, look at my breasts or rear so he stood still and I looked over the balls and decided to give him a view of my breasts. As I leaned over to take my shot, I could feel the material fall away from my breasts.

I looked up at him and his eyes got bigger the further I leaned over. I took the shot and got it in. This time he gets a rear view. He stayed behind me and as I bent over I could feel the material of my top ride up over my ass.

I parted my legs further apart so I had a good position for the shot. I lined the stick up very carefully and slowly, taking my time. I know that he is seeing my ass, the pucker of my asshole and the mound of my pussy. This getting to me and I am getting wet. Then it occurs to me that he may see that I am wet. My face turns red as I blush at the thought. I finally take the shot and miss. It is his turn, as I stand up I see him walking around the table, he is trying to hide it but I see he has another erection.

I asked him if he wanted something to drink as I started walking towards the kitchen. I thought I would give him some room and see if he would readjust himself. When I got to the the kitchen I quickly turned around and there he was grasping at his shorts trying to get some relief. I brought back the drinks and he is finally ready to shoot and he misses.

I forget about showing him my front or back and just look for a good shot. He has moved around the table and I see he wants to see a rear shot. So I slowly again bend over, part my legs wide and slowly take the shot and make it. It almost looks like he is sweating as I stand up and look for my next shot.

This time he goes in front of me as I bend over. He is looking at my breasts, even after I shoot, his eyes remain on my breasts as I stand up. I missed. His turn. I wonder if he can even concentrate at this point. He misses and it was an easy shot.

For my next shot the cue ball was in the center of the table. I put my leg up on the table so I could to reach in to hit the ball, this really opened up my legs and Steve was right behind me. I missed the shot. We went on like this for about an hour, he was too excited to concentrate and I was getting there also. After the game, he suggested that we watch some tv before turning in. We watched a late night show or I should say I watched a show, he was watching me.

The only thing that I could do was sit there with my legs spread sightly, but I was able to pull my top down slightly when sitting down which exposed a portion of my areola. Once the show ended he followed me upstairs and said good night. I gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek told him if he needed anything to let me know and went into my room. I immediately stripped and waited a few minutes to see if he would come by for something, but he never did.

After that I got out my favorite dildo and shoved it inside me. After teasing him all day I got myself pretty worked up. I fell asleep on top of the covers with my dildo beside me.

Hoping he may get up before me and wonder in to my room. Monday This morning when I woke up I did not hear a sound. So naked I tip-toed down the hallway to his room. I had previously put some animal door stops in front of his door so he would not close it. He was asleep and covered by the sheets. I was very disappointed and made my way back to the bedroom and got dressed in the same outfit as last night. I left the bottoms just a little looser fitting this time.

I went in the bathroom and bent over in front of the mirror. Now when I bent over you could see the bottom of my pussy. I went downstairs and got some coffee and waited for my brother to come down. It was about an hour later before I heard him begin to stir. He eventually made his way to the kitchen so I started to make some pancakes.

While I was making the pancake batter I dropped some of the batter on the floor. I got down on my hands and knees to wipe it up with my ass toward my brother. While I was cooking he stood and watched me and we talked.

He watched my breasts the whole time. After the pancakes were ready we headed outside to eat by the pool. We sat a glass table with him opposite me, he could look down and see my crotch so I kept my legs parted.

I could also see his lap and in a little while noticed that his shorts were bulging. He spent more time looking at my breasts because in the direct sunlight, my top becomes more transparent and I am sure he could see my breasts. After some small talk and we finished our breakfast I suggested that we put our swim suits on and then go about making a list of items to pickup at the garden center.

We picked up the dishes and headed to the kitchen where I said go ahead and change into your suit in the laundry room and when you come back bring along the suit on the sink for me. As I did the dishes and just about to finish he came back with my suit. I positioned the top so it was accessible on the counter then turned my back to him pulled the night gown over my head.

I made some small talk with him as I was doing this. Then, I reached for the swim top and put it on. This top was just a little smaller than the one from yesterday.

I turned towards him as I adjusted the small triangles over my breasts. I did not fiddle with them too much and I left part of my areola exposed on both breasts. I turned around again and asked him to closed his eyes so I can change my bottoms. I knew that with my back to him I could not see if he had his eyes closed or not and so did he.

I pushed my thong down, wiggling my butt as I did so. I stepped out of them and then reached for the swim suit bottoms. I turned as I reached and saw him quickly close his eyes.

I blushed at the thought of removing my panties in front of him like that and I started to get wet. I turned around and told him he could open his eyes, then I reach down and adjusted my bottoms by sliding my fingers under the material to even everything out. I then grabbed my panties and night gown and handed them to him and asked him to take them to the laundry, and then he should go out and swim while I finished cleaning up the kitchen. I will be out as soon as I am finished which should be about 10-15 minutes.

I purposely gave him a time estimate so he might get the idea of jerking-off before I join him. As he left I saw a grin on his face. I wondered if he had something in mind with my panties. I quickly got to work in the kitchen. Once he was walked away and was out of site, I peaked around the corner and saw him bring my panties up to his nose. It looked like he did have something in mind for them.

I went back to the kitchen and finished cleaning up. I stopped by the laundry room and checked my panties. There were wet streaks on them. He must of used them to jerk-off but did not cum in them. I headed outside. He was in the pool, most likely cleaning up from his latest jerk-off session.

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I called him over and started to explain my plan for some new plants and made a mental list. Some plants here, over hear, etc. It did not take very long and I suggested that we take a little swim before we go. He was eager to go swimming with me but I was not going to give him a show this time. I had other plans and I needed my suit to be wet.

We swam for about 20 minutes or so and he seemed to be disappointed that he got no good looks at my bits. So I suggested we get ready to go shopping for the plants. We made our way into the house and stopped in the laundry room and got some towels to dry off.

As we were drying off I told him he can leave on his suit if he wished to go to the store. Then I told him I was going to put on my dress from the yesterday as it was laying here on the chair.

I turned my back to him and removed my top, then took the towel and dried off a little, then picked up my dress and put it on without doing any of the front buttons. I then slid the bottoms down to my feet and dried off my bottom. He was watching every move I made.

He was able to stammer out that he would leave his suit on for now. I did up one button in the center of my dress. I picked up my suit and towel and turned as I asked him to take them outside and hang them on the railing so they will dry. As I was handing them to him he had a smile on his face again, and walked outside.

I looked at how my dress laid against my body with just the single button. My boobs were on full display as the material was so flimsy it just fell away from my breasts. He returned quicker than I thought he would. I did up another button on my dress, the one just above the last. This helped to cover my breasts slightly as my nipples were just barely covered. Again he watched me closely. I reached down and picked up a sandal then brought my foot up on the chair and placed the sandal on my foot.

As I did so my dress fell to the sides of my legs and allowed a view of my crotch. His mouth was starting to fall open. I started talking to him to distract him and myself. I did not want to look down at my dress for if I did I would have to fix it. I did the same with the other foot.

I looked at his crotch and he was hard again. I stood up and grabbed a comb off the counter, as I lifted my hands to my head I felt the dress pull apart.

I told him to go and get some shoes on. As soon as he left I tilted my head down to see how exposed I was. He had a clear view of my hairless pussy and the top of my dress had pulled away and my nipples were completely exposed. No wonder he had an erection. I was starting to get wet again. I grabbed my boobs and squeezed them firmly, then tweaked my nipples between my thumb and forefinger.

Oh it felt so good. I never though about how teasing him would have such an effect on me. He finally can back downstairs, I was still in the laundry room fiddling with my hair and he announced he was ready.

I put the comb on the counter and then reached into a cabinet and grabbed another towel. I told him this is for you to sit on in the car. I locked the back door and grabbed my keys and purse and went to the car.

As I slid into the seat the dress opened and my legs and crotch were exposed again but my legs were closed so not much showed. As I turned around to back out of the driveway I felt my right breast come out of the dress. I did not fix it. As we were driving to the store my brother kept talking to me.

It was the most he ever talked to me and it was just so he could keep looking at my boobs. I was enjoying the attention and my pussy was getting wetter. I blushed when it occurred to me that the wetness may run down my leg while in the store. We made it to the store and parked, it was then I acted like I just noticed that my breast was hanging out. Oh, why did you not tell me that my boob was out, Steve. He got a big smile and told me that he enjoyed the view and that I have great tits. Acting astonished, I said "tits", you mean the other one was out also?

He said that he had seen it after I put on my dress. Do you really think they are great? Yes he said they are beautiful. I told him thank you and got out of the car. As he came around to my side, I checked my dress and buttoned up all of the buttons.

I told him I will not have any more wardrobe malfunctions. He seem disappointed, but I saw he had an erection. I told him I see you must of really liked the view, do you have an erection. It was his turn to blush.

He turned and started walking to the store. I let him off the hook by telling him that it is ok and that it is a normal reaction for a man to have. Then to make it a little more interesting for myself I asked him if he want to go to the bathroom and take care of that he can. I will be over in the plant section. He said no, it is OK.

We made our way into the store and got a cart. As we were going through the isles, plants were everywhere. He followed behind me.

Occasionally I would bend over to look at one and my dress would ride up giving him a view of my butt and pussy. I was wondering if he could see how wet I was.

