Amateur guy jerking off on sofa

Amateur guy jerking off on sofa
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Chapter 7 More Time with Carol and Mother The next day, Monday, at school there did not seem to be anything that could keep me from thinking about what mother and I had done in bed.

I did not think we had missed a single position. If we did it is one that mother did not know. Not until biology could I get my mind on anything else. Carol's smiling face seemed to pull me from Sunday's bed to Monday's classroom.

"Hello John, or should I call you Johnny?" was her greeting. "Hi Carol," I said.

Looking around to make sure no one was around to hear I whispered, "Please call me John." "How was your Sunday without me?" she whispered. "I can't begin to tell you how." The bell rang to begin biology class but I finished my sentence when it stopped, ".boring." Mr. Robertson, our teacher, said, "Mr. Smith is that comment a reference to this class?" "Oh no sir. I was telling Miss Martin my Sunday was boring," I asserted.

"Mr. Smith, I expect you to keep your personal life out of my classroom," he said and not waiting for a response launched into the lesson for the day. Before the close of the class he returned our project papers from the week before.

He returned Carol's and mine last, announcing to the class that, "Miss Martin and Mr. Smith were the only ones to complete their projects correctly. I advise you, who are concerned about your grades, consult with them." Several students who were concerned with their grades asked to see our paper. We agreed to meet with them after school the next day. This allowed me to talk mother into allowing me to have the car on Tuesday.

That way I could get Carol home and pick mother up at five. Instead of answering, yes or no, mother said, "That gives you what, two hours from school till you pick me up?" "All most." I agreed. "That should be all most enough time," she said with a twinkle in her eye, adding, "But no driving out to the Gorge or any place unnecessary." I think mother knew exactly what I had intended but thankfully she did not pursue it.

After about twenty minutes discussing our paper, most of the six concerned classmates seemed satisfied they understood how to properly complete their next project. Then Carol and I rushed to the car and I drove to Oak Ridge Park which was closer than Riverside Park. When we arrived there we found only a few cars in the lower parking lot and none in the upper lot so we parked in the upper.

"I know why you parked here," she said. I looked at her with a questioning smile, she answered with, "You wanted to be sure there would be no rescue attempts." "You think you will need rescuing?" I asked.


"Not me but you might be in need of rescue," she said before throwing herself at me. She did wait until I had turned off the engine but from that point on she was all over me. After a few minutes of tongue dueling she pulled back to say, "I want to try another hand job.

I want you to keep your hands off me. I want to see everything that happens." I thought, I have to say, "Okay." As she removed my trousers and shorts, she said, "Don't say anything unless I do something wrong." Saying nothing I nodded and smiled. She smiled back with a sparkle in her brown eyes. She spit on the palms of each hand, rubbed them together and grasp my dick with both.

She proceeded to use twisting strokes with alternating hands. I started to compliment her but she shushed me the moment I spoke. I reached to get a handkerchief.

She grabbed it from me the moment I shook it out. I rested back to watch, telling myself, this is her show, not mine. She stroked with the correct pressure and added saliva when needed. I thought, this is turning into the best hand job. With that thought I felt the tightening that told me I was about to cum.

I started to tell her but she informed me she knew.

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She held the handkerchief at the ready in her right hand. She made no attempt to catch the first three surges. The first struck her on the left cheek and also dripping down onto her pink blouse. The second she directed away but caught it with the handkerchief. The third hit her in the right eye. She then covered my dick with the handkerchief. She began to giggle uncontrollably. She did her best to scoop the cum off her left cheek and lick it from her fingers. She looked at me and smiled.

I pointed at her right eye and she said, "I know. I thought it would burn or sting but it doesn't". As she proceeded to clean up with the handkerchief she did nothing to clear her right eye. "If it wasn't that my vision is blurry in that eye, I wouldn't know it was there.

Do you have another kerchief?" I pulled out another handkerchief and said, "Here, let me." I proceeded to clear her eye.

