Gay Dido in my nasty booty

Gay Dido in my nasty booty
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My name is Jeanette, some have said I'm pretty and I consider myself sort of popular, at least among my freshman class. I was 5'4" and weighed about 90 pounds my breasts were only a-cups, my favorite features on me are my firm butt and athletic legs. I joined the flag team at our high school. It was the end of freshmen year and a lot of the older boys were inviting me to their prom. I liked boys, but so far I hadn't accepted any offers. I just thought all these boys just wanted to be the first to pop my cherry.

I'm sure I'm probably right. My father wasn't the richest man in town but he was up there. Our family was well known in town, my dad always hosted a party around Christmas time and invited just about everyone who was anyone in town.

Now I was focused on school. Mr.C's class was hard for me. Not that I was bad at math, I just didn't like it and not turning in home work in his class most the year was catching up to me. My grades were low and I needed to pass. I did not want to start next year in freshman geometry or retake it during summer school! This class was even harder because I had a crush on Mr.C. So hard to focus on what he was saying about shapes when the only shapes I saw where his strong arms and legs.

Not to mention the bulge in his pants. He always had a bulge. "It's a sock," my friend, tommy whispered. We had three classes together. He knew about my crush and knew where I was looking now.

I shoved him, then pointed to Mr.C's feet, "big feet." All the girls on the flag team joked about boys with big feet having big dicks. I had asked Tommy about it, once. He said it was bullshit but he had small feet. He wouldn't say how big his dick was either. "Jeanette!" A voice snapped. I looked up and MrC was looking right at me. Oh crap, what did I miss. "Jeanette, I need to speak with you after class." He said, turning back to the chalk board.

The other kids giggled at me and snickered. Tommy made gestures like MrC and I were going to make out. I slapped his hand.

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I needed to listen and focus. I met up with my friends Cynthia and Aida after school and we walked home together. The four of us were best friends Cynthia and Aida were a little closer, I always thought it was because so many people thought they were sisters. They had known each other longer so it didn't bother me. I had known Tommy longer then them, we were three years old when our parents started arranging play dates for us.

He practically lived next door to me. Tommy and I lived the farthest so in the end it was just us. "So did MrC kiss you after class?" Tommy teased. "Oh yeah then he slipped me his big dick!" I joked. Tommy didn't like that.

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"You wouldn't know a big dick if you saw one!" "Maybe, show me yours and I'll tell you if its big." I don't know what was getting into me, teasing my friend like this. I thought Tommy liked me, like all the other boys. He looked at me seriously, "I'll show you mine if you show me yours." I was sure he was messing with me, "fine.

In your room." I said walking up to his house. Any minute he's going to stop and say no way. He opened the door and let me in. I walked down through his living room to the hall and looked back. He was right behind me. His mom traveled for her work and was rarely home. His dad worked until 5:30 sometimes later during the week but he was really good about spending time with Tommy on the weekends.

I reached his door, he walked right in. Fine. He wants to play this out, I'll not be the one to chicken out. I closed the door behind me. "Well, let me see it!" I taunted. "Together!" He said. He unfastening his button and zipper. Oh crap, he was serious! I saw a smile on his face. If I backed down, he'd never let me live it down now. And if I did it.

He'd be the first boy in school to see mine! He just waited, watching me. Holding his pants up with both hands. "If we really do this we can never tell anyone!

I mean it Tommy." His smile got bigger.

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"Promise me! We are just looking, no touching!" I emphasized. "Ok, I promise. I won't tell a soul." He swore. "Now let's see it. 3." I put my fingers in my waist to pull my leggings and panties down. "2." I was nervous what would he think of mine?

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What was his like? He was right I really wouldn't know if it was big or small I'd never seen one before. "1!" He declared. I saw him dropping his pants so I yanked mine down too. Out of his pants and underwear flopped his penis. "That looks really big Tommy! There is no way that would fit in here." I couldn't believe it. The thing was big. I expected a penis to be like a pencil this was like a cucumber. Guess a guy's feet had nothing to do with his size.

He leaned forward, "well this isn't fair, all I see is a little slit. Can you show me the rest of it?" I looked at myself, I trimmed the hairs that were growing down there because it looked gross to me.

I don't like body hair on me to I shave my whole body, legs, arms, private, everything but my head. He could see all of it. What more did he want? "That's all of it, idiot!" I was getting upset. Here I was bearing my pussy to my friend and he said it wasn't enough! He was the first boy since my dad when I was little to see this! "Ok, ok. But where is the hole? Where am I supposed to put this in?" He indicated his large cucumber that was now pointing a little upward.

"Ugh!" I grunted in frustration. I pulled my leggings and panties off my feet and sat on his bed with my legs open. He walked around to look between them. "First of all, you are not putting it anywhere." "There?" He asked pointing down ignoring me. "What!? No, that's my asshole! Don't ever even think of putting it there! Ew!" I yelled. Looking down at myself I understood what he meant. My labia were closed tight, he couldn't see my vagina in there.

He had never seen this before. That made me calm down a little. "Here, you put it here." I said opening my lips so he could see my teen hole. He leaned closer to inspect it. Nodding a little then stood up, close between my legs. His cucumber almost touching me, now it was pointing straight. Looking me in the face with its one eye. I stared at it.

The tip was bigger around then the rest and had a mushroom shape to it. There was a very distinct ridge between the tip and the shaft. His long shaft ended in a small patch of pubic hair.

Below it was a small sack. Curiosities made me reached out and touched it. It was warm and soft. I expected it to be slimy or feel like sandpaper. I squeezed it a little, hard. So that's what they meant by hard on. I wrapped my hand around it. "My hands look so small on it," I said.