At other times there would be a plant on the floor and I would squat down with my legs slightly apart, then would ask what he thinks of this one.

He never really looked at the plant, his eyes went to my crotch. After about an hour of teasing and picking out plants we checked out of the store and walked to the car.

I opened up the hatch and he held on to the cart as I picked them up and place the plants in the car. Of course I had to reach fairly far into the car and bent over doing so. When I finished loading up he took the cart off and as he was coming back I saw he still had a erection. I asked him, do have a erection again. What, still thinking about my boobs. He get a nervous laugh and shrugged his shoulders. We drove back home after picking up some subs for lunch. I had him help me unload the car and carry each plant around the back.

Of course I had to bend over every time picking up and setting down the plants. I flashed him my pussy and ass plenty of times before we got everything unloaded.

I then told him we could eat by the pool I just wanted to change into my swim suit first. I grabbed my suit from the railing and headed in with him following me.

We went into the kitchen and I asked what he wanted to drink. As I was telling him his choices, I slipped off my sandals and put on my bottoms, under my dress. I did not adjust them and knew that the gusset was off to the side and would show some of my pussy.

He started to wash his hands in the sink and while talking and watching me I began to unbutton my dress. I then turned around, took off the dress and grabbed my top and put it on. I jokingly said "I don't know why I turned around, you have seen them already". He quickly smiled and said they are still beautiful. I did not adjust the top and knew my nipples were covered but that was it. We walked outside with our food and drinks.

I went over to the chaise lounge chair and straddled it and moved back far enough so I could set my food on the end and sat down. I told him to pull one of the other chairs around so we are facing each other and can talk. He did and once he sat down and looked towards me his eyes went to my crotch and my partly visible pussy. In no time he was hard again.

I said to him "Do you have an erection again?". He just smiled and shook his head in an affirmative direction. Still thinking about my boobs I asked, as I looked at them and saw that one of my nipples was out and the other was just barely covered. Oh you don't have to think about them, they are on display again, as I gave out a little laugh.

I did not fix my top. I asked him if he has every seen boobs before and I do not mean in a magazine. He said no. I told him no wonder you get an erection every time. Don't worry once you get some experience you will not get an erection so easily and it will be easier to control. He gave me a smile. After a few bites of my sandwich I ask him if he ever touched a girls boobs before.

He again said no, that he only got a small feel as he gave a girl a hug one time. Then I asked if he had a girlfriend and again no was his reply. I started to feel sorry for him. I then asked him if he is embarrassed when he is talking to a girl. He tells me only when it is a girl he really likes or thinks is pretty. I said do you think I am pretty. Yes you are but you are different, I grew up with you and I know you.

He did not look at me too much while we finished eating. Once finished I asked if he was embarrassed that I saw he had a erection. Again he shook his head yes. I told him not to be, every guy is like that when they are your age. I gathered the trash and disposed of it in the house. I then said Steve, I would like to help you with your problem. I usually go completely naked here, but since you are here I thought I better cover up. But since you have already seen my boobs, would it be ok with you if I removed my top.

This way you can start to become accustomed to seeing a girl, would you like that. That would be great popped right out of his mouth, he did not even have to thing about it.

Would you like to take off my top as I turned around to give him access to the strings. He fumbled at the strings and I heard him breathing heavily and finally my top fell off. My pussy was starting to drip and wetting my bottoms. I turned around and his mouth dropped open.

I reached up and gave them a squeeze and massaged them and asked how he liked them. He said I told you before they are beautiful.

I asked him if would like to touch them. He quickly said but you are my sister. I said yes but they are just boobs. Go ahead, and touch them then when you get home you can tell your friends you got to touch some boobs when you were out here, just don't tell anyone it was me, lets keep that to ourselves. Slowly he reach out and I guided his hands to my chest. He caressed then ever so lightly.

I said you can squeeze them a little harder, they will not break. He asked if he can touch my nipples and I shook my head yes as I let out a slight moan. He started rubbing my nipples and squeezing them. All of the sudden I let out an audible moan and he looked at me. I told him that feels so good. About 10 minutes had passed and he was starting to slow down. I asked if he want to try something else. He mumbled yes in a weak voice. Take your tongue and lick my nipple.

He looked at me like I was santa claus making his wish come true. He slowly came close a stuck out his tongue and gently took a lick, then another. His tongue was dry. I told him to wet his tongue more and he did quickly. I moaned "oh that is much better". He was encouraged by that. His licking reminded me of a puppy dog licking someones face. I had to tell him to use his lips and lick at the same time.

He did and it felt great. I moved my hands down to my pussy and started to rub it. Then I told him to bite my nipple, he did ever so lightly that I had to tell him harder, he did. I was moaning so much now and lost control and had an orgasm. He seemed to notice and slowly stopped and stood back. I said "WOW" I did not think that I would ever have an orgasm from my little brother sucking on my tits.

He looked shocked. I said girls can get excited too. I see you have a massive erection again. He got embarrassed. I said don't worry about it, see this I am all wet myself as I bent over to show him the crotch of my bottoms and noticed that part of my pussy was showing.

I quickly adjusted my bottoms but showed him how wet I was. He took solace in that and gave me a smile. I asked him if he want to go take care of that or should we get to work. We laid out the plants and then I had him dig the holes. While he dug I was on my hands and knees planting the flowers. I would take a few gulps of water every couple of minutes. We were having a good time and after our little experience we were enjoying ourselves and making small talk. After a couple bottles of water I had to pee badly and he was digging a hole right behind me.

So this was the perfect time and I let loose, the pee wet my bottoms and ran down my legs. He noticed and with a gasp he said "Are you peeing?". I said yes I had to go and since we have the hose out here I can just rinse off in a bit. He just smiled at me.

From drinking all of the water I had to piss about every thirty minutes and made sure Steve was behind me when I did. I finished planting the last flower and got up collected the tools and put them aside, then got the hose. I washed myself off and then put my hand and hose down my bottoms to rinse off my pussy as he was watching.

He still has an erection. After watering down the plants and everything was cleaned up I ask if he wanted to lay in the sun for a while and he said yes. He laid down on the chaise lounge and I got some sunscreen for his back and applied it liberally. I pulled the waistband of his short down slightly so I could apply the lotion and then when doing his legs I pushed up the suit to make sure he was covered with lotion, telling him I did not want him to burn.

Then I asked if he would do me. He said yes and I laid down on my stomach. He did the shoulders down to my butt and then started at my feet and work up again. He asked how was that. Can you do my butt also I asked as I turn slightly towards him. I heard him squeeze lotion on to his hands and then start to rub my butt.

I then said it is easier to do when you pull down the waistband of my bottoms. He gave them a little pull about an inch down. I said here like this as I raised up slightly and pulled them down so the waistband was to the bottom of my ass. I heard him gasp, then he started to apply the lotion again. I felt his fingers run over my asshole and I moaned.

He did not try to go any lower as I had my legs together which held the gusset close to my pussy. He said all done and I asked him to pull up my waistband. He did but not up tightly. I rolled over and asked if he wanted to do my front. I did not know his smile could get any bigger but it did.

He spent several minutes rubbing the lotion on my boobs and I made several moans, then he started at my feet. He made his way to my crotch and I parted my legs so he had access to my inner thighs. His hand would just graze my pussy and I tried to stifle any moans. Then all of the sudden he said he was done. I asked what about my waist. I told him to move the waistband down just like he did my backside.

He grabbed my waistband and pulled down ever so slowly till it was at the crease for my legs. The gusset of my bottoms was barely covering my pussy. He slowly started rubbing in the lotion, going down further and further till I felt his finger just touched the top of my pussy, then pulled his hand away quickly.

I did not say anything and he did it several more times. I open my eyes and it looked like his penis was going to rip through his trunks. He slowly pulled up the waistband up and stood up. I told him thank you and rolled over again.

He went and laid down again. I heard a soft shuffling sound that kept a rhythm. He was jerking-off while laying on his stomach. I was thinking what a day and I had a big grin on my face and drifted off to sleep.

I woke up about 20 minutes later and my brother was in the pool.

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I jumped in and joined him we swam around a played for a bit the asked him what he wanted to do for dinner. We can order in or go out, it is up to you. Lets just order some pizza he said. Ok I said, as I think he wants to watch me be topless as long as he can.

We swam for a little while longer and then I suggested we go in and get cleaned up then order some dinner as I was getting hungry.

As we made our way into the laundry room we grabbed some towels to dry off and then I wrapped mine around my waist and tucked in the end and pulled off my bottoms. He left his on again and went upstairs following me. I was telling him about the master bath shower with 5 heads and if he want to try it out he can. When we got to the closet I told him that I would give him a fresh set of towels. I open up the closet and reached to the upper shelf for a towel and my towel fell off, I quickly reach down and picked it up holding it in front of me.

Then handed him his towel. See you in a bit I said as I turned and walked into my bedroom. Giving him a flash of my ass I did so. Once in my room I quickly grabbed my dildo and sunk it completely into my pussy. I moaned so loud I thought my brother would hear me. After another few strokes I had one of the biggest orgasms of my life.

I pulled it out slowly and peeked around my doorway and down the hall. I saw nothing, so I slowly walked down the hall to the guest room. I heard him moan and say my name and looked around the corner very slowly. He was jerking-off and it was the first time I saw his dick.

It was bigger than I expected and looked so good. I now made up my mind that tomorrow I was going to fuck him. I shoved the dildo into my pussy again and was pushing in while I watched him. I had another orgasm and almost moaned out loud. I quickly ran down the hall to my room with the dildo inside of me.

Once there I pulled it out and threw it on the bed. I've got to save some of this excitement for tomorrow when I fuck my brother. I jumped in the shower hoping it would cool me down. Finished with the shower I dried off and walked in the bedroom.

I combed and dried my hair. Hoping my brother would finish before me and come walking in my room. I finally gave up and went to the drawers to pick out a pair of panties. I thought to myself what pair of panties should I wear tonight. I chose a red thong with a lace front. I slipped them on and just then my brother said did you order the pizza yet. My back was to the door so I don't know how long he was standing there. Then I looked over at my bed where the dildo was laying on top of the covers, he looked in the same direction and I saw him smile.

I blushed when I knew he saw it. I thought the best course of action was to let it alone and head downstairs. I noticed he was just wearing a pair of boxer briefs. I thought of teasing him about them but thought it better not to say nothing. He followed me to the kitchen and I called in the order. He started laughing and asked if I am going to answer the door like that.

I said no you can answer the door. The delivery person is a girl sometimes. Really he asked. I said I will make a dare with you, if the delivery person is a guy, I will answer the door like this. If it is a girl, you have to answer the door. However answers has to grab the pizza and pass it to the other, then pay. Deal? He said deal and we shook hands. We were watching and about 45 minutes later a car drove up and out comes a pizza boy.

I showed a fake sense of sadness but was really excited to tease them. Once the bell rang I opened up the door and stood there in just my panties while getting the pizza and then handed him the money. His eyes roamed up and down my body the whole time. After I closed the door, my brother started laughing and I did also. Once we settled down, he said did you see the look on his face.

I said yea, you looked at me the same way this morning. He said that I really look hot and I said I guess you do as you have another erection. As I walked past him I ran my hand over the front if his underwear. He stopped laughing and took in a big gasp of air. Now you have the same look on you face again and I started laughing. He then lightened up and we went to the kitchen to eat. We played some pool and watched some tv the rest of the night.

I did not tease him too much other than sitting with my legs crisscrossed Indian style. It was finally time for bed, we said our good nights and went to our rooms. I stripped and just laid on the bed. Tuesday Today it was time to turn up the teasing.

I put on a little night gown that went about 2 inches below my butt with no panties. It was a solid material so it was not to obvious and you could not tell I did not have any panties on. I was already getting wet just thing about what I had planned for the day. I was puttering around in the kitchen when my brother finally came downstairs. I think he was disappointed that my boobs were covered and did not smile.

I started to make some breakfast for us and as I was getting stuff out of the cabinets and would bend over. Once he saw that I did not have any panties on, a smile returned to his face.

When the eggs and toast were done I said lets go out side to eat at the table. I again sat across from him and let my legs spread slightly in a comfortable position. He had a clear view of my pussy. I could fell my pussy dripping and going on the seat, wetting my bottom. Once we finished eating I told him I been thinking about getting a few more plants. I took him over and showed him where and would bend over ever once in a while to arrange a plant from yesterday.

He always stood right behind me and I saw he had an erection again but did not say anything. We grabbed our dishes and headed inside. I said I will do the dishes quick if he want to change in to his suit. He said sure, do you want me to get anything for you. I said "Oh crap I forgot to wash out my suits and let them to dry".

Quickly I said that is ok, in the cabinet under the sink are some old panties, I can use one of them as a swim bottoms. I don't really need a top do I. Here you can take this with you but make some noise when you are coming back to the kitchen so I can cover up as I do not have any panties on.

With that said I turn to the side and pulled the night gown over my head. Leaving me totally naked. I handed him the gown and he made his way out of the kitchen. My poor brother must of thought luck was not with him as I would be putting on a pair of panties. What he did not know was the panties I put in the cabinet were white, worn out and the elastic was stretched out, thongs.

When they got wet they were pretty much see through. I started cleaning up the kitchen and dishes and pretended not to hear him as he came back to the kitchen and he did not announce himself. I was staring directly at him when I noticed him and quickly put my hand over my pussy. I told you to make some noise when you were coming back.

He said oh I thought you would hear me walking on the tile floor. He handed me the panties and I turned to the side and slipped them on. They did not fit very tightly. Almost finished I said and then cleaned up the counter a little and said lets go for a swim. We jumped in the pool and swam the length of it. I pulled myself up on the ledge and turned around and sat there as he came over to me hanging on the wall. I did not look at my panties but I knew he could see through them and they had shifted to the side as I got out.

I sat there and he talked to me for about 10 minutes. (Girls if you ever want to get your brother to talk to you, show some of your bits and they will gladly talk to you all day.) After a few minutes more I slide back in the pool and we swam to the shallow end and walked up the steps. The weight of the water pulled the panties down lower. I said are you ready to do some work, as we walked over to the plants from yesterday. I got down on all fours and spread my legs slightly.

I could feel the panties pull away from the pussy and the string gusset go against my slit. From behind I was sure you could see everything and that is and that is where my brother was standing.

I fiddled around with some of the plants and then started pointing to places where I thought I should add more. As I was doing this I started to pee. A stream can running out and hit the string splashing everywhere. I turn around and look at my brother, his mouth was hanging open. I said sorry but I had to go. He just started to laugh and it brought a smile to my face also.

He said to me your are incredible. To which I replied thank you. I got up and quickly counted how many more plants I needed, then headed to the outdoor shower. He watched me the whole time. I pulled out the panties and put my hand in them to rinse off my pussy. That is when I acted surprised that they were see through. I asked him why did you not tell me that you could see through my bottoms.

He smiled and told me why would I do that, it was the best view I have ever seen in my life. I take it then you have never seen a girls pussy before. Not before now. Then I take it you never touched or tasted a pussy before, it that right. He shook his head yes.

I pushed the panties down my legs to the ground and stepped out of them. I walked over to him. He did not know what was happening, but he was not going to stop anything from happening. I stood about six inches away from him and reached out and took his hand. I pulled his hand to my pussy rubbing it up and down. He started to breath heavily. Then I took his hand away and said now your have touched one.

Come on lets go to the store. He looked sad, how could I have stopped him now. I let him off the hook by telling him work first. This brought a smile back to his face. We went in the house and I dried off while he watched, I put on the same summer dress and sandals but spread my legs a little wider this time.

All the while he watched me. I said come on get some shoes on and get ready. He was back downstairs in no time. I buttoned up my dress completely but he did not care. He still talked and looked at me like I was still naked. I flashed my pussy at him several times while at the store. He just smiled and gave me a thumbs up. It did not take long at the home center and we again stopped and got a sub sandwich. We got back and unloaded the car and then decided to eat.

I asked him if he want to eat outside again. He quickly said yes, we got some drinks and headed out. He said don't get any marina sauce on your dress, I had a meatball sub.

I looked at him slyly. I put my sandwich down on the chaise lounge. Then stood and unbuttoned my dress letting it fall off and threw it on a chair. I straddled the chair and sat down. My pussy opened up and I saw him staring. I asked if he wanted to touch it again. He shook his head yes.

I took his hand and rubbed it up and down a few times. He had a erection again. His fingers were wet. I pulled them to my mouth and licked them.

Then I returned his hand to my pussy and rubbed it some more till they were wet again. I pulled his hand away and guided it to his mouth. He open up and sucked his fingers without being told. I asked him if he likes pussy, he shook his head yes. Do you want to try it from the source?

Again shook his head yes. I laid back and he began to kneel down. He was licking his lips. He got closer and closer until his tongue made contact. He asked what do I do. My response was just do like you did on my nipple.

He quickly got it and in no time I was having an orgasm. I thought I was going to drown the boy. But he kept at it. I finally had to stop him as I was becoming too sensitive. I pulled his head away and he had a smile from ear to ear. I ask how he like it and he said it was the best thing he ever ate. I began to laugh and told him to finish his food if he still had room.

We finished eating and I stayed naked, he was still hard. I asked him if he wanted to try something else. He quickly said yes.

I told him to come over here beside me. I reached for his waistband and pull down his shorts and his cock sprang out. It had pre-cum all over it. I rubbed it a few times with my hand and then slowly moved my head to his crotch. He knew what I was about to do and let out a moan. No sooner than I got my mouth over his dick he started cumming.

I sucked it clean. Again he had a big smile and he said that the best thing that he ever felt. I pulled his shorts to the ground and told him he would not need them anymore. Come on let get these plants in. It was a hot day so I brought out several bottles of water and we were taking a gulp every couple of minutes and we peed several times, Steve always was watching me.

We were about half way through burying the new plants and I had to piss again. I stopped, stood up and told my brother to come over here and lay down. He did as I asked with no questions. He of course had a erection again. I straddled him and walked up to about mid stomach. He must of thought I was going to fuck him as I lowered myself down.

I was kneeling and then opened up my pussy and started peeing. It went all over his chest and dick. He came as I felt hot his hot load hit my back. I reached back and stroked his cock several times. He managed to stay semi-hard. I asked him if he liked that and with that smile on his face said yes.

I got off of him and then said only a few more plants to go. I was about 10 minutes later, he said Jane could you lay down on the ground for a minute. Which I did and he got to my side grabbed his dick and started pissing on me. I smiled and told him to shoot me in my face.

He quickly obliged. I opened my mouth and took some of it in and swallowed. While he was still pissing on my face, I told him that is was good. He finally finished and helped me up. Come on I said back to work. About an hour later we had finished and had everything cleaned up. I stood there admiring my work. He finally stood beside me so I reached over and grabbed his cock. I asked him what he thought.

He said that he thought this was going to be a boring trip and not much fun, but boy oh boy was I wrong. I looked at him and smiled then said we are not done yet. I pulled him over to the shower by his cock. I rinsed off every part of his body. Then he did the same to me. I turned off the shower and grabbed his cock again which was hard. We walked over to the towels and I threw some on the ground.

Then I told him to lay down. I again straddled him with my butt to his face and made my way to his midsection. I lowered my self down and grabbed his cock. Sticking my pussy on his mouth as I swallowed his cock.

He know what to do with my pussy and was getting pretty good at it. After a few times boobing my head up and down I released his cock, stood up, and turned around, and lowered myself again. I watched him in the eyes as I grabbed his cock and aimed it at my pussy and slowly sank down on it. His eyes were shuttering between my face and pussy and then started to moan as I began to raise up and down on his cock. I leaned forward and gave him a kiss on the lips and I feel that he was about to shoot off.

I whispered to him, cum in me. I saw a panicked look on his face then let him know that I was on the pill. A sense of relief came over his face and he start to hump in to me and then it happen. He filled me with 4 to 5 ropes of cum. I sank down keeping his cock in me but stopped moving. His smile was still there. I leaned forward again and gave him another kiss. Then whispered to him, now you will be able to tell your friends you lost your virginity, got a blow job and ate pussy on your trip.

I stood up again, turned around, then squatted back down with my pussy over his face. He did not disappoint me and started to eat me and I cleaned his cock. He gave me an orgasm again and after he clean me up some more I lifted myself off of him.

I said come on, lets get cleaned up. We walked up to my bedroom and into the shower. After the shower we both stayed naked. I asked Steve if he want to order in or go out, again he chose order in. Chinese food? He got a devilish grin on his face and said same bet as last night? Sure why not. He then said that having other people see me naked really turned him on. I then had to admit that it did the same to me.

I placed the order and we waited. About an hour later a car pulled up and another delivery boy hoped out. I got excited about exposing my body and the heat started getting to my pussy. The bell rung and I opened up the door. The boys mouth dropped open when he saw me. I got the food and paid him all the while he was looking me over.

My pussy was dripping. He turned and left, I shut the door and left out a giggle. My brother started laughing. I said hurry come out into the kitchen. I dropped the food on the counter and sank to my knees, grabbing my brothers cock and stuck it into my mouth. He was hard already from the encounter. I quickly got up and pulled him by his cock over to the table.

I sat on the table and pulled on Steve's cock into my pussy. He began to fuck me. I could only say faster and harder and he obliged me. In no time at all I was cumming and he kept on fucking me. Then with a final grunt he pushed into me and came.

It felt so incredible. I pull in his head and kissed him. He finally let go of me and pulled away. I said "wow" that was awesome.

He agreed and then bent down and started to eat me, I had another orgasm as soon as he licked me and a few smaller ones till he was done. I gave him another kiss and tasted myself on him. We broke apart and started eating our food, then just sat back and watched some tv before heading to bed. He slept with me in my room. Other than snuggling together we did not have any more sex that night. We were both pretty worn out. Wednesday This morning I woke up with my brother sill beside me.

He was still asleep. I got up and went to the bathroom and then hopped in the shower. While I was in the shower my brother walked in and got in with me. He washed me all over, then I washed him. I got him hard and he turned me around, I let me enter me and we start to fuck. I let him go for a minute or two, then stopped him. I told him I had other plans for your dick today.

We again rinsed off and got out and dried off. As we went into the bedroom I told him to hold on for a minute and grabbed 2 butt plugs out of the drawer. I told him to put it his mouth to warm it up a while, and I did the same. I got some lube and put it on my finger and went behind him and started rubbing his asshole. After a couple of minutes I was able to get two fingers in, I took the plug and inserted it in him and then stood up.

He had an erection. I said to him, "I see you like that". While I gave his cock a squeeze. Then I said my turn. I laid on the bed and told him to eat my ass. He was a little hesitant as first but was soon going at it with vigor. I told him to wet his finger and then insert it slowly in my ass.

Now move your finger around to loosen up my hole. Now insert another finger, which he did very gently. Remove your fingers and if you want eat my ass some more you can or put in the plug. He started eating my ass sticking his tongue in as far as he could. It felt so good I had an orgasm and my pussy was soaking wet. He then inserted the plug and laid beside me. I kissed him and asked how he like my ass. He told me that he thought it was going to be nasty but he really liked it.

We went downstairs and I made some breakfast and went out on the deck to eat. He was moving about strangely and I ask what is wrong. He said nothing is wrong but it feels really nice having the plug in my butt and I was just moving it around.

I had to laugh. I said ok are you ready for today's ass fucking. A big smile came upon his face and excitedly said yes. I told him to go lay down on the chaise lounge, butt up. I ran up to my room and got an dildo and came back. I pulled out the plug then started eating out his ass, sticking 1, 2, then 3 fingers in. I then asked if he was ready for a fucking. I spit on the dildo and started pushing it in his ass. He started to moan. I told him not to cum. I ran the dildo in and out several times.

Each time his moaning got louder. I didn't think he can take much more with out him cumming. So I stopped and pulled out the dildo and inserted the plug. Then told him to get up. I laid down in his place and said eat my ass. He pulled out the plug and had at it. It was like he had not eaten in a week, it was driving me wild. I stopped him just long enough to such on his dick to get it wet, then I told him to fuck my ass. I got into the doggy position and he rubbed his dick on my asshole. Slowly insert your dick inch by inch until you are completely in.

Now start to fuck me. He starts slowly and as he got use to the pressure needed he started to speed up. He was in me completely. When he yelled out that he was going to cum. I felt him fill my ass and it was wonderful. He then bent over and ate my ass and cleaned up all of his cum. He finally stopped and sat down beside me. I kissed him and tasted my ass on him. Then I said, well now your can tell your friends back home you have done it all.

Even fucked an ass. He started laughing and then gave me a kiss. We just laid around for a while resting, then went for a swim. After a while he asked me what we are going to do the rest of the day.

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I said I don't know, do you have anything in mind. Is there a mall around here with a food court. Yea not to far away, why. How about you put on a little dress and we get some lunch and you flash some people. OK, but you have to wear only shorts so when you get an erection it will be visible. Alright deal. Let me go shower and do my hair and makeup. Steve said, "I will join you in the shower, lets go". After the shower, I told Steve that I have the perfect dress and got it out and put it on for him to see.

I had for a couple of years and I have grown out of it, but just never threw it out. The dress opens in the front and just has a sash you tie to keep it closed and has a deep V cut. A good portion of my breasts are on display when worn properly. The hem is about 3" inches below my butt and it is a very flimsy, lightweight material.

Steve say that is is perfect for flashing. About an hour later we are ready to go. I am very nervous and excited at the same time. I have never done anything like this before. We drove to the mall and even before we got out of the car, I was already wet.

I opened up the door and got out and asked Steve how I looked. He said I looked perfect. I told Steve to take his hand and feel my pussy. He pulls his hand from back to front over my pussy and looks at his hand. It is all wet and licks of his hand and says "You do like the thought of flashing people don't you.

I wonder how much wetter you are going to get when you actually flash somebody. Do you want to get something to eat first or do some flashing first". Lets walk around in the mall first and little by little start flashing, I am so nervous right now, I need to build up my confidence.

So as we are walking to the mall entrance with Steve following me a couple is coming out and the guy is just staring at me. As I reach the glass door I can see in the reflection that he has turned around to see my backside.

I asked Steve why is he staring already. Steve starts to laugh and tells me that with the sun shining the dress is basically transparent.

I immediately start to blush and tell Steve I don't know if I can do this. He says that once we are inside there will be no sun on you and everything will be alright.

I see another couple walking towards the store so I quickly go inside and stand off to the side and watch them as they enter. The guy took a glance at me but does not stare. I feel a lot better now.

I tell Steve ok, lets go, but I think you should follow me as some distance to you can see the reaction of people when they get flashed. We can talk on the phone about what I should do.


Steve waited for me to get about 20 feet in front of him before he started following me. Then my phone rang, it was Steve. He wants me to go up the escalator but I should wait for this group of guys coming and get on just before them. I waited a few seconds and got on, I must have been 5 steps in front of them and I heard one of the guys say quite loudly "Guys" and then they went silent.

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I knew what they were doing and my pussy was on fire. I wondered if they can see how wet I was. Once I reached the top I walked to the side and my phone rang. It was Steve, he was laughing, and said those guys were just staring at me the whole time. They could see your ass and pussy clearly. He said walk over to the glass railing and look down. I see him and he stopped laughing as he looked up. I asked what, and he says I can see up your dress from here, open your legs a little.

I did, as he was standing there another guy came past and looked to see what my brother was looking at. Just after the guy looked up he got a smile on his face and almost walked into a trashcan.

I thought that was pretty funny and I started to relax a bit. I told Steve to come up as the food court is on this level. I said to Steve lets get some lunch. But this is what I want you to do.

I am going to go first, you wait here for about 5 minutes. I am going to be standing at the food court when we meet. I want you to come up and give me a kiss and wrap your arms around me.

Your one hand should go down to my butt just below my dress and as you pull me in to you pull up my dress so my ass is slightly visible when your hand rests on my back. Here lets practice. He did just like I asked and we were both excited. I made my way to the food court and picked out a good location where there were a lot of people and turned my back to them. I see Steve coming with a smile on his face, so I wave. He walks over to me and pulls me in and starts to kiss me and I feel his hand on my pussy and it goes up my ass crack and finally stops in the middle of my back.

He breaks away from my kiss but his hand is still on my back. He is still holding up my dress. I finally grab his hand and pull it to my side. I can feel the dress softly hit my ass. I start to blush as that was more than what I expected. The thought of all those people seeing me has my pussy on fire. I turn around with Steve as we begin to walk towards Chick-fi-A and looking around I see about 30 people from all over the food court watching me. I blush again.

I say to Steve oh my god I can not believe you just did that. He starts to laugh and says was that great. I have to admit is was, but I am so turned on right now. I need fucked so badly. He tells me to hold that thought because once we sit down with our food, every eye will be on your crotch. In that short dress if you just open your legs a little everyone will see your pussy. This is too much Steve I don't know if I can hold out that long. Steve smiles and says "Well you could finger yourself in front of everybody or I could do it for you".

Just then the line moved up a little and our backs were to a wall. I felt Steve reach his hand under the back of my dress and rub my pussy. I almost moan out loud but he continued.

Then his finger slipped inside of me. I cannot take it anymore and a small moan escapes my mouth. He is now pushing and pulling his finger in and out of my pussy. I am on the verge of an orgasm, and then it starts.


I put my hand over my mouth so I keep quiet. As I look around the store I see several people watching me. After 3 orgasms Steve pulls his hand out from under my dress and wipes it on my back. I can feel the moisture soaking through to my skin. Steve looks at me and asked if I feel better now. I just had to smile. We finally got our food and found an empty table at the outer edge of the food court, Steve had me sit so I was facing towards the crowd and he sits beside me.

At this point I did not care who see me and as I sat down I scouted forward in the chair making my dress shorter, I could feel the cold plastic of the chair cushion against my ass. I opened up my legs so my knees were about a foot apart.

I just went about eating my meal. Occasionally I looked around the food court and there must have been about 50 people watching me or should I say my crotch. I was still wet and leaking out onto the seat. The next person comes to sit in this chair just after I leave, they will think someone spilled a drink. Steve now tells me to loosen the sash on my dress. I want to but to nervous I tell him. I see his hand reach over and rest on my leg.

He holds it there for a brief time then pulls it up to the sash and gives it a tug. I feel the dress loosen. But do not do anything. As I am eating I feel the dress start to slid off of the inner parts of my breasts. I can feel the seam of the dress on my nipples. I think to myself that my areola's have to be visible.

I look to the table right in front of me and there are 3 men, all 3 are watching me while they eat. My pussy is on fire again. I want more. So I turn quickly to Steve and feel the dress slide over my nipple.

I tell Steve not to look at me, keep his eyes forward and start making some small talk. In a soft voice I tell him the dress has fallen off my one breast and it is completely exposed. I look at the guys in front of us again. Their eyes look like they are going to pop out, but don't say anything. A woman walks past and all of the sudden stops, and tells me I am on display. I look down and quickly say oh my god, I am so sorry and pull my dress back together.

She smiles and leaves. The guys across the way are no longer smiling, they are watching the woman walking away and talking to each other. They are probably saying she just ruined the show. After putting down and picking up my sandwich a few times, my dress has started to open again. I can feel the seam against my nipple. The guys have a smile again even thought they have finished eating they are still watching me.

Steve has finished his food and whispers to me, stay and finish your food. I will call you. Bends down and kisses me and slides his hand over the front of my dress. Then walks off.

I watch as he leaves. Then realize that he open my dress before he left. The seams are still against my nipples but I can feel the dress is open in the front completely about 3 inches.

It is only my nipples that are keeping the dress from falling completely open. I dare not look at myself or I would cover up. I finally finish my food and Steve phones. He tells me to get up slowly and when I do my dress should fall open completely.

I blush and my pussy is red hot. Then he tells me that only when I am standing up completely, I should grab my dress, pull it apart first then readjust it and tie the sash. I am excited and nervous as hell, but I want to do this so badly. Then once you have done that, turn your back to everyone and bend over and pick up your purse.

Then you can leave. I will meet you downstairs. He hangs up. I wait a minute to gather up some courage. I move my hands to the table edge and I can feel the dress slip over my nipples. I stand up and look out at the crowd for a few seconds, then look down at my dress. It opened up completely and is at my sides.

I reach for the seams and fumble a few times. Then finally grab them. I pull then together and realize I tucked in the wrong side first. So I open the dress again and get it right this time and tie the sash. I look out into the food court quickly and see that almost everyone at every table is watching me. I turn around slowly and get out from behind the table and make sure my legs are apart.

I lean over and I can feel the dress slide up my ass and lift my one leg as to keep my balance open it up further. I grab my purse, and then slowly stand up. I bend over again to pick up my trash off the table and walk to the trash can and dump it, then start walking away. I turn and look over my should and I see about 30 people all men, standing up and watching me leave.

I am so wet I can feel it running down my legs. I make it to the exit and Steve is there. He tells me that he is so hard from my show and that is was the best, most exciting thing he has ever seen. I shake my head in agreement and tell him I need fuck so bad. Get in the car we have to hurry. I made it to our driveway in record time. I told Steve to get out and meet me in front of the car. I pulled his short down and suck his cock for a minute, then stood up with my hands on the hood of the car and yelled fuck me.

He slid his cock in all of the way and then begins to fuck me so hard and fast. Both of us were grunting with every stoke. Not even tens strokes later I was cumming again and again.

Steve finally came in me after about fifteen minutes of the hardest fuck I ever had. He pull out and I turned around and sat on the hood of the car to catch my breath. I motioned for Steve to come here and bent down and cleaned his cock. Then he pushed me back on the hood and started to eat me. I had 3 more orgasms before he finished. Both of us satisfied, we finally went inside. The rest of the day we just rested and relived our day and talked about how exciting it was.

We swam a little and watched some tv then went to bed. Thursday When I awoke I thought of an idea for today's excitement. There is a lake about an hour away that has a nude section. I looked it up on the internet to get directions and found out that people have sex there also.

I waited for Steve to get up and then told him about my plan. He was all for it. As I was making breakfast, I noticed that Steve did not have a erection and said something to him about it. He smiled and said thanks to you sis, I can control it more easily now and came over and gave me a kiss.

He then said all brothers should have a sister like you. I thought that was so sweet and I felt proud of myself. After breakfast we packed up and got ready to leave for the lake.

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I put on the same dress as yesterday. When Steve saw it he started laughing. I asked what he is laughing about now. Then he told me that yesterday when I noticed the dress was see through and he said it wasn't inside the mall. He said he lied to me, you can see through it all of the time. My mouth fell open and I went over to the mirror to look and could see everything. All of the sudden my pussy was on fire and my face turned red.

I gasped and put my hand over my mouth. I turned and looked at Steve and said that I never would of gone in the mall if I had known that. Steve again laughed, then said "that is why I did not tell you". Let it on and lets go. I took a deep breath of courage and we left for the lake. We did not have to make any stops along the way so I open the dress once I got in the car and Steve pull his shorts down.

We made it to the lake ok and there were some cars there but not may. Which I thought was a relief for my first time. Just as we parked another car pulled in and parked 2 spots away from us and a very pretty girl got out with a pair of shorts and t-shirt on. Steve noticed her right away.

We were not sure where to go and were talking about that when the girl overheard us. She came over and introduced herself to us, her name was Cindy. She told us to follow her as that is where she is going. We talked with her as we walked and by the end of the fifteen minute walk she was like a old friend.

I asked her if she want to join us and she agreed. Steve looked at me like "What". We found a nice spot and laid out a blanket to sit on then I just opened my dress and pulled it off. Cindy pulled off her clothes and she looked great. Steve saw her and was back to his old self of being shy.

I went over to Steve and then said to Cindy that Steve is a little shy and self conscious yet. With that I bent down and pulled his shorts down, then started laughing. Cindy started laughing also then told Steve not to worry, that she has seen plenty of guys here with boners. Then she said "You do have a nice cock". This seem to perk Steve up. Then he pulled off his shirt. We sat down and talked with Cindy. Cindy told us this was only her second time here as she likes to show herself off and thought she could do it here without being judged by her friends.

That is why she is here by herself. She said that the last time she just walked up and down the beach just to get comfortable and have the guys look at here. She had not even talked with anyone other that saying hi. I told her about my experience at the mall yesterday. Then she asked which mall it was and I told her.

Then she said I live near there and my brother works at the food court. He was telling us last night when he got home about a beautiful girl that came in there with a see through dress and then it opened up and everybody saw everything she had. He said you were so hot and it was the best thing he has even seen.