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Then, I used the damp part of the cloth to remove the little rouge she had on each cheek. I showed it to her and said, "Good make up remover too." "I'll have to tell my mom about that," she said. "You wouldn't?" I questioned.


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Just kidding. She puts on so much makeup.

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She even puts it on her breasts. When I caught her she said, 'A girl has to be prepared.'" "Do you want to tell her that I can show her how to easily remove her makeup?" I asked. "Now you are kidding?" she asked.

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"Yes, of course," I responded, but wondered why not. Then I said, "Maybe I should bottle it and sell it as makeup remover," I said. "You wish." she said as she looked at her watch.

As I got dressed she reached under her blue skirt and pulled off her pink panties, saying, "I have heard that boys really like to eat girls. Would you like eat me?" "I would love to," I said as she moved so I could get to her. "Have you ever eaten a girl?" she asked as I struggled to get to her. The steering wheel was in my way. "Ya, a couple of times. We should either get in the back seat or switch places," I said. "Switch places, 'cause if mom asks me if you got me in the back seat I want to be able to honestly say no," she said.

"Does your mother ask you a lot of questions?" I asked. "It would be easier if you got out and went around," she said.


When I did, she was already resting with her head on the drivers armrest, her left foot on the floor, and her right foot on the back of the seat. Her pussy was beautifully displayed to me with sparse dark brown curly hair all around.

It was a beautiful sight to see. "She is always asking questions. Most of the time I claim to be ignorant of what she is asking about. Sometimes I really am. Ignorant that is." She interrupted herself and asked, "Well are you going to eat me or not?" "Yes, of course. I was just admiring how beautiful you are all ready to be.eaten." I wanted to say fucked but I backed off. I dove in and found her taste different yet simular to the other two I had previously tasted.

I decided it was sweeter. Regardless I liked it and I alo liked Corol's reaction. First she giggled, then she ohed and ahed, then came squeals, followed by long moans. She suddenly grabbed my head with both hands and tried to force my face into her pussy. I stopped licking and she slowly released the pressure on my face. I sat up and as soon as our eyes met she said, "Oh John, I loved that. We are going to do that again.and again.

I want that a lot.lots and lots." I glanced at my watch and said, "It will be another time, it looks like we have to hurry to get you home so I can pick up my mom on time." As I ran around the car I realized I had to wipe my face. I pulled out a spare handkerchief and as I sat behind the wheel I wiped my face and watched Carol pull up her pink panties. She insisted we kiss for a little before I could leave the parking lot.

Mother had a lot of questions but I was in such a good mood that I freely answered. I told her about the meeting after school.

That we drove to Oak Ridge Park. That Carol gave me a hand job and I had eaten Carol's pussy. And that we did not have time for anything more. Mother continued her questioning by asking if Carol gave a good hand job and I said she had. Then she asked if I thought Carol enjoyed my eating her pussy. I said it sure sounded like it. At that point we arrived home. "Sounds good.

What do you plan for after school on Friday?" she asked. "Don't know.

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I will have to talk to Carol," I responded as we got out of the car. "You know, if we cleaned up our house a little, neither of us would be embarrassed if you invited her here," mother said as we entered the house. I said, "Okay," and wondered why I had not thought of that.

I went to my room. Picked up some things and put them in the wastebasket. Folded some clean laundry and put them in drawers. Carried the wastebasket to the trash bin. Grabbed the broom and dust pan on my way back to my room and swept the floor in my room. Emptied the dust pan and returned it and the broom to their place. When I returned to the kitchen, mother said, "That's a good start.

We will see if we can get everything done in the next couple of days." I was surprised how hard mother worked at cleaning the house. When we finished the dishes after dinner, she told me to vacuum the living room. When I finished I put the vacuum away. and found mother on her hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor. When she saw me she asked, "Do you want a coke?" "Sure," I said. "Get one for me while you are at it," she said. We sat at the table and sipped our cokes.