Focused on his warm pole. I slid my hands up to the tip and felt at the ridge a little before exploring the rest of the tip. It felt a little squishier then the rest. I rubbed it with my fingers and slid my hand back down the shaft to brush my fingers in his pubes. Then down around the huge meat to a very soft sack. I felt around gently so i wouldn't hurt him.


Inside the sack were two hard peanuts, or acorns. They moved away from my fingers as I toyed with them. I put my hand back on the long shaft and joined it with my other hand.

It was so big! I had to move both my hands and still couldn't cover the whole thing. I rubbed it up and down and watched it move with my strokes. There was moisture on the tip. That wasn't there before. I moved my hand up to it and felt it. Just wet, like water. I always though cum was thick. I pumped his shaft and a little more came out. I pumped some more but nothing happen this time. Maybe I did it wrong. I pumped again, and again.

Nothing. I gripped it harder and pumped again and again. Still nothing. I used both hands and tugged on his dick. He stumbled close to me. He was standing against the bed now. His body didn't sway when I pumped him anymore. His cock head was dry still. I pulled it down a little and kept pumping. Surely there was more of that watery stuff. How did I make it come out the first time? His cucumber was practically touching my pussy.

I wiggled closer and rubbed that hot tip against my outer labia. Careful not to let him inside. I felt a chill down my back. I pumped again and it rubbed my lips some more.

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"That feels so good," I told him. "Uh huh," was all he said. I pushed his tip against my lips again and again. I wanted to feel more.

I rubbed it in between my outer lips and felt it brush against the inside. I quivered. "Oh that was even better," I told him. I rubbed his mushroom against my opening.

I pulled it back and looked. His tip was wet with my juices this time. I rubbed my juices along his entire length. "Uh. Ok." He said.

"We better stop." "Wait just a little more, please" I begged. "I like running my wetness on it. It feels so hard and smooth." I looked at him his eyes were closed tight. Ok he didn't pull away so that must mean it's ok. I slid it along my lips again and got more goose bumps then slid it down my slit to the hole where all my juices where aching to escape.

I rubbed it there even pulled a little of his mushroom in me until it started to hurt. I pulled it out and my juices were all over the top again.

Using both hands I spread my juices down his shaft and rubbed it all around him. Like leaving a mark on him, 'I was here' it said in my mind. Suddenly he grunted and his dick twitched on its own. And I saw it burst like a fire hose! Thick hot white milk burst onto my stomach in a long stream. His hose twitched again and another rope sprayed onto my little pussy.

Several times he sprayed me. I was so fascinated at watching it shoot out that it never occurred to me that I should aim it anywhere else. He slumped a little the eruptions had stopped. I milked his shaft and was rewarded with a few more drops. A little bit more oozed out but stayed on the tip. I shook it to make it fall. The drop stayed there. I wiped his tip off on my wet lips. A lot of his cum had dropped down my pussy, between my legs and onto the bed.

A big glob of it sat right on the slit. I touched it lightly and it wiggled like gel. He looked at me and then at his blob of cum. He looked proud. I leaned back so it wouldn't fall. We were fascinated by his cum on my pussy. I didn't even move when he touched my lip with his hands. He then wiggled his hands to the sides opening my lips a little.

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I felt the cum begin to sink between my lips. "Wait! It's moving don't lose it." I said like his cum was a pet we could keep and watch grow. He nodded. And put both hands on my little vulva to keep the cum from dripping away. He played with it moving his fingers around and playing with my lips. I started to feel a little tingling as he used his fingers to brush his cum back on top of my pussy lips. He spread my pussy open a little and his cum oozed in between them some more.

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His fingers gently played with my slit. I shifted as the tingling wouldn't let me sit still. His fingers were much bigger than mine. They were like hot dogs probing at my slit. I looked back down between my legs. His cum was shrinking. The glob getting a little less pronounced. Tommy was still holding the area and using his thumbs to rub and play with his cum between my lips. I laid back on the bed, "mmuhgh" escaped my mouth.

His thumbs moved more and more sounds came out of me. He stopped moving. "Uh, Jeanette?" He started to ask. "Don't stop," I whispered. I saw him nod and continue rubbing me just like he had been.

My legs instinctively opened wider. My head fell back to the bed and I squeezed my eyes shut. "Mmm uuh," I moaned at his thumbs.

A few more moans escaped my throat. Then I wanted him to stop but at the same time I didn't. I wasn't able to say anything. My hands reached down for his, I wanted to yank his hands away. Instead I held them right where he had them. His thumbs rubbed against a little button above my hole. "That's it!" I herd myself shout. He rubbed it again and my body shook in tremors. I saw spots in my eyes. And the room did a spin. My hands had finally obeyed my mind and pulled his away.

I lay there with his face next to my slit hands hovering above it for a few minutes. I didn't want to move.

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The tremors dwindled then were gone. I looked down at my, now pink slit. I'd never played with myself so I had never felt that before. "That was great," i panted. "Where did your cum go?" I asked disappointed our pet was gone.

"Uh, well." He hesitated. I sat up and looked at the bed it had a wet spot where I was sitting but no big glob of cum. "Tommy? Where is it!" "I tried to tell you before. It was there," he looked down between my legs. "And then it just got sucked in", all at once." "What!" I was yelling. "You came inside me!" I got up and picked up my clothes. Pulled them on and walked out. I was nearly at the front door when he yelled back to me, "wait Jeanette! Please don't be mad at me!" I turned, angrily.

He had dressed too. "Fuck you Tommy! You don't want me to be mad! How could I not be mad!!! You fucking came inside me!" I shouted. I turned to open the door but it was open already. His dad was standing there, mouth open. I ran out the door crying all the way home.