He likes to go to work now hopping that someday you come back. I did not believe him when he was telling us last night but now I do. That must have been so exciting for you. It was I told Cindy. Then she said I wish that I had the courage to do something like that.

I then told her that we quickly drove home and I was so hot that I had him fucked me as soon as we got out of the car in the driveway, over the hood of the car. I teased her then by telling her that is the dress right there. If you want to borrow it you can put it on for your brother and give him a thrill. I saw her blush when I said that. I noticed Steve still had a erection and then reached over and stroked it a few times. Then asked him if he wanted some help with that.

He looked at me then at Cindy and just to get him back for yesterday I said "Cindy can help if she wants to". I started to laugh. Cindy took it to another level when she said "I would love to help you with that". Steve eyes went big and just shook his head yes".

I pushed Steve back and started sucking his dick. I pulled it out of my mouth and offered it to Cindy. She knew what I meant and joined me. We both were sucking and lick his dick and balls.

Steve looked like he was in heaven. My pussy was getting wet as this is my first time that I was with another girl while having sex. After a few minutes of sucking, I got up and sat on Steve's face. He started to eat me while Cindy sucked his cock. Now I had to have a cock in me. So I moved down to his cock and motioned for Cindy to move to Steve's face. She knew what I meant and I sat on his cock and watched as Cindy sat on his face.

Steve was having the time of his life. I leaned forward closer to Steve's face and watched as he ate out Cindy. I had an uncontrollable urge and got closer to Cindy's pussy and then finally stuck out my tongue and licked it. She let out a moan as soon as my tongue touched here. I tasted pussy for my first time and I was hooked. She tasted great. After a few minutes of me licking her I knew Steve would not last much longer.

I pulled myself off of Steve and motioned for Cindy to go ahead. She got off Steve's face and went and squatted over Steve's cock and lowered herself on to him and started to ride him.

I went back to Steve's face and let him eat me. I then saw Cindy lean forward and she started licking my pussy. It felt so good and I had my first orgasm of the day. I felt Steve tense up and then grunt and knew he just came in Cindy. She slowed down riding Steve so I got up off his face and Cindy got off his cock which was now deflated. I reached my hand out to Cindy and she took it and I guided her down on the blanket.

I got between her legs and started to eat her pussy and lick out Steve's cum. She started moaning and shaking as she had an orgasm. Steve came over beside her and guided his cock into her mouth. She had him all cleaned up and he was hard again. She stopped sucking Steve and motioned for me to get on top of her in a 69 position. We both started eating each other out. Then I felt Steve's cock at my pussy.

As Cindy was eating me, Steve was fucking me and I was having another orgasm. I felt Steve pull out his cock and then Cindy stopped eating me but still felt movement and turned around and looked. Steve had his cock in her mouth and then she took it and placed it back in my pussy. This went on for several minutes. I then felt Steve cum in me but pulled out and was shooting the the rest on my pussy and Cindy's mouth. Cindy cleaned off Steve's cock and then lick me clean. I pull myself off of Cindy and as I stood up I heard clapping.

I looked around and there were 3 couples and 4 men watching us. All of the men had erections and the one couple, she was giving him a blow job. I blushed and my pussy got a rush of heat and stared to literally dip.

I had to have more. I went over to my purse and pulled out a double ended dildo and came back and got on my knees so my ass was facing the crowd. I sucked the dildo on both ends to make it good and wet. Then I shoved it in my pussy as far as it would go and then curved it around and worked the other end in my ass.

Once in I stared to work both ends in and out. I felt someone grab the one end of the dildo, then the other end so I left go and put my arms down on the blanket and raised my ass. I tilted my head down and saw that Cindy was back there and Steve also. Then were fucking my ass and pussy thoroughly. I stared to orgasm and tilted my head down so I could look at my self and I saw liquid just dripping out of my pussy but Cindy and Steve kept going.

I finally collapsed, Cindy and Steve left the dildo in me and I raised my head and looked around. Only one guy applauded, but all of the other couples where now fucking each other and the single guys where jerking-off.

Two blonde girls chokefuck their faces with a dong

I reached down and pulled the dildo out of myself and licked both of the ends clean. Then fell to sleep. About an hour later I got awake and looked around. Cindy and Steve were in the lake swim and having a good time. I got up and joined them and washed myself off. We just enjoyed the rest of the afternoon at the lake and as we were walking back to the car I asked Cindy for her phone number so we can get together for some fun activities. We exchanged numbers and then I asked her what she was doing tomorrow.

She had no plans. I suggested she come by the house at 10am and we will find something to do. She agreed. Once at the cars we all gave each other kisses and she quickly fingered me a few times. Then she said see you tomorrow morning. Once we got home both of us were tired so we did not do anything but play some pool and watch tv. Then off to bed. Friday I awoke this morning about 8am and got a shower to just wake myself up. Steve came in and joined me and we washed each other but nothing else happened.

Went went downstairs and made some breakfast and at 9am the door bell rang. I looked through the peep hole and saw that is was Cindy. I opened the door and she came in and gave me a hug, then apologized for being early but she was so excited she could not wait. I told her that it was ok we were just finishing up breakfast and headed to the kitchen.

When she saw Steve was naked, she asked if she still needed clothes. I told here no and she started to remove her clothes. I asked her if she wanted some music for the striptease.

She thought for a minute and then said yes, let me start again. I turn on the radio and she began to dance and slowly take off her clothes. She would come over and rub against me and then alternate with Steve until she was naked.

Then she came over and suck on my tit for a few minutes then went to Steve and sucked on his cock till it was hard. Cindy then asked how was that. That was hot Steve said. Cindy admitted that she was getting hot from her performance. I slid my hand down over her pussy and could feel she was wet. I told them I just want to do the dishes and clean up real quick that she and Steve can play pool or something.

Steve took her around and was showing her the house when I heard her ask if that is Steve in the picture. He blurted out yes and that is my other sister and my parents. Then he realized what he said. Cindy said "oh my god, Jane is your sister". He was to dumbfounded to say anything.

Cindy then said that is so hot and leaned in and kissed him. I had just finished in the kitchen and joined them. Then Cindy said your secret is safe with me, I will not tell anyone.

How did it start. I explained how I teased Steve and then Steve looked at me. He said to me "You planned to tease me so you could fuck me". I told him I planned to tease you. I only decided to fuck you after getting so hot from teasing you, but yes and he got a big smile on his face and kissed me, then said thank you, you are the best sister ever.

I felt relieved. Cindy told us that she may need to do that with her brother. Seeing the way you two enjoy each others company is great. My brother and I just argue. I told her if you want your brother to talk to you just let him "accidentally" see your tits or pussy and he will talk to you all day. Right Steve. He said it worked on me.

We all started laughing. Cindy asked if I have sex with any other family members. I said not yet. Steve looked at me. I said my little sister is coming out here in two weeks. Until I tasted your pussy yesterday, which was my first. The thought would of never occurred to me, but now who knows.

So now what kind of fun are we going to have today. Cindy what do you want to do. I will do anything you will do. Oh, so it is a dare then. I guess so.

Well your little striptease gave me an idea. I wonder if there are any strip clubs around that have an amateur night that we could get in to. Let me check the internet. I found one about 30 minutes from here.

It does not look to seedy, what do you think. Cindy said like I said whatever you do I will do. Before we we make any plans can I ask how old you are Cindy. She said "I just turned 18." OK I just wanted to check before we find out you can't get in the strip club. Then Cindy said "Oh but I don't have anything to wear, I mean like stripper clothes for tonight." I don't really have stripper clothes, but I think I can put together some kind of cute outfit.

Steve says just wear the same dress you did at the mall with some nice bra and panties under it. I tell Cindy come on let go upstairs and see what I have. Cindy asks if she can use the bathroom first as she had to pee. Steve then says he also has to pee. I grabbed both of them by the hand and said follow me. I took them out back and laid on the ground. I looked at Cindy and told her to straddle me with her pussy close to my mouth. Now pee on me.

She start peeing and I open my mouth and drank some. She looks at Steve and tells him to pee in her mouth. Steve does what she says and I feel his pee also hit me as it runs off Cindy. Steve and Cindy finish and Cindy moves back and then leans down and licks the pee from my face and then kisses me.

I told her to turn around so I can eat here pussy and she does. Then I feel her eating me. I motion for Steve to fuck her. He puts his cock in my mouth and and I suck it and he becomes hard quickly.

I guide it into Cindy and lick here pussy while he is fucking her. Every couple of stokes from Steve I pull his cock in my mouth. Cindy tastes so good. It doesn't take long and he cums in Cindy's pussy. I cleaned his cock and have Cindy lay down.

I have Steve go and eat her pussy and clean up his cum. I squatted over over Cindy's face and start pissing as she is sucking my pussy. She drinks as much as she can. We all role off each other and lay on the ground resting.

Cindy then says that was the first time she did that and it will not be the last. Any time either of you two need to piss, let her know. I leaned over and kissed her, then said I definitely will but you have to return the favor.

Cindy shook her head yes and smiled. We all rinsed off at the outside shower and then swam for a bit. I was getting close to lunch time so I suggested that we place an order. Steve knew what was coming. We dried off and went in a called in our order. Then told Cindy our routine. However, since Cindy is here we can up the anti. A boy and Cindy answers the door and I rub her pussy, a girl Steve answers the door and Cindy rubs on his cock. Everyone agreed. We were waiting and a car pulls up and it is another guy.

Although slightly disappointed I was none the less excited. When the bell rang Cindy opened the door and got the subs. The boys mouth dropped open. I then came up beside her and rubbed her pussy as she was trying to get the money together.

Then I went down on my knees and pulled her pussy to me and started licking her. She had trouble focusing on counting and it took her a couple of minutes to hand the money to the boy. He could not take his eyes off of us. He stood and watched I reached up with my hand and inserted a finger in to her pussy. She started moaning and squirted all over me, my face and hair were drenched. I licked up what I could and then stood up. I pull Cindy to the side and closed the door. I looked at the clock.

We were there for fifteen minutes giving the delivery boy a show he will never forget. She kissed me and then lick her cum off my face. I said I did not know you were a squirter. She laughed and said I did not know it either. I said "So I guess you do really like people to see you".

Under the right circumstances you squirt. She smiled and said I guess I like it more than I knew. We ate our lunch and then cleaned up again and finally made it to my room and got together an outfit for each of us. I said ok, time to try them out. Cindy with a gasp asked what do you mean. I said lets go to the mall. Cindy quickly said she cannot as her brother may be working today.

I told her we are going to a mall on the other side of town. Cindy sighed with relief and smiled. I was wearing the same dress as the other day but I had on a black lace push-up bra and a thong. Cindy had on a short skirt and a white button down blouse that was basically see through and a purple lace bra and matching panties. If you pull up the skirt a little it will be even with the bottom of her ass, when worn normally it covers her ass about 3 inches. We got to the mall and went in and started walking around.

We had some guys look at us but no one was staring. So I told Cindy it is time to take it up a notch. We walked in to the ladies room and told her to take off her bra while I did the same. We put our bras in out purses and before we went out I unbuttoned her top down to her waist then we went out and walked around again.

Several guys started to watch us as we passed by them, but nobody started to follow us. I told Cindy to go in the next ladies room again.

I reached under her dress and removed her panties and slid my hand over her pussy. I then pulled her dress up so it was even with the bottom of her ass. Then pull her shirt apart and out so you could see about three inches of her body from her neck to the waistband of the dress and from the side you could see her whole breast.

She then did the same to me but moved the sash down below my waist so my pussy was not visible. We then headed out again. This time several guys who passed us turned around a started to follow us but kept some distance. When we got to the exit, I stopped Cindy and got in front of her, her back was to the guys following us. I reached my hand around her back to the hem of her skirt and leaned in for a kiss and as I did I pulled up my hand up lifting her skirt above her ass, then using my arm to hold the dress, I lowered my hand and cupped her pussy, she instinctively moved her leg to the side to give me more room.

I started rubbing her pussy. I then inserted my finger as I watched the guys behind her. There mouths fell open. I slid my finger in and out several times.

Then I broke off her kiss and move my head to the right so the guys could clearly see me. I brought my hand up to my mouth and insert the finger from her pussy and sucked on it. I saw several guys adjusting their cocks, I removed my finger from my mouth. I turned and was about to walk away, when Cindy grabbed my arm and swung me around so I was facing towards the guys. Then she reached around my waist with both hands and opened my dress completely to the sides.

Holding the dress with her arms her one hand went up to my breasts and started rubbing them. The other went down to my pussy and rubbed it a few times, then inserted one, then two fingers and started sliding the in and out. She kissed my neck and then pinched my nipples. My body was on fire. I moaned out loud and then she press on my clit with her thumb I had an orgasm and moaned some more.

She removed her fingers and brought them up to my mouth and I sucked them in. She pull her hand away and turned me towards her and kissed me on the lips. I was feeling very excited but I thought two can play this game. As she turned towards the door I again grabbed her arm and turn her to the guys. I brought both hands around her and grabbed her shirt pulling it completely open. I then reached under her dress and pulled it up exposing her like she did me. With one hand caressing breasts and pinching her nipples the other finger fucking her.

She turned her head towards me and we kissed. It seemed like it took forever but it was only about two minutes and she squirted again. I kept finger fucking her and it happen again. I pulled my hand away from her dress. We turned and walked out of the mall. Just as we went through the exit doors, there was a boy coming in who got an eye full of tits and pussy as we had not put ourselves back together.

His eyes were as big as saucers. Then he said "Cindy". I look at her and she said "Robby" why aren't you working today. I knew immediately it was her brother. I did not want to get her in trouble so I came up with a plan really quick. She tried to pull her top close but I knew it was to late.

He saw everything as her dress was still above her pussy. I whispered to her to have him come with us. I asked Robby what he thought of his sisters body as I pulled open her shirt again. Robbery just blurted out that she looked pretty. I knew I had him and so did Cindy. Cindy in her sweetest voice said Robby come with us. Cindy grabbed his hand as we walked by him. Cindy started asking him questions. Do you like what I have on.

What do you thing of my boobs. He just made short answers like great, very nice, etc. We made our way to the car and Cindy and Robby got in the back seat. She left her top open.

I asked Robby if he ever saw a girls breast before. He shook his head no and I opened up my dress to show him mine as I moved my hand over them. Then I asked him which he likes better my boobs or Cindy's. He looked at each as if he was studying them.

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Then he pointed to Cindy. I then asked if he every touched a boob before. He shook his head no. I asked if he wanted to feel mine. He shook his head yes. I told him go to ahead and touch them. He leaned forward and started to rub his hands all of them, then squeezed my nipples. I moaned out loud. I asked him if he thinks my breasts were softer than his sisters as Cindy lean toward him. Cindy said it is ok as he reached out and started to squeeze them.

Soon he had both hands on her breasts and pulling and squeezing her nipples. I said to Robby, you can suck on them if you want to, he looked up to Cindy and she shook her head up and down.

He leaned in and started to suck on them. I left him go for a couple of minutes. Then motioned for Cindy to pull up her dress, which she did slowly. I motioned for Cindy to take his one hand and pull it down to her pussy.

She did it very slowly and opened her legs as best she could. He started to rub her pussy without her coaxing. I saw Steve come up to the car and waved him off. He understood what I meant. I finally asked Robby if he liked what he was doing and he pulled his mouth away from her tits long enough to let out a yes. I then asked Robby if he ever licked an girls pussy before, he shook his head no while still sucking on Cindy's nipple.

I then asked Robby if he would like to lick his sisters pussy. He sat back quickly and shook his head yes. Cindy moved in her seat to give herself room and opened up her legs. His head moved toward her pussy and soon he was eating her pussy like it was his last meal. I left them alone for a few minutes while he enjoyed himself. Then I asked Robby if he ever had a blow job. He shook his head no. I then ask him if he wanted a blow job and he turned around to look at me with a smile on his face and said yes.

I said Robby, go ahead and pull down your pants, which he quickly did. He already had an erection. Cindy re-positioned herself again and took hold of his cock and started to lick it, then sucked it in her mouth. It was not fifteen seconds before he came in her mouth. She swallowed it all. Then she leaned in and kissed him on the mouth for several minutes. When she pulled away she finally began to speak to Robby.

Cindy said Robby I really enjoyed that and I think you did too. We can do again sometime if you like but we need to keep it a secret, you cannot tell anybody. Not even your closest friends. OK. Robby said OK. Then Cindy said OK that is all for now but when I get home tonight and after dad is asleep I will come over to you room and we can do it some more. But just one thing, I will always come and get you when we are going to fool around.

Don't you bother me or someone may find out and we don't want that do we. Robby said No we don't want that. He then leaned in to Cindy and kissed her again. Then said your are very pretty and your pussy tastes really good. I cannot wait to do it again. Then Robby said "You are the best sister ever, thank you", and then kissed her again. He then looked at me and said I don't know what your name is but you are also hot.

I saw you the other day at the food court and when I got home I had to jerk-off several times just thinking about you. I said well my name is Jane and your sister and I are friends. When she thinks the time is right she can bring you along when met meet sometime I will let you suck on my pussy if you want. That just made this boys day.

He pulled up his pants and straightened up then opened the door to get out. He leaned over one more time and kissed his sister and said good-bye and have fun. Then he left. Cindy then let out a sigh of relief, then said "Well I had not planned on playing around with my brother, but I think when I get home tonight I am going to fuck him". We were both sitting there with our dresses open and Steve came over and got in the car. He said well I guess that was your brother.

Cindy nodded yes. Steve then said well join the club, and we all started to laugh. We need to head home and get cleaned up for the strip club. Once home we all stripped and got something to drink.

After a while Cindy says she has to pee. I grabbed her hand and led her out back. I was getting ready to lay down and Steve tells me no, it's his turn. Steve lays down and Cindy straddles his face and he starts licking her pussy, then she starts peeing. He opens his mouth and is gulping it down. I had the urge to pee also so I straddled Steve's head a put my pussy to Cindy's mouth and started peeing. Steve was getting drenched. Once we finished Cindy moved down and started lick Steve's face and kissing him.

I just lowered my self down and sat on his face so he and Cindy could lick me. Cindy then raised up and we kissed, then I lowered my head and sucked her nipples and lick the piss from her breasts. I grabbed some soap and we head to the out-side shower and finally got cleaned up. We went in and dried off and check out our clothes for the club. It was getting about dinner time when I asked, eat out or order-in. All of us said order-in Chinese. OK, same deal, everyone agreed.

We waited about and hour till the car finally pulled up, a girl got out. Our first girl delivery driver. I said Steve you are up. I grabbed his dick and shoved it in my mouth real quick to get him hard. I got it semi-hard before the door bell rang.

He opened up the door and stepped over to get the food, I took it and Cindy went over got on her knees and started sucking his dick. The girl watched intently as Steve handed her the money. She eventually closed her hand with the money in it and I saw her lick her lips.

Cindy must of seen it also as she took Steve's cock out of her mouth and offered it to her. She stepped forward and licked his cock then slide her mouth over it. She started to bob up and down. Then reach up and massaged his balls. She sank to her knees and kept going. After about ten minutes Steve grunted and then came in her mouth. She licked him clean then finally pulled off his cock with a pop sound. She smiled at all of us and then got up and went to her car and left.

We all started to laugh. Steve said that girl knows who to suck cock. I am going to have to order take out more often when I get home. We ate and got dress and put on our make-up and headed to the strip club. The club was pretty full and we saw about ten other amateurs there. It was Steve's and Cindy's first time at a strip club. Cindy and I signed up and they told us the rules.

We could touch other strippers but the audience can not touch you. I asked him how much we can can touch the other strippers, he said you can do anything with another stripper that they also want to do.

I asked if that included eat pussy and fingering to which he said yes, that sex was allowed. I then asked if 2 girls can be teamed together for the contest. He said yes there are 2 other girls here dancing together tonight.

I told him that Cindy and I are going to dance together. Then I asked how many songs do we dance for. He said three songs. We were the last to perform. Cindy did not hear me talking to the guy as she was too busy looking around. I thought I would keep it a surprise till just before it was our turn. We hung out and watched the regular girls till the contest started.

Steve was really enjoying this. I reached down and grabbed his crotch. He looked at me and I smiled and said just checking to how well you can control yourself, then said good boy. About and hour later the contest was going and the two girls were dancing together and touching each other and the guys were hooting and hollering.

Once in a while one would touch the others pussy but that was all. What I had planned these guys are going to go crazy. We were up next so it was time to tell Cindy my plan. I told her and she blushed and said she did not know if she could, that there is about one hundred guys in here.

I said don't worry I will help you. And you said that would do anything I would do. She finally said OK. Come on we are up as the announcer said our names. For the first song we danced and I took off her shirt and her panties while she took off my dress and bra.

We kissed a few times and the guys liked that. Then at the end of the song I squeezed her boobs and suck on her nipple. The guys really liked that. When the next song started I danced behind her and slid my hand up the front of her skirt and pulled it up. Then just pulled the skirt down off of her, she was now naked. I ran my hand over her pussy and she was already soaking wet. We traded positions and she put her hand down the front of my panties and rubbed my pussy.

She could feel how wet I was. Then she grabbed the sides of my panties and pulled then down and off. We turned towards each other and kissed then I slid down and suck on her nipples as we were both swaying to the music. I kissed her stomach and kept kissing her as I went lower.

The guys were going crazy. The song finished and then the next one started. We were still swaying with the music as I kissed her mound and then stuck out my tongue and licked her over her pussy. I open my mouth and lowered it right on to her pussy. The guys were going nuts now.

I raised my ass up and stuck it out to the crowd with my legs open. I raised up kissing her along the way and then got behind her. My one hand was squeezing her boobs and the other was rubbing her pussy. I then inserted my finger in her pussy then another and started to finger fucked her. She look towards me and we kissed. The song was almost over and I needed her to come.

She then froze and I saw her stare at some one in he crowd. All of the sudden she started squirting and again and again. The song was winding down I brought my fingers to her mouth and she licked them while still watching the crowd. The song finally ended and we grabbed our clothes and headed off stage naked. The crowd was going nuts and asking for more.

The announcer came on stage and all of the participants came out naked. They went through each participant and got the crowd to applaud for them, the loudest was the winner. They finally said our name and and the crowd went nuts for us.

I stood behind Cindy and rubbed her pussy, and then brought my fingers to my mouth. We easily won. We walked off the stage into the crowd and I saw Cindy looking around and asked her who she saw. She said her dad after a movement of panic I asked if he was smiling and she thought for a second and then said yea he was. She stared to relax a bit and as we were walking to the table where Steve was at, and Cindy saw her dad. He came over and looked her up and down, then said you are beautiful and kissed her on the cheek.

This brought a smile to her face and she reach for her dad and gave him a hug and kissed him on the mouth. His hands started to roam over her ass. She dropped her clothes on the table and took him by the hand into a private room. They came out about 30 minutes later.

He had a big smile on his face and so did she. He told her I will see you at home later and gave her a kiss good-bye. She grabbed her skirt off the table and started to put it on. I reached out and ran my hand over her pussy. It was very wet and slippery. I brought my hand to my mouth and tasted it, it was cum, a mans cum. I looked at her and smiled. She then put on her shirt but did not bother to close it.

She sat down beside me and then kissed me. She told me thank you for being such as good friend. I asked her what happen in the room. She just smiled at me and said I fucked him. He always thought I was pretty but did not want to say anything for obvious reasons. But tonight when he saw me do what we did he thought I might understand. So he took a chance and it worked out. I also told him what happened with Robby this afternoon. So now not only do I get to fuck my farther, but I get to fuck my brother also.

Cindy asked if we were ready to go. I asked what is your hurry. I want to go home and have Robby eat dad's cum out of my pussy and then fuck him. What about your mother, my mother died four years ago, it is just the three of us. I said OK Steve lets go. Oh bye the way, here is your half of the prize money, $500. She jumped up and down then kissed me again.

Once home, Cindy gave Steve and I a kiss. I told her you know what I told your brother goes for your dad also, he is handsome. Cindy said someday next week when her dad and brother are going to be home, why don't you come over and fuck both of them. I said that sounds like a plan. She then remove the panties and bra from her purse and took off her top and skirt till she was naked.

I said come on in and get your clothes, she said she will get it some other time. That she is going to drive home naked and walk in the house naked and be naked as often as she can.

She got in her car and left. I looked at Steve and said well she sure came out of her shell quickly. And she already fucked her dad. I jokingly said she is way ahead of me. Steve looked at me and asked are serious. I said who knows. I said come on lets go to bed. Saturday I woke up and rolled over and hit Steve. He got awake and asked what time it is. I told him we have 3 hours before we need to be at the airport.

He looked at me and asked if he can fuck me one more time before he has to go. I smiled at him and the kissed him and told him yes. Then he said in the ass. I started to laugh but shook my head yes. He rolled me over, jumped off the bed and pulled me to the edge, the started to eat my ass. He then slipped in a finger and work it around, then another.

He was licking and fingering my ass for a good fifteen minutes then came over beside me and stuck his dick in my mouth. He was already hard. I gave it a few sucks and left it wet for him.

He move behind me again and licked my ass a few times then I felt him push his dick against my asshole. It slowly went in. Once it was in the whole way he started to work it in and out. He got faster and harder and soon he was pounding away and with every stroke we both left out a moan or grunt. Then he came, my ass felt so full. He finally pulled out, and then started to eat my ass again sucking out all of his cum.

When he finished he laid down beside me and kissed me. We just cuddled up next to each other for the next half hour. I then told him I thought I was just going to tease you a little when you got here. Look at where we are now. He looked at me and said "I love you". You are the best sister any guy could have. You have taught me a lot and helped me become a man. When mom told me that I was coming to visit you I did not want to. But now, you have changed my life and I will always be grateful for that.

Then he gave me another kiss. Steve then said, Now lets get up and moving, if we get to the airport early enough you can do some flashing. At the airport we could not do much flashing, security was all over the place.

I asked Steve to do one favor for me once he got home. He said what is that. Start sleeping nude and leave the doors slightly open when you are in the bedroom and bathroom. You never know who might be trying to get a look, and if they get a look who knows what might happen. He started to laugh and said you are right, I promise. He asked when I might come to visit. I told him I am not sure, but Mandy is coming here in two weeks. He smiled then asked if I was going to have sex with her.

I answered, I can only try. I said wait here a couple of minutes and when you are going through security look for me along the glass railing on the upped floor. I kissed him good-bye and he started to security while I ran upstairs.

I went over to the glass railing and slow inched up my skirt so when he looked up he could see my pussy. It took thirty minutes for him to get through security and all that time I had my skirt up.

I made the day for several other people also. I had to wait around for about 2 hours before my husband's plane gets in. I walked around and finally found a good spot to sit at by a bar facing the concourse I got a drink and sat back and opened up my legs up so anyone who looked my way could see my pussy. My husband finally arrived and I jumped on him and wrapped my legs around him. As I did my skirt rode up in the back and when he reached his hands down to support me all's he felt was my ass.

We stayed that way until his baggage arrived. Several people saw me. Tom said nothing, because he knows everything that happen. I would call him every night to let him know all of the details.

I know he cannot wait to get to the car to fuck me. He told me to find a parking space where we had some privacy so we can fuck. I cannot wait.