"Have you thought what you will do with Carol when you come here?" she asked. "A little," I said. "Bet that makes you horny." "I'm always horny," I said.

"Have to admit, I am horny as hell right now," she said. "Are you saying that you want me to fuck you," I demanded. "Not until I finish this floor. I was hoping to get too tired but I keep thinking of you two fucking on my clean floor, or in this chair, or in your bed, or even in my bed. I would love to be a fly on the wall and watch you." "God mom, you keep talking and you won't get any more mopping done." "I know," she said. "We only have one more rubber," I stated.

"Don't worry. I bought two more boxes of four. Put a box in your night stand and one in my night stand." "When did you do that? I asked. "Yesterday," she said as she downed the last of her coke. "Do you want to fuck now or after I finish the floor?" "Why not both?" I asked. "Okay, we will have a quicky now and you will sleep with me tonight.

Get a rubber," she said. "Why can't I decide what we do?" I asked. "Well, what do you want to do?" she asked. "I'll use the rubber in my pocket for a quicky now. Then I'll see if I can use the four in your room in your bed tonight," I jocked.

"You are going to rupture your balls and have to miss school. You'll not see your sweetheart for the rest of the week," she said.

"Anything to satisfy you mom," I said as I took the condom packet out of my pocket. "Drop your panties and get on you hands and knees," I commanded. She stood, reached under her skirt, pulled down here white panties, and dropped to her hands and knees.

By the time she had taken the position, I had my trousers and shorts off and the rubber on. I knelt behind her, flipped up her skirt, and admired her pussy as its swollen lips protruded between her legs.

Just as inviting as Carol's pussy, I thought as I moved foreward and slipped my dick in. It felt so good, I pounded it as hard as I could. Mother grunted and snorted like a pig but that only encouraged me to pound it to her harder. I am sure it was in less than five minutes that I filled the rubber. "Wow, that was intense," Mother said as I stood and removed the rubber. She sat on a clean part of the floor and looked up at me as I tossed the used rubber in the trash can under the sink.

"There is a load of laundry in the hamper. You put that in the washer while I finish this floor. Then we will decide if it is bed time," she said. We did decide to go to bed early, right after she finished the kitchen floor. She said she wanted to go cowgirl. She said she had never tried it before because all the men she had been with had refused. My questions were, why did they refuse, and how many men had she been with.

I did not ask her anything. I only followed her directions. Cowgirl meant she was on top and in control. To me it was much like a hand job or a blow job. Maybe a little more exciting because I could also watch her boobs bounce and jiggle.

After we had rested a bit I reached for her breast, intending to suck on it. She said, "Johnny, I think we both need a bath. Go fill the tub and begin your bath, I will come in and scrub your back.

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Then we can switch places and you can scrub my back. We will come back to bed and decide what we have time for." As I sat down in the hottest water I could take I thought, she always becomes the boss but I guess that is okay as long as she wants what I want and she does expects me to fuck Carol.

I had barely started scrubbing my sweaty body when mother came in naked and started scrubbing my back. The water was still hot for mother when we switched. As I dried off she asked, "How can you stand to get in such hot water?" I had no answer. All I could do is scrub her back. After I finished she said, "If you want to sleep with me tonight, I think we should just spoon." "Ya," I said, "I have already blown a load five times today." "Five?" "Ya, I jacked off when I got up this morning, and again in the can at lunch time.

Carol gave me the hand job and doggy and cowgirl with you." "Okay, I think I'm turning you into a fucking cum factory. From now on, in the morning let me swallow your first load." "I'll see you in bed mom," I said. Chapter 8 Even More Time with Carol and Mom When I walked Carol home after school on Wednesday I informed her what I wanted to do after school on Friday, she got excited and asked, "You mean we will be able to do anything with no chance of getting caught?" "We will have almost two full hours.

And I have four rubbers in case you are ready to go all the way," I informed her. [To the reader: Chapter 8 is already written, but it will be published separately and soon.]